Different types of voter frauds occurring for many years

Yes, we can surmise that lots of vote frauds occurred in this election, as has been happening for many years in other elections   (as described in attachment two and page two of attachment three).And yes, the AEC is corrupt – over the last 20 years I have three cases of strong evidence of deliberate corruption by senior officials of the AEC, quite apart from the mistakes of this clumsy arrogant mismanaged bureaucracy.  (but I expect that 99% of AEC employees are decent people)

 There are many types of Vote Frauds, and I have 35 years of experience in having scrutineered at every federal and NSW state election, learning much about loopholes in procedures.

I do not like the dogmatic assertion in the article below that the AEC “creating fraudulent ballots favouring [the major parties] .. replace ballots for [minor parties].”

Such activities would be complicated and time-consuming, and perhaps might have occurred, but the inability of that author to provide evidence reduces his credibility. (please note that the primary votes for ALP and coalition were the lowest ever)

The EASIEST and quickest type of Vote Fraud by AEC officers is simply to make certain types of ballot papers VANISH. 
    (My information over the years is that vote frauds are done much more by the ALP and GetUP than by AEC officers)  

Vote Frauds by AEC officers have been proven to have happened on several occasions, and I quote notable examples    (I could quote a few more examples but the following few suffice for the moment):

  •    in the WA Senate election recount of 2013, 1,570 ballot papers vanished, thus causing the sixth Senator to be not a ‘rightwing’ minor party but to become the Green. 
        When the vanishing was discovered (not by AEC officials, but by scrutineers guided by me) it required a new WA senate election in 2014 costing $23million
  •   I proved “beyond reasonable doubt” in my Statutory Declaration that 200 House of Reps ballot papers vanished during election day in 2007 in the third largest polling booth in Bennelong
      (if similar things happened in a few other polling booths, then John Howard did not lose his seat)
  •   I scrutineered for Prepolls in a huge warehouse on election night in 2015 NSW State election where many electorates were having their prepoll votes counted.
       Just “by coincidence” a pile of 200 ballot papers for the incumbent Liberal MP Casuscelli almost vanished – they were sitting by themselves on ANOTHER table, a vacant table, a huge long distance away (guess 10 metres)
      – my alertness at 1am brought the pile of 200 back into the counting area for that particular electorate, otherwise they would have been scooped up into another electorate or put in the bin.

The most likely explanation in my view of the extremely low “Voter Turnout” is that AEC officers overnight during prepoll and/or during election day simply removed UAP etc ballot papers from allegedly secure ballot boxes, causing those votes to vanish.

Another possible explanation is if the AEC used Dominion brand or similar machines to collate voting statistics for the tally room – these machines were proven to have interfered with votes for Donald Trump in the USA presidential election. 
It has been alleged to me that the AEC has Dominion or Scytl machines, which CAN be hacked, but I do not know if this is correct or not.

Another method of Vote Frauds by AEC officers is by rubbing out one pencil number on a ballot paper.
My scrutineering of the 53,000 Prepoll ballot papers in Cowper on 21 and 22 May found a very strange pattern of informal votes, explicable only by the erasure of a pencil “7” on dozens of ballot papers and replacing it with a “1”, (see the attachment};

Therefore the ballot papers with two “1”s were judged informal, thus reducing the number of votes for the incumbent National Party MP who was, despite this dirty trick by AEC officials, narrowly re-elected.

regards, Lex Stewart, Psephologist


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Nothing surprises me when it comes to politics, politicians big business W.H.O.


  2. Electoral Commissioner, Tom Rogers, on electoral integrity – “Voter fraud? NO way!”

    Then there’s the Senate … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AqN-Y25qQo


  3. We are a American territory just like Canada, Mexico, NZ . QFS initiated, We will have Quantum phones for voting via the Quantum computer ,no more cheating . . When the C in C returns in public view . Check Executive orders 13818. 13848 13959. He has them all . The criminals , Traitors etc .


  4. We are an American territory ,just like Canada,Mexico,NZ, QFS initiated, we will have Quantum phones to vote in the first honest election connected to the Quantum computer. When The C in C returns soon .
    Do not believe look up Executive orders 13818 , 13848 , 13959 He has got all the criminals .
    Truth revealed soon



    Link to the AEC’s, The Senate counting process.



  6. Yeah Tony he has been onto voter fraud for nearly as long as we have, circa 1987. ED


  7. Hi nasho23/Owen Carlton, Thank you for your very astute and insightful comment.
    As for the lead pencils… absolutely. The way we’re currently heading we’ll be back to scrawling on cave walls in no time.

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  8. I take my hat off to Lex Stewart; Aussie hero.

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  9. Blockchain technology COULD help but can be Hacked too, and mirrored without knowing. Anything on the web can be and could be hacked, and it will.
    Also, Blockchain technology can be influenced/manipulated.

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  10. paullpettitt….in total agreeance! Well said.
    Didn’t I read a while back, that the peanut that was going to head the AEC this time previously worked for Raytheon? Isn’t this the same company that used black budget money to operate with in the States? Says it all!

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  11. Corrupt election ? Imagine my surprise after watching this fucking shit show for 40 odd years ! Now shut up , put your face nappy on & go get your monkey pox booster.

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  12. periguinfalcon

    Spot on, change of face does the trick

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  13. And I say again, who won this election is who we SAY won this election. I predicted Labour 3 weeks before the election, because it was their turn.

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  14. It has been my Opinion, for many years now (I am 88) that in these Modern Tech Times, The Control and the Voting itself, should be done by Electronic Methods and Machines and every Voter has to have an Acceptable ID to Enrol & to Vote, that cannot be tampered with. The First Objection I get, is that it is NOT Secure. WELL, I say to that, it is absolutely necessary make use of the very Best of Programmers and Security Experts, &, The finished Systems must be thoroughly examined, before, and, if necessary, during use. There are so many Checkpoints that can be simply built into an Electronic Voting System, along with Particular, Immediate Reports. ALL Voting Machines, would require Security Surveilance, if connected to the Internet, particularly, for the Transference of Voter Results, between the Voting Point and the Servers at Base HQ, where the Final Electronic Results are dealt with – There must be NO Paper Voting – even the Candidates HTVC, can be shown on a screen for the Voter to follow. Dont just Write my suggestions off as being Insecure – In Australia, we do have Experts in allof these Important Areas – Utilise them, and take the Guessing about Voter & System Security out of the question – for Gods sake this is the 21st Century, and we are still using Lead Pencils, that can be Rubbed out and changed – How Ridiculous is that. AND, the Cost of an Election would be reduced considerably. I do not have a University Degree and can think of what is required – WHAT in Hell are we paying this AEC/SEC to run an Election – It could be Halved and NO Waste Paper & Cardboard Boxes. Cheers, Owen Carlton.

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  15. Thanks, Lex, any clues about the roughly 4 MILLION missing votes in the recent election?

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  16. periguinfalcon

    The whole system is corrupt! Your government has been infiltrated a long time ago! The government are the enemy!

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  17. So, what’s the next step, Lex? Is there anyone with enough political clout and media attention to raise a God Almighty stink about this so that the AEC can be brought to account for their corruption? Will the sheep wake up and baaa loud enough, in huge numbers, to have something done? How can we herd them into our fold to present a united front to prevent the destruction of our country?

    You’ve appeared on Rowan Dean’s “Outsiders” program before – can you be invited back for another guest appearance? This morning, the “Outsiders” were discussing actions for a more conservative government at the next elections in 3 year’s time? Can we wait that long while Albo and the Greens lay waste to our economy, vaccinate and kill even more Aussies and open the gates for a Chinese take-over?


  18. SCYTL, also has Australian and NZ customers.


    New South Wales
    Western Australia (WAEC)
    Electoral Commission Queensland
    Australian Capital Territory
    State of Victoria
    City of Auckland

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