Spanish socialists and corporate elite up to their eyeballs in WEF agenda

Not all Spaniards support their new socialist government’s agenda. Tens of thousands of Spaniards, most of them Vox Party supporters, came out in protest against the Sanchez coalition government early this January.

THE list of attendees to this month’s World Economic Forum reveals much about where governments are going with the WEF agenda.

A stunning example is the government of Spain, controlled currently by the long established Socialist Workers Party. Ironically, these so-called champions of the workers have sold out to the WEF’s global digitalization plan, strongly opposed by Italy’s growing populist movement that protested en masse earlier this month.

The WEF attendance list shows, for instance, Nadia Calvino, the country’s First Deputy Prime Minister, as Minister for Minister for Economy and Digitalization of Spain. No secrets there about where Spain is headed.

And then there’s Teresa Ribera, the country’s other Deputy Prime Minister, who is “Minister for the Ecological Transition of Spain” – not just another environment minister, but a minister overseeing Spain’s “ecological transition”. Agenda 20-30 and great reset, here we come.

Spain’s prime minister is Pedro Sanchez, a slick, suave, cardboard cut-out politician, from a wealthy family and owner of an industrial packing company but also an avowed atheist and Marxist. Sanchez, the privileged capitalist, is also president of Socialist International.

Sanchez’s “social democrat” PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers Party) governs with the support of a socialist left party called Unidas Podemos, a so-called democratic socialist alliance that includes communists and is supposedly anti-globalisation and anti-austerity. Good luck with that, boys and girls.

And right up there with the socialist champions of the workers on the WEF attendance list were the representatives of Spain’s corporate elite, such as Ana Botin, group executive chairman of Banco Santander, and JoséLinares Perou her CEO and “Global Head, Corporate and Investment Banking”.

Also listed were the two chiefs of BBVA, a multinational financial services company based in Spain and said to be one of the largest financial institutions in the world. Other Spanish attendees represented oil and gas and construction companies, media, entertainment and sport. No doubt about it, the globalist neo-Nazi Klaus Schwab has “penetrated zee Spanish”.

If you’re not entirely convinced that Spain’s corporate community have been entirely captured by green ideology, there’s Luis Cabra, deputy CEO of the famous global oil and gas company Repsol. Imaz carries the title “Director, Energy Transition, Technology and Institutional Affairs”. Luis was at Davos with his CEO Josu Jon Imaz.

These oil executives must be wondering just how things will go when they have “transitioned” to solar panels, batteries and windmills. Will Repsol logos still be adorning electric cars and motorcycles as they whizz quietly around the tracks, taking half-hour pit stops to recharge. “Transitioned” motorsports sounds like a much quieter pursuit. Hopefully the nasty tendency of vehicle batteries to self combust will be sorted out by then.

Sanchez has been hailed by Californian professor Jacob Soll, writing in the leftist news site Politico, as a shining success story for the European left. But Sanchez’s government is strangling the farming sector by cutting irrigation water supply under the guise of “fighting climate change”. What Sanchez, like the Dutch government, is doing is taking control of and reducing food supply. Part of the truly diabolical WEF agenda.

Sanchez’s Spanish Socialist Workers Party has a long history. In1921 it split because the “social democrat” wing did not support the PSOE’s integration in the Communist International founded by Vladimir Lenin two years prior.

The result was the formation of the PCE, a merger of the Spanish Communist Party (Partido Comunista Español) and the Spanish Communist Workers’ Party (Partido Comunista Obrero Español). The PCE was first legalized after the proclamation of the Second Spanish Republic in April 1931. The republic was “the first democratic regime” in the history of Spain.

In 1936 General Franco led a military coup against these growing leftist forces. It degenerated into the horrors of the Spanish Civil War. While Franco’s brutal rule during the war has been perpetually condemned by western leftists, the war subsided and the country moved ahead under his rule. He was as much a popular figure among Spaniards as he was a hated figure.

As noted by Encylopedia Britannica: “The period of ostracism finally came to an end with the worsening of relations between the Soviet world and the West at the height of the Cold War. Franco could now be viewed as one of the world’s leading anticommunist statesmen, and relations with other countries began to be regularized in 1948. His international rehabilitation was advanced further in 1953, when Spain signed a 10-year military assistance pact with the United States, which was later renewed in more limited form.”

The country prospered economically in the 1960s and Premier Franco gradually began loosening his hold on power, appointing Prince Juan Carlos as his successor on the monarchial throne he re-established by referendum in 1948.

Britannica notes further: “He (Franco) demonstrated marked political ability in gauging the psychology of the diverse elements, ranging from moderate liberals to extreme reactionaries, whose support was necessary for his regime’s survival. He maintained a careful balance among them and largely left the execution of policy to his appointees, thereby placing himself as arbiter above the storm of ordinary political conflict.”

Franco resigned his premiership in 1973 but kept his functions as head of state, commander in chief of the armed forces, and head of “the Movement” or Movimiento Nacional, a form of government set up by Franco during the Civil War in 1937, which included a single political party, an employee-employer organisation, and village representatives. Public servants were obliged to swear an oath to its principles.

Very interestingly, Wikipedia notes that the National Movement drew from Spain’s imperial past and declared its independence from the “purported Judeo-Masonic-Marxist international conspiracy, a personal obsession of Franco”. It appears Franco, most likely activated by the anti-masonic writings of various Popes, knew what he was up against as the forces of the left rallied in Spain in the 1920s and 30s in cahoots with the great Soviet experiment financed by certain Wall St banks.

A Catholic website discussing freemasonry states: “Masons were prominent in the French Revolution and the Irish rising of 1798. They helped lead the South American revolts against Spain as well as the unification of Italy. Discarding even the pretense of Deism, Grand Orient Lodges ceased to revere the Bible or any Volume of Sacred Law. They dominated the bitterly anti-clerical French Third Republic (1870-1940) that confiscated all Church property in France. They persecuted and slaughtered Catholics after the Mexican Revolution and during the Spanish Civil War. Even in today’s European Union, Masons favor radical secularization.”

But the website questions the link to Judaism, claiming it was Scottish Christians who founded the first lodges and a Protestant clergyman who wrote the first lodge constitution. “Not only is Marxism an entirely different entity, Communist regimes have always suppressed Masonry, as did Hitler and Mussolini,” the writers claim.

The book Freemasonry and the Vatican (pp 69-78) by Viscount Leon de Poncins, tackles the Judeo-Masonic links in a very balanced manner, citing opponents (e.g. A. Mellor) and supporters of the alleged links. But one of the most illuminating quotes is from Rabbi Eli Benamozegh’s 1914 work Israel and Humanity which states “What is certain is that Masonic theology corresponds well enough with that of the Kaballa.” The Rabbi goes on to state that Rabbinical works in the early Christian-era prove that “the Haggada was the popular form of a secret science, whose methods of initiation bore the most striking resemblances to Freemasonry.”

The book also discusses at length the revolutionary nature of the lodges and the links between Masonic doctrine and Marxism along with satanism, naturalism and freemasonry. Fast forward to the 2020s and we can see these ideologies running rampant. Naturalism most notable as environmentalism – a sort of new global religion mixed in with neo-Marxism and the brazenly satanic anti-Christian popular culture as demonstrated by the likes of Madonna and the global fashion brand Balenciaga.

This is underlying reason we see the bizarre alliance of corporate capitalism and neo-Marxism under the World Economic Forum, funded by American Jew Larry Fink, said to be the world’s richest man in terms of wealth his BlackRock company controls. Fink is at the top level of a new class of global multi-billionaires – not exclusively Jewish but certainly strongly influenced by them.

How quickly the Spanish will transition to their new digital system is unknown, but Sanchez and his socialists look positioned to be one of the countries that lead the way. Or will they fall again to a populist counter-revolution as faced by their forefathers some 86 years ago? The so-called “far right” Vox Party, which won 52 seats in the national assembly, is now the third largest party in Spain.

The Vox Party is not buying into the left’s “humanitarian” campaigns against “gender-based violence” and other such causes.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Yes Jo, it’s good to air such books: even the leading Masons admitted Ludendorff was right about them.

    ‘Solomon is the Jewish priest-king, and the Temple in all its connections, also in its capacity as Bank and Stock-exchange, it is the authentic Jewish National Sanctuary.’ [Ludendorff. p. 45].


  2. “the original Crusade was an attempted gold robbery”, what else could it have been Dr?

    When Spain started to clear out the riches of South America, Cartagena in the north of Colombia became established Spain’s chief Mediterranean naval base and was the hub for stolen gold/goods/trade that were shipped heavily guarded to the “kings” of Spain. As usual in Christian history the mighty empire of “artificial Jews” Great Britain tried her best to conquer Cartagena or at least to intercept the most precious cargo’s (especially when it was well known “through intelligence” that even bigger riches were scheduled at certain times). “Organized piracy” always had its share in the rising British empire.

    The most famous “pirate attacks” in Cartagena’s history were by Sir Francis Drake in 1586 and Edward Vernon in 1741. Drake’s attack on Cartagena was successful and he occupied the city for 2 months. However, Vernon’s attack on a heavily reinforced Cartagena was not successful despite the fact that he had over 100 ships and 20,000 men at his command compared to the approximately 6,000 defenders of Cartagena. However the outnumbered defenders prevailed thanks to wrong British timing as raining season set in before the invasion and Vernon was forced to sail away empty handed but with very heavy losses.

    The call of Gold, deceit, lies, secrecy and wars and “artificial undercover Freemason Jews” being utilized for pulling the strings on ALL sides was always well hidden in plain sight. Solomon’s “forgotten gold” still sits on the “things to do list” and not much has changed in the mechanisms of greedy history apart from being closer than ever for the treasure to return “home” in mankinds “undercover” history.

    CN, thanks for publishing Ludendorffs thoughts. Very bold!!!


  3. Although roaming slightly off topic [but still Spain and Masonry related], it is interesting to note, that following Titus’s sack of Jerusalem, the majority of the Temple treasure was looted and taken to Rome, – as depicted on Titus’s Arch.

    But evidence also suggests, that the Romans only found the above ground treasure, the Menorah, etc, whilst missing the main haul in the underground vaults.

    It would seem that following the Jewish diaspora, this secret of the underground treasure of Solomon was passed down within former Jewish Temple families, until the Middle Ages, when certain Burgundian families were approached, and ostensibly, a deal was struck with them.

    Most of these original Burgundian knights, were at this time, based in Spain and Portugal, namely, Don Henrique de Portecale (ie. Henri de Bourgogne, 1066-1112), and Pedro Arnaldo de Rocha (ie. Pierre Arnaud de Roche’).

    These were among the very first European knights to visit Jerusalem during the years 1103-1106.

    Charters from the nearby Abbey of Sion, dated to 1116, confirm that Pedro Arnaldo de Rocha, now known as ‘Prior Petrus Arnaldus,’ had recently been accepted into the newly inaugurated Order of Sion.

    Due to their former operations in Spain, these Burgundian knights then founded the Order of the Knights Templar: modelled upon Garcia V de Navarra’s pioneering ‘Orden de la Jarra’ (Order of the Jar).

    Evidence also confirms, and especially the Copper Plate treasure map, that upon their establishment on Temple Mount, hence the name, Order of the Knights of the Temple [of Solomon], the knights immediately commenced excavations beneath their headquarters. These can still be visited – up to a point!

    But the fact remains, that since Islam’s conquest of Temple Mount, the vaults of Solomon’s Temple have remained directly beneath the Al Aqsa Mosque!

    It seems almost certain [to my mind], that the original Crusade was an attempted gold robbery!

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  4. Thanks for the link Dr.! Some (very eye opening) Quotes from Ludendorff’s book:

    “The initiated Freemason of German blood hopes to have earned the “Citizenship” in the Yahweh-heaven through betrayal against his own blood and his manly dignity. The Jew however knows that his Father Abraham actually can not sanction this freemasonic Miloh and Prio; the initiated Freemason thus earns even the Jewish scorn instead of gratitude. The “symbolically circumcised” and newly artificial Jew can now be put into the service for Jehovah, and in a preferential position work for the erection of this world-government much better than just baptized Christians can. But further drill and sighting is needed for these services, which must accomplish even more.”

    “The Noteworthy Figure” reveals the final goals of Freemasonry. From the symbolical circumcision of a free German to the conditioning of a warrior for Jewish rulership, and on to the Begettor of coming generations, which have been deprived of their own racial characteristics for the service of Jehovah (Yahweh).

    Narcotic fumes have stunned all Masons in the Lodge, their will was taken from them; will-deprived, they returned to the profane world as tools without a will in the hands of the Superiors. Similar to the effect of the narcotic fumes is also the effect of suggestions on the masons, which penetrate from the Freemason Lodges and other Lodges, whatever be their names, into the entire nation, depriving thus also the general public of their clear thinking. They penerate into their own art-inherent cultures, thus form, together with those of the Jesuits, the only public opinion. The “public opinion” is aimfully channeled and spread in political parties and social gatherings, clubs, the press, also through rumors ernanatIng from the churches and Lodges, and conducted with all “cultural” and “Civilized” means.

    High-graded Br. Koethner, who, in his many scripts, has also affirmed the “Judaization” of the “Old-Prussian Grand Lodges’ and their activities to further the messianic goals, states in “Das Letzte Geheimnis” (The Last Secret) : “The viewpoints, as also the attitudes of the great majority of the population in every land, have always been decisively influenced through secret directives and paroles which the Freemasons of the land in question received from their superiors.”

    Depriving the general public of their clear thinking besides earning the Jewish scorn instead of gratitude at the same time really seems like a very clever tactic of the usual “faceless men” that only have the very best interests in mind for their new ORDER of the world. Long live the “Sovereignty of National Security” and the hidden lodges that give orders to political puppets on detachable strings.


  5. PS. In 1927, General Erich Ludendorff published his book, – ‘The Destruction of Freemasonry through Revelation of their Secrets’ (1927).

    Click to access LUDENDORFF%28E.%29-Destruction_of_Freemasonry_through_Revelation_of_their_Secrets_%281927%29.pdf

    It would appear, that Ludendorff’s suggested method of exposure, eventually inspired Germany’s public exhibitions of confiscated Masonic material.

    During the years 1937-38, the Third Reich
    presented a number of public Masonic displays, through which to inform the public of Freemasonry’s subversive agendas, and the anti-European Masonic regimes in operation throughout the continent.

    This resulted with some well received mobile museums of documents and artefacts removed from the German Lodges.

    The most notable exhibitions were the ‘Gestapo Museum of Freemasonry’ in Nurnburg (1937), followed by a similar display in Berlin (1938). Later versions were implemented in countries under German occupation.

    In support of this, the SS author Dieter Schwarz, published the accompanying book, ‘Die Fremaurerei: Weltenschauung, Organisation und Politik (‘The Freemasons: Worldview, Organisation and Politics,’ 1938).

    The Masonic Temple was essentially a replication of Solomon’s Temple, where as with all ancient temples, the underground vaults mostly served as gold storage facilities.

    As for the vaults of Solomon’s Temple: these were excavated by the Knights Templar, and are still extant, – but unfortunately for the Jews, – are now located under the Muslim jurisdiction!.

    And best not forget the legend of Solomon’s Temple, – ‘The weight of gold in which Solomon received yearly was, 666 gold talents.’ (I Book of Kings. X: 14).

    It should also be stated, that the numerical symbolism of the ‘Masonic Army’s’ Operation Overlord was not missed, or mis-interpreted by some, – we fully understand the message of the sixth hour, of the sixth day, of the sixth month.

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  6. For those interested: Here’s a digital version of the suggested reading, ‘Freemasonry and the Vatican,’ Viscount. Leon de Poncins.

    Click to access


  7. Took a bit of trouble to find due to censorship and banning on Twitter, etc, but here’s the hidden part of Isabel’s rant [with English subtitles].


  8. The ‘claim’ that Hitler suppressed Freemasonry is correct.

    Germany even had a museum of Freemasonry [Berlin?], where the public could examine the artefacts and documents removed from the Lodges. I have some rare photographs in my collection.

    They actually had a specialist research department dedicated to exposing the Masonic subversion of Europe: Rosenberg’s department if I recall correct?

    Due to the unexpected fall of France, the Paris Lodge provided their major haul of documents: I‘m not sure what happened to these?

    Following his amazing escape to Spain, Leon Degrelle became a major thorn in the side of the local and international Communists, due to his prolific and eloquent writing and activism. Often petitioning the Pope on numerous uncomfortable issues.

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  9. Isabel Medina Peralta called out the problem years ago with typical Spanish passion.


  10. I could not pick a hole in that essay. The only clue as to editorial slant was the condemnation of atheism, which suggests the author is aligned with fundamentalist Christianity. That’s OK, I just like to know where a writer is coming from.

    But, yesterday, independent polls claimed 50% of Spaniards want Spain out of the Ukraine debacle. The way cracks in support are showing prominently in Italy, France, and Germany, it seems likely that NATO will soon shrink, either in terms of membership, or at least as commitment to the US cause.

    The knight on this chessboard never gets a mention in the MSM but the 2016 US attempted coup d’eTat alienated Turkey and pushed it into the Russian camp. As a result, Erdogan and Putin are personal friends. Currently, Turkish air support over the Black Sea, which is critical to the US, appears to be purely symbolical.

    My guess is that Zelensky will get no tanks, which were needed during winter, and the Patriot missiles are useless. The best hope that Zelenski and Biden have is for the notorious Russian bureaucracy to undermine Putin’s war effort. if Putin is ever able to overcome the bureaucrats, the war will probably fizzle out around June. This means that the NATO members, including Spain, will soon decide they would rather be on the winning side, or at least neutral enough to be two-faced to both warring parties.


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