by Alexandra Bruce, US correspondent

We’ve all seen the glorious trucker’s blockade in Ottawa, where a family-style lovefest with people of all colors and creeds has assembled in front of Canadian Parliament.

These protesters were called “violent” and “hateful” by Communist Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly, who appears most concerned about the members of his own ranks who are in obvious support of the truckers.

Sloly declared that his department is targeting the truckers and their supporters for prosecution, collecting their vehicle registration numbers, phone and financial records, as well as those of anyone donating to their cause.

This corrupt, left-wing fundraising group tried to steal $10m of donations to the Canadian truck blockade then tried to steal Australian donations of $200,000 to the Canberra truck blockade

On Friday afternoon, a phalanx of farmers’ tractors rolled into Toronto and parked in front of the Ontario Legislature, taking local law enforcement by surprise.

Also on Friday afternoon, GoFundMe seized nearly $10 million in funds raised for the truckers, after a call from Justin Trudeau.

Recall that GoFundMe froze the donations made to Kyle Rittenhouse and to Nick Sandmann, both of whom were also maliciously smeared by the Communist Fake News and both of whom were later vindicated in court.

In 2020, GoFundMe supported and allowed fundraising for the Leftist “CHAZ-CHOP” occupations of Seattle and Portland. They allowed the “PDX Protest Bail Fund” to raise nearly $1.4 million for violent criminal suspects in Portland during their months-long siege of of the Federal Court House.

The GoFundMe accounts of several violent Leftist groups remain active, including one raising funds for the perpetrator of the Waukesha Massacre, in which 6 people were killed and 67 grievously injured when multiple-convicted-felon, Darrell Brooks mowed them down with his SUV, days after being released on $1,000 bail. This slaughter was memory holed at breakneck speed by the Communist Fake News.

Freedom Convoy 2022 organizers Chris Barber and Brigitte Belton had this to say about their de-banking by GoFundMe. They have five lawyers and two accountants who were associated with the account and they actually welcome this Fascist action, because the publicity will wake up all that many more people to the vicious tyranny of the Left.

GoFundMe at first had said that it would not automatically refund donations made to the truckers. Those who wanted a refund would have to make a laborious request by February 19th, 2022, otherwise, they were told, their funds would be redirected to “approved charities” like BLM, who in 2020 caused over $2 billion in damage and over a dozen deaths across the US.

But because of Chris Barber’s lawyers and because of those on social media telling donors to initiate chargebacks with their credit card companies, which would have cost GoFundMe $15 for every person that did this, GoFundMe relented late on Friday, saying, “Due to donor feedback, we are simplifying the process. We will automatically refund all contributions directly – donors do not need to submit a request.”

GoFundMe tried to defraud Canadian and Australian truck blockades

The Freedom Convoy 2022 has now moved to the Christian fundraising platform, GiveSendGo. Nobody should EVER use GoFundMe again!

The truckers’ protest is already making great headway, with the premiers of Alberta and Saskatchewan now competing for which province will be able to fully remove all of their pandemic policies first.

Coutts, Alberta has become another important front in the Canadian Revolution – or what the truckers, themselves are calling “Operation Bear Hug”.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski has emerged as an electrifying leader for the Canadian truckers who are in a standoff with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) at the remote border crossing station of Coutts, Alberta with Sweet Grass, Montana.

Seen here at the Smuggler’s Saloon in Coutts on Thursday night, Artur tells the truckers how the Solidarność movement was able to throw off Communism in Poland once and for all:

“In my country, in 1980, finally, they said, ‘Our children are worth fighting for.’ And they did it! and they took it to the streets and they paralyzed the entire system!

“Yes, thousands were arrested. Yes, people were tortured and beaten. Yes, there is a price attached to freedom. How do you think the Second [World] War ended?…

“The world is watching you. Will you give in? Will you stop fighting? Will you stop defending the rights of the free Canadians?…

“We have some, for whatever reason, who just before we are about to get our freedom, are telling you to give up. Right before thousands of people are willing to come to support you – now, you’re going to abandon them? What are you going to say? ‘Oh, we changed our plans’?…

“Every single minute, I get thousands of messages. Thousands. I mean, this thing [cellphone] never stops. People saying, ‘We’re coming to Coutts. We’re coming to Milk River. We’re coming to support..What do you need? We’re coming!’ Thousands upon thousands of people are coming.

“They don’t have enough RCMP officers to deal with that. They don’t have enough Army to deal with that. Remember, you have the power, now. Do not give it away, just because it feels right. 

“And yes, some of you might be arrested. Yes, some of you might pay the price. I’m not going to kid you, that it’s pleasant and beautiful, on concrete in jail, facing the biggest guns in the country. It’s not…

“These people don’t play fair…they’re telling you they represent the law? No! They represent lawlessness! They are gangsters for the biggest mafia that there is!…

“And it’s up to you, now, for the first time in two years, to rise up, to stand up and to hold the forts. And if this is our Alamo, so be it.”

Artur’s family have been fighting this same tyranny their whole lives. His wife was literally born in a Communist Polish prison. They were eventually able to flee the nightmare of the Iron Curtain for Calgary, Alberta, where he is a pastor of the Cave of Adullam congregation and of the Street Church Ministries.

Artur’s words and the stand being made by the truckers are as vital to all of us, everywhere facing COVID tyranny as they are to the Canadian people. Everyone must watch and learn!

The Holy Spirit is palpable, here.

If the Deep State uses force against these righteous Canadians, their weak hand will be revealed. When you have to use force, you show that you don’t have any real power.

Artur, the truckers and the Canadian patriots demonstrate the power and the authority that comes from the truth, which is of God.