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Black ban Qantas

Letter to the Editor

Freedom of choice must be made; we the citizens have the right to Black Ban QANTAS for interfering with our democratic right of freedom of religious expression and belief.  Our friends and family fought and died in wars for these freedoms and every Australian that honours what our Diggers fought for, and every Christian and other religious believer must now unite as an army of Freedom Fighters against QANTAS and refuse to use their business.

They wanted to use their financial power of sponsorship to destroy and discredit a decent man and the beliefs of millions of Australians, the people have stood behind Israel Folau to the back him with over $2 to fight for our combined freedom.

We reject the dictatorial attitude of QANTAS and their attempt to override freedom of speech and expression of religious beliefs. The entire QANTAS organisation, directors, management and staff are condemned by your unacceptable thin-skinned petty attack on our freedom. The company made the complaint, so it encompasses the entire organisation, not just one person, appearing that the complainant/s overrides the opinions and beliefs of all staff.

‘We The People’, will no long tolerate the noisy minorities of do-gooders, social engineers, bleeding hearts, professional victims, mixed genders and those of limited intelligence directing the agenda of out nation. It stops now, the people’s voice is behind Israel Folau and his beliefs of freedom of expression and the right to be heard, we will no longer tolerate the noisy rabbled overriding freedom or insulting what our diggers fought for.

Australia is the land of the free, if you do not like it please leave, feel free to migrate to China or North Korea.


G J May


Free skies policy destroying the Flying Kangaroo

6 December 2013: KAP Federal Leader and Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has launched a scathing attack on the “free skies” policy, which has seen foreign airlines cut essential services and off-shore Australian jobs, which if not addressed will see the destruction of our nations airline, Qantas.

Mr Katter’s comments follow Qantas’s disastrous profit forecast of $300 million lost over the first half of the financial year and the announcement to axe 1,000 jobs.

“The competitors are getting rid of their marginal services so they can concentrate on belting the hell out of Qantas on the overseas operations.

“The big boys in town which are owned lock, stock and barrel by foreigners are pushing Qantas out the window.

“Quite clearly Qantas is in crisis and the Federal Government needs to act,” said Mr Katter.

In February 2013, Mr Katter introduced legislation into the Australian Parliament which ensures that Australian airlines can only access domestic flights and ports by meeting a definition of “Australian”; namely that the airline conducts at least 80 per cent of its aircraft maintenance in Australia and that airline crews must reside in Australia.

“We are re-introducing our legislation, with the new definition of ‘Australian operator’ so that either you are an Australian operator with Australian crews, Australian technicians, Australian engineers or Australian owned or you are not an Australian airline.

“Currently, we understand that Virgin Australia will not meet that definition, as the majority of their operations is already off-shore.

“If you are fair dinkum about a free skies policy, every single aircraft engineer, all 7,000 Australian jobs – will move overseas.

“The last thing we want is to see so called “Australian” airlines off-shoring jobs and maintenance work,” Mr Katter said.

Mr Katter’s comments follow the announcement by Virgin Australia that direct flights from Townsville to Cairns and Townsville to Rockhampton would be cut from January 27, leaving just one airline to service the routes.

“Privatisation of the airports must rank as one of the top examples of terrible government.

“The airlines should be increasing flights instead of going backwards; now under a completely profit based system now, they are cutting marginal services which are essential service for the people of Australia.

“The free skies policy, was beaut for the capital cities, but was bloody disastrous for the rest of us,” said Mr Katter.