peter-cochranMr Cochran, who is president of Snowy Mountains Bush Users Group, said the horses were caught in a big snow dump, couldn’t get out and one died. National Parks and farmers in the mountains knew they were there.

One woman on skis with hay on her back had tried to feed them. Eventually National Parks destroyed the remaining three horses.

“It was all under control. There was not a damn thing we could do for them,” Mr Cochran said.

“The claims are the most ridiculous I’ve ever seen. Nonsense. They were caught after the first big snow, driven down wind into snow drifts and couldn’t get out.”

Mr Cochran said when horses died their mates came around to mourn them, and sniffed them.

He said the academics’ claims were broadcast widely overseas, embarrassing Australians.

“While the headline may draw attention to their extreme views on horse management in the KNP, it is also designed to incite fear and terror in visitors to the Snowy Mountains, portraying the horses as wild meat eaters and a threat to bushwalkers and other visitors,” Mr Cochran said..

“This type of academic terrorism undermines the credibility of the author and therefore the ANU presumably at taxpayers’ expense.”

Mr Cochran said universities were crying poor and it seemed incredible they should invest their staff time and resources in attempting to prove an acknowledged herbivorous animal was omnivorous.

The ANU said;

“it held no views on the issues Dr Don Driscoll and Dr Sam Banks explored”.

“Academic freedom means that researchers have the right to challenge and discuss issues, and, as a matter of policy, ANU academic staff are encouraged to engage with the public and participate in open debate in areas in which they have academic expertise. “

Dr Banks is overseas and writes on-line:

brumby cannabal-2“whether readers choose to believe this report is not the important issue” “WHAT?”

“Our article summarises research on horse numbers in Kosciuszko National Park and their environmental impacts. These surveys have shown that horse numbers have increased dramatically over recent years and that the current horse management strategy has been unsuccessful in controlling their abundance.”

“WHAT RUBBISH” Recent horse count in the Snowy Mountains,demanded by the public, paint a different picture to the false count claims previously made that engineered for the required agenda to slaughter Brumbies. View the figures and story [HERE].

Never, never, let this happen again what government call "Humane Killing"

Never, never, let this happen again what government call “Humane Killing”