Why is CASA changing health guidelines for pilots?

By Lyndesy Symonds

We know the real numbers are concealed and ‘tidied up’, so they must be large indeed to break surface in the Big Jew msmedia. Yes the Gate Keeper Honkers like Tucker Carlson must initiate the controlled release of disclosure if the CoVID Regime is to retain control of the Official Narrative on the subject of : pilots and fight attendants having ‘cardiac events’ (including arrests) ‘in flight’.

So how is it even possible this type of thing is now: ‘a thing’. Given the health standards of the aviation industry this is on par with grade school kids playing sport and having heart attacks and strokes. But insurance actuaries (who deal with real numbers) are now having to change some fine print on the risks of air travel.

The true Jedi senses a disturbance in The Force.

These factoids must now be acknowledged in an appropriate way and the public mind must be guided [programmed] to process them as unrelated Black Swan events. The Gate Keepers of CoVID Correctness have become concerned that compliant sheeple getting used to the New CoVID Normal might start to wonder. Could it be The Vaxx?

See embedded Tucker Carlson video.

Cue the Big Jew msmedia Whorejobs to start the yada yada in the opeds. Get the bovines on the goy plantation to chew some cud. Gee Whiz. What about those pilots and flight attendants? What could it be? Perhaps climate change is adversely affecting them? All that carbon those jets spew into the atmosphere can not be a good thing for Mother Earth. Actually, this would be a good topic for that smirking turd Waleed to address on The Project. Let’s talk about it WHILE CASA CHANGES THE HEALTH GUIDELINES FOR PILOTS.

Cairns News wonders what the Qantas gay leprechaun has to say about this?

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Richard Leschen

    Dear Editor, I am writing respectfully to you in this easier direct reply mode and not using the Comments area, as I find it difficult to use with pass words etc.

    As a skilled pilot of many years flying many types of aircraft. I am both shocked and outraged at CASA, here in Australia and in overseas Countries Air Safety Medical Boards. I allege that the now lower medical examination pass-rate for pilots now worldwide to be criminally negligent. Your Australian and the Overseas Air Medical Reviewing Boards of Examination having reduced the stricter older and far more rigorous safer medical safety standards to a now far lower safety level is causing ever more Covid 19 jabbed pilots worldwide to collapse in flight over their aircraft controls. I as a pilot refuse to be injected with the now proving to be deadly so-called Covid 19 Vaccine, which in truth is not a vaccine in any shape or form but an unsafe biomedical Unlawful, Idiotic poisonous and deadly medical experiment.

    More and more pilots worldwide have been getting the Covid 19 injections in their deltoid shoulder muscles and ever more of these pilots have been collapsing inflight over their control yolk or joy-stick and have to be relieved of control by their co-pilot’s now worldwide. In the case of smaller single-engined or twin engined piston aircraft which have only one pilot aboard, sadly a number of these pilots have died in flight at the controls, thus sending these aircraft out of control and crashing with all lives lost aboard. Therefore all these INSANE Covid 19 deadly jabs should be stopped immediately for all civilian and military pilots and passengers and crew alike worldwide and for all humans on Earth.

    I allege that these Billion-airs and Trilion-airs such as Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros and their ilk who have given Big Pharma Worldwide Trillions of dollars to develop these now proving to be deadly biological Covid-19 injections are wicked Eugenicists and are wickedly playing Russian Roulette with not only Air Pilots lives, but with every human being’s life on Earth.

    Of course, let’s not leave out That top Nazi Eugenicist and son of a Nazi, Klaus Schwab the head man of The Criminal Empire’s New World Order in Davos Switzerland and his I also allege to be wicked Ilk. Buried in all of these filthy Covid 19 liquid and ☠️ poisonous injections are specific amounts of the following materials; Aluminium (a known brain poison) other poisons are Alum, yet another poison used to whiten sugar, plus aborted Foetal = aborted human baby cells and Formalin used to pickle dead human or cadaver’s body parts. As as well as mercury another known brain and nerve poison. Not to be outdone are other poisons, such as spiked proteins which have been proven to lacerate humans arteries, veins and fine capillaries, thus causing massive bleeding as well as blood clots to form in the brain and other bodily organs. This has been proven time and again after these insane Covid 19 jabs are foisted on humans !

    The sooner these I allege to be above named Eugenicists and their ilk are brought to trial in the World’s Courts equivalent to the Second World War’s Nuremberg War Crimes Court with the power to execute by public hangings those found guilty of these Covid 19 poisonings and effective murdering of their victims, the better it will be for the world’s populous.

    Those doctors and nurses worldwide found to have Coerced or Bullied their patients into taking the Covid 19 biological injections which have led to these patients Pericarditis and or Myocarditis and other debilitating diseases who are found to be guilty of poisoning their patients to death, they also need to be *hanged by the neck until dead. *

    Only some months ago a Medical doctor in Malaysia who seemingly coerced his patient to take the Covid 19 biological injection had this same patient die very soon. The patients terribly aggrieved relatives took this doctor to Court. After a thorough Court trial this doctor was found to have been guilty of gross criminal medical negligence and murder. Subsequently this doctor was taken to jail, and had the hangman’s noose placed around his neck, the trapdoor lever pulled by the executioner. Then the guilty doctor dropped through the trap-door, and the sudden drop and rope’s arrest broke his neck and he died. Then justice was seen to have been served and to have been lawfully been carried out !

    Sincerely, Richard Neville, of the family Leschen. Student of Common Law.🧐



    Better late for work than dead on time.

    Gotta run



    @lyndesymonds or Ed, buried down the page, but very relevant for an article, I’m time poor for a few weeks.



    Imagine the thrill of flying in a commercial jet liner, with a cockpit built for one – jabbed – pilot.

    Dr. William Makis, “Virgin Australia Flight from Adelaide to Perth Forced to Make Emergency Landing as First Officer Suffered Heart Attack 30 Minutes After Departure on March 3, 2023”


    Imagine MSM fakes posting this article?

    Nearly Impossible, aye.

    Real News outlets, Cairns News and GlobalResearch thank you for the opportunity to share.


  5. CASA is doing its bit to keep the industry up in the air by hiding the bio-weapon damages due to mandates, it’s that simple. It’s only for a few more years. By 2030 the industry will be basically shut down. Survivors of this Hunger Games phase of evolution will be living on the ground in their 15 minute ghettos and the sky will be white with high altitude cirrus clouds (geo-engnieering) slowly cooking the planet. Foraging homies who stray in from another 15 minute smart ghetto will be greeted with half-bricks. The organizers of this situation will still fly but there won’t be much need for pilots. Automated flights have been a thing since before the Twin Towers in 2001.
    This is the timeline map of rationalizing air travel – http ://www.ukfires.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Absolute-Zero-online.pdf (page 6 & 7) UK Absolute Zero UK-FIRES
    And to think we are only 3 years into this process.
    Imagine the likes of Graham Hood in a sit-down session with some highly qualified, recalcitrant doctors & surgeons to flesh out where they think their arrogant dismissal of the obvious health damages is going to leave civilization.


  6. They need to add “Brain Damage” to the VAERS list.


  7. RJW…I observed on Sunday how many new vehicles I’ve been seeing on the highway with damaged panels. Its scary on the roads all the time now.


  8. Hang on…hang on!
    Nobody has mentioned the HUGE INCREASE of dickheads driving on OUR ROADS!!
    Living in Sydney [ya gotta be brave!], I’ve never seen so many idiots in cars on our roads in my fifty five odd years with a licence. So many seem to have dementia problems suddenly!
    Bet it’s the criminally ‘mandated’ jab causing it! Not just to some pilots.
    I just keep duckin;!


  9. As more pandemics eventuate, the idea of ‘Germ Theory” will be sorely tested. What surpises me is that trained medical specialists and scientist agree that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and the exosome from a poisoned bacteria (see report from French Military Investigation of May 2020) appear to be identical under an electron microscope. What if terrain theory explains everything? The Wuhan Military Games closing ceremony in October 2019 featured an amazing demonstration of lasers, 5G and fireworks. The French Military team came back to France with many suffering from a serious ‘flu infection. I have photos of some of the team in hospital, with oxygen masks. I guess the “virus” narrative generates big bucks, so it will continue until we stop it. Unfortunately, pilots were included in the mandates for the injections which would stop the spread and prevent you from getting infected. Now they are paying a high price with their career options at risk. So to avoid a complete shutdown of the aviation industry FAA and CASA have changed the standards of fitness required for commercial pilots. In addition, the airlines have modified their simulator training programs to teach aircrew how to deal with a pilot who collapses over the flight control system. As a retired military pilot I am appalled at the risks these changes create. Not only do you have a plane load of 50-300 passengers at risk, you also create a bigger risk with flight integrity. A collision at 10,000 m will result in few if any survivors. As Mr Ronnie Barker would say, the editor of Cairns News has a way with his worms. I love the comment “Cairns News wonders what the Qantas gay leprechaun has to say about this?”. The gay leprechaun, or little shirt lifter from former QANTAS pilots, is planning an airline with only one pilot on the flight deck. This will morph into commercial passenger drones which will move passengers around like cargo, similar to what Amazon is doing with packages. Airbus already has prototypes of detachable “pods” to carry up to 50 passengers. These pods then function as airport buses to take the passenger to and from the terminal to the departure/arrival heli-pads. I suggest the airline executives and executives of the manufacturers, to be volunteered as passengers in the trials and initial operations of this technology!


  10. Ask Cpt Grahame Hood on his thoughts re the vax sacked after refusing the vax on safety grounds 50 years experience counts for nought.Qantas and other international airlines having problems due to aircrew short of staff and many other industries as well.Many single driver incidents happening daily including some well know sporting celebrities purely coincidence.Neighbours in law worked for airline 2 shots massive problems sacked by the leprechaun .


  11. ‘Ticking time bomb’: Retired pilot warns COVID-jabbed flight crews pose a risk to public safety.


    “This essay was originally published on Dr. Robert Malone’s Substack by Brett Vance, a former career Air Force fighter pilot, test pilot, and airline pilot who recently retired from his position as a test pilot in the Aircraft Certification Service with the Federal Aviation Administration.”


  12. old kodger, YOU made my day, had to laugh! Thank you…


  13. Who is that guy sitting beside Senator Roberts?
    He speaks with someone beside him while the Senator is asking questions, he fiddles and farts, gets up from his chair, and he defends and deflects away from the fact that these clinical trial injections have directly caused harm.
    He looks very uncomfortable.
    I wonder which jab he is up to.

    Then there is the ongoing deflection in questioning time, and that Chairwoman who sees nothing, knows nothing and hears nothing.

    Is this the level of intelligence running this Country?

    Keep shining a light Senator Roberts.
    Until we stop having to answer to dumb and dumber this Country has a lot more navel gazing to do.

    How on earth did we get here?


  14. A few days ago I mentioned a story about an American soldier who at first wanted to fight alongside the Ukrainian soldiers that was until he found out how bad they were. The link below goes to an interview the soldier did after defecting to Russia.



  15. When you consider that (probably the majority of them) don’t seem to know the right place to put their dick, how in hell do they expect to run an airline

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  16. IMO if we had maybe a dozen senators and other political actors of Malcolm Roberts’ calibre, Australia would have purged itself of the genocidal Globalist excrement a long time ago.


  17. For what it’s worth, here’s an interesting comment in response to the CASA claims. A matter worthy of investigation, because if it is correct, CASA needs a most urgent makeover !!! Sen Roberts kindly note when you receive responses to your questions taken on notice.

    “There is now a plethora of research publications one of which refutes their (CASA’s) representative that C-19 causes myocarditis and pericarditis which is contrary to the report:

    “The Incidence of Myocarditis and Pericarditis in Post COVID-19 Unvaccinated Patients—A Large Population-Based Study”…

    which states in conclusion “…Our data suggest that there is no increase in the incidence of myocarditis and peri carditis in COVID-19 recovered patients compared to uninfected matched control”.

    I read this to be contrary to what the CASA representative stated to Senator Roberts that they ‘know’ that C-19 causes both heart conditions.”


  18. CASA is changing the guidelines so that now pilots can have a first degree heart block and that’s okay.
    So long as it doesn’t go on to become a second degree heart block like a Mobitz or heaven forbid a third degree heart block needing a pacemaker after feeling a tad faint or passing out.

    At this stage, a first degree heart block is relatively benign.

    CASA is going to allow electrical conductivity of a pilot’s heart to take a tad longer (the PR interval) than past guidelines.

    I wonder why the electrics of the heart is becoming problematic for them.

    Dr. Thomas Levy (Cardiologist) is working with the US Freedom Flyers and is onto this and may have been the first to highlight it.
    He is a renowned Cardiologist/Lawyer who is well worth listening to in regards to other aspects of Cardiac health as well.

    Let’s not forget other guidelines have been changed over the last few years:

    The guidelines for a d-dimer. Apparently you are allowed to have clots before you are considered having them. Those guidelines have been expanded. Particularly for anyone over the age of 60.

    The guidelines for understanding transmission of ‘respiratory’ viruses if you follow germ theory.
    Apparently you may be infectious with a virus but have no symptoms.
    It used to be that if you had no symptoms, you were probably just fine.

    So many ‘guidelines are being adjusted, but not just in health, they have been adjusted in every aspect of our lives.

    My concern would be more about the 5th Generation (5G) rollout and how that may impact Aircraft controls/electrics once the whole world is shrouded in connectivity for the one big Internet of things (IoT).

    Do we have any safety studies on that?

    Probably not.

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