Cops outflank Canberra protesters – camped out of sight and no street blockades as in Ottawa

by Jim O’Toole, Townsville bureau

Will Bosi lead the way?

The burgeoning Canberra Freedom Rally could be remembered as being inept and ineffectual unless protesters adopt similar tactics to the unprecedented, ongoing Ottawa truck blockade.

Until trucks block and strangle Canberra not much will change. The cops have already outflanked the protesters and moved the camps out of sight and out of mind while MSM ridicules the throng.

Streets and roads across Canberra should be blocked.

Organisers should be rattling chains everywhere and not bow down to police intimidation. MSM is down-rating the protest as a whinge about vaccines, which is untrue.

Organise all the best men into the front line and use military strategy.

Channels 7, 9, 10 and the deceitful ABC which should be de-funded and disbanded, have been broadcasting their normal misrepresentation of accurate news portraying protesters as anti-vaxxers and miscreants. The media is continuing with their NWO-planned divide and conquer strategic broadcasts.

PM Morrison is so compromised with allegations of child sex trafficking and backhanders and socialist Labor leader Albanese with alleged corruption in office such as extraordinary bribes from Big Pharma and big business that they, like Canadian PM and communist Justin Trudeau, will never yield until they arrive at the gallows.

Will Riccardo Bosi lead the way on Tuesday?

Trump has weighed into the Canadian blockade urging truckers and protesters not to give up.

He told the blockade at Ottawa, “Americans are behind you.”

Until the Canberra mob ups the ante unfortunately they have wasted their time and given false hope to millions of economically languishing and vaxx-damaged Australians.

On Tuesday Riccardo Bosi could lead the way.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. fairdinkumnews2013

    If only the great One had of gassed them parasites we’d all be free now , they backstabbed the Anzacs and so called Aussies defend these scum what a joke it is .


  2. John Baillie, please step away from the TV. Sucking from the cathode nipple is as toxic and manipulative as the drug experiment.


  3. My observation for quite some time is that he blows with the wind. As does anyone who lacks the integrity and decency to stray from the ABC Charter for balanced reporting. People who are readily bought and sold are subject to ownership just like sheep or cattle or goats.


  4. Did you see Speersy on Insiders today, trying to portray the Canberra Convoy as violent extremists? Inside the loopyverse bubble for sure!


  5. tonyryan43: “While here, I would like to endorse D Johnston’s post. In Darwin, I attempted futilely to convince rally organisers that our happy heart-warming family-friendly music happenings were doing nothing for freedom, and actually feeding the MSM impression that we were not to be taken seriously.”

    100%! Absolutely correct! The only thing that will start rattling the treacherous mongrels is when they see serious anger from the populace. It can be done WITHOUT violence and without any property damage. More direct targeting of the Scumos, Albos, Palushchooks, Andrews…. Make them personally responsible because it IS personal.

    Singing feel good songs isn’t going to derail their agendas. Note how both sides went into a tizz over Andrews’ effigy and the fake gallows.

    The people don’t need to bite anyone but they need to show some teeth and growl very loudly as a serious warning to the scum! At the very least we need to demand resignations and a change of course, loudly and clearly!

    Forget the singing, the look on cops’ faces says they respond to that with disdain. Plenty of them even seem to think it’s even funny.


  6. Seb…take a bow! Excellent comment and advice. When the unlawful ‘check in’s’ were first imposed, I started leaving my cell phone at home. Paranoia much? Nah… I’m just smarter than my so-called smartphone and those who seek to violate my privacy.


  7. tomyryan43, Thank you. Fully agree. YES!..The wardrobe change was the first thing I noticed. Very Che Guavera ay. Maybe he’s channelling him. It was definitely deliberate ‘signalling’.


  8. paulcwilliam, Well THAT, I can personally attest to and agree with. Deep insecurity is another factor.


  9. Take video, pictures and notes.
    Badge, names of police and registration of government personnel and vehicles. It will make it easier when we bring them Corrupt Dirty Mongrels to justice.


  10. They must take positive action. The Capitol Hill incident should be an incentive. Ed


  11. Wasted their time?
    Tell that to the tens of thousands of protesters down there.
    They are standing for freedom and sending a clear message that they won’t be dictated to.
    The freedom movement has grown at an extraordinary rate and isn’t slowing down.
    Hats off to all the freedom fighters.


  12. Great Seb we will post a warning. Ed


  13. “…Common Law. It is the answer to all of this. For it is God’s law.
    God’s law is not made by man.


  14. In response to Karma, I don’t think Scomo will show up either.
    An illegal Corporate Internationally controlled Government surely cannot stand.
    He will do a runner like Trudeau.
    Maybe the Masonic built New Parliament house tunnels need a good flush out.

    This is like a bad movie.

    No doubt (based on their own legislation) they will have their UN “peacekeepers” on call… UN peacekeepers have only ever kept peace for the UN.

    Anyone turning up this week really needs to consider leaving their mobile phone tracking devices at home.
    Please put out the word.
    They don’t need them.
    It’s not a social media photo opportunity.
    Trust others to record the event.
    They will be there.
    Avoid connectivity through wifi devices.
    Especially if vaccinated with who knows what.
    This is the new future now.
    ‘silent weapons for quiet wars’…

    If any beam forming weaponry is used then the effect will be to cause people to scatter and they won’t know why.
    Consider that’s likely what it is.
    EMF weaponry.
    Something they already know and have done in other Countries.

    Reference: Barrie Trower (Government Microwave Warfare 1960’s UK)

    CD”s due to their plastic/aluminium coating are claimed by some to help deflect but I don’t know to what extent that is true.

    There is a 5G tower near the RSL memorial (New Parliament House) and we are told that 5G has been auctioned off to 26GHz. Our home modems are at 2.4 to 5GHz. Our mobile phones automatically roam to find the 5G tower.

    Consider that “silent weapons” are on their long term agenda if not already being used.

    On a health level one might consider taking some magnesium (a calcium channel blocker) because microwave EMF bombards the voltage gated calcium channels (VGCC) in our body.
    Magnesium acts as a cell membrane stabiliser.
    Reference: Dr Martin Pall

    Either way, this seems to be the way of our future.
    Just do your own homework.

    There is only one way forward now and “we will win… we must”

    Reference: Reiner Fuellmich (German/USA lawyer helping lead the charge….with truth)


  15. I wish I could put it in one post…I still do not go to Church. For they are with the government and media. Clearly, with what is going on and the degradation of our rights, their silence is deafening.

    ‘Remember what they did say and what they did not say, remember what they did and what they did not do’…Lt Col Riccardo Bosi. One of the best things EVER said.

    Open your eyes people because ‘In the Kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is King!’ We are the blind, open your eyes people, for Lucifer is King…Lets restore the natural order, the Common Law. It is the answer to all of this. For it is God’s law. Admiralty law is of the sea, it trickery and deceit, which is clearly of Lucifer…they inverted the entire structure of society, for their law of enslavement, corporate law, law of the sea, Admiralty law, which is clearly the law of Lucifer..As it puts him above all.

    God is King! Not Lucifer.


  16. I reiterate.

    I have grave reservations about how Bosi will behave once in power, but I most certainly and unreservedly support him for the moment. I make my judgements based on available evidence and Bosi is the only person highlighted in that evidence who seems to grasp that this is now a military situation. In case readers did not notice and then reflect, he has switched from politician’s uniform to military uniform. Take the cue for once, please.

    While here, I would like to endorse D Johnston’s post. In Darwin, I attempted futilely to convince rally organisers that our happy heart-warming family-friendly music happenings were doing nothing for freedom, and actually feeding the MSM impression that we were not to be taken seriously. Just a bunch of selfish and self-absorbed neo-hippies.

    We will never have a supportive media because the media IS the enemy. I have been tracing their footprints for 23 years, all the way from Rupert Murdoch to David Rockefeller and the Rothschilds in Basle. This war will not be over until the MSM is destroyed.

    These realities are why we are here on Cairns News.


  17. Therefore…do not be afraid. Fear not. For I am with you…so says the Lord.


  18. ‘If you follow me, you will be persecuted’…Jesus of Nazereth.

    Some of us know that to be true. The persecution is based on fear. All negative emotions are based on fear.


  19. Okay Ed. Is that a bad thing?

    We all have to realise the world is ran by a SATANIC CULT! So they belittle anything and anyone that has anything to do with the ‘Lion of Judea’, the King of Kings..because they are afraid of Him.

    That is they key…they hate Jesus, why? HE is the enemy of their false god, Lucifer.


  20. jo: “One can only hope his own blindness of his past has opened his eyes to see without $tars and $triped colored glasses.”

    Too true. No one is beyond redemption. There are millions who were once misled and seduced but are nevertheless awakening to the true state of what’s going on. Some more slowly than others. Youthful folly is part of the learning curve of life.


  21. I don’t care if he’s a born again wombat, if he’s against what we are witnessing in Australia he’s shoulder to shoulder with decent and true Australians. At the very least he’s not a sell out.

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  22. Bosi is a Born Again Christian. Ed


  23. The “black anti terrorism and riot squad” trained in Israel will not be overcome by imported Chinese Aussie flag waving and face painting while some bands play live music in the back ground. Nor will this mentally deranged and power hungry political midgets glued to their chairs in the capitals sewer waiver in their positions – it is their livelihood to be a waste product of humanity and to stop all else in its way.
    Bosi will start to show his true face now and action is needed to make the political $elected in the sewer realize “Hoopsie daisy, we overstretched a little and are not as powerful as we thought we are”.
    Once upon a time there was a tax collector who overcame his mind and life after he was “awakened by his own blindness” and changed his direction in LIFE. Bosi is not a tax collector but he $erved the mighty CIA in Afghanistan as an Australian soldier. One can only hope his own blindness of his past has opened his eyes to see without $tars and $triped colored glasses. Time will surely tell, before it will vanish.

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  24. tonyryan43…Have you not listened to Lt Col Riccardo Bosi? What is this crap about him being a Christian fundamentalist? A Military theocracy? He is a Christian, and lately, so am I.

    I suggest you start listening to Riccardo Bosi himself instead of spreading weird rumours about him mate. I have been listening to the bloke for about 6 months, in no way, shape or form is he campaigning as a Christian Fundamentalist for a military theocracy. That whole idea of yours is absurd.

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  25. I don’t agree that the protest has been a flop. They might not have had anything organized for once they got there, but things have been coming together by themselves, and with the input of Hoody. The only real problem has been the lack of any real media coverage. People who don’t use facebook don’t know that there is a huge protest going on there. While the people who did watch yesterday’s proceedings on facebook and youtube would have been moved to tears many times, as I was. Hopefully many more people are now making plans to be there on Tuesday. The timing has coincided nicely with Rod Cullerton serving the GG a few days prior and now the two events might combine into one, when ScoMo is asked to explain that letter in front of a horde of Aussies in person, and in front of their corporate HQ. His response will then be broadcast all over social media. My guess is that he won’t show up at all. Jenny will need him to change a light bulb at Kirribilli House that day.


  26. We send our Aussie kids all over the world to fight and die for our democracy and for our way of life but when it comes to doing something on our own soil and in our own country it all turns into a fizzer.

    A few thousand brave truckies and families are left to do the fighting for our democracy and our way of life. The rest have scattered like cockroaches on the command of our treacherous politicians and their goons. That’s something no kid should ever be sent to die for.

    If it’s not worth fighting for at home, it’s not worth dying for overseas. We used to be a lucky and plucky country. Now we’re dying a slow death as a lackey country.

    Time to fix it, Aussies! Stop the foreign bought and sold established political duopoly party scumbags from destroying our lives. Vote for an independent Australian patriot next time!

    More of the same will just kill us.

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  27. The Yellow Vest movement in Paris and France were able to outflank the Police because they trained themselves copying Police tactics to where the Police eventually joined them. That’s what we need to do too, train the tactics of the police and use them against them as they do in all the Brisbane Freedom Marches where the Police have totally backed off and are fearful!

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  28. Totally, wholeheartedly agree with Jim. He and Stephen Wells (XYZ News) appear to be on the same page. Unless this is cranked up to 11 and a cohesive military strategy employed… yes, it’s all for nothing. ENOUGH of all this aimless wandering, flag waving and sing-alongs like it’s the Big Day Out! For God’s sake! Enter Riccardo Bosi. If he could recruit and amass enough of the defence force (has he maybe already??) and lead them to a coup, that is the ONLY way to end this. And he is the only and absolute best man for the job. Is he committed enough to
    the cause of saving our country?

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  29. The True Arrow video “Get to Canberra : Visitors at Breakfast 4 02 22 has gotten some of the best images of Exhibition Park Freedom Camp and the deployment of AFP Tactical Response (Counter Terrorism) to the Freedom Camp breakfast donated by the local community.

    We see from the opening frames of the video they have the roof top covered and not just just with surveillance equipment. There is a lot of activity on the roof overlooking the Park.

    Check out the Rescue Vehicle at 3.35. Looking at the equipment on the roof and the view into the vehicle from the back, it doesn’t look very rescue-y to me. It looks to me like a vehicle with EMF capabilities. You know bursts of EMF in the 50 – 60 GHz can microwave the blood. That vehicle looks to me like it could triangulate with the EMF towers and deliver bursts of EMF.

    From 5.26 we start getting good close ups of the CT guys. Full combat gear. The Coms on those helmets – back and front views. Some of these helmets look like mini cell phone towers. What are the minions looking at here? Side arms and Assault rifles – always a crowd pleaser at the bar-be-que. At 7.07 check out the front view of the webbing. The canisters across the front. Whatever it is it won’t be pepper spray.

    Better think about this folks. These are the guys that Dutto says he is going to deploy against – no – not foreign invaders – the elderly. That’s right – the ones the CoVID Regime took hostage in the care homes and denied visits from their families. Welcome to the whack-o end of the covid spectrum

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  30. The Canberra protest should heed Riccardo Bosi. Whatever else he is, he understands strategy and they do not.

    Move over for a real man. He may be a fundamentalist Christian campaigner for military theocracy but, he is the only voice heard who understands how to wage war. And war it will be, as the political traitors call on police and military to crush the People of Australia.

    This war will spread across Australia and we will fight where we have to, when we have to, to the death if need be, for our Australian children. This is way more important than any war that has gone before.

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  31. SCOMO is a high level Freemason, he is at a level that can only be reached by doing evil acts especially against children, the Blue Lodges are completely unaware of this level above 32 degrees. He is a Satanist by definition. So sorry Australia, they have made Jesus unacceptable but witches and satanists are empowred and accepted even among the sheep who will be devoured by them.

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