mRNA vaxx will keep on keeping on

By Lyndesy Symonds

As it turns out the Australians were onto SARS-Cov-2 back in April 3 2020.
Experiments at the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Monash University demonstrated that the anti parasitic drug Ivermectin eliminates SARS-Cov-2 in cells in 48 hours.,-Ivermectin,-eliminates-SARS-CoV-2-in-cells-in-48-hours

Ivermectin is one of the ‘anti-cellular infectives’ that Dr Peter McCullough has been PERSECUTED by the ZOG US CoVID Regime for daring to mention – even indirectly. Ivermectin is on the WHO list of Essential medicines. Very few side effects. One of the safest drugs in the world. Approved by the FDA for use on humans since the 1970s. As early intervention in viral infection , it has been used with 100% success rate.

It is CRIMINAL that the Australian CoVID Regime and its Semashko prohibited the use of this medicine for patients in need of ‘anti-cellular infectives’ . I do not regard all the millions of healthy, a-symptomatic CoVID + case numbers of the 2020 Pandemic Hoax as sick and in need of medicine. But for those infected with any virus, to deny them this safe, proven effective treatment and force some Emergency Use Authorisation protocol on them is CRIMINAL.

The United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regimes have killed millions of people and they have initiated a democide with a bioweapon vaxx that is going to kill millions more through the mRNA bio-tech spike protein injection. That prion is recombinant with other viruses (either dormant or endemic in the population) according to Professor Dolores Cahill. New ‘variants’ will be continually created. For the depopulators – the Big Powers of the United [Communist] Nations it will be the gift that just keeps on giving in terms of excess mortality.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. @caffryn67. To get ‘SARS Cov-2’ you have to be injected with the biotech spike protein (prion) or pick up on its shedding from people who are infectious with it and therefore transmissible. In real terms , the prion disease of the vaxx is CoVID-19.

    Gate Keepers of the CoVID Narrative are calling this ‘Long CoVID’ – like you got the influenza of the global pandemic hoax of 2020 and never got over it. They want to tell us: ‘Now if you had gotten your vaxx you wouldn’t have gotten ‘Long CoVID’.


  2. I do, it’s Bill Gates.


  3. Phillip Osullivan

    U r correct and incorrect. Not sure u understand what a virus is?


  4. Sars cov-2? Where? did Monash Uni purify it? Isolate it? characterise it? prove it causes illness? run a controlled study? be able to replicate the experiment? I don’t think so. There is no, and has never been a virus called sars cov-2. Nor any other virus. 150 yrs this hoax has been going on. Enough!

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  5. Just one of the adversities of the bio-tech spike protein toxin [prion] of the CoVID injection [and its transmission by shedding] is blood clots and micro-clots. The latter can be marked on the D-Dimer as Dr Peter McCullough has stated many times.

    Nattokinase has been shown to have a degradative effect on this clotting of the spike protein. Pub Med has published the first study.
    Degradative Effect of Nattokinase on Spike Protein of Sars-Cov-2


  6. March 6 – “Vaccine” Poster Boy Cancels World Tour

    March 6, 2023

    Despite suffering injury, Justin Bieber has not spoken out against the “vaccine.”

    Justin Bieber cancels entire world tour for 2023 due to post-covid “vaccine” facial paralysis

    Read on –—vaccine-poster-boy.html


  7. To aapkoning

    I have heard that this ‘catastophic contagion to target children’ may be some sort of enterovirus.
    In which case it may be something that causes diarrhoea and vomiting.
    Something related to the gut.

    Possibly something like ‘Norovirus’ which has fine droplets in the air from the explosion of diarrhoea and the projectile vomiting.

    The issue with children getting diarrhoea and vomiting is that they have little reserve and can dehydrate quickly.

    So, if an enterovirus gut bug is the medicine man’s next salacious idea, then it will be about preventing dehydration and the loss of electrolytes.
    So they don’t die. Like they do with cholera.

    Of course, because of the fine droplets, all the family will also get it.

    Like they do in a Nursing Home.

    The bottom line is this: you don’t need an injection to prevent it, or treat it.
    You need fluids, electrolytes and support until it passes.

    Whatever ‘contagion’ the medicine man has planned, know this:

    You won’t need or want their medicine.
    It may not be ‘safe and effective’.


  8. In the peer reviewed studies, not only were the Australians among the first to establish the validity (again) of Ivermectin as an anti-cellular infective and therefore a treatment of choice for the infections the WHO has labelled ‘CoVID’; the Australians among the first to show that mRNA vaccines are neither safe nor effective. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology published “CoVID 19 Vaccines – An Australian Review”. 21 Sept 2022.


  9. Dr. ‘David Martin’ The ‘W.H.O’ Are Programming The Public To Accept A Global Genocide Of Humanity


  10. Pat from Vic, You got it PAT. How many people in OZ do know this as well? Folks, we’re at war. These bastards are trying to KILL all of us. — 2% – No lets say 4%, to low we need more, 6%… I don’t know anymore taking into consideration the number of people still walking around with face nappies and even while driving the car? Is that it because they are so afraid that they will maintain using the face nappies, so they think the virus won’t kill them?
    Who is going to help the human race?
    No forgiveness – they all need punishment.

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  11. tonyryan43, When will it STOP?
    Powerful Report: Bill Gates’ Next Big Pandemic To Target Children
    Catastrophic Contagion round-table exercise by WHO and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation simulated response to deadly new pandemic.
    “They are all Bloody SICK…”
    The evidence, data, documents and testimony clearly demonstrate without a doubt that the Covid-19 Pandemic was a planned global fraud on the entire world. A Two year investigation proves Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and others are using pandemics, wars and chaos to fulfill their agenda of depopulation and total world control.
    Bill Gates has in the past and now in the present many times clearly stated “There will be another pandemic.” If we do not arrest Bill Gates immediately there will be more death and destruction coming to humanity.

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  12. What readers have to realise is that the: “The United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regimes.”
    Are not going away YET,

    W E F official admits ’15-minute cities’ lock humanity in lock-down forever.

    The 15-minute city concept, the brainchild of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is becoming a reality in the United States with the city of Cleveland, Ohio endorsing the plan and promising to implement Klaus Schwab’s vision, Newspunch writes.
    The term refers to a community where residents can reach everyday necessities – such as work, school and shops – by walking, cycling or taking public transport in 15 minutes or less. According to the globalists promoting the concept, 15-minute cities are necessary to combat climate change and support public health.

    Critics of the 15-minute city concept say the elite are building open-air prisons in which the inmates are both figuratively and literally bricked up. And as we’ll see in a moment, there’s plenty of evidence, including an admission from a city official, that “enforced lock-down in the future” is at the forefront of the elite’s 15-minute city agenda.


  13. Phillip Osullivan

    Well said. What people don’t realise is that the vials contain compounds similar to vx or sarin. Drop and break a vial in a lab, and see what happens. Similar to vx or sarin?


  14. Chris Hutchison. Thank YOU, If more people would use what you have explained, the readers would FEEL better. Your statement is 100%… Just please complement Black pepper with – turmeric : cur-cumin – because pepper works like a transporter / binder… Most Indian food that uses: turmeric : cur-cumin always has Black pepper included. The turmeric : cur-cumin is then quicker accumulated by the body…


  15. crisscross767: “”Top CDC Official: ‘We’ll Just Get Rid of All Whites in the United States’ Who Refuse Vaccines”

    Poor woman, she obviously needs palliative care in an institution.


  16. oldkodger: “folks, see if you can get a copy of the disk “vitamin C” tells all you need to know.”

    Yes, the first thing to know is that “ascorbic acid” sold as Vitamin C is NOT real Vitamin C!


  17. tonyryan43 said – “There is no access to justice, and protesting to psychopaths is the sickest joke in human history. If we do not act now, we are complicit in the deaths of babies and children.”

    It’s a quandry, to be sure.

    Here we are under an all-out genocidal assault by a global cabal of psychopathic arseholes who’ve hijacked every level of governance in Australia from the fake Federal “government” all the way down to the local councils. They’re doing their best to kill all of us with every means at their disposal – and with a good deal of success so far.

    Meanwhile, we STILL have hordes of sheeple so brainwashed and blindsided by the circumstances that they STILL presume to seek “justice” from the very institutions that are so very determined to kill us.

    After THREE YEARS of the fake Corona Chan and fake “vaccine” BS, these Globalist psychopaths haven’t stopped or retreated – they’re in the process of DOUBLING DOWN right now in preparation for their next ONSLAUGHT against us, this time on MULTIPLE FRONTS. They’re POISONING and DESTROYING our food supplies, SHUTTING DOWN our access to cash with their planned BANK BAIL-INS and CBDC’s, they’re pushing the “Trusted Digital Identity” to get complete control of EVERYONE, and they’re UNIVERSALLY pushing the “15 minute city” BS to bring the Hunger Games into REALITY. And all the rest of it (more “pandemics”, more fake “vaccines”, more “Climate Crisis” BS, etc etc etc).

    And they’re trying real hard to goad Russia and China into an all-out kinetic war.

    Folks, we’re at war. These bastards are trying to KILL all of us. It’s not a plausible strategy to be “discussing” issues and looking for a negotiated solution with someone who’s systematically shooting you and all your neighbors, friends and relatives in the head.

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  18. Chris Hutchison said – “… also klaus schwab,is to be known as anal swab from now on please.”

    Can’t do that – it would conflict with our fake “Prime Minister” AnAL (and of course AnAL IS a fake PM – no-one voted for him, just like no-one voted for King of the Arseholes Dictator Dan).

    Funny, though – that nether region DOES seem to be a recurring theme when it comes to ANY of the psychopaths in any position of governance lately. I guess one benefit is that it really is a ONE SIZE FITS ALL description – most people have at least one anus to pucker, although people like Dangerous Dan have TWO if you count his face.

    There’s a plus to just about every situation if you look hard enough. In Deadly Dan’s case, they can save on the stonemason expenses by just chiseling an arsehole on his tombstone.


  19. Top CDC Official: ‘We’ll Just Get Rid of All Whites in the United States’ Who Refuse Vaccines

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  20. We know the real numbers are concealed and ‘tidied up’, so they must be large indeed to break surface in the Big Jew msmedia. Yes the Gate Keeper Honkers like Tucker Carlson must initiate the controlled release of disclosure if the CoVID Regime is to retain control of the Official Narrative on the subject of : pilots and fight attendants having ‘cardiac events’ (including arrests) ‘in flight’.

    So how is it even possible this type of thing is now: ‘a thing’. Given the health standards of the aviation industry this is on par with grade school kids playing sport and having heart attacks and strokes. But insurance actuaries (who deal with real numbers) are now having to change some fine print on the risks of air travel.

    The true Jedi senses a disturbance in The Force.

    These factoids must now be acknowledged in an appropriate way and the public mind must be guided [programmed] to process them as unrelated Black Swan events. The Gate Keepers of CoVID Correctness have become concerned that compliant sheeple getting used to the New CoVID Normal might start to wonder. Could it be The Vaxx?
    See embedded Tucker Carlson video.

    Cue the Big Jew msmedia Whorejobs to start the yada yada in the opeds. Get the bovines on the goy plantation to chew some cud. Gee Whiz. What about those pilots and flight attendants? What could it be? Perhaps climate change is adversely affecting them? All that carbon those jets spew into the atmosphere can not be a good thing for Mother Earth. Actually, this would be a good topic for that smirking turd Waleed to address on The Project. Let’s talk about it WHILE CASA CHANGES THE HEALTH GUIDELINES FOR PILOTS.


  21. folks, see if you can get a copy of the disk “vitamin C” tells all you need to know.
    If you have a problem email me through cairns news (I think they’ll do that), and I’ll post you a copy.

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  22. Michael Minshull

    Sent from my iPad


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  23. Hello. Hello. Big Corporate Health is paying top dollar to doctors / vaxxed child under the “CoVID 19 Vaxx Provider Incentive Program Ages 6 months +” . This is in the US. I wonder what incentives Medicare and the Funds are offerring to vaxxing doctors / providers here in Australia.

    As one might expect with a good depop programme and standard issue communist genocide, these bioweapon injections are massively incentivized. I expect big payola here also for the CoVID vaxxers.



    The UN is a a vehicle for death and Albo is one of many grim reapers.

    So easy for him to pull the pin on the covid bs.

    Birth rates in free fall.

    Dr Colleen Huber, ‘The World Health Organization (WHO) had long taken an interest in “anti-fertility vaccines” and “fertility regulating vaccines,” as they wrote in 1992. “Chorionic gonadotropin is the one antigen that fulfils criteria for an ideal contraceptive vaccine.”’

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    Sell out by Monash even mentioning the corrupt FDA.

    The TGA has approved Ivermectin, so safe dosages for humans are known.

    All the slime balls under Skerritt’s leadership had to do was repurpose it.

    Remdesivir has many known side effects costs ~ USD 520 per dose as well as US taxpayers not receiving a return for funding its development.

    Ivermectin costs ~ USD 1.50 per dose, in 2015 was the first medicine in 60 years to be awarded a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for its ability to negate many diseases.

    There lies the problem, it is a big Pharma killer and the hated hero of the soulless.

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  26. I came across this today and had to share. This lady has clearly done some amazing work. Maybe there is some hope?? Sharon Cousins from Woollongong sharing data etc on the COVID vaccinations, deaths etc.

    See her presentation here:

    “962 reported jab deaths as at 15.01.2023 across Australia including 9 children with additional 11 foetal deaths, 16 stillbirths and 292 miscarriages – termed ‘abortion spontaneous’ (319 lost pregnancies).”

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  27. Phillip Osullivan

    Ivermectin does help to get mild poisons out of one’s system. Like sarscov2. S2 is a very mild poison though. Once injected with the full bioweapon, it don’t do jack shite. As the full proteins r akin to vx, or sarin proteins. More a slow kill though. It does appear that the mRNA is turning out to be a complete load wombat do do, and a psyop by the usa DOD, to such stupid doctors in. research is still ongoing.

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  28. Well, finally, a British Member of Parliament, who also happens to be a scientist in the field of Virology, and who has a brilliant record of business acumen and community service, Andrew Bridgen, has called out Boris as a murderer and a liar, and has estimated deaths due to the mRNA jab at 18 million.

    He was contacted by 10 Downing Street and asked to name his price for silence. When he ignored this, they asked if he was feeling suicidal.

    Watch the video for yourselves

    Andrew regrets he had the AstraZeneca jab twice, refusing to believe his own Prime Minister had lied to him about safety clearance. He now has strange food allergies.

    A couple of months ago, we all saw former Woke champion, TV celebrity, and AMA President, who promoted the jab for everybody including children, backflip when mRNA/PEG destroyed the health of both her and her spouse.

    The evidence mounts that police, politicians, judiciary, doctors, and bureaucrats are guilty of cancelling the Australian Constitution and knowingly violating the Police Offences and Privacy Acts, as well as the Nuremberg Code.

    We know the editors and journalists of public media are driving lies like a herd of stampeding buffalo.

    What the hell are we waiting for? A million dead infants?

    There is no access to justice, and protesting to psychopaths is the sickest joke in human history. If we do not act now, we are complicit in the deaths of babies and children. ADE personnel, where the fuck are you?

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  29. Richard Leschen

    Yes, Great news on Ivermectin, also true on Hydroxochloraquin as well.

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  30. Yes turmeric is good for numerous conditions. And if you’re lucky enough, grow it in your garden. It’s an appreciated “weed” in ours. I take it therapeutically daily.

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  31. Chris Hutchison

    and now big pharma,is targeting all suppliments, especially ones that help your immune system (vit D3) and tumeric : curcumin ( a great natural antinflamitory) they want total control..
    also klaus schwab,is to be known as anal swab from now on please..

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