Letter to the Editor

Japan is a US puppet since you know when.
China is surrounded by 17 US bases, then there’s all the US Bases in good ol’ Aussie.
The US leases their deepest water harbour to the Chinese, we leased Darwin Harbour to them and a deep water harbour with military capable airstrip to them north of Perth. Then the Feds leased an island to them directly opposite the US Base in NW WA.
Personally I think it’s all smoke and mirrors, that is China has volunteered to play the boogie man in a game set up to keep us soiling our pants.
I’ve lived in China until 4 years ago and there are all the European manufacturing including Airbus, the American, Delta Airlines jet engines made there, lots of Japanese corporations, Apples’ Taiwanese factory making all Apple products in Shenzhen. Almost all American cars and trucks made there, same for Europe. Taiwanese operate all of China’s transport infrastructure including airports, ports and the fast rail. Even Chinese Road Toll booths manned by Taiwanese people. Qantas trains and tests all Chinese commercial pilots. MERSK and COSCO merged to create total dominance of world wide shipping. Recall the “China” Evergrand ship run aground in the Suez Canal! There’s more and more you can see just traveling around there.
China has enormous areas of land dedicated to organic agriculture in the South. They have reclaimed their deserts. The largest vineyards on the planet for more than 100 years and won international awards in wines.
Ask any one who have been to China for a holiday, they loved it!
Irrespective of the games between us and China, they love us Aussies. The CCP has an office in every school there and they all must learn and pass an exam on how Australia brought them out of obscurity. They know he difference between us and our government.

from kaiwanshou,