Snipers, sonic blasters, automatic shotguns, assault rifles, coil guns, armoured cars, dogs and goons in black terrorising Canberra

by Jim O’Toole, Editor-at-Large

To our international readers this is Australia today run by illegitimate corporate government since 1966.

The new Parliament House, Canberra was designed by Freemasons Romaldo Giurgola and Walter Burley Griffin as Deep State’s eventual NWO headquarters and constructed entirely with a Masonic influence. Construction was completed in 1981 at a cost of $1.1 billion

It has at least four underground levels and tunnels for entry and exit. At a 1995 truck blockade then Labor PM Paul Keating evaded a fleet of vehicles parked on the front lawn by entering Parliament House via a secret tunnel as all road entries were blocked for a kilometre or more.

The goons today are outnumbered by at least 300 to1 by the estimated 100,000 protesters and the poorly trained zombies would probably do themselves more harm with their sonic guns, rail guns, pop guns, gel blasters and whatever else Deep State has deployed than they would to mums, dads and kids.

How much longer will Australians tolerate these arrogant displays of force deployed by the illegitimate political parties?

We shudder to think what would happen if just one shot was fired.

It is astounding and convenient that a firearm was ‘found’ in an organiser’s vehicle by police.

by Lindsey Symonds

The True Arrow video “Get to Canberra : Visitors at Breakfast 4 02 22″ has got some of the best images of Exhibition Park Freedom Camp and the deployment of AFP Tactical Response (Counter Terrorism) to the Freedom Camp breakfast donated by the local community.

We see from the opening frames of the video they have the roof top covered and not just just with surveillance equipment. There is a lot of activity on the roof overlooking the Park.

Check out the Rescue Vehicle at 3.35. Looking at the equipment on the roof and the view into the vehicle from the back, it doesn’t look very rescue-y to me. It looks to me like a vehicle with EMF capabilities. You know bursts of EMF in the 50 – 60 GHz can microwave the blood. That vehicle looks to me like it could triangulate with the EMF towers and deliver bursts of EMF.

From 5.26 we start getting good close ups of the CT guys. Full combat gear. The Coms on those helmets – back and front views. Some of these helmets look like mini cell phone towers. What are the minions looking at here? Side arms and Assault rifles – always a crowd pleaser at the barbeque. At 7.07 check out the front view of the webbing. The canisters across the front. Whatever it is it won’t be pepper spray.

Better think about this folks. These are the guys that Dutto says he is going to deploy against – no – not foreign invaders – the elderly. That’s right – the ones the CoVID Regime took hostage in the care homes and denied visits from their families. Welcome to the whack-o end of the covid spectrum.#

To all readers, remember this is the Queanbeyan tow truck company that was removing vehicles in Canberra.

All States Towing

15 Aurora Ave, Queanbeyan NSW 2620

Open 24 hours

Phone 02 62806996

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I have never been so ashamed to be an Australian, I’m 70 & slowly watched this country turn into a fascist regime under the guise of democracy.. medical apartheid.

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  2. Hi tonyryan43, Hah! I reckon we’re only up to about the 1/2 way mark of his capacity for stupidity. ” Mr Speaker, let me be clear, I do not hold the baton or the pepper spray…Mr Speaker I can’t make it any clearer than that Mr Speaker”.


  3. Like Germany? No, worse because the majority of the citizen in most countries do not know who precisely is behind all this. You cannot fight the enemy if you do not know them. Name and shame the enemy.


  4. In response to the post of “the police protecting the people”, I’ve said this before, clearly it didn’t get through, they are NOT in breach of their oath because from their point of view, THERE ARE NO PEOPLE WE’RE ALL “PERSONS”…corporations,legal fictions, and they have no oath to protect to protect them.


  5. Lindsey might respond. In Qld it could happen this week. Ed


  6. Yeah we updated the article the architect has been included. Ed


  7. these maggot,s and their minion,s need to dance at the end of a rope .no exception,s .


  8. Just a couple of comments in response to comments above:

    Craig Kelly was at the rally. The rally organisers didn’t want any politicians making speeches there so he was there, just part of the crowd mixing and talking to the people there.

    Regarding Walter Burley Griffin’s design for Canberra, his plan had no development on Capital Hill where the new Parliament House sits. Capital Hill was to remain as native bush land at a higher elevation to the original Parliament House to represent the subservience of our elected representatives to the greater good of the nation, represented by the untouched Capital Hill. When our elected representatives decided to move up to Capital Hill, they signified that they were now our masters and no longer our servants.


  9. Yes Helen.. Craig Kelly was at the rally in Canberra…


  10. When did Dutto say that these CT combat guys were going to be released on the elderly? I have no such recollection of him saying that & it’s extremely concerning.


  11. Just take a few boosters would do. Ed


  12. Please GOD do tell me that THIS is NOT happening.
    I can only be having a nightmare…
    It looks more like an invasion from the enemy. Australians would NEVER do that.


  13. Best feature of the video is the guy playing the Star Wars Stormtrooper theme right in front of the assembled AFP @ 9:40. This , and the people walking past them without acknowledgement- you an see the people have had enough and understand that while peaceful the possibility of being arrested is there. And are not fazed. kEEP IT UP PEOPLE!


  14. Those swat trained heavily armed guys.must feel like dickheads having to protect all those fat arsed cops, against women children and others some aging hippies also


  15. It was planned:
    The National Triangle
    The heart of the Griffin plan for Canberra is a great triangle described by three avenues: Kings, Commonwealth and Constitution Avenues.
    In the Griffin Plan, each corner of this triangle represented a key aspect… This triangle intersects the Land Axis – from Mt Ainslie through Capital Hill (Parliament House) to Bimberri Peak – and includes the Central Basin of Lake Burley Griffin.

    Marion Mahony Griffin
    A woman has designed the Federal capital of Australia. Mr. Griffin, the architect of Canberra, has declared in public that his wife is practically the planner and designer of all the works which have emanated [?] from their house. “My wife is the genius, I am only the businessman,” said Mr. Griffin, who is returning shortly to America to bring out to Australia his genius.

    Just stick to the goals Aussies. This looks like Melbourne in the middle of 2021, but multiply times over.

    It’s about saying No to the Mandates – in peaceful resistance.


  16. The Australian politicians the medical experts who don”t know ” s..t from clay,”” as the saying goes, will one day be paraded before the people., they will be shown to be traitors to our country and our people..I am sure they will be shown the same mercy that they are showing us..Especially our children .What happened to our police.You know, the oaths they took to care for the people and the community..You Politicians and officers of all traits,, you who get your pay from the working men and women of the country.Every penny you earn is contaminated with the blood and sweat of the people How proud you must feel Every time you make a transaction think of how you earned it.harrasing law abiding citizens peacefully assembled protesting draconian rules and mandates. How do you explain this to your children ? I witnesses police violence. I am bloody glad they are not my husband(s) They need to have a P V O against them. ( Po;ice Violence Order.
    This is looking just like Germany, what a nightmare.
    I heard this from the first world war. ” There are no non- believers in a foxhole.” We had better pray,even if we don’t usually. And like my ::mother would say. ” God helps those who help them selves.


  17. Hope you are wrong Tony. Ed


  18. Sorry we omitted Giurgola who was the principal but we are told Griffin had a hand in it too. Ed


  19. The tow truck companies and drivers should have all coordinated with each other like the brilliant and loyal Canadian tow truck companies and drivers did, they all stood united and refused to steal the innocent populations vehicles who are protesting against tyrannical governments actions which are shocking human rights abuses and democracy destroying.
    ALL states towing absolute scum traitors and you should have stood with the people against totalitarianism.
    I have no doubt when you eventually wake up to what’s really going on you will regret such scab scum traitor decision.


  20. Looks like intimidation to me, to discourage those 5 million from coming to Canberra. But it may just have the opposite effect.


  21. Chris Hutchison

    ALLSTATES TOWING have shot themselves in the foot..greedy bastards


  22. If Scomo orders this police army to attack civilians, he is dead.

    Could he be this stupid?


  23. Remember all this expensive equipment both electronic & kinetic becomes absolutely useless, once exposed to good old fashioned black gloss paint mixed with oil distributed in water balloons. Improvise have fun. We wouldn’t endorse damage of public property would we?

    Magnets are also just as fun.


  24. Hi Jo. I don’t think they are on the side of Daryl and Dennis in the battle for The Castle.


  25. Hi helen
    Craig kelly in my opinion is a set up a Trojan horse, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing he says all the right things, but I have yet to see a vicious attack on him by media that’s generally a big give away, he is still a deep stater im my opinion and not to be trusted


  26. Can I please get a call out that it looks like the military will be sent to round up the elderly in rest homes / hospitals and evacuate them to “god only knows where”. This is in QLD.
    To family who have loved ones in aged care, can you please take them out NOW before it is too late.


  27. Will now the citizen of Lost Australia start to realise, WWIII started in your face March 2020


  28. Helen, no it was Malcolm Roberts who crossed the floor to make up the numbers needed to allow foreign forces to enter to support the corporate government. But it was a Bill so it’s not law in any case as all Bills MUST go to referendum. The last referendum held was for the people to approve a change to Australian Constitution which was totally overwhelmingly rejected. The people should have done what they are doing today in Canberra when the Australia Act was brought in.
    Because the Australia Act, brought in under Bob Hawke, who was at the time a dual citizen then he had no eligibility to run for parliament plus our Constitutional Monarch did not approve the change of government nor the changes of Royal Styles. But NO, Aussies just went along with it because “you’ll get on well mate, so long as you don’t talk politics and religion”! So the problem we are in is because Aussies just go along to get along.
    There is NO “new Parliament House” it’s the Head Office of the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA US registered corporation!
    See here:


  29. It’s wonderful to see such commitment on the part of the police in protecting the people from the treacherous Canberra politicians who are determined to turn Australia into a police state.

    They’ve even brought out their dogs and guns and batons and stun guns and pepper spray for the kids to enjoy! All that is missing are the tanks and armoured personnel carriers and we can be sure of victory for our democracy!

    Bravo, coppers! You are our heroes. Your families and your countrymen are proud of you. Especially for your enthusiasm and the special care you afford to little old ladies.

    Barf! Go inject yourselves, with some of our good old fashioned Aussie spirit, ya bludgers.


  30. “Trial by Jury is the Palladium of Liberty”.


  31. Tow trucks? What side are they on?


  32. The unlawful use of violence or threats to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, with the goal of furthering political, social, or ideological objectives.

    That was the definition of terrorism but sounds more like the Australian Government in conjunction with the Australian police.


  33. Am I mistaking it or is ‘Craig Kelly’ who voted for the ‘foreign forces with no liability in Aust’, missing at this rally? Hmmm Please someone correct me if I am wrong.


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