China has volunteered to play the bogeyman

Letter to the Editor

Japan is a US puppet since you know when.
China is surrounded by 17 US bases, then there’s all the US Bases in good ol’ Aussie.
The US leases their deepest water harbour to the Chinese, we leased Darwin Harbour to them and a deep water harbour with military capable airstrip to them north of Perth. Then the Feds leased an island to them directly opposite the US Base in NW WA.
Personally I think it’s all smoke and mirrors, that is China has volunteered to play the boogie man in a game set up to keep us soiling our pants.
I’ve lived in China until 4 years ago and there are all the European manufacturing including Airbus, the American, Delta Airlines jet engines made there, lots of Japanese corporations, Apples’ Taiwanese factory making all Apple products in Shenzhen. Almost all American cars and trucks made there, same for Europe. Taiwanese operate all of China’s transport infrastructure including airports, ports and the fast rail. Even Chinese Road Toll booths manned by Taiwanese people. Qantas trains and tests all Chinese commercial pilots. MERSK and COSCO merged to create total dominance of world wide shipping. Recall the “China” Evergrand ship run aground in the Suez Canal! There’s more and more you can see just traveling around there.
China has enormous areas of land dedicated to organic agriculture in the South. They have reclaimed their deserts. The largest vineyards on the planet for more than 100 years and won international awards in wines.
Ask any one who have been to China for a holiday, they loved it!
Irrespective of the games between us and China, they love us Aussies. The CCP has an office in every school there and they all must learn and pass an exam on how Australia brought them out of obscurity. They know he difference between us and our government.

from kaiwanshou,


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. lindesymonds: “All of this is to set up the Soviet Union [ a Communist Entity ] as the reasonable, nationalist, respectful of religious traditions, human and civil rights ‘good guy’ for the coming war.”

    I’m afraid that suggestion seems to run contrary to all observation. .If you had ever, seen, touched, smelled or tasted rather than perhaps only heard about communism it would be self evident why.

    After decades of Western brainwashing and the “collapse of Soviet Communism” and the persistent anti-Chinese communist rhetoric, the Global Money Merchants would have a difficult time convincing the world that Communists are the “good guys who will “build back better” after WW333.

    But I do believe you’re right about the theatre bit. lol


  2. I tend to think that the PRC has been assigned the ‘bad guy’ Communist script to go with the evil Western Globalists (all institutions subverted by the Communist Revolution). Unlike the Soviet Union and the PRC however, the West is being required to undergo Satanization.

    All of this is to set up the Soviet Union [ a Communist Entity ] as the reasonable, nationalist, respectful of religious traditions, human and civil rights ‘good guy’ for the coming war.

    This crap is just the preliminary cognitive warfare from the Machinators of the war. The idea here is to demoralise the Western nations designated for destruction.

    Down the track we’ll probably get news conferences with Vlad equitably and reasonably explaining his red lines and ‘encroachment’ rules while his Western counterpart will stick out the Satan tongue or spin his / her head around like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. It’s all theatre .


  3. A Chinese immigrant to Australia who has spent his/her first 18-20 years in the CCP indoctrination camps (Chinese Schools) will remain loyal to their homeland no matter what. If ever there will be a (hot) conflict between China and Australia, these Chinese migrants will devote their loyalty to CHINA and NOT to Australia!


  4. Re Ukraine and Russia: “There’s been a little too much excited commentary in the West that China will seize on this strategic opportunity to move on Taiwan – I don’t think that is the case”, says former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd.

    “Many foreign policy observers are wondering how China’s territorial ambitions for Taiwan are being affected by Russia’s experience invading Ukraine. Taiwan’s independence is widely considered the most likely issue to embroil Australia in a regional war, given the US is likely to respond to Chinese aggression.”

    “The former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd is one of the world’s top experts on China-US relations and he thinks the next decade is critical to preventing conflict. He’s currently the president of the Asia Society and has a new book out next week called The Avoidable War.”


  5. Anybody who thinks communism in China was brought about by Mao Tse Tung is living in Wonderland. Successful “revolutions” are not organic outcomes. They need a ton of MONEY to even get off the ground, let alone triumph.

    Poor impoverished peasants just don’t cut it in the finance world. Communism has always been a vehicle by which the wealthy merchant class stripped the population of all its assets. If you don’t believe it try getting an education, one based on reality rather than fiction and brainwashing.


  6. Those who speak of China being a mortal threat to Australia and the world ARE our Enemy.
    They always wanted nations fighting against nations and always came out the winners out of the bloodshed they created in the first place.

    Who profited from WW 2? They did. We now have Their New World Order and are ruled by Their World Government. Their WEF with their Great Reset destroying our lives.

    Bertold Brecht:

    “He who speaks of enemies, himself is the enemy.”

    “When it comes to marching many do not know
    That their enemy is marching at their head.
    The voice which gives them their orders
    Is their enemy’s voice and
    The man who speaks of the enemy
    Is the enemy himself.”

    Watch this latest Max Igan video talking to Maria Zeee about Australia, WEF, NWO, WHO, etc.—Smart-Cities,-Weather-Modification,-Transhumanism,-Australia–amp–the-NWO-v1004yk:0

    Watch this ‘The Coming War on China’ by John Pilger:

    and see how China is threatened by the US and its main attack dogs: Australia and Japan.

    Of course, the US is the main attack dog of the Chosen Ones who also own Europe, Russia, China and Australia. After all, we now have a Kosher World Government. Sovereign nations are a thing of the past.

    We have to fight the Enemy of Humanity now ruling the world.

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  7. CITIZENS INSIGHT – Veteran Australian diplomat speaks out against war danger – John Lander


  8. Landers ignores the 2015 Rand Report plan to attack China. He also ignores the 1975 CIA/MI6 coup of Australia.

    And as far as his comments on the likelihood of nuclear strikes here, he seems unaware of the three spy bases near Darwin, or the Gulkula missile base run by the US, in Arnhem Land.

    If the US threatens China, with proxies or otherwise, these bases must be wiped out. A strike on Darwin would trigger the Inpex gas facility, which would detonate and wipe out a vast area.

    Basically, most of the NT infrastructure would cease to exist. Solution? As Fraser said seven times, end the foolish alliance with the US.

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  9. Ross & Jo Allanson

    Thanks for the Post,

    Are you actually here in Qld? That kaiwanshou bit is a bit confusing.

    Are you Anglo Saxon Aussie or Chinese decent Aussie? Just curious.

    I follow the Cairns News with great interest.



  10. Fed’s have been paid $$$ shit loads of secret money to get all of these land grabs. And thay don’t won’t to give that money back. Because it’s illegal. And a secret. Australian politicians don’t give a rat’s arse. About our country and its people. There getting paid and pensions for screening us


  11. With due respect, the WHO, which is the WEF’s global sickness promotion arm, is funded 60% by Big Pharma, with the rest contributed by Bill Gates and China.

    Now there’s the twins from hell.

    I will believe Xi when he pulls out of the WHO and explains the Wuhan deal and release.

    Meanwhile, I look at Shanghai, the CCP buy-up of Australian residential and arable land, and the Sino iron ore mine in WA, and say, we have three dangerous enemies of Australia… the City of London, the US, and China.

    We need to have talks with India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Pacific Nations about a mutual defence pact. If Gadaffi had not been murdered by Psycho Clinton, I would have included all African nations too. And maybe that’s not too late either. Congolese may well agree. It’s a certainty that Patrice Lumumba would have been on board, which is why the CIA killed him.


  12. John Lander speaks of the current Russian/Ukraine war as “a process”. He joins other commentators to describe the current conflict in Ukraine as “the USA ‘s war by proxy”.

    USA doesn’t care for us. It would similarly use Australians in a proxy war for it’s own hegemony against China. Remember that USA is zionist controlled.

    John Lander, veteran Australian diplomat speaks out against war danger. Host is Robert Barwick, the Research Director of the Australian Citizens Party.

    This is an excellent conversation.


  13. Australia doesn’t have a government.

    It has a crime syndicate!

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  14. Rod from Brisbane

    I’ve lived in China too. It’s a toilet!

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