by Jim O’Toole, Editor-at-Large

To our international readers this is Australia today run by illegitimate corporate government since 1966.

The new Parliament House, Canberra was designed by Freemasons Romaldo Giurgola and Walter Burley Griffin as Deep State’s eventual NWO headquarters and constructed entirely with a Masonic influence. Construction was completed in 1981 at a cost of $1.1 billion

It has at least four underground levels and tunnels for entry and exit. At a 1995 truck blockade then Labor PM Paul Keating evaded a fleet of vehicles parked on the front lawn by entering Parliament House via a secret tunnel as all road entries were blocked for a kilometre or more.

The goons today are outnumbered by at least 300 to1 by the estimated 100,000 protesters and the poorly trained zombies would probably do themselves more harm with their sonic guns, rail guns, pop guns, gel blasters and whatever else Deep State has deployed than they would to mums, dads and kids.

How much longer will Australians tolerate these arrogant displays of force deployed by the illegitimate political parties?

We shudder to think what would happen if just one shot was fired.

It is astounding and convenient that a firearm was ‘found’ in an organiser’s vehicle by police.

by Lindsey Symonds

The True Arrow video “Get to Canberra : Visitors at Breakfast 4 02 22″ has got some of the best images of Exhibition Park Freedom Camp and the deployment of AFP Tactical Response (Counter Terrorism) to the Freedom Camp breakfast donated by the local community.

We see from the opening frames of the video they have the roof top covered and not just just with surveillance equipment. There is a lot of activity on the roof overlooking the Park.

Check out the Rescue Vehicle at 3.35. Looking at the equipment on the roof and the view into the vehicle from the back, it doesn’t look very rescue-y to me. It looks to me like a vehicle with EMF capabilities. You know bursts of EMF in the 50 – 60 GHz can microwave the blood. That vehicle looks to me like it could triangulate with the EMF towers and deliver bursts of EMF.

From 5.26 we start getting good close ups of the CT guys. Full combat gear. The Coms on those helmets – back and front views. Some of these helmets look like mini cell phone towers. What are the minions looking at here? Side arms and Assault rifles – always a crowd pleaser at the barbeque. At 7.07 check out the front view of the webbing. The canisters across the front. Whatever it is it won’t be pepper spray.

Better think about this folks. These are the guys that Dutto says he is going to deploy against – no – not foreign invaders – the elderly. That’s right – the ones the CoVID Regime took hostage in the care homes and denied visits from their families. Welcome to the whack-o end of the covid spectrum.#

To all readers, remember this is the Queanbeyan tow truck company that was removing vehicles in Canberra.

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