Mr Fink and his carbon spewing dupes of Davos want to curb your driving

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink (below) and company flew to Davos on these private jets, but they want you to accept that driving your car when you please is causing “climate change”.

THOSE of us who live in the regional towns need not worry too much – you’ve got your easy-to-access shopping centre in or near the city centre, probably only a few minutes from home.

But the thousands of dupes attending the annual World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland, are beating the drum for a big plan for the majority of us who live in cities.

That plan, which has already gained a foothold in Australian city council bureaucracies, is the so-called 15-minute city or “20-minute neighbourhood”, as Dan Andrews’ bureaucrats are calling it. Bastien Girod, a fresh-faced young member of the Swiss National Council, was caught on video keenly advocating for 15-minute “smart neighbourhoods” or “sustainable districts”.

Dr Girod (a PhD) is also affiliated with the aptly-named SusTech, the Group for Sustainability and Technology, that makes whizzbang “net zero” technology to make sure you don’t fall for the temptation of sticking with your evil old fossil fuel car or gas stove.

And why has Girod got such a warm inner glow about 15-minute cities? Because a 15-minute city means you won’t have to own a car. It might even mean you won’t be allowed to own a car or severely restricted as to where you can drive it. But don’t worry, “everything you need” will be within walking distance! Wow and whoopee! Imagine all that fossil fuel CO2 that won’t be driving the climate crisis – again the big theme for the Davos crowd!

Of course Girod didn’t mention the more than 1000 private jets parked around airports in Switzerland that brought delegates to the conference. Nor did he mention the lines of fossil-fueld private cars winding through the mountains bringing them into Davos.

Neither did Girod mention that Larry Fink, a prominent WEF board member and coincidentally CEO and chairman of BlackRock, the biggest fund manager in the world, has a big stake in PetroChina, the CCP’s state oil company that is developing the industry in China in a very big way. Mr Fink’s BlackRock also blacklists those dirty little oil and coal companies that don’t comply with his and the WEF’s ESG (Environment, Sustainability, Governance) rules.

But Girod really believes what he is touting. He’s just another of the naive and ambitious corporate/political pawns having a nice winter holiday in Davos, all the while banging his “sustainable living” drum as the other dupes around him would expect. Delegates’ heads nod in agreement as Girod drones on. Girod also knows that making the stage at Davos could bode well for his political future – environment minister perhaps?

Girod became so swept up in his plug for sustainability he actually endorsed Joe Biden’s plan to blackmail and bribe US companies into supporting the net-zero game plan. “I think for instance that Biden’s suggestion that governments only buy from companies that commit to Paris (Climate Accord), who commit to science-based targets, I think that’s a smart policy.”

Regardless of what people like Girod say, people in the UK, for instance, are not buying the 15-minute plans already being rolled out for trial in Oxford. There a group of savvy locals called Not Our Future discovered that 15-minute cities actually depend on “traffic filtering”, which is a system of traffic monitoring and banning of vehicles from certain areas at certain times. Go where you’re not allowed to and bingo the camera on the corner sends you a fine.

As explained by one Oxford local, the idea is being run out everywhere worldwide and the basic motivation is to “basically tie down people into areas where they can go and can’t go, and later on that will mean biometric tracking for all of us, like in China”.

The group has carried out an excellent exercise in public action and needs to be replicated here in Australia. How it all pans out is yet to be seen.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Senator Malcolm Roberts acknowledges Chris and his Davos presentation of ‘in yer face’ climate bullshit from the WEFies – all big carbon guzzlers. I’ll bet waigu is on the menu.

    But it is smart cities and insect burgers for the minions of the world soviet.


  2. The WEFies are now onto transforming medicine. [ We thought they did that already – renaming known diseases and giving killer treatments for a bogus diagnosis ]. But Wait! There’s more. You see, the sheeple have so many more options for health if these psychopaths get social / legal permission to morph us into something else.

    The problem here is that the Adamic genome is decaying. Human beings could solve the problem of disease if we became something else. This isn’t about correcting a genetic mutation that has given rise to a disease.

    This is about the possibilities of redefining human life in terms of AI, synthetic biology, ‘real time surveillance markers in the gut’, transhuman life forms. There probably are actually quite a few transhuman life forms at Davos. How is that working for them? Short answer: they are discussing among themselves a complete makeover / transition for the rest of us. This is not some screwball idea on the drawing board in a Jew U think tank, this is moving ahead in viability and feasibility. The entity that is Mark Zuckerberg comes to mind.

    Transforming Medicine, Redefining Life / Davos 2023


  3. The whole Davos show reminds me of a certain Britain’s Got Talent Audition.
    Materialists, rationalists, your standard steak-on-the-plate pagans and what not, seem not to get it that these so called ‘illusionists’ are demonstrating supernatural realities in their hellish aspect, realities that are super natural in relation to our nature and vibratory band-width.

    As a rule we are entertained by this, you know, like Simon Magus of Biblical and also Roman fame actually flying around or the Egyptian magicians throwing their staves on the ground to become serpents. This kind of thing.

    Terrifying Audition Shocks the Britain’s Got Talent Judges.


  4. And the NZ ‘Horse Woman’ has decided to put itself out to pasture.

    Who’s next in line?


  5. All Quiet (Panic) on the Western Front (or Have fun with the Davos freak show.)

    Pepe Escobar for the Saker blog

    Shadows are falling / And I’ve been here all day / It’s too hot to sleep / And time is running away / Feel like my soul / has turned into steel /I’ve still got the scars / That the sun didn’t heal / There’s not even room enough / To be anywhere / Lord it’s not dark yet, / but it’s getting there … Bob Dylan, “Not Dark Yet”

    Lights! Action! Reset!

    The World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Davos Freak Show is back in business on Monday.

    The mainstream media of the collective West, in unison, will be spinning non-stop, for a week, all the “news” that are fit to print to extol new declinations of The Great Reset, re-baptized The Great Narrative, but actually framed as a benign offer by “stakeholder capitalism”. These are the main planks of the shady platform of a shady NGO registered in Cologny, a tiny Geneva suburb.

    The list of Davos attendees was duly leaked. Proverbially, it’s an Anglo-American Exceptionalist fun fest, complete with intel honchos such as the US Director of National Intelligence, Avril “Madam Torture” Haines; the head of MI6 Richard Moore; and FBI director Christopher Wray.

    Remixed Diderot and D’Alembert Encyclopedias could be written about the Davos pathology – where a hefty list of multibillionaires, heads of state and corporate darlings (owned by BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street and co.) “engage” in selling Demented Dystopia packages to the unsuspecting masses.

    But let’s cut to the chase and focus on a few panels next week – which could easily be mistaken for Straight to Hell sessions.

    The Tuesday, January 17 list is particularly engaging. It features a “De-Globalization or Re-Globalization?” panel with speakers Ian Bremmer, Adam Tooze, Niall Ferguson, Péter Szijjártó and Ngaire Woods. Three Atlanticists/Exceptionalists stand out, especially the ultra-toxic Ferguson.

    After “In Defense of Europe”, featuring a bunch of nullities including Poland’s Andrjez Duda, attendees will be greeted with a Special Season in Hell (sorry, Rimbaud) featuring none other than EC dominatrix Ursula von der Leyen, known by a vast majority of Germans as Ursula von der Leichen (“Ursula of Cadavers”) in a tag team with WEF mastermind, Third Reich emulator Klaus “Nosferatu” Schwab.

    Rumors are that Lucifer, in his privileged underground abode, is green with envy.

    There’s also “Ukraine: What Next?” with another bunch of nullities, and “War in Europe: Year 2” featuring Moldova woke chick Maia Sandu and Finnish party girl Sanna Marin.

    In the War Criminal section, pride of place goes to “A Conversation with Henry Kissinger: Historical Perspectives on War”, where Dr. K. will sell all his trademark Divide and Rule permutations. Added sulphur will be provided by Thucydides strangler Graham Allison.

    In his Special Address, “Liver Sausage” Chancellor Olaf Scholz will be side by side with Nosferatu, hoping he won’t be – literally – grilled.

    Then, on Wednesday, January 18, comes the apotheosis: “Restoring Security and Peace” with speakers Fareed Zakaria – the US establishment’s pet brown man; NATO’s Jens “War is Peace” Stoltenberg; Andrzej Duda – again; and Canadian warmonger Chrystia Freeland – widely rumored to become the next NATO Secretary-General.

    And it gets juicier: the coke comedian posing as warlord may join via zoom from Kiev.

    The notion that this panel is entitled to emit judgments about “peace” deserves nothing less than its own Nobel Peace Prize.

    How to monetize the whole world

    Cynics of all persuasions may be excused for lamenting Mr. Zircon – currently on oceanic patrol encompassing the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and of course “Mare Nostrum” Mediterranean – won’t be presenting his business card at Davos.

    Analyst Peter Koenig has developed a convincing thesis that the WEF, the WHO and NATO may be running some sort of sophisticated death cult. The Great Reset does mingle merrily with NATO’s agenda as agent provocateur, financer and weaponizer of the proxy Empire vs. Russia war in black hole Ukraine. NAKO – an acronym for North Atlantic Killing Organization – would be more appropriate in this case.

    As Koenig summarizes it, “NATO enters any territory where the ‘conventional’ media lie-machine, and social engineering are failing or not completing their people-ordaining goals fast enough.”

    In parallel, very few people are aware that on June 13, 2019 in New York, a secret deal was clinched between the UN, the WEF, an array of oligarch-weaponized NGOs – with the WHO in the front line – and last but not least, the world’s top corporations, which are all owned by an interlinked maze with Vanguard and BlackRock at the center.

    The practical result of the deal is the UN Agenda 2030.

    Virtually every government in the NATOstan area and the “Western Hemisphere” (US establishment definition) has been hijacked by Agenda 2030 – which translates, essentially, as hoarding, privatizing and financializing all the earth’s assets, under the pretext of “protecting” them.

    Translation: the marketization and monetization of the entire natural world (see, for instance, here, here and here.)

    Davos superstar shills such as insufferable bore Niall Ferguson are just well rewarded vassals: western intellectuals of the Harvard, Yale and Princeton mould that would never dare bite the hand that feeds them.

    Ferguson just wrote a column on Bloomberg titled “All is Not Quiet on the Eastern Front” – basically to peddle the risk of WWIII, on behalf of his masters, blaming of course “China as the arsenal of autocracy”.

    Among serial high-handed inanities, this one stands out. Ferguson writes, “There are two obvious problems with US strategy (…) The first is that if algorithmic weapons systems are the equivalent of tactical nuclear weapons, Putin may eventually be driven to using the latter, as he clearly lacks the former.”

    Cluelessness here is a euphemism. Ferguson clearly has no idea “algorithmic weapons” mean; if he’s referring to electronic warfare, the US may have been able to maintain superiority for a while in Ukraine, but that’s over.

    Well, that’s typical Ferguson – who wrote a whole Rothschild hagiography just like his column, drinking from the Rothschild archives that appeared to have been sanitized as he knows next to nothing meaningful about their history.

    Ferguson has “deduced” that Russia is weak and China is strong. Nonsense. Both are strong – and Russia is more advanced technologically than China in their advanced offensive and defensive missile development, and can beat the US in a nuclear war as Russian air space is sealed by layered defenses such as the S-400 all the way to the already tested S-500s and designed S-600s.

    As far as semiconductor chips, the advantage that Taiwan has in chip manufacture is in mass production of the most advanced chips; but China and Russia can fabricate the chips necessary for military use, though not engage in mass commercial production. The US has an important advantage here commercially with Taiwan, but that’s not a military advantage.

    Ferguson gives away his game when he carps about the need to “deter a nascent Axis-like combination of Russia, Iran and China from risking simultaneous conflict in three theaters: Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.”

    Here we have trademark Atlanticist demonization of the top three vectors of Eurasia integration mixed with a toxic cocktail of ignorance and arrogance: it’s NATO that is stoking “conflict” in Eastern Europe; and it’s the Empire that is being expelled from the “Far East” (oh, that’s so colonial) and soon from the Middle East (actually West Asia).

    An AMGOT tale

    Nobody with an IQ over room temperature will expect Davos next week to discuss any aspect of the NATO vs. Eurasia existential war seriously – not to mention propose diplomacy. So I’ll leave you with yet another typical tawdry story about how the Empire – who rules over Davos – deals in practice with its vassals.

    While in Sicily earlier this year I learned that an ultra high-value Pentagon asset had landed in Rome, in haste, as part of an unscheduled visit. A few days later the reason for the visit was printed in La Repubblica, one of the papers of the toxic Agnelli clan.

    That was a Mafia scam: a face-to-face “suggestion” for the Meloni government to imperatively provide Kiev, as soon as possible, with the costly anti-Samp-T missile system, developed by an European consortium, Eurosam, uniting MBDA Italy, MBDA France and Thales.

    Italy possesses only 5 batteries of this system, not exactly brilliant against ballistic missiles but efficient against cruise missiles.

    National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan had already called Palazzo Chigi to announce the “offer you can’t refuse”. Apparently that was not enough, thus the hasty envoy trip. Rome will have to toe the line. Or else. After all, never forget the terminology employed by US generals to designate Sicily, and Italy as a whole: AMGOT.

    American government occupied territory.

    Have fun with the Davos freak show.


  6. Wonder if he is one of the entourage participating or co-ordinating the services of the escort industry that flew into Davos as there was a high demand for many of the 5000+ touring officials enjoying some time out for social physical exchanges. If not for ones pleasure then possibly bait them for chicken fodder.


  7. This is were we need a non brain dead, disgruntled air force pilot to drop a nice present “missile” on them…


  8. @Editor. This is good news. The CoVID Regimes all seemed to be sticking together on this one. In Australia, the government maintains that it never mandated the covid injections – it was the employers, agencies etc.

    And of course the Australian CoVID Regime maintains that adversities will be compensated. To see how that is going they did give evidence in the Senate inquiry conducted by Malcolm Roberts.


  9. Never has the saying “Follow the money” been more accurate! These Deletes with their private Jets and Rolls, Mercedes and Ferrari’s in their garages (probably have gas stoves in their homes too!) Wanting to confine the population into 15 minute cities. Politicians world-wide who won’t reveal the contracts they signed with Big Harma (Woops…Pharma). I would love to see these Pollies, Biden, Zelenski’s etc. bank accounts and proof of how they made their millions (legitimately???) I was going to say it would be an eye opener, but I think we already know.


  10. Still wondering what WEF and Davos are about? Here’s John Kerry Cohen explaining it to you. You can almost smell the “exceptionalism” such psychos fanatically believe in. Beware, they’re coming “to save the world” and their end justifies stealing your means ! lol

    John Kerry fuels Davos controversy with ‘ET’ speech
    US climate envoy raised eyebrows with remarks about a “select group” of “touched” leaders


  11. Hi Lyndsey there are no compulsory jabs for Russians anywhere, civilians or soldiers. The mandate was dropped 6 months ago or longer. In fact we have been advised by our Russian corespondents that any one injured by the jab has been offered compensation. Ed


  12. Gas stoves are also a new NO-NO in terms of sustainability, price on carbon, Zero CO2 Emissions and all the rest of the United [Communist] Nations Climate Change BS and yada yada.

    The entire Official Narrative is on the line here and the New Party Line is: ‘Gas Stoves are harmful to children with asthma’. WTFlamingF? Don’t these CoVID Regime PCs and Think Tanks follow Catturd2 on Twitter? This is the best they could come up with – as if anyone with 2 neurons firing would believe the United [Communist] Nations and its member CoVID Regimes would give a cat’s piss about children – especially those they are killing with CoVID injections. Heart attack and stroke is the New Normal for children. So asthma has now been rolled out as the new concern for socially responsible, virtue signaling sheeple who go and get their CoVID boosters to help Save the Planet. ‘Gotta get rid of those, you know, gas stoves to save the children from asthma’. This is pathetic.

    In Europe, think Gazprom. I’ll bet you any money Vlad does not rely on stupid asthma coverstories when it comes to mandatory injections with their bioweapon Sputnik. It’s off to the Russian army you go, boyo with your vaxxes / boosters or 10 years in the slammer. Upload another one of those Moscow tiktoks and Mischa goes to the bear tank. Things are so much simpler in Russia which is why they are so much further ahead in the 4IR and Digital Currency and social credit score than we are. They don’t even need to attend the Davos Blabfest. But I digress.

    In other words, the CoVID Regime needs another fig leaf and coverstory for the UN climate change bullshit. As the yentas say: ‘You just can’t fix stupid’. Big Jew is counting on that.

    Listen to these two CNN Big Jew Media whorejobs self censor as they parse the Talmudic micro-management and shlep the Party Line on gas stoves.


  13. ‘World War 3 Has Already Started’ Between US And Russia/China.
    A prominent French intellectual has written a book arguing that the United States is already waging World War Three against Russia and China.

    He also warned that Europe has become a kind of imperial “protectorate”, which has little sovereignty and is essentially controlled by the US.

    Europe just be “Collateral Damage…” Europe has learned Nothing from History…


  14. aapkonig: “The US appears to be bolstering its forces in Eastern Europe with literally hundreds of heavily armored vehicles. Are they preparing for an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine? Maybe even a direct intervention… ”

    I think if one digs a lil deeper one will find that the billions and billions of dollars in arms allegedly going to Ukraine have ALSO been going to the other cannon fodder countries in the region. Most likely for a staged confrontation which might amount to Barbarossa 2.

    The Germans are already suggesting the EU needs to go on a war footing to “keep up with armament demand”, a clear signal something is being pushed along which will hit Europe rather hard.


  15. American Abrams tanks and Bradley IFVs spotted in the Netherlands on their way to Eastern Europe – photos, videos… This will be a big mistake…

    The US appears to be bolstering its forces in Eastern Europe with literally hundreds of heavily armored vehicles. Are they preparing for an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine? Maybe even a direct intervention…

    The official Twitter account of the Dutch army posted a video of the arrival of the US transport ship, with the heavy transport ship, packed to the brim with equipment ranging from armored vehicles, tracked vehicles, and wheeled IFVs to military low-loaders and Oshkosh towing vehicles, docking in the Dutch port of Vlissingen.


  16. ED: “Looks something is brewing.?”
    Putin prepares for hot war with NATO – Russians must be prepared.
    The US and NATO are waging a proxy war against Russia on the territory of the former Ukraine, but it will inevitably lead to a direct military confrontation. The Russians must prepare for this, writes Pravda.

    Sanctions against the Russian Federation cannot be part of the NATO plan. The Western world will achieve nothing with sanctions alone. As Croatian President Zoran Milanovic rightly said, sanctions are “foolish, they haven’t broken (Slobodan) Milosevic either, they run off into one war after another.”
    The defeat of the Ukrainian forces at Soledar came as a defeat for NATO. It became clear that even in the tactics of positional warfare, the Russian forces are winning, while Moscow’s strategy to exhaust the regime in Kiev is putting a strong strain on the West’s economy. The stakes in the proxy war are growing (heavy tanks for the Ukrainian armed forces are on their way).


  17. KLaus Schwab, like George Soros, has suddenly withdrawn from the World Economic Forum’s annual summit in Davos, held today through January 20,

    Schwab, for his part, announced that he is suffering from an unspecified “health complaint” and does not expect to be able to attend the summit in Davos.

    The unexpected announcements from the two world leaders have made tongues roll, and many Davos participants are said to be concerned about what is really going on behind the scenes.

    But wait their is more: For latest See web page, Klaus Schwab did show up for the opening of the WEF today, despite publicly saying he wouldn’t be there for health reasons!


  18. Where is Putin when you need him?


  19. Too many of the Hefty WEFies are giving the AGM at Davos a big miss this year for this to go un-noticed.

    Looks like the Mad Plan is to have all the Big Satans from the Western ZOGs in the frame for attendance. The Communist Bloc [highest abortion stats in the world but still assigned the moral high ground] is not represented although they have certainly had big representation over the decades. Vlad, of course, is a former young globalist.

    I think The Owners of the United [Communist] Nations want all the Bad Guys in the frame at Davos the this year – the ones who are going to have have to shlep the tanking CoVID narrative and the CoVID Vaxx global depop for Agenda 2030. They are all there with an arrow pointing to them and a caption that reads ‘these are the bad guys’ together with all their fossil fuel spewing private jets and the Swiss army.

    The Hefty WEFies like other world leaders have probably already gone to secure location leaving only their doubles to manage the stagecraft / statecraft in front of the schmo screen. Only the US got really creative with this caper. Instead of a double/s or clone of the leader/s who take orders from Behind the Shmo Screen, the president is the clone or AI or whatever ‘Biden’ is. The real US government is entirely covert and preparing for war while Biden, Kamala and the rest of the idiocracy manages the UN genocide on the Americans. And here in Australia, Albo and the rest of them also have their scripts.


  20. Davos, Like Donald Rumsfeld, used to say, “Collateral damage…” Only one precision hyper-sonic device is needed to wipe out the Psychopaths, easily. They are all nicely huddled together now, yes some “Collateral damage…” Hmm, that’s normal, Donald Rumsfeld – (In)-Famous words…

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  21. Fink def:

    1. inform on to the authorities. “there was no shortage of people willing to fink on their neighbors”

    2. fail to do something promised or expected because of a lack of courage or commitment. “administration officials had finked out”

    Clearly not someone you can trust!

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  22. What it means in Australia is that people with foresight are moving out of cities and into the regional areas. A Melbourne friend of mine doing likewise told me that when she went to inspect rental properties, there were anything up to 50 prospective renters.

    That means Dan’s kingdom is shrinking. There’s just no fun in being a dictator in a ghost town. Dan is cross. Very cross indeed. They are calling him Davos Dan the Ghost Town Man.


  23. Australians copy the Brits? How can that happen? Brits have guts.

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  24. I believe they asked for unvaccinated pilots to fly their jets?

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  25. Do what we say……
    Not what we do
    You will be happy


  26. Larry Fink was fired from his last job because he screwed up?
    Bloomberg was also sacked from his job because of ineptitude???
    Both went on to be powerful players in the globalist plan.

    Were they sacked or were they set up?

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