Labor should not complain about huge debt, it was left by Labor

Letter to the Editor

In the opinion of most intelligent people, the former Rudd and Gillard Labor/Greens Government, in power between 2007 and 2013, were recognized worldwide as the worst government in Australia’s history.

In November 2007, Howard and Costello’s Coalition Government left Rudd and Gillard with a PERFECT economy and a $22 BILLION SURPLUS,….which Rudd’s and Gillard’s incompetence (both economic illiterates!) quickly DESTROYED, and left us with a $600 BILLION “DEBT”, a destructive Carbon Tax, Mining Tax, and over 50,000 illegal Boat-People (Criminals).

NOTE: There was NO Covid 19 pandemic, or any other reason or excuse, to BLAME for THEIR economic MISMANAGEMENT!

In 2013, after winning a landslide election, new Coalition Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, successfully began the massive task of repairing the destroyed economy, and paying-off the massive $600 BILLION “DEBT” left by Rudd and Gillard!

Like NO other former PM (or future PM), Abbott actually kept his election promises, and immediately ‘stopped-the-boats’, abolished the Carbon Tax and Mining Tax, and began ‘paying-off-Labor’s-massive- DEBT’,….$600 BILLION!!!!

The corrupt left-wing extremist (Communist, Nazi, Marxist) portion (90%) of the media, with the help of left-wing extremist Malcolm Turnbull, refused to accept the vote and voice of the Australian people, and after TWO years of relentless attacks and white-anting, THEY brought-down Tony Abbott!

Turnbull and Morrison were hopeless PM’s and economic managers, but it was NOT THEIR fault that Australia had never recovered from the huge mess and massive $600 BILLION “DEBT” that Rudd and Gillard had left behind in 2013, and THEREFORE it was NOT Morrison’s fault that Australia was forced to go much further in to debt in order to get us through the Covid 19 Pandemic (SCAM). If Labor/Greens had NOT destroyed the economy and left the massive $600 BILLION “DEBT” between 2007 and 2013, Australia would have been in much better shape to get-through and survive the pandemic!

Let’s not forget, it was Labor/Greens who were PUSHING the Morrison Government to go FURTHER in to DEBT (Handouts, etc.) during the pandemic, and PUSHING them to EXTEND the handouts! So, they are ALL to blame!

Albanese, Chalmers, and the rest of their Commie mates now keep referring to “Liberal DEBT”, when in FACT, it is LABOR’S DEBT!

Once again, let’s NOT forget, ALL the former members of the disastrous/incompetent Rudd/Gillard (Labor/Greens) Government are ALL still there in this new Albanese government,….minus Rudd and Gillard! NONE of them have the right to criticize ANYONE!

This new incompetent/irresponsible Labor/Greens Albanese government has firstly blamed the former government (their fault!) for Labor/Greens economic mis-management,….and then it was the fault of the war in Ukraine (even though power and fuel prices were rising BEFORE the war started!),….and now they are hinting at blaming the Covid situation in China (their fault!) for Labor/Greens economic mis-management!

from Rusty Marsh

Cowra, NSW

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. wontbdenied said – “On what planet was Tony Abbot a “legitimate Prime Minister” and where did this legitimacy come from?”

    IMO tony Abbott was the popular choice of the Australian people, as was Kevin Rudd a little while before him – and as was Bob Hawke all those years before.

    The undeniable fact that none of them lived up to expectations doesn’t negate that assessment. Interestingly, ALL THREE OF THEM were knifed in the back by their own parties – which says something about their place in the larger scheme of things, perhaps (and arguably) because they each threatened to go “off script” in one way or another.

    BTW, I don’t dispute the illegitimacy of the framework in which all of these characters have been “elected” into their respective fake “governments” – but FWIW there has been an occasional popular choice which actually accorded with the preferences of the majority of Australians, no matter how deluded that may have ultimately proven to be.

    Contrast that with the totally blatant in-your-face BS over the past decade, where ALL our fake “elections” are now routinely HIJACKED by vested interests, with each successive fake “government” CHOSEN and INSTALLED for us by the f*cking Globalist psychopaths.


  2. @Pat from Vic
    On what planet was Tony Abbot a “legitimate Prime Minister” and where did this legitimacy come from?;
    Australia has not had a “legitimate” parliament since 1973 but let’s not let that fact get in the way of some good trouser pulling for “Tony”……
    Tony Abbott sent Australia into a Foreign war with good ‘Ol Uncle Sam against Afghanistan when he was in the middle of some rain-forest in the NT…..which is Treason;
    Tony Abbott is another Turd in the Dunny Bowl that is the Non-Dejure Parliament and his mock “fair dinkum Aussie bloke[ness]” did naught but make me want to “shirt front” him at the first opportunity;
    Him and Gillard took the theatrics of “parliament” to whole new level of Low and they Both need to visit the Gallows


  3. There is no left or right – they work for the same criminals..I’m unassuming the Rudd comment is humor?


  4. What we REALLY need is another Messianic figure like JUST LIKE Kevin Rudd (except different, and maybe better)…


  5. Three things I would say about former PM Tony Abbott…

    1. Tony Abbott was a legitimate Prime Minister, insofar as he had the popular support of the Australian people and was duly elected (and BTW, for all his faults, so was Kevin Rudd). That’s all past history – Australia is OWNED lock, stock and barrel by the Globalists now. Smirk and AnAL epitomise the reign of genocidal Luciferian stooges.

    2. Tony Abbott was an excellent healthy and socially responsible role model for the Australian people in general – something unprecedented for denizens of the Billabong. What other Australian Prime Minister has donned his (or her) budgie smugglers down at the Surf Life Saver Club, or regularly fought bushfires side-by-side with SES volunteers? Contrast that with Globalist arseholes and Hillsong paedophiles like multi-millionaire Smirk, who incidentally has a VIP ticket to the lowest pits of Hell.

    3. Tony Abbott’s heart was in the right place, but IMO he ultimately lacked the talent to hold down the Prime Minister job – not cunning and ruthless enough to stay ahead of the animal pack in his own party, nor to manage the fractious Australian policy terrain, nor to navigate the heady challenges of international diplomacy.

    FWIW, and IMO, Tony Abbott gave it his best shot.

    Now, where’s the REAL hero, the champion we need to save Australia from these armies of Satanic stooges and professional arseholes and assorted opportunistic psychopaths?

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  6. Spot on Rusty! As said Hanrahan


  7. Abbott also made Australia the butt of global humour following his intemperate threat to “shirt-front” Vlad Putin. For a start, “shirt-front” is the kind of anachronistic expression used only in prestige boarding schools. Which is where Abbott got his misplaced superiority complex. Secondly, Putin would have whipped his arse. Thirdly, Abbott’s comprehension of geopolitics was on par with Dubya and Trump… down there with trailer park trash and the slurred rants of post-British Raj remittance adjutants. Jingoism!

    Abbott looked an even bigger fool when he exiled himself to the NT’s Garma Festival, at no stage understanding that this is a PR stunt to showcase meaningless Aboriginal PhDs, which divert attention away from 40% illiteracy and 80% non-numeracy. It also celebrates colourful remnants of Aboriginal Culture while just the other side of the surrounding trees is naked earth all the way to the coast, and a genocide rate unequalled anywhere in the world not at war.

    Meanwhile, ten Ks in the other direction is a Raytheon missile base to target China, plus another seven bases run by the US, not Australians, and serving US interests while making potential targets for Chinese reprisal nukes following the Rand Report-promised war against that nation.

    A real man would have called out the bullshit. But Tony Abbot is not a real man; just a 1950s cutout from the cold war.

    In my humble view, we have had no competent governments since 1946.

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  8. Agree but unfortunately people have short memories, we’d be better off without the Duopoly and have some new blood in there that actually cares about the country and its people and not just interested in lining their pockets. What a team Senator Rennick with Jacinta Price and One Nation would make❤️

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  9. The solution is stop believing in governments and authority, to doso confirms your slavery status. Only when you believe in your self can you be free from all the BS that this system brings. The biggest debtors since the dawn of time is Government, the biggest murderers of man is government making those who never think of harming others the mind set of no responsibility while wearing a badge giving this people the power to cause violence and suffering and even kill under the guise of attorney calling them selfs Police. The system has to chang, but it wont untill we the people change how we thinkabout Authority and Governments. And the best way to rid ones self fromthis curse is staying out of debt. Starve the beast.


  10. Who Cares?
    Labor, Liberal, Green, Teals, Independents….blah blah bloody blah…..
    It’s all the same crap but with a slightly different stench emitting from the mouths of the thieves, liars and Traitors who sit in a Pretend Parliament while they gorge of off the fruit of this land it’s people

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  11. Labor and the Greens have never accepted responsibility for their economic incompetence. They know that the MSM will go easy on them.


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