Voter fraud will decide the outcome of the May 21 election



GetUp has $30m in the bank and is the largest, organised voting manipulator in Australia

by Lex Stewart, former Chairman of Australians for Honest Elections

To the two questions above in the heading, our Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) would say “Yes and No”.

But my answers are the opposite – based on having scrutineered at every federal and state election since 1985, and having done paid work for six MPs (3 Canberra, 3 NSW) and voluntary work in various political Parties.

The AEC Electoral Commissioner is retired Army officer Tom Rogers, who worked for defence contractor Raytheon after leaving the military.

I worked as staffer for an MP who lost his seat in 1993 by 164 votes, and then we discovered 300 false enrolments on the Electoral Roll, plus other issues, including that Jehovah’s Witnesses did not receive their customary letter after the election because they did not vote.

A few years ago I arranged some meetings in Australia for UK Election Commissioner Richard Mawrey QC, who had jailed people from both sides of politics for Vote Frauds. 

Very few people have ever been prosecuted or even challenged in Australia, and our Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) operates a faulty system with numerous loopholes, and scant attention from Ministers, other MPs and journalists.

Richard Mawrey was aghast at what he saw of Australia’s voting systems and Electoral Agencies.  He said, “Due to the incentives, if vote fraud CAN occur due to loopholes, then it WILL occur.  And especially Australia’s postal vote system is a recipe for fraud.

There is substantial incentive for Vote Frauds because the rewards are so huge – power, prestige, getting control of expenditure of taxpayers’ moneys, appointing your mates to various Boards and diplomatic postings etc.

To improve elections:-

  • vote in the Senate by numbering every square rather than one to six
  • do scrutineering – this means getting an AEC Form signed by a candidate. Do it after 6pm on election night, and if needed during subsequent days of re-counting.
  • Because over the years very few MPs have taken an interest in Vote Frauds (except Fred Nile and Pauline Hanson) then after this election heckle your MP that you want Voter ID introduced, so as to prevent Multiple Voting (AEC data show more than 36,686 in the 2016 election) and to prevent Voter Impersonation.

Bearing in mind that it is often difficult to gather enough evidence to prove Vote Frauds (granted that the AEC, Aust Federal Police are asleep), I could give numerous examples of Vote Frauds, but it would make this article too long.

A convenient one-page list of 17 cases of Vote Frauds was page two of a brief Submission by eminent Sydney lawyer James Bell to the parliamentary committee reviewing the 2019 federal election.  When his Submission appeared on the parliamentary website as number 53, the list on page two had been “redacted” i.e. blacked out!  In order to overcome this censorship, James’s list is presented below.

Some cases of Vote Frauds have been exposed by rare court cases or very rare government inquiries, e.g. the Shepherdson Inquiry, which led to the jailing of Karen Ehrman who said she was only a small bit player among many others involved in the ALP’s schemes.

The AEC has not operated the Electoral Roll with integrity, as shown by the five reports done by the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO).

The Howard government asked the ANAO to do an audit of the AEC, and the report of 18 April 2002 titled “The Integrity of the Electoral Roll” raised serious concerns.

The ANAO report of 6 April 2004:- “progress by the AEC on implementing the recommendations has been slow…

Their report of 6 April 2010 wrote, “The most significant long-term problem for the AEC remains the poor state of the Electoral Roll”.

Their 8 May 2014 report stated, “… the state of the Roll was the most significant long-term issue … and the AEC’s approaches … have become less effective , as well as … more costly

Their fifth report on 4 November 2015 had some alarming things to say in its Overall Conclusion:-   “The actions taken by the AEC … have not adequately and effectively addressed the matters that led to the ANAO’s recommendations being made … The findings of this audit .. are in contrast to the advice provided by the AEC to the 2014 parliamentary committee that all recommendations … had been completed


And no Minister or MP or journalist bothered or cared to expose this AEC juggernaut, which is in practical effect unaccountable and renegade, operating a system full of loopholes.

Here is the list of cases of Vote Frauds in James Bell’s Submission to the parliamentary committee.  It includes cases where Vote Frauds were PROVEN to have occurred, but James (and I) are not claiming that the frauds were necessarily of sufficient magnitude to have affected the outcome.

  1.   Joan Chambers lost Ballarat South in 1988 by 104 votes, but many more than 104 fraudulent votes were subsequently found by the Electoral Authority
  2.   Bribie Island 1989 -Bob Bottom found underwater enrolments along a beachside street
  3.   Alasdair Webster MP lost Macquarie in 1993 by 164 votes
  4.   1993 Frank Tanti lost Mundingburra by 16 votes but won the court-ordered by-election
  5.   MP Larry Anthony lost Richmond in 2004 by 301 votes
  6.   Multiple voting in 2005 Werriwa by-election
  7.   Wollondilly in the March 2007 NSW State election – several Statutory Declarations described a busload going to vote at several polling booths, but the Electoral Commissioner refused to investigate
  8.   200 House of Reps ballot papers vanished in Epping West booth in Bennelong in 2007
  9.   BK photographed a suspicious man who voted three times in Coogee ~2007
  10.  VicB found 500 false enrolments in Kingsford Smith early 2013
  11.  Circa year 2000 BK, VB, PB found many false enrolments in Parramatta, perhaps 5,000
  12.  S Mirabella lost Indi in 2013 by 500 (1,000 ballots appeared)
  13.  1,370 ballot papers vanished in the WA senate election
  14.  MP Charles Casuscelli narrowly lost Strathfield in 2015 NSW
  15.  MP Chris Holstein narrowly lost Gosford in 2015 NSW
  16.  MP Louise Markus narrowly lost Macquarie in 2016, with Lex Stewart detecting a new method of Vote Fraud, plus observing an old method being used.
  17. Election 2016: Labor’s Cathy O’Toole wins Herbert by 37 votes …

Editor: It should be noted that this scribe has been writing about electoral fraud since 1987 when the Unions were able to get enough false names onto the roll to change the election result.. The AEC electronic roll was in its infancy and it had the original RAMNS system which was sub-standard at least, allowing many thousands of false names to stay on the roll unchecked. Indeed a staffer for former Senator Len Harris in 2004 was told by the then Electoral Commissioner that there were more than 400,000 names on the roll whose identity had not been checked.

In 1987 the incumbent Australian Labor Party, led by Prime Minister Bob Hawke, defeated the opposition Liberal Party of Australia, led by John Howard and the National Party of Australia led by Ian Sinclair. This was the first, and to date only, time the Labor Party won a third consecutive election.

Postal voting integrity is the biggest worry of the 2022 election.

Tom Rogers biography:

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi Han, Thanks for the review link, have chalked up quite a few now.
    An absolute masterpiece of cinematography and so prescient for these times. Should be re-released.
    Wasn’t Saadi Yacef a remarkable man and leader? A force of nature. Amazed to discover he passed only September last year aged 93… reckon he must’ve had nine lives!

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  2. Hi aapkoning, Absolutely. So very prescient it should be re-released worldwide.


  3. Yes I remembered about the ban at that time… Maybe people should seen this short video First.


  4. Hope people will take the time to watch this 2 hour compiled historical event of The Battle of Algiers! They might know a bit more about Freedom, and how to get Freedom back again!


  5. Han Barkmeyer

    Hi aapkoning and D Johnston,

    Here a 2 minute review of Mark Kermody of ‘The Battle of Algiers’ movie:

    “The Battle of Algiers was hailed as ‘A Most Extraordinary Film’ by the New York Times and has since been accepted as a post-war classic.
    But when it premiered at Venice in 1966 French officials walked out of the festival in protest and the French government promptly slapped a year-long ban on the film.

    “And even after the ban was lifted, French cinemas remained unable to screen ‘The Battle of Algiers’ due to protests and even bomb-threats from hardline groups who claimed the film to be one-sided and inflammatory.

    “Over the years, Pontecorvo’s masterpiece has lost none of its cutting edge power to alarm, to inform and to provoke debate.”


  6. Will this election a free and fair one or will the deep state involved again ..


  7. Thank you, Han! – For that link. Seen many civil and military documentaries in the past, and this one is a very good example of how to get your freedom back as you mentioned. When I noticed “The Battle of Algiers.” Many memories came flooding back, from that period. Of course, a lot of people are Pro France and others are against it. Wonder how many people in Australia would remember this period in Europe? Good to retrace my knowledge of the French language again.


  8. Hi Han, Thank you so much for your comment and especially ‘The Battle of Algiers’ link. Very kind and thoughtful of you. It snapped me right out of an uncommon grumpy mood…caused by excess planetary activity? or just from being on the planet? Haha.
    I had not heard of this movie, though I love this particular genre of movie, so look forward to watching it.
    I’d say that after 8 visits that makes you an honorary Kiwi!


  9. Han Barkmeyer

    Hi aapkoning,

    I think you are right. Not many will take the time to watch that Red Pill documentary.
    If you don’t know the history you cannot understand the present.
    What happened to Russia and Germany then will also happen to the Europe, US, Canada, Australia, China, etc.

    25 million people in Shanghai’s lockdown, already 5 weeks, are starving and so many committing suicides. Remember the Holodomor with millions of people starved to death by those crapping on about their Holocaust? Questioning their Holocaust Dogma / Industry will land you in prison in 22 countries. Russia under Putin the latest to join that 22 Countries Club.

    There will be a Shanghai coming near you very soon as the world’s food supply is deliberately destroyed.

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  10. Han Barkmeyer

    Hi D Johnston,

    I read about your Huguenots and Maori background; very interesting combination.
    I went to New Zealand’s South Island 8 times and also stayed in Akaroa, a historical French settlement, many times while there.
    There was a little, but very well-known French restaurant C’est La Vie run by a German couple.

    You also mentioned Algeria in one of your posts.
    Have you seen the movie The Battle of Algiers (1966)?

    Italian-Algerian historical war film co-written and directed by Gillo Pontecorvo and starring Jean Martin and Saadi Yacef. It is based on events by rebels during the Algerian War (1954–1962) against the French government in North Africa; the most prominent being the titular Battle of Algiers, the capital of Algeria.

    It was shot on location and the film’s score was composed by Ennio Morricone. The film was shot in a Roberto Rossellini-inspired newsreel style: in black and white with documentary-type editing to add to its sense of historical authenticity, with mostly non-professional actors who had lived through the real battle. It is often associated with Italian neorealist cinema.

    It is a must see movie and should be an inspiration to people all over the world of how to regain their freedom and independence from this World Government and WEF.


  11. Hi aapkoning, Yep precisely.
    And so the cycle of false/skewed/ re-written history continues.
    The invaders and occupiers become the victims and glorified, whilst the invaded and occupied become the perps and vilified.
    All this to be recorded in the annals and tomes of ‘history’ and indoctrinated into successive generations forever and ever amen.


  12. Han, how many people will/should see this documentary? Like what was explained in this video, “Who writes the history after any war?” The losers? No, the so-called winners. Yes, the so-called liberators? = Invaders / Occupiers is the better term, because they are still there. Wake up world, and stop being a Slave to the Rothschild’s…


  13. Lovely, I’m looking for the Shiraz, Aha found my medicine.

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  14. I for one am totally done with all this voting hysteria.

    If anyone thinks for a nanosecond that we have EVER had an uncorrupted voting system, and/or that there is ANY difference from “secret ballot” and “open ballot”, or that we are NOT survielled during the entire process, or that we have ANY modicum of privacy anymore ANYWHERE..????

    Our only real defensive option is (as the very suspecting Americans did and which has exposed the fraud), a preemptive strike; in digitally recording polling outlets and your attendance to such.
    Weaponise your access to and use of technology against *them* for a change of pace, and for a higher purpose and good.

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  15. Hi Editor, In defence of maggoo and to save him from further “verbal laceration” (as I think aapkoning once said), I too extrapolated that from Lex’s op-ed.

    As I had commented at the time; although it was an excellent piece, the only part that raised alarm bells with me, was the introduction of further voting ID. Quote:
    “then after this election heckle your MP that you want Voter ID introduced, so as to prevent Multiple Voting (AEC data show more than 36,686 in the 2016 election) and to prevent Voter Impersonation.” Unquote.

    As you yourself rightly said, we already have forms of voter ID; Medicare, drivers license.
    There seems to be some confusion, which I’m sure you can clarify.

    And No I don’t have a need for glasses…yet.



    From a phyisists point of view, if Albanese gets in it will only be because he toppled in due to the gravitational pull on which side his hair part is parted and that Morrison has vectors of no direction.

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  17. And his name is Lex a not Les. Did you have your glasses on? Ed


  18. Read it again Magoo. He didn’t say anything of the sort. We all support ID to vote and that is by Medicare card, drivers licence, or any other suitable ID. Make sure your read it and understand it. Ed

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  19. Local Government Councils work hand in hand with Federal and State governments and partner up with various UN bodies to implement Agenda 21 goals (UN SDG 2030). Under Liberal/National and Labor and Greens – it’s all been full steam ahead. Nowadays, Asian friends tell me the Australian education system is 2 years behind that in other Asian countries.

    The top experts enlisted to create change in curricula for Global Education under the SDGs come from the ranks of the Trilateral Commission, such as Tom Kompas, Professor at the University of Melbourne, and ANU. Other Australian/NZ members on the TC list from the Asia-Pacific Group are:

    Prof Quentin Grafton, Director of Food-Energy-Environment-Water (FE2W) Network, Chairholder of UNESCO Chair in Water Economics & Transboundary Water Governance, Director of Centre for Water Economics, Environment & Policy (CWEEP) at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Convener Geneva Actions on Human Water Security, Convener Water Justice Hub

    Allan Gyngell, Fellow Australian Institute of International Affairs (FAIIA),Convenor, Coombs Forum; Director, Crawford Australian Leadership Forum

    *John R. Hewson, Former Federal Opposition Liberal Party Leader, Australia Professor and Chair Tax and Transfer Policy Institute, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU, *Executive Committee

    Tom Kompas, Director of Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU; Director of Australian Centre for Biosecurity and Environmental Economics (ACBEE); Editor-in-Chief of Asia and the Pacific Policy Journal, University of Melbourne

    Mike Moore, Former New Zealand Ambassador to the US; former Director-General, World Trade Organization, Geneva; former Prime Minister of New Zealand

    Michael Wesley, Director, Academic Outreach and Research, National Security College, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International) at University of Melbourne

    Click to access TC_MEMBERSHIP_LIST_.pdf

    Michael McCormack (National MP) is quoted: “local government should be recognised in the constitution”, from a news report on Monday 17 June, 2019, “Local councils vote for a referendum”.

    Australia’s councils have voted to demand a referendum giving local government constitutional recognition.

    The motion, calling for the government to initiate a referendum “at the earliest opportunity”, was carried 201 votes to three at the National General Assembly of the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) in Canberra on Monday.

    “Local Government presently depends on the continued will of the various State legislatures to empower local government to exist and perform various functions,” the motion put forward by Toowoomba Regional Council states.

    “It seems preferable that the Commonwealth entrench the right for councils to exist and perform certain roles.”

    If agreed to by the government, it would be the third referendum on giving local councils constitutional recognition after previous referenda held under the Whitlam and Hawke Labor governments both crashed.

    It’s also not the first time ALGA has taken a crack at a referendum. A motion for a referendum within five years was passed at last year’s NGA but was given a polite thumbs down by the federal government, which said in a subsequent letter to ALGA it had no immediate plans to change the constitution.

    Qualified support from the government in Monday’s vote came after Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack told delegates earlier in the day that local government should be recognised in the constitution to enable direct funding.

    “I think, I believe, I know that local government should be in the constitution,” he said to applause from the audience.

    “There is probably no more important thing than the commonwealth be able to fund local government directly, so that we can avoid going through the bureaucracy and so that we can get the money direct to where it needs to go, and that’s right on the ground.”

    But he added a referendum had to be worded in the right way to convince the Australian public, and it had to be put to them at the right time.

    “I know we’ve had referenda on it before, but next time when it goes up – and it has to, it should, it must – we have to get the wording right. And we have to put it in at a time when the Australian voting public is in the mood that they’re going to carry it.”

    The referendum was among the first of a total of 121 motions that are up for debate over the next two days.

    Motions to restore Financial Assistance Grants, support recycling and take action on climate change also featured heavily in Monday’s debate.

    Motions passed at the ALGA NGA

    # That the federal government declare a climate emergency
    # That a minister be appointed to assist councils in their response the changing environment
    # That the federal government establish a national strategy for climate change adaptation and resilience
    # That the government consider indemnifying councils that take climate change mitigation initiatives
    # That the current drought be elevated to natural disaster status

    Regionalism is also a tool of the UN for integrating economies. The 5 UN Regional Commissions – United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC), United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA) work like underground moles at the subregional and regional levels to make an end-run around national sovereignty.



  20. Hi Delory, That is exactly what American citizens did, hence the mountain of video footage obtained and still being used in the lengthy legal process as evidence. So this is an excellent and very productive action to take.

    However, as aapkoning says “see what your local police will do”.
    There may already be contingencies in place for that very scenario. As with the peaceful protests, more illegal arrests and/or police brutality?
    But that likelihood should definitely not deter people from trying. And any ‘strong-arm’ tactics employed against them would backfire massively this time around. *They* wouldn’t want to go down that path again with the rest of the world watching.


  21. Han Barkmeyer

    Anyone really interested to know how we got into this mess should watch this:


  22. Hi aapkoning, Yes I only noticed that totally revolting pic of “Young Scomo” last week. It speaks volumes and explains much.

    I think Han is a vegetarian (like myself), not a vegan, which is very different… although neither dietary choice requires or includes abstinence from alcohol.
    There are many alcoholic beverages available (most notably wine and beer), that are free from any animal by-products (such as skin! Yeah yummo!) and which are labelled “Vegan”.
    If you enjoy red wine, there are some excellent one’s I recommend exploring. Might just have one now…it’s 5 o’clock somewhere right? “Salute”.


  23. We are not a Free country anymore. You can try, see what your local police will do?


  24. Would it be illegal for a network of concerned citizens to record videos of all the people entering every polling center from 8am till 6pm on election day? It is a public place, and does not violate voter secrecy. It wouldn’t address mail-in fraud, but could be used to upset those who ‘vote early/vote often’…


  25. Han, You should know by now that Labor will come in as planned, by the whole MOB, — The UN, The WHO, The WEF.
    If not, then it looks like people did not drink enough!
    Hmmm, Hmmm… Did you? Sorry I apologize, you are a Vegan…
    I’m not trying to be sarcastic here!
    Please look Above the right-hand side “Cairns News Page”,
    “Young Scomo.” From an abandoned my space page.
    Wake up, Look at the Slim in the picture!
    “DRINK TIL YOU WANT ME.” Did he learn that at home? Or at Hillsong?



  26. Tell the AEC you wont vote because of the fraud coming down the line. Ed

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  27. Fine Lisa, very good and valid comment! How many suggestions do you have? How many AK47 you have available? Do you know how to use them? They work extremely well even in the dirt, The Vietnamese know all about them! Look in Cairns News and you will find many good suggestions by various writers.

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  28. Hi kaiwanshou, At the risk of appearing vacillatory, you do make a very pertinent and valid point. And nothing can ever atone for those war crimes that will continue to reverberate for generations.


  29. So what is being done about this ? It’s no point telling us this if nothing is done… I’m so sick of the crap


  30. Don’t Let Them Win. Take Control.

    If you are still using ‘BIG TECH’ platforms like Google, Facebook/Meta, or software like Apple MacOS, Microsoft Windows, the time is now to GET OUT.

    Stop using software made by people who hate you.
    Stop giving them your data.
    They are making an all-out power grab while trying to impose tyranny, and they need your DATA to do it.

    These sometimes unpopular messages need to be said. Our channel has been promoting technology alternatives for months.

    Why is our messaging sometimes unpopular? Because it leads people to an outcome that requires time, and EFFORT to LEARN NEW THINGS, when we are already so pressured in the first place. It’s much easier to rationalize away the urgency, and “DO NOTHING.”

    Don’t wait until it’s too late. In a quickly changing world, your data and personal information is precious. Our Freedom is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

    We told you here first If you have an Amazon Alexa, it’s listening to you all the time, and the things you say are being sold to at least 41 “partners.”

    Heck, if they’re selling the text of everything you’re talking, 41 times, why not 100. Why not 1,000? They probably are …

    If you have an old OS you might want to check it out It’s a search enginey tool that lets old operating systems use the web.

    Granted the formatting is kind of funky but you usually find the content.

    Oh yeah, paywalls also seem to disappear. Just sayin.

    On this Telegram channel, we teach you how to eliminate ‘big tech’ spying and abuses from your life with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and the Linux Operating System.

    Unix-like Operating Systems are the future, Linux is Digital Freedom!

    Follow on Social Media:
    Gab: @ jeffpro
    Truth Social: @ jeffpro

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  31. New Water For a Thirsty World
    Foreword by

    Click to access Primary%20Water%20Magazine_1-24-22.pdf


  32. Han Barkmeyer

    The “Good News” from this morning’s Sydney Morning Herald:

    Labor on track for victory at the campaign’s halfway mark

    Labor has established a strong lead over the Coalition as the election campaign reaches the halfway point, despite Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese losing a week to COVID isolation. Voters have now cut their support for the Coalition from 35 to 33 per cent, while Labor has held its primary vote steady at 34 per cent, the latest results from the Herald’s Resolve Political Monitor show. But when voters were asked to name the parties that would receive their preferences, the results show Labor with a lead of 54 to 46 per cent over the Coalition in two-party terms.

    “Prime Minister Scott Morrison is running out of time for another miracle,” says chief political correspondent David Crowe. Labor now appears to have a path to victory if it can successfully harvest preferences – particularly from the Greens, who have increased their primary vote to 15 per cent. Support for One Nation and United Australia Party increased slightly too, while backing for independents fell after candidates were finalised on April 22.

    However, Morrison still leads Albanese as preferred prime minister by 39 to 33 per cent, and 24 per cent of voters say they are still uncommitted. With less than three weeks to go until polling day, this suggests the situation could change again.

    The survey comes as Labor officially launched its campaign in Perth yesterday.
    Albanese accused Morrison of neglecting the nation and urged Australians to “shape the future” by backing him to act on climate change, job creation, healthcare and the gender pay gap. He pledged to “bring manufacturing back home” with a $1 billion industry and resources policy and confirmed a plan to help some home buyers by taking a 40 per cent stake in their properties.

    Former prime ministers Kevin Rudd and Paul Keating were there, as were party heavyweights including Labor Senate leader Penny Wong, but former deputy party leader Tanya Plibersek was not, attending her own campaign launch in Sydney instead. There was even a cameo from Russell Crowe, who narrated a promotional video for Albanese, a fellow South Sydney Rabbitohs tragic.

    Opinion: Albanese is trying to demolish the idea that voters are better off with the devil they know, writes David Crowe.

    The Herald’s view: Albanese will have to find the money to pay for his ambitious policies.

    Campaign catch-up:

    Barnaby Joyce quietly appointed the head of a Liberal fundraising body to a plum job on a taxpayer-funded board.

    Independent candidate Monique Ryan accused Josh Frydenberg of misquoting her frail 87-year-old mother-in-law when he said she would vote for him.

    The Coalition pledged to relax the income test for older Australians to expand access to the seniors’ health card.

    The prime minister said taming social media with an anti-trolling bill is one of his “great missions”.

    Former Liberal premier Mike Baird offered reasons as to why voters are turning to independent candidates.

    For essential news, views and analysis on the election campaign, sign up to our Australia Votes 2022 newsletter.

    ALP = Another Liberal Party

    With ALP’s Dan Andrews in Victoria we can now look forward to 4 years of ALP’s Anthony Albanese in Australia. Are the Australian people that STUPID?

    No, it is up to the World Government’s SELECTION COMMITTEE to decide the outcome of the “election”.



    Who Owns the “UN”?

    Who owns the “UN Corporation” — not the international organization chartered in 1945, but the for-profit bully-boy in the business of selling— you guessed it — essential governmental services? —which constantly tries to confuse itself with and hide behind the actual United Nations organization?

    I suspect that when we dig into the history of this mysterious behemoth that began with French Nazi Sympathizers deserting their sinking ship toward the end of World War II— we will find that the same people own and/or control Serco, the UPU, Interpol, and the “UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT”.

    “United Nations” effort is nothing but a storefront for a supremely corrupt, violent, and evil commercial corporation?

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  34. What happens when you bet the house against one of our leading politicians?

    Josh Frydenberg


  35. Peter Russell

    So the person in charge of our Australian Electoral Commissioner is “retired Army officer Tom Rogers, who worked for defence contractor Raytheon after leaving the military”. With people like this guy, who needs an enemy?

    For those who don’t know, Raytheon is one of the largest aerospace, intelligence services providers and defence manufacturers in the world.

    In 1945 it invented the microwave oven and since applied the technology to microwaving humans with their Active Denial System (ADS) – a millimeter wave source that heats the water in a human target’s skin and thus causes incapacitating pain as in severe sunburn, headaches, vertigo, nausea, injuries that last for days at least.

    The ADS is a short range weapon and designed for domestic policing (not warfare) duty, and was acquired by the Australian Federal Police no doubt under Col. Tom Rogers retd. watch at Raytheon to use against our own citizens.

    It is well documented how on Saturday 12 Feb 2022 the AFP deliberately attacked hundreds of peaceful protesters at Canberra’s “Freedom Rally”, the largest in history with 1M+, with their microwave ADS weapons. It was Australia’s blackest for democracy with the federal police, perhaps assisted by foreign mercenaries as they are now permitted, holding the record.

    Well done Col. Tom Rogers retd., ex Raytheon anti-protester weapons salesman!


    With this traitor running the show, what chance do we have.

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  36. We are too busy discussing instead of ‘doing’.

    How many of us were born with all our knowledge? None.

    We have some info on how to break the spell, let’s do it. I’ve made headway with 3 members if my family.

    What Bosi has said is of course most of these people can be deprogrammed. They can.

    This article will seek to demonstrate how the spells cast over the last two years may be finally broken and the incantations reversed.

    Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to CONTROL its SUBJECTS securely WITHOUT THE NEED OF ARMIES or POLICEMEN.

    Bertrand Russell – The Impact of Science on Society (1951)

    This article is for anyone who has found themselves frustrated as they tried to speak with family members, friends, co-workers, or complete strangers about the official covid-19 narrative and pandemic response, only to find any kind of rational discussion nearly impossible. This article is for those who have raised concerns over the totalitarian power grab by governments, only to find a significant portion of people “spellbound,” with their stories and identities “reframed” to fit the narrative.

    This is especially the case if we consider how the latest “behavioural insights” from the fields of social psychology and behavioural science have been used across the Western world over the last two years. Under the auspices of battling a virus with a 99% survival rate, the population has been bombarded with an aggressive combination of “Neuro Linguistic Programming,” “Nudging,” and public messaging “incantations.” As we will continue to demonstrate, all of these techniques—in one way or another—have been designed to target what social engineers call “automatic motivations” i.e. our unconscious (or preconscious) minds.

    As we discussed in the previous article, many have observed how a significant portion of the population appears to be under a “spell.” These spells have turned attempts at honest and rational discussion among friends, family, and co-workers into futile exercises. None of this is by chance. Public messaging and senior government officials have been using the latest insights into “Neuro Linguistic Programming” (NLP)—first laid out in a book called The Structure of Magic by John Grinder and Richard Bandler—along with “Nudge Theory” to actively change people’s thoughts and behaviour without their conscious knowledge or consent. As we will show, this new age of trance warfare and mass hypnosis has been spearheaded across the Five Eyes, starting in 2010 with the establishment of the Behavioural Insights Team by top echelons of the UK political elite.


  37. Sri Lanka – a national crisis or an example of a future that is to come for all nations in dependence and “global” debt?

    “A few years ago, Sri Lanka had a booming tourism industry and promising infrastructure projects that made global headlines. Now the country is broke.
    With more than $50 billion (€46 billion) in external debt and a shortage of foreign exchange reserves, the country is currently struggling to pay for essential imports. This has led to sharp increases in the price of essential commodities like rice, fuel, and milk. A fuel shortage recently left much of the country suffering through a 13-hour power cut.”

    Sri Lanka after a two decade long civil war and a tsunami that financially and tragically uprooted the tropical gem of the commonwealth of nations, China approached the corrupt political SL crime family with “lending a helping hand” in exchange for a 99 year long lease and several projects to improve SL infrastructure and become an international hub on China’s belt and road.

    “China holds a significant portion of Sri Lanka’s total foreign debt, nearly 10%, with more held by Japan, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. India holds nearly 3%.
    Regional powers India and China have been competing with each other to gain a foothold in the strategic island nation. Sri Lanka is a critical link for China in their Belt and Road global infrastructure projects. For India, Sri Lanka is a geo-politically significant country.”
    Geo-politically significant for INDIA also includes massive unclaimed natural gas reserves located in the north/east of Sri Lankan territory bordering Indian waters. The real cause of the Tamil independence movement that brought a two decade long “civil and religious” war. India of cause had its own interest in the conflict and sponsored one side of the war that killed or replaced 250000 Sri Lankans over ¼ of a century. 50000 service men and approx 100000 civilians died.
    When Covid arrived in Sri Lanka, with it came the usual governmental opportunity of corruption and “skimming” of Governmental tax payer and credit funded national funds.

    “Poor leadership, pilferage, and criminal activities during “Covid” were conducted in conjunction with the SL health department and the military. During deals made by Government officials, personal “negotiator” profits rose between 10% to 90% on deals made in foreign currencies, concerning the importation of WHO approved vaccines. Besides using ineffective vaccines (against new variants), the military, police and health department coerced vaccination to expand profits and, as per unconfirmed claims, to use up expired vaccines which was unethical and violated the SL constitution and the Nuremberg Code of ethics.”
    “The newly appointed Minister of Finance, Ali Sabry, whose expertise is in law and not in economics or finance, expressed premature optimism about the country’s economic revival after returning from his team’s discussion with IMF officials in Washington. According to him the financial and economic difficulties facing the nation would be overcome in a month’s time with “soaring support” from international bodies and friendly nations. While everyone wishes that to be true, one fails to see any hard evidence for such a prospect.

    It is true that the minister and his company had a fruitful discussion with IMF officials, and there was agreement on the mechanism of IMF’s suggested pathway to achieve some sort of economic stability. Among its recommendations are tight monetary policy to counter escalating inflation, flexible exchange rates to reduce currency speculation and rupee depreciation, and higher taxes to improve government revenue. The first two are within the powers of the Central Bank and they have a short lag time in impacting market activities. But the third is a budgetary measure that has to be legislated through parliament. Given the state of political anarchy prevailing in the country it will take some time for the parliament, government and the presidency to put their acts together to repair the damage they have collectively caused to the economy.

    While the minister is raising false hopes to save the tottering regime, ground reality is injecting more and more pessimism and desperation. There is no end to the long consumer queues in front of retail outlets to buy a few essentials and those queues are getting longer and longer. An eighth victim has been reported to have died while waiting to buy kerosine. There is scarcity in every possible consumer item and even the little available in the market is sold at exorbitant prices. Starvation, which never visited Sri Lanka in the past, is now knocking at the doors of thousands of households.

    The problems facing the country are too many and too complex and they need a new system and a new approach. This appears to have been understood by the new generation of Sri Lankans who are not prepared to drink any more of the old wine served in new glasses. Aragalaya represents this hard truth. This generation understands what its rights are in a democracy, and how those rights of their parents and grandparents were trampled by political regimes that represented particular group interests.”

    There is only one world that is plagued by one and the same problem. Political regimes that represent interests of foreign groups and trample on and despise their own citizens and voters alike.


  38. “Removing the head of the globalist snake”?

    Who will do that A1? The Australian “wake” activists on fund raising or as volunteers? An already decided election? Australia cant even wipe its own bottom without permission from the “globalist snake mob”.

    A country without leaders is no country. To accept one is NOT “He is the best of the role player available of acting on the Freedom part”.
    If interested have a look what the globalist snake is doing to Sri Lanka and its citizens – if one is not too busy playing Don Quixote fighting windmills in substitute for the “demon” that has befallen us.

    “While the (new) minister (of economics) is raising false hopes to save the tottering regime, ground reality is injecting more and more pessimism and desperation. There is no end to the long consumer queues in front of retail outlets to buy a few essentials and those queues are getting longer and longer. An eighth victim has been reported to have died while waiting to buy kerosine. There is scarcity in every possible consumer item and even the little available in the market is sold at exorbitant prices. Starvation, which never visited Sri Lanka in the past, is now knocking at the doors of thousands of households.”

    To save a “tottering regime” in a globalist snake world is being part of it. Bosi comes with too much baggage (and demons of the past). A “savior” will save ALL and does not discriminate who is worthy to be saved or not. Religious indoctrination to reach freedom will cause more conflict than it brings peace. A true Bosi confession to the Australian people about the role that Australia’s defense forces is acting out as an arm for the “globalist snake” needs to be brought to LIGHT which includes the bribery in weapons manufacturing and sales to Australia and ALL bureaucrats and politicians involved accepting bribes and baksheesh!

    Scott Morrison must have pleased the God he is working for. So did Macron! That is the only vote that counts during elections in a global snake world.


  39. Bosi has skeletons in the closet from Afghanistan and Syria. Don’t forget that he ran the SAS. He needs to do a confessional to clean his hands. Just listen to how he talks about Muslims. Australian military pulled out of Syria after the RAAF slaughtered almost 100 Syrian soldiers who were doing an assault on ISIS. What did they do to make up for that war crime? Nothing except allowing Syrian refugees into Australia, but how does that make up for they did?


  40. ALL Australian elections are “honest” because the DUOPOLY which always wins says so.

    If they were really honest, I shouldn’t be forced to cast a vote for candidates I do not wish to vote for.


    Dishonest by its very nature. It’s not just that the system is abused, the system IS the abuse!

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  41. In 1992, as a bright and shiny new investigator, I was allocated a file about multiple voting in a single Federal electorate in South West Sydney – 1 of of 150 electorates nationwide. This involved the same person allegedly voting at a number of booths in the same electorate on the same day. I interviewed a large number of people who had their names crossed off at a number of booths. What I found was that everyone denied multiple voting. The criteria for voting, as now, was stating their name, address and date of birth. Not difficult information to acquire. Some of them I assessed as genuine. Most blamed their cousins etc which was able to be legally proved. All of the elector details could be readily accessed via the electoral roll. Nothing was done. In a digital age, multiply that tenfold. The electoral system here is utterly corrupted, not least by the fact that investigations are not allocated until after the results are decided.

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  42. Long time follower, Top marks on all the exposure.
    Know how “Voting” = criminal racketeering, works. That is exactly what it all is, Criminal Racketeering of the highest order.
    Vote = Volt = Electrical Energy is created, or is in play. By your ACTIONS, which are first CREATED by your Thought Process = Consciousness.
    Going to the “Polls” = “Pole” = going into Polarity = Schism = Schizophrenia = You are 2 Minds = to Divide your Mind and then Conquer it (The Roman Empire, come again).
    If you are in 2 minds, you are Powerless.
    Like a Battery Terminal, you go into polarity and create a “Charge”, as these crooks always do in Banking, Accounting, Police Charges, Court Charges, Charges, Charges, Charges… like a child, you are a “Charge”, under adult supervision = forlorn ye all be.

    A BATTERY is a BANK (of Energy), ripe for picking = vampirism it be, sucking you dry of Energy, (hence all the hollywood films, vampires, zombies (C0nVID Jab result), etc, as these crooks tell you what they are up to, and ye know it not. All to do with “Free Will” = a choice to either heed, or ignore the signs, signals and sigils they present 24/7.
    Battery = Battered = Drained of Energy. Remember the term “Assault and Battery”?
    “Money” comes from 2 words…Mon + Eye = Single Minded = You are in Neutral, NOT ripe for picking. You are in your POWER POINT, Neutral, NOT Charged, detached from any particular outcome, or, I want this, I want that, I want, want, want = Desire, as opposed to “Commanding you Presence”, or living your “Truth”, for want of a better way to depict the picture We paint.

    “Words”, or more correctly “Swords” (it is an an anagram, like Santa = Satan) = “spelling” (as in “casting a spell”). Why do you think Arron Spelling, the Hollywood mogul has that name?
    Writing, or Cursive Writing is actually a “Curse”… remember the old school indoctrination of not looking at the pictures but use the “words” only? Why is this so? Prof Julius Sumner Miller was an analyst. Analyse all things, Test, Test, Test it all.
    English “Education” is actually Indoctrination into the Satanic Control System using words and deception, so you actually Enslave Yourself.
    Oh, the beguiled!

    “Words” – Words = swords (anagram) = double edge, dual, polarity = Polls = Divide and Conquer… From the Babylonians (Babble) via Phoenicia… Phonetic = Sound = Vibration = Creation. Phoney is Fake, like your “Strawman”, the Fake Surname, a Corporation that these crooks created via the Birth/Berth Certificate that your parents ignorantly signed over to them.

    Mind = Mined = Extraction of Energy
    Etymology – “Government”; from the Latin, “ Gubernare” = Control and “Mens” = Ment = Mind.
    “Government” literally means, “Mind Control”. These crooks are always telling you what they are up to.

    What is a “Law Court”? “Law”, is it is an anagram of “wall”, “spelt” (spell) backwards = it is a barrier, a BAR, a hindrance. “Court”, is it game of tennis? Is it taking a partner on a date? Ye are being courted in a game in which the only ones who know the rules are those whom make the rules and tell no one else (= you).
    You went to school and was indoctrinated to be dumbed down by design = Deliberately trained to not think for yourselves.
    Indoctrinate? Doc, dock, doctor = cut off, severed, a ship has come in to port with the delivery, the chattels, like a child being born/borne/bourne in a ward of a hospital. What is a “Ward” … a state owned foundling, a dependant child?
    The Bourne Identity (Birth/Berth Fraud) = “ Who am I” ? and staring Matt Damon (Damon = Demon). They are always telling you what they are up to, 3 times in the last 2 months, or so, for this series of film.
    What is a Magistrate? From the Latin, “Magi” = Magician = from the word, “Magnetic” and “strate”, does it mean “dire”, as in dire straits? Going down the wrong route? The Gurgler?

    All living beings and life has a Magnetic Field. The Magnetic Field alters (altar = sacrifice = lemming) according to your thoughts (and doings, or not doing anything = acquiesce to the criminal governments).

    This is the crux of it all…
    Magnetic = MAG-net-IC = MAGIC net (like in D1SNEY, 666 and Hollywood)
    Get caught up in the Mind Control game = Polarity of your Magnetic Field is created INSTANTLY = ripe for picking.
    What do you plant in your Field, Seeds? Ideas? What do you nurture? = Nature?
    Thoughts are LIVING Energy.

    So what to do?
    1. On the Vote Business…
    Being a Postal Vote (the crooks will not acquiesce, or “bend the knee” to my will (yet), after We sent a due Notice to the Birth, Deaths & Marriages, and the Electoral Commission.
    On the ballots and the other paperwork, I wrote “Fraudulent. We do give any government, or any other being, any authority to impose any, so called “Law”, or any other imposition without Our Wet Ink Signature. Notice to Agent is notice to Principal, Notice to Principal is notice to Agent.” Signed with © symbol using ONLY First Names (not the fake Surname Corporation Name the crooks own.
    P.S. Etymology; “Authority” comes from the word “Author”. i.e. I AM the author of my direction in Life and as I decree it, the Cosmos ACTS accordingly and at the right juncture. (speak and detach, the Cosmos does the graft).
    2. On Magnetic Fields and Mastery of Self… Research the Mind Control Game imposed via MSM, schooling, TV, Newspapers, Hollywood, Peers, so called “experts”, everyone/thing and think for yourselves, be the Master. Be the black sheep, think and do, independently, act with good conscience.
    “Speak and let the chips fall where they may” = Paydirt, BIG-TIME

    A few more for for the road…
    Language = To Languish, to be in the deep do-do.
    “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”, Which law do they refer to? Their Uniform Commercial Code, or Cosmic Law (Free Will = Thought, to Speak, to Command).
    “Licence” comes from the word “Licentious” = lacking legal or moral restraints, debauchery.
    Words, such as, Just (& Justice), Lust, Rust, Cussed, Bust, Sussed, Must, these words have a distinct and similar sound = phonetics = phoney = vibration. They are all portraying facets of deterioration and decay, anything but good.
    “Chose ye wisely”, as Hollywood tell you in their film with Harrison Ford. They always tell you what they plan in advance (Predictive programming) using your own thoughts to get the collapsed state they want …Order out of Chaos.
    The Criminals need your thoughts to bring in the “New World Order”. Where “World” = “Whirld” = Spinning you a yarn!
    Here is one good link, read, learn, apply, grow and the collapse of the criminal enterprise is imminent, you decree it, you live and think it and “so it is written in the book of life”.

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  43. Hi Alison, Thank you so much for the Bosi/Roberts interview. Erudite and totally riveting. Calls it how it is as usual.

    Alarming that he estimates the ‘yellow hats’ (or as I refer to them the ‘passengers’) to be 50% of the population. !! *THEY* are our largest problem. And, as he astutely references Pierre Janets’ Fragmentation of Conscience theory, *THEY* will never be budged.

    So therefore, can we just cut to the chase and have a coup please?
    That possibility wouldn’t be why Defence Bank has suddenly dropped him would it?


  44. Link for the Removing the head of the globalist snake – with Riccardo Bosi


  45. Removing the head of the globalist snake – with Riccardo Bosi
    AJ Roberts Show


  46. Latest I found about Australia 1 – Riccardo Bosi:

    April 30
    After over three months of rallies, today is AustraliaOne’s and Riccardo’s last appearance in Canberra.

    We peacefully assembled around Australia to save our country but:
    – the media continued to deceive the people,
    – the doctors and nurses continued to poison the people,
    – the police continued to brutalise the people,
    – the politicians continued to betray the people, and
    – the Governor General turned his back on the people.

    Now we must rally the people at the election to take control of our country.

    From now on, the following ten AustraliaOne supporters will be campaigning as independent candidates at the federal election:

    Lindsay Temple is running as a Senate candidate in Queensland

    New South Wales
    Riccardo Bosi – Greenway electorate

    Craig Cole – Casey electorate
    Dominique Murphy – Chisholm electorate
    James Laurie – Bendigo electorate
    Darren Bergwerf – Dunkley electorate

    South Australia
    Madeline Fry – Barker electorate
    Vince Pannell – Barker electorate
    Paul Busuttil – Boothby electorate

    Western Australia
    Ashley Williams – Canning electorate

    The AustraliaOne Team will see you at Glebe Park for the last time this morning.

    Kind regards,
    The AustraliaOne Team

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  47. Here is one GREAT STUDY in how the “planned destruction of the Australian Commonwealth Constitution” began, and has progressed – presented by Jeremy Lee 1991 – including his dire warnings (eg: via the Lima Declaration) for what we see today. Ultimately the plan had to get rid of the peoples’ Parliament of Australia and the peoples’ Australian Commonwealth Constitution by stealth.

    Mr Lee said that two factors had to happen to enable the Constitution’s destruction –
    1) all external treaties were to give Commonwealth the power to legislate on internal matters, which didn’t previously belong to them
    2) amalgamate Local Government councils to take money from Canberra and replace the States over a period of time

    Please look at the “new federal relations architecture” diagram and tell me if you see any concerns here.
    Link: Australian Federal Relations Architecture (

    Please notice how the new NATIONAL FEDERATION REFORM COUNCIL (NFRC), of 29 May 2020, comprises these 3 bodies:

    and notice how Liberal PM Scott Morrison’s NATIONAL FEDERATION REFORM COUNCIL (NFRC) TASKFORCES consist of Ministers in EACH JURISDICTION and other (“non elected”) Experts and Representatives.

    and notice the role of the NFRC TASKFORCES is: “To support the NFRC on priority national federation issues that fall outside National Cabinet’s job creation remit.”

    Please note also that one of Lenin’s slogans is “the withering away of the state.”

    The government stated back in 2016 that work on the federation would continue through the Council of Australian Governments (COAG). See link: Finance and Public Administration References Committee
    27/04/2016 Outcomes of the 42nd meeting of the Council of Australian Governments

    On 29 May 2020 Scott Morrison announced COAG has been replaced by the new National Federation Reform Council. See link below.

    Are there any candidates standing for election who want to increase the power of Local Government councils other than the Major parties?

    Link: Effective Commonwealth-State Relations | Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (

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  48. Hi Jen, As posted previously; both during and immediately after Trump’s stolen election, besides viewing data, I watched countless hours of video footage.
    People being turned away from polling places under various pretexts; voting officials re-feeding through the same ballots; trucks unloading in the middle of the night boxes and boxes of fake ballots; shredding trucks taking away boxes and boxes of fake ballots afterwards.
    Those are just a few examples of what went on. All highly illegal and imprisonable acts. All reported by civilians and whistle-blowers with testimonies and stat dec’s.
    The civilians who were recording all this always called law enforcement. They did absolutely nothing. Often if they turned up at all, they would just stand idly by watching. This was recorded too.

    No doubt you will see a lot of
    this if you watch ‘2000 Mules’.
    That investigation is coming to it’s tsunamiesque conclusion and as reported, Watergate has absolutely nothing on this.

    Given all that, I fail to see how and/or to whom we would report witnessing similar activities or scurrilousness either before, during or after.
    We’ve already seen both here and in NZ just how woderfully ‘supportive’ law enforcement is.


  49. Hi aapkoning, Actually, I remember there were some studies conducted in Sweden around 10yrs ago on the world populations’ cognitive and emotional intelligence. (Can’t recall exactly how it was done, but the Swede’s have a penchant for this sort of thing). Apparently it was found that both were declining significantly. Wonder how we’d fare these days!

    In all seriousness I think the human species is de-evolving. As it is we only utilise a very small proportion of the brain, and instead of finding ways to increase/expand that, we’ve let machines and technology do our thinking for us.

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  50. Yes this is the burning question… Well Macron just got re-elected under some suspicious circumstances…!!

    Everyone should keep your eyes and ears open and report anything out of the ordinary.


  51. To: dianedraytonbuckland, These days, “Most people for me are a Wacken furry.”
    Commonsense has disappeared!


  52. Here is one GREAT STUDY in how the “planned destruction of the Australian Commonwealth Constitution” began, and has progressed – presented by Jeremy Lee 1991 – including his dire warnings (eg: via the Lima Declaration) for what we see today. Ultimately the plan had to get rid of the peoples’ Parliament of Australia and the peoples’ Australian Commonwealth Constitution by stealth.

    Mr Lee said that two factors had to happen to enable the Constitution’s destruction –
    1) all external treaties were to give Commonwealth the power to legislate on internal matters, which didn’t previously belong to them
    2) amalgamate Local Government councils to take money from Canberra and replace the States over a period of time

    Please look at the “new federal relations architecture” diagram and tell me if you see any concerns here.

    Click to access federal-relations-architecture-diagram.pdf

    Please notice how the new NATIONAL FEDERATION REFORM COUNCIL (NFRC), of 29 May 2020, comprises these 3 bodies:

    and notice how Liberal PM Scott Morrison’s NATIONAL FEDERATION REFORM COUNCIL (NFRC) TASKFORCES consist of Ministers in EACH JURISDICTION and other (“non elected”) Experts and Representatives.

    and notice the role of the NFRC TASKFORCES is “To support the NFRC on priority national federation issues that fall outside National Cabinet’s job creation remit.”

    Please note also that one of Lenin’s slogans is “the withering away of the state.”

    The government stated back in 2016 that work on the federation would continue through the Council of Australian Governments (COAG).;db=COMMITTEES;id=committees/commsen/ce3a78d6-52bd-4518-b490-c32bab4a4f69/0003;query=Id:%22committees/commsen/ce3a78d6-52bd-4518-b490-c32bab4a4f69/0000%22

    On 29 May 2020 Scott Morrison announced COAG has been replaced by the new National Federation Reform Council. See link below.

    Are there any candidates standing for election who want to increase the power of Local Government councils other than the Major parties?



  53. Many awakened people know that it is the Liberal/National and Labor/Greens who have destroyed our civil rights medical rights human rights choices and freedoms and our democracy and our country – This is OUR Country !
    The State and Federal Governments of Australia, All Premiers, Prime Minister and all the State Government Chief Health Officers and their Health Ministers and Federal Health Minister have destroyed our lives MEDICAL rights choices and freedoms and ALL freedoms choices and rights and they have been and are all absolute Tyrants who are laying low at the moment until after the Federal Election and the people of Australia must not vote for Liberal National Labor or Greens in this Election or ever again or you will doom us all to a continuing on and full throttle increase in absolutely brutal/tyrannical Australian State and Federal Governments Totalitarianism !
    All our lives depend on the outcome of this Election and the annihilation of the same old same old Mouse Wheel Liberal National Labor and Greens who have us now on the precipice towards full throttle full blown Totalitarianism ! Please heed the warnings and do not vote Liberal National Labor or Greens EVER and I would urge Australians to consider voting for the following parties which is the only way to restore our Democracy, Rights, Choices and Freedoms and to save us all and our our country from Tyranny/Totalitarianism.
    Vote for >
    One Nation
    United Australia Party
    Informed Medical Options Party
    Great Australia Party
    Australian Federation Party
    Democratic Labor Party
    Liberal Democrats
    Katter’s Australia Party
    Citizens Party
    Len Harris
    Legalise Cannabis Party


  54. Hi aapkoning, Yep. And equally as true as “You are what you eat”, (by altering the brain structure), those who mentally ingest toxic garbage are also thus defined.

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  55. Whether we like it or not, the Digital Gulag is getting closer by the day. Because like in France, the majority will vote again for the same parties. I hope my statement here will all be wrong…

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  56. Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil, Do no Evil… Monkeys do know very well.

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  57. True, but the WEF rules.


  58. We need now a different type of “COUP”: “the media supported the coup” your Quote.

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  59. Never forget what they did to us.

    PUT the MAJORS where they always put us: LAST!

    Make Your Own How To Vote Cards before you go vote. APP

    What Tools are Here?
    It’s Informative:
    It has guidance videos; it has information on all candidates to help you make your choices; and it has handy references to Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) information.

    It’s Easy: It does the hard work for you –
    then you can easily shuffle the recommended HTV order of candidates and parties up or down*
    * EXCEPT for the MAJOR PARTIES – you can move them about BUT NOT away from the BOTTOM POSITIONS
    It’s Shareable:
    Print your own How-to-Vote card;
    Store it on your phone,
    Share it by SMS or email it to family, friends and colleges.

    What is the Problem?
    Labor-Greens and Liberal-Nationals have failed Australia.
    Together they have collectively and gradually – wrecked the economy now with a $1trillion debt; divided the nation socially & culturally; and have sold out to offshore interests and to corporations & unelected organisations that do not have the best interests of Australians at the fore.

    It’s time to bring back Australia to its former open, free, fair & prosperous outlook. To do that, we need to change the make-up of our federal parliament. How to do that? …PUT the MAJORS LAST!

    We do not need or want politicians that believe they are the elite and we the people are their lowly subjects to be dictated to and enslaved.
    We currently have no power, no voice and no means to address our grievances.

    It’s time to remind the political elite that they work for us.

    It’s time to replace these elites with real Australians who understand reality and PUT the MAJORS.

    Why PML Works?
    Overall PML does not promote any one minor political party above another and you the voter can make your own changes.

    Put the Majors Last (PML) is a flexible & smart voting tool that provides you with a recommended voting order for candidates & parties in the 2022 federal election based upon your answers to just two simple questions.

    The PML recommend voting order – known as the “How-to-Vote” (HTV) order – can then also be personalised for both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

    Overall, it works by corralling all minor party votes via the preference flow system towards one of the minor parties and at the expense of the major parties.

    What to Remember!
    The major parties of Labor-Greens & Liberal-Nationals have consistently provided us with a string of broken promises, inaction, record debt, lack of accountability, etcetera … which is why PML … PUTs the MAJOR PARTIES LAST.

    Cast your vote with INK.
    DO NOT use polling booth PENCILS.

    The PML Strategy

    This MARVELLOUS video from Topher Field explains the Majors Last strategy in the House and Senate.

    Monica Smit from Reignite Democracy explains how the PML wesbite works and how to make your HTV cards for the House and Senate.

    Pls Share Share Share with everyone you know.


  60. It’s concerning that Les Stewart is promoting voter ID. This is the digital ID, what our politicians were saying we must have for this election or we can not vote. This is the very thing most aware Ozzies do not want as they can see the massive ramifications of its introduction into our lives! If we suspect voter fraud – many of us are not voting any of the majors – then it is up to every Australian to turn their back on the politicians! We ignore them! We get on with our lives without them! We reject all their digital nonsense and put it back into fantasy land where it firmly belongs.


  61. They’re coming for our farm animals, horses & pets, dogs, cats, all pets under the guise of animal-related sport.

    This is an attempt to move all animals above human lives. Think about it. Is it right that they put chickens above the lives of the farmers that own the chickens?

    The government’s duty is to protect the life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and “the property” of each person against any advances, infringements and restrictions that another person and/or group may attempt to impose on the individual. And that is where we run into the communist policies of the United Nations Agenda 21.

    UN Agenda 21. A non-governmental organization called the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives, ICLEI control Local Government, Local Councils & is tasked with carrying out the goals of Agenda 21 worldwide.

    Agenda 21 and Animal “Rights” are however, political agendas that affect your family, your health, your job, your dogs, and how you perceive the world.

    Maurice Strong advocates using Non-Government Organizations like the HSUS to institute the policies of UN Agenda 21 in every country worldwide.

    Now you are seeing the connection between the push for “animal rights” and the umbrella organization of the HSUS which is the Humane Society International (HSI), one of 983 Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) created to push the policies and ideology of UN Agenda 21. The HSUS’s role is to demonize and vilify America’s farmers, ranchers (and breeders of companion animal species) and to institute the policies of UN Agenda 21 in America. The Global plan is well under way. Count the initiatives; to attack our animal agriculture industries, drive up the cost of animal production, criminalize our animal agriculture industries

    Cartright observes PZP is owned by the HSUS. PZP contraceptive research {Ref #3}. To stop the BLM from castrating horses instead of using PZP owned by HSUS, wild horse activists are suing the United States’ government over its plans to castrate hundreds of horses in eastern Nevada, hoping to block the implementation of a precedent-setting plan to regulate wild-horse populations.

    I think you will agree that your neighbor, the HSUS, the local police or animal control people have no authority to deprive you of your God-given dominion over the animals, fish or fowl that you own.,47

    Google Scholar has many articles on animal rights. Disturbing.


  62. Lex; Good to hear you are still keeping an eye on the AEC.
    My wife and myself have been [silent] postal voters for over two decades now.
    I have always wondered if our votes were [EVER] actually tallied as we presented them to the AEC!
    Politics is the devil’s forte…and it is hard to beat the devil and his minnions at his own game!


  63. This would all end now if these bastards did their job properly.

    A police force who is infiltrated by politicians is not worth a pinch of shit….we learnt that lesson with the Fitzgerald inquiry….or so we thought

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  64. Wake the feck up and stop glorifying celebs and watching soulless MSM. Your kids are watching you….monkey see, monkey do!

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  65. While you try to outdo each other of how clever and academic you are you kids are watching this shit

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  66. If you are not going to write in every box make sure you have a pen not pencil and scribble them out so no one can fill them in later

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    The AEC’s easy to read guide, ‘How to vote at a polling place’

    Outside the polling place, you will see: • voters – people who can vote • people who support the candidates.

    The people who support the candidates will be handing out how to vote cards. How to vote cards suggest how you might choose to vote for each of the candidates. A How to vote card might assist you to: • choose the candidate you want to vote for • vote in the right way for that candidate
    . You don’t have to take any how to vote cards.

    A candidate is a person who wants to be part of the Parliament.

    You vote for the candidate you want to win the election.
    (True, but You will have to vote for many more that you do not want to vote for.)

    How do you fill out your white ballot paper?

    Your white ballot paper has a black line on it.
    (Mmmm psychology in action children)

    There is a list of groups above the black line.

    Most of the groups are political parties. A political party is a group of candidates who: • share the same ideas • agree on how government should run our country.

    There is a list of candidates below the black line.
    (No body wants to be a low life children. So candidates below the black line don’t agree on how government should run our country?)

    The Information Access Group created this Easy to read guide.

    Click to access vote-polling-place-easy-eng.pdf

    On a side note, will all polling booth and postal ballot papers for Banks (NSW) and Brand (WA) be invalid, considering they have been printed and Malcolm Heffernan whose name is on both, has been declared incapable of being elected?


  68. Facebook to Expand Its “Fact-Checking” Apparatus for Australian Federal Election

    The expansion pack adds RMIT University initiative, RMIT FactLab – which works alongside RMIT ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) – to “fact-checking” services already provided to META by AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE and AUSTRALIAN ASSOCIATED PRESS.

    Among other benefactors, First Draft is partly funded by GEORGE SOROS’ OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATION,
    FACEBOOK Journalism Project and

    Facebook Australia’s Josh Machin wrote, the expansion will also offer ‘one-off grants to all [affiliated] fact-checkers [in order] to increase their capacity in the lead up to the [AUSTRALIAN] ELECTION.’

    A truism echoed by Facebook whistle-blower Frances Haugen’s infamous testimony, ‘warning of ELECTION RISKS’, accusing executives at Facebook of manipulating ALGORITHMS, putting “astronomical profits” before safety.

    Another example is META’S removal of United Australia Party leader CRAIG KELLY
    from its platforms.

    Kelly was perma-banned for alleged breaches of community standards regarding medically backed arguments about potential COVID-19 treatments.

    For all of Josh Machin’s rhetoric about Meta protecting Australian politicians and candidates, Meta still has what amounts to a GAG ORDER on a sitting member of the AUSTRALIAN PARLIAMENT. Thus, inadvertently giving the member’s political opponents a clear advantage.

    Josh Machin’s Facebook Australia statement claimed to have spent $7 billion investing in ‘safety and security,’ employing 40,000 people around the world to ‘reduce the likelihood of election interference, misinformation and online harms.’


  69. GetUp is funded by George Soros (USA)
    There should be no foreign interference by that Globalist for starters.

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  70. Sorry, for some reason I can’t get past the wordpress acceptance for comments, so I am going to tell you what I have experienced in Perth State elections and Mission Beach Federal elections. Firstly, in 2001 I was scrutineering and counting votes at Osbourne Park school in Perth. Whilst counting, I noticed several of those counting, putting donkey votes into the Liberal’s box. I asked what they were doing, and they said ‘well, if they can’t make their minds up, we’ll do it for them!’ So, that was 21 yrs ago. Then, in 2017 at Mission Beach, I think it was Fed or State elections, they changed from schools to the two most obscure locations for the voting to take place and many did not get to vote as a result…very little signage to direct voters and nothing at the school to tell us. I got a lift into town with another dismayed voter from the school, and we finally found out it was inside a caravan park on the main beach, in a small hall no-one but park users had knowledge of. The other one was at Frog’s Hollow, which was hidden in the rainforest at South Mission Beach…and only one sign. The reason for this, was that the region was a marginal seat for the opposition to Libs…not that either party is any better than the other, we now know for certain! Tell viewers to put all their preferences in Independent voter slots and both major parties last…that will give much greater chance of change and take a photo of your vote so their is public record. Barbara J Gibbs, Dip.Diet& Nut:BA/BSc:Grad.Cert.OSH;TEFL Cert Ganoderma Distributor e’mail:


  71. They all want our vote. I am talking about these federal corporate politutes and Commonwealth of Australia pretenders who colluded with the National Cabinet of the UN CoVID Regime in Australia on the house arrests of the entire population, creation of a medical caste system, genocide with a bioweapon, destruction of the economy and its supply chains, the financial ruin of businesses and loss of livlihood across the nation. Not to mention militarized police enforcing CoVID Correctness. So hard to choose.

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  72. Do not do postal vote, take a biro with you to vote… Fraud does happen, and I read our government has hired META to ‘train politicians’ – what does that mean? We do not want more of the same, we need change.

    There are online specimen forms on how to vote and fill in your forms correctly to make change happen – Reignite Australia has them. Make it count this time, for all our sakes.

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  73. “the media supported the coup”

    For better or for worse it goes to show the manipulative influence of the modern MSM.

    Attitudes and values existing for centuries or a few thousand years turned around in the course of less than 30-40 years, essentially one or two generations.

    Amazing how many people are scared of being left behind when it comes to following the herd mentality dictated by the MSM and the Brainwashing Factories, isn’t it?

    As Oscar Wilde might have said, gutlessness is a virtue which should not be encouraged.


  74. To Ron. Penny Wong was terrified of a plebiscite, knowing she would lose the vote, until the AEC had organised properly and the media supported the coup.

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  75. It’s not the only technique. In the early 1990s, government Zcars, driven by ALP, formed a horseshoe pattern around Arnhem Land voting booths, the message to Aborigines being: “we can see who you vote for. Vote non-ALP and we will know”.

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  76. It seems the bureaucrats are terrified of the parties. Ed

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  77. Thank you to Lex Stewart and Editor. All there in living colour.
    Although introducing Voter ID rings alarm bells it may be a small price to pay. We’re a little time restrained.


  78. When Australians voted in the Plebiscite; Centrelink in Victoria already had their new
    paperwork already delivered weeks before the voting started, knowing it was going to be a YES vote, with the necessary changes to Gender; yet no staff blew the whistle on the fraud.

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