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Liberals & Labor terrified of Muslim voting power

United they rule – divided we fall. ALP and the Liberals ignore the majority of Australians opposed to Islamic immigration.

By Robert J Lee in Canberra

The Liberal and Labor parties are terrified by the extent of the Muslim vote in Australia, particularly in NSW and Victoria.

The Pickering Post last year reported the Muslim bloc vote across both states could affect the outcome of a federal election.

Up to 15 per cent of the primary vote in 15 seats is controlled by the Muslim community and Defence Minister Christopher Pyne’s recent reaction, denigrating Pauline Hanson for her comments about stopping immigration from Muslim countries reveal how scared the Liberals are of offending Islam.

Independent Member for the Far Northern seat of Kennedy, Bob Katter has a bill prepared to do just what Hanson is frightening the Liberals and Labor about.

Katter’s bill is modelled on US President Donald Trump’s controversial anti-Muslim immigration bill that would stop residents of identified Islamic countries from entering Australia.

It will be tabled in the House of Representatives in May.

Halal caterers brought in taxpayer funded crockery untouched by infidels for Muslim guests at Malcolm Turnbull’s Ramadan feast at Kirribilli House

The Vaucluse vacuum, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull fares no better. His continued public support for Islamic citizens in Australia, more so those in Liberal-held electorates, demonstrates the extent of his fear.

Turnbull wants to continue with the importation of 12,000 ‘refugees’ from Islamic countries, in spite of 500 so far having been rejected on security grounds.

The religion of these ‘refugees’ remains largely unknown, a little bit like the section of the Australian Census form asking for religious status.

The Liberal Party seems oblivious to 80 per cent of Australians rejecting the UN-orchestrated immigration plan, to further inject a large number of Muslim ‘refugees’ into a once homogenous society.

Like a broken record Turnbull, at every opportunity claims Australia is the most successful ‘multicultural country in the world.’

This is correct in part thanks to the ‘White Australia’ policy that ensured the majority of immigrants from the 1950’s to the late 70’s originated from European countries.

Turnbull’s claim has not been relevant since the early 1980’s coincidental with the corrupt regime of the infamous Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke, whom Australia has to thank for the ethnic ghettos of Sydney and Melbourne accompanied by rampant gangland crime.

To expect Muslims or any other person to truthfully reveal their religious ideology is a pipe dream of the Bureau of Statistics. It is easy to mark in ‘Christian’ without fear of checks or balances.

Thus the number of real Muslims living in Australia is anybody’s guess although the ABS claims there are roughly 500,000.

Australian Muslim ‘how to vote card’

In 2014-15, of the total of 13,756 humanitarian migrants:

  • 2,335 were from Iraq
  • 2,232 were from Syria
  • 1,813 were from Afghanistan and
  • 331 were from Iran.

These four majority Muslim countries made up 48.8% of the humanitarian intake. (source Business Insider)

During the 2007-13 Rudd-Gillard-Rudd era of Prime Ministership an estimated 120,000, mainly Muslim refugee immigrants entered Australia by air. It is believed most of these immigrants remained in the country, in addition to the normal immigrant inflow.

Australia’s immigration policy does not discriminate on the grounds of ethnic origin or religion.

Perhaps we should ask the United Kingdom or France how many radical Muslims does it take to make a bomb or drive a car?

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Class action against those responsible for stopping the live cattle export trade


Editorial: Australia down under is about to remain down under

Cairns News can confirm there are people in Australia who intend to vote for Labor. As hard as it is to believe, these people have as much intelligence as an Islamic goat rider. This is not to say the Liberals are much better, but with Dick Smith emerging soon to lead a new political force there is hope for this country. Unless the two-party nexus is broken up we will be doomed forever to financial slavery, corporate government, union corruption, government corruption and more and harder police-state controls. Wakey wakey ALP and Liberal voters – your time is here!

Bill Shorten’s supporters involved in multi-million-$ fraud at the HSU

Shorten the oddsIt has been well known for a long time that Bill Shorten’s crime gang led by Diana Asmar, David Asmar, Kimberley Kitching and Andrew Landeryou have been ripping off the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch (known as the Health Workers Union). But now we have the financial report that shows the $millions they have been stealing and rorting from some of the lowest paid workers in the country.

Read the full story [HERE]

Any voter supporting the ALP needs to be certified!



Exactly twelve days before Gillard became aware she was going to lose Office she called her old University of Adelaide and donated it $100 million in borrowed taxpayer funds. No sooner had she lost Office she was appointed a Visiting Professorship by the same university. It’s reported she hasn’t “visited” since.

In her first year out of Office, Gillard had racked up an income of more than $700,000. She is entitled to 75% of her salary which amounts to $375,000 p.a. for life, is entitled to a free office and staff, car travel, fixtures, phone and internet bills, stationery and myriad publications.

Gillard and part-time de-facto, Tim Mathieson, can enjoy 40 return business-class domestic airfares a year which are invariably up-graded to first-class, but poor Timmy is only allowed 10 freebies p.a. if he travels alone.

So girls, why bother with a law degree, just hook up with a top union gangster and become his complicit moll, get gifted a seat in Parliament by the Socialist Left, knife the sitting Prime Minister and you’ll be set for life.


Thursday, 7th August 2014

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, recently returned to the fray over concern that news sources are being threatened by the Gillard Government.



In an astonishing Fairfax report, compiled from freedom of information documents, an estimated 120,000 illegal entrants flew into Australia between the years 2008 and 2013… and they remain here on fake passports and false documents.

The majority of illegal fly-ins are on fraudulent student visas and work permits and they departed mostly from Middle Eastern hot spots, including Afghanistan, under the auspices of people smugglers.

Perhaps Sarah Hanson-Young might be convinced to call these people illegal immigrants? Hmmm, no. Sarah will shed another tear while she describes them as more desperate refugees escaping persecution.

The SMH complains that. “… they arrive unchecked while the Government focuses on stopping boats.”

In a comprehensive lead article not once is it mentioned that illegal arrivals on both boats and planes began and continued under the Gillard/Rudd regime.

Fairfax continues, “The confidential Immigration Department files reveal repeated internal warnings over several years that widespread visa fraud is ‘business as usual’ yet remains largely untreated because the department’s investigation and enforcement capacity had collapsed.

“… an internal inquiry into Afghan visa applicants in 2012 assessed that more than 90 per cent of cases contained fraud of some type and raised people smuggling, identity fraud, suspected child trafficking and national security implications.

“Also, a 2010 report reveals that immigration investigators had uncovered a Somali people-smuggling cell in Melbourne linked to terrorist suspect Hussein Hashi Farah, who ‘is believed to have links to the al-Qaeda offshoot al-Shabab’ and who fled Kenyan counterterrorism officials using an Australian passport in 2010.

“But the departmental file shows that a 2009 investigation into the cell’s activities was deemed low priority and ceased due to a lack of resources”. Hmmm, 2009? Again no mention of the responsible Government of K. Rudd.

* “Tens of thousands of immigration fraudsters living freely after being assisted by migration crime networks exploiting weaknesses in working, student, family and humanitarian visa programs, including loopholes that have left the department sometimes ‘generating the fraud’.

* “The (immigration) department is ‘responsible for granting a record number of student visas to people who may not be considered genuine students as well as granting permanent residence to skilled migration applicants who do not have the appropriate skills being claimed.

* “In 2013, department chiefs were warned in a confidential report that the agency’s investigations arm had collapsed, risking the integrity of its programs and ultimately national security.”

Hmmm, let me think, I’m almost certain that was under the Gillard Government.

Fairfax continues, “A 2010 report into a Somali people-smuggling network stated that despite evidence pointing to multiple breaches of the Criminal Code Act and the Migration Act, the department had secured only one minor prosecution. Media attention and three PMQs [prime minister briefings] on this issue have not been enough for the government to address this situation, the immigration file states.

“Another 2010 report states that evidence uncovered to date indicates that fraud within the General Skilled Migration program is extensive with estimates at around 90 per cent [or] more than 40,000 suspect visa applications lodged per year for the last three years.”

And still no mention of the culpable governments of Gillard’s or Rudd’s.

Oh well, I guess that’s our culpable Fairfax.

To ALP voters in Redcliffe: you dumb bastards deserve Labor


From Larry Pickering

Mending a previous Government’s fences is never a popular pastime and Julia Gillard knew that was true when she went on her crazy spending spree. Crumbs, she couldn’t even get through lunch with Hugh Jackman without slipping him a cool $12 million.

If you’re certain to lose an upcoming election at least make sure the incoming government feels plenty of pain. And apportioning pain was about the only thing Gillard was very good at.

Joe Hockey faces an uphill battle to repair the damage purposefully wreaked by Gillard in time for a 2016 election.

The hapless Wayne Swan with his budget “surpluses” and his “pipelines” of foreign investment was just a sop to the true believers.

Even he must have blushed at the list of Gillard’s goodies she forced Abbott to match.

The cruel hoax of the NDIS, the aspirational Gonski, the most expensive UN seat in history and the NBN white elephant, which followed Rudd’s boat policy and his maniacal spending on fending off a GFC spectre, gave Hockey the headache they intended for him.

Polls are starting to reflect the pain of recovering that debt.

What better way to go out for a Labor Government that should never have been? Their victims are the workers they vowed to protect, innocent unemployed youth and insolvent businesses.

Oh well, voters will never blame an Opposition and the Opposition is having a field day pinning the results of their own infidelities on the Government. That’s the way it works.

Despite all of that, it is still confounding as to how an incompetent AWU thug’s personal polling can compare to that of Abbott’s.

There are still fools out there somewhere.

Gillard and ALP commies try again to remove state governments

The ALP want to give grant money direct to Local Government, bypassing the states. This will then be used to as leverage to remove all states, delivering the ALP Whitlam’s Republican Dream. Older readers will remember when Whitlam dissolved the Commonwealth in 1974, this was to be his next move. Toss it out! VOTE NO!

voter placing his vote in ballot box

AUSTRALIANS will be asked to vote in a referendum on changing the constitution at the September federal election.

The Gillard government will on Thursday announce the vote on recognising local government in the constitution will also be held on September 14.

The move, recommended by a parliamentary committee, comes after a recent successful High Court challenge to the federal government’s school chaplaincy program put in doubt other federally funded schemes.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard last night called on Australians to back the changes, saying local government was not mentioned in the constitution, despite everyone using its services often jointly funded with Canberra.

She said the draft legislation and the proposed words would be released shortly.

“We are asking the Australian people to support a small but important change to our constitution so that the existing practice of Federal Government support for local communities is formally recognised in our constitution,” she said.

“In just the last five years, the Commonwealth has partnered with local government to deliver over 6000 community projects such as libraries, indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, pools, walking trails, roads and bridges, in every single community.”

The referendum may be uncomfortable for Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, following recent reports several in his party room oppose his in-principle support for it.

It was feared the extra task for voters may muddy normal election voting.

It has also been speculated that two states, Victoria and Western Australia, may campaign against the move over fears it would diminish the role of the states.

Ms Gillard said that “the change will not diminish the role of the states with regard to the administration of local government. Recognition in the constitution does not alter the fact that local governments are created by and are accountable to state governments”.

Cubbie Station deal is done and to hell with 90 per cent opposition of the Australian population

A Chinese-controlled consortium now owns Australia’s largest cotton farm.

Textile-manufacturer Shandong RuYi and Lempriere signed the sale agreement on Friday. However, the price has not been revealed.

DictatorshipThe property’s sale was approved by the Federal Government following a recommendation by the Foreign Investment Review Board in August.

The 93,000-hectare property was placed in administration three years ago with debts of more than $300 million.

The new owners will have to report to the Foreign Investment Review Board every 12 months.

The sale has again highlighted the issue of foreign investment in Australia.-ABC


Dictatorship at work

Bigger crocs in Canberra than in the Kimberley

Piers Akerman
Stepping back after a fortnight away in the Kimberley it is easy to see why Labor spends tens of millions to manipulate opinion and why Labors media friends are so important to Julia Gillards political survival

If it werent for the media mates, the public would have seen through this mob with the speed of a startled fowl.

According to the Labor-infused media, Gillard has now satisfactorily answered all the questions about her departure from Labor law firm Slater & Gordon.

No she hasnt, she hasnt even come close.

Just because a reporter confused slush fund with trust fund in a single story doesnt change a thing.

Gillard has still not said why she told her law firm partners why she set up the slush fund for her boyfriend Bruce Wilson and his gang, or why she neglected to open a file on her action in the law firms records so her partners could be kept in the picture.

She hasnt said why she thought such a fund would be legal.

Simply claiming to be young and naïve doesnt cut it. She was a partner in a major law firm, a position not attained without effort and recognition and not one given to youngsters still wet behind the ears, as she might wish her audience to now believe.

The media has a duty to keep pursuing this issue in the public interest, as it goes to her essential character and trustworthiness.

Not that she deserves the trust of the nation after her carbon dioxide tax lie before the 2010 election.

That lie, it would seem is entirely in keeping with her political strategy.

Tell them one thing, do another, like the backflip on border security.

The tragedy is that hundreds more people will continue to die because Gillard cannot understand why the Howard-Ruddock strategy was so successful and why her limp attempt to appropriate portions of it portions she was until recently scathing about will fail.

The most recent policy reversal, to peg the carbon dioxide tax to that of the European Communitys carbon price, is another expensive disaster.

It doesnt deliver certainty markets are never certain, they must fluctuate or there is no market and the Europeans are not likely to be in the market for expensive carbon dioxide any time soon as they struggle to bail out the collapsing euro economies.

Letting a clique of Brussels bureaucrats decide the price of electricity in Australia is just not sound policy.

The whole carbon dioxide scam is looking shakier by the second, with the latest report revealing that wind farms reduce almost zero emissions.

Thats part of the price of getting into bed with the Greens who still have their hands firmly on the Labor minority government reins.

The rest will take years to add up and decades to pay for. The billions to go to the useless and historically corrupt UNs coffers, the eco-slush fund it doesnt stop.

Gillards predecessor Kevvie from Brizzie was delusional but the condition appears viral within the Labor-Green-Independent minority government.

During my break, I saw plenty of crocodiles, but none as nasty as those that infest the leadership of the ALP

Gillard Exposed Over AWU Scandal

Michael Smith Opens Up Ms Gillard and the AWU Scandal

CANdo logo Video production is by the organisation CANdo featuring radio personality, ex-policeman, who was sacked by media for daring to expose what you are about to view. The interview is conducted by CANdo Chairman Professor David Flint AM on these 9 video sequence.

ALP asks Aussies to take in boat people

Government asks Aussie residents to take in refugees

THE Federal Government will pay families up to $300 a week to temporarily house asylum seekers in their homes to help deal with the increasing flood of arrivals.

With the Immigration Department now facing a potential shortage of community housing to accommodate detainees who are being released into the community, the Government has turned to householders for help.

Under a plan slated to start next month, the Government will seek to access the 5000 homes registered under the privately run Australian Homestay Network (AHN) to host asylum seekers released from detention on bridging visas.

AHN was originally established to provide short-term private home accommodation and board for international students.

The organisation, which first approached the Federal Government with the plan last year, began writing to its national client base three weeks ago seeking applications from home owners to house asylum seekers.

The Immigration Department confirmed it would pay for security vetting and training for families which want to take up the offer.

It will also pay a weekly stipend of between $220 and $300 to families to cover food and board for detainees.

Almost 1000 detainees have been released into the community over the past two months, since the Government’s change of policy last year to ease pressure on detention centres.

The high cost of the Community Placement Network plan is expected to be allocated from the existing detention centre funding, which will be revealed in next week’s Budget.

The AHN, which was set up to accommodate international students for short periods in family homes, claimed the initial period of housing for asylum seekers would be for six weeks, but could be extended.

“The Community Placement Network is an initiative designed to provide short-term accommodation (for) eligible asylum seekers while they independently source longer term sustainable accommodation in the community,” AHN executive chairman David Bycroft said.

“The CPN is for people interested in assisting asylum seekers to live in the community on a bridging visa while awaiting the resolution of their immigration status. It is not for people interested in international student hosting.”

The Refugee Council of Australia has backed the plan, claiming it would allow more people to be released from detention and live in the community while their applications were processed.

“Mandatory detention makes people mentally ill and is expensive,” the council’s CEO Paul Power said.

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison slammed the plan, claiming it confirmed the Government had reached the point of desperation: “Labor’s decision to house adult male asylum seekers released on bridging visas in the spare rooms of Australian families is a desperate, reckless policy from a government that has lost control.

“When Australians expressed concern about rising costs of living, this was not an invitation for Julia Gillard to supplement household incomes by offering to pay the rent on your spare room or granny flat for asylum seekers.

“The fact Australian families are now being asked to house asylum seekers who have arrived illegally by boat, including those whose claims have been rejected, shows just how desperate Labor have become over their failed border protection policies which have seen almost 17,000 people now arrive on 301 boats.”

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, said: “This is yet another cheap shot from the Coalition, who like to demonise asylum seeker issues.”

Read more: