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Cannibal Brumbies Executed on PhD Fiction Publication

llegal Aerial Culling In NSW National Park

The expert at work
Illegal and Inhumane Execution in progress

Source:  www.snowybrumby.com 

The disgusting result of this “Greenie Fairytale” (below) is that National Parks sent out a helicopter with a shooter and executed those the (3) brumbies on fairytale evidence from this despicable PhD duo published them as “Cannibals”.

This action by National Parks is against a parliament ruling introduced by environment minister and attorney general Bob Debus announced Thursday November 16 2000, “Aerial culling of horses has been permanently banned in all New South Wales national parks, Environment Minister Bob Debus said today“.

This act of parliament has not been repealed – and we ask,

“why did NSW National Parks staff disobey this government order?”

The coverup will be – “it was a mercy killing”, “it was the humane thing to do”. There will be the contrived support from the RSPCA who in 2000 quoted the NP action in Guy Fawkes as disgusting and cruel laying 260 charges against the NSW government, then folded under government whitewash pressure reducing to a plea bargain of one count of cruelty then and today state aerial culling has now become humane.

How humanly did these three heritage horses die under National Parks gunfire from a gyrating helicopter?

The delivery of just one large bale of hay in the helicopter would have been humane to help sustain the brumbies until snow receded, but parks staff want the brumbies dead, option one was the only agenda on the board.

Interesting how 50,000+ bales of rice straw were flown in by helicopter in 2003-6 to the Snowy Mountains at a cost of $2.6M as part of a fire rehabilitation program, used to ‘bandage’ the ungrazed bogs after the 2003 inferno de-stocked mountains of mulch.

The Australian National University and Fenner School now the official laughing stock of the world.

The ratbag green’s slipstream agenda for total Brumby annihilation has now reach an all-time low.

We find these two self indulgent research failures and fiction writers at a distinct disadvantage to factual evidence publishing “Brumby Cannibalism”a total load of taxpayer funded bullshit, reflecting an academic conveyor belt of government grant supported phD’s popping out of universities.

As the world laughs at Dr Driscoll and Dr Sam Banks along with the Australian National university,and the Fenner School, exposing the entrenched taxpayer funded level of incompetence or maybe engineered corruption of science to hold that funding by academics being weeded out by international credibility in the factual environmental real world.

brumby cannabal-1

Despite denial here are taxpayer dollars at work – “Cannibal Brumbies”- guess who employs them?

Dr Don Driscoll – Research Fellow in Ecology at Australian National University (left)

Dr Sam Banks – ARC Future Fellow, Fenner School of Environment and Society at Australian National University (right)

The publication can be read at The Conversation website which reads more like a B grade movie script.

The damaging situation of this fiction writing is the people of Australia, with little or no knowledge of horses, BELIEVE WHAT HAS BEEN PUBLISHED.

“They say consequences of a NSW National Parks decision to stop culling by aerial shooting, choosing instead to trap horses using lures and mustering, caused horses to starve, and forced them to scavenge the digestive tracts of their fallen comrades.”

AERIAL CULLING was an international disgrace in 2000 when 600+ brumbies were slaughtered from choppers, teeth blown out, horrific body wound, mare shot while foaling and left to die an agonising death, a government coverup evolved and appeasement to the public was a NO AERIAL CULLING guaranteed by parliament of NSW. The aircraft are still buffeting helicopters and no matter how expert the shooter is, accuracy is not an equation. It is barbaric, cruel and inhumane as show in the SOS-NEWS video – http://www.youtube.com/user/sosnews

Statements published in the article by SMH September 24th 2014

Mr Peter Cochran is accusing Dr Don Driscoll and Dr Sam Banks of academic terrorism for claiming Snowy Mountains brumbies are cannibals.

peter-cochranMr Cochran, who is president of Snowy Mountains Bush Users Group, said the horses were caught in a big snow dump, couldn’t get out and one died. National Parks and farmers in the mountains knew they were there.

One woman on skis with hay on her back had tried to feed them. Eventually National Parks destroyed the remaining three horses.

“It was all under control. There was not a damn thing we could do for them,” Mr Cochran said.

“The claims are the most ridiculous I’ve ever seen. Nonsense. They were caught after the first big snow, driven down wind into snow drifts and couldn’t get out.”

Mr Cochran said when horses died their mates came around to mourn them, and sniffed them.

He said the academics’ claims were broadcast widely overseas, embarrassing Australians.

“While the headline may draw attention to their extreme views on horse management in the KNP, it is also designed to incite fear and terror in visitors to the Snowy Mountains, portraying the horses as wild meat eaters and a threat to bushwalkers and other visitors,” Mr Cochran said..

“This type of academic terrorism undermines the credibility of the author and therefore the ANU presumably at taxpayers’ expense.”

Mr Cochran said universities were crying poor and it seemed incredible they should invest their staff time and resources in attempting to prove an acknowledged herbivorous animal was omnivorous.

The ANU said;

“it held no views on the issues Dr Don Driscoll and Dr Sam Banks explored”.

“Academic freedom means that researchers have the right to challenge and discuss issues, and, as a matter of policy, ANU academic staff are encouraged to engage with the public and participate in open debate in areas in which they have academic expertise. “

Dr Banks is overseas and writes on-line:

brumby cannabal-2“whether readers choose to believe this report is not the important issue” “WHAT?”

“Our article summarises research on horse numbers in Kosciuszko National Park and their environmental impacts. These surveys have shown that horse numbers have increased dramatically over recent years and that the current horse management strategy has been unsuccessful in controlling their abundance.”

“WHAT RUBBISH” Recent horse count in the Snowy Mountains,demanded by the public, paint a different picture to the false count claims previously made that engineered for the required agenda to slaughter Brumbies. View the figures and story [HERE].

Never, never, let this happen again what government call "Humane Killing"
Never, never, let this happen again what government call “Humane Killing”

Noeline Franklin – Scientist, Horse Woman and Farmer writes

snow 078 (640x427)Dr Don Driscoll and Dr Sam Banks reported starving Brumbies are eating their dead. “Cannibals.” These scholars have little knowledge of the English language or photos of Brumbies chasing each other down and ripping each others intestines out. The photo of the horse said to be up to its ears in the gut cavity has a remarkably clean face supporting the view these experts had best keep to their field and not dabble in media hype for aerial culling campaigns.

Blow in boffins from the Fenner School ANU intrepid adventures to the high country, led them to observations of horses starving in a collapsed ecology among the vast man made canopy burn courtesy of decades of build up of Soil CON mulch incinerated the forest, the grasses, the soil, destroyed the forest now grey sticks through which the winter winds howl. The animals have no shelter, no snow caves from which to eat supportive vegetation. These horses are big enough for the skiers and reporters to see their suffering in chronically mismanaged public lands. Less visible are the broad tooth rat, smokey mouse, pygmy possum, alpine skink or Corroboree frog species dying out from starvation and ecological dysfunction brought about by the same tyranny of depriving essential ecoservices of sufficient and timely big animal activity combined with cool fire recycling nutrients otherwise locked up in piles of flammable litter and aggressive scrub.

brumby cannabal-3At best desperate horses were standing over their mother, father, leader, friend or sibling, mourning and guarding it against more scavenging dingo packs, foxes or pigs allowed to run riot in the so called conservation land subjected to “wilderness values by abandonment” devoid of any human intervention except to ooh and aah at the fascination of starvation and suffering predation by the naturalised Asian dingo weapon to dehabit the wilderness and accumulate profits from tourism and water sales for no input costs. Show the people what “exploitive” really is. Wilderness is the paid highly cop out for doing nothing as our public and national assets deteriorate being the greatest CON in CONervation there is. Massive hoax enjoyed now by dynasties of doing nothing mismanagers.

Yes, the man made wilderness denied basic natural processes such the intensity of inferno and depths of chaos could have been avoided. These horses dying because there were not enough of them to afford a bigger area of fire free ecology than a few small lawns. Each Brumby cull reduces the viable ecology that can persist. Each horse that dies is another not contributing to the continuity and security of the region. Human intervention now set up for repeated catastrophic incineration. This is the scandal occurring right under the noses of Australians gullible because many are new migrants to this country and coerced to live in town, fed politically synthesised information they pay dearly for in many different ways. These boffins can report water flows up hill, with fancy photo graphics, believed by sections of the audience cut short their time playing in the sand pit as children will be convinced by indoctrination rather than education. Hitler had the people convinced Jews should be killed, that’s why Germany lost the first world war!

These high country Brumbies are dying because the ecology around them is collapsing. Horses are fully plant eating by choice. Stockmen and horsemen not of the habit to starve animals in an experiment to see what happens, are not familiar with horses forced to scavenge gut contents. Deficiencies in calcium, sulphur have been known to produce bone chewing behaviour in cattle and perhaps horses, avoided by supplementing certain soil type or direct supplements to affected animals in drought conditions. Horses stooped over dead tribe would not be doing this if all was well. Forced into copraphage if in fact this was occurring. To then exploit this disgraceful outcome of chronically mismanaged land by baying for aerial culling to be installed to assassinate suffering horses not offered assistance is a window to the calibre of our academic advice to government that has led to these ongoing atrocities. Australia is becoming morally bankrupt, pathologically selfish, TV hardened and removed from reality. If dingo rip the guts out of hungry horses, wallaby, wombat that’s trivialised as “natural !” How far have we fallen? If horses return to dingo butchered horses to nuzzle and mourn, space invasion and disrespect from a pair of intrepid sight seeing arrogant travellers interrupting this process for their own deceptive and vial agendas.

Green Academic Fiction WriterIf the Fenner School dissolves back into cement dust and clay bricks, too that is natural and should occur as soon as possible, severed as a matter of urgency from the public purse. Killed off as irrelevant for future insights into the workings of the ecology. Boffins on bikes picking through Brumby stacks looking for meat scraps, evidence of cannibalism. To then video their clap trap adventures for public display is ‘gadget kids zenith’ battery hen operated as to how far out of touch and how irrelevant the Fenner School has become. The aerial cull should target these boffins put on an aircraft off to some troubled spot in the world where they could do with some organ transplants. No reliance on brain being in the package either. These are vacant shells masqueraded as humans.

The Fenner School is now basically an elaborate institution to house the otherwise unemployable and conceal unemployment figures from the closure and obstruction of human enterprise in this country including the community commitment to looking after their public lands as viable safe supportive habitat to multicultural animal and plant communities. From the white clover that feeds the native wildflowers to the healthy Brumby mobs that chase dingo off pygmy possum habitat, grazed green snow gum stands rendered fire safe even in drought summer dry storms. Things the Fenner bed Fellows are too indoctrinated to see.


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Australian Light Horseman & BrumbyAlbany Western Australia Anzac centenary commemoration troop march November 1 on York Street will be without the Albany 10th Light Horse group to represent some 130,000 brumbies that left Albany in 1914 with the Australian Light Horse.

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