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Court orders CDC to release frightening Covid vaxx damage statistics

Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)  just recently won a major lawsuit brought against the US Centre for Disease Control, requiring the agency to turn over its V-safe COVID Vaccine Injury Data.

In order to collect health evaluations following vaccination against COVID-19, the CDC developed a tool called V-safe that runs on smartphones. Over 10 million participants signed up and submitted their health data.

On Tuesday’s episode of “Fox News @ Night” with Chase Gallagher, human rights and vaccine attorney Aaron Siri discussed the CDC data on vaccine risk and impact.

It took 463 days and two lawsuits for CDC to turn over the data to Aaron Siri.

“Of the 10 million users within V-safe, 7.7% of them had to seek medical care after vaccination. That is an incredibly high percentage, it appears to me,” Siri said.

According to the data, Out of the 10 million people who used v-safe, 3,353,110 were hurt.

And 6,458,751 health impacts were reported by v-safe users.

Options for health impacts were:

  1. unable to work or attend school;
  2. unable to do your normal daily activities; and/or
  3. get care from a doctor or other healthcare professional.

Download data:

-from Gateway Pundit

New York Times, testosterone and Tucker the terror of the liberal left


“Tied to the anxiety over testosterone is another hotly disputed assertion: that sperm counts have been declining among men in the Western world for decades. Huge numbers of studies have been done, and there is no scientific consensus on the scope of the problem or whether it exists at all.”

THE New York Times probably got that statement right in its recent articles attacking Tucker Carlson of Fox News, who went a little bit over the edge in a commentary championing a red-light treatment at the crotch for those who lack the essential hormone in masculinity.

It’s true that studies, including at least one in Australia, suggest a rising fertility problem among males. But other studies apparently contradict that. It’s the same with the climate change issue, but on that subject The Times only acknowledges those studies which support the alarmism scenario.

The red-light therapy for infertility may or may not work, and the outfit that sells it even admitted to The Times there’s very little evidence it does. But the rare breakout of truth was remarkable because everything else the NT Times says about Carlson is not only leftist but quite laughable too. It’s mostly the snooty-nosed drivel you would expect from Democrat Party media hacks.

In fact, there are many issues where “huge numbers of studies have been done and there is no scientific consensus”, but seldom do media admit so. As we saw recently with “COVID”, this same media told us vaccines were the only viable and safe treatment, despite thousands of medical practitioners worldwide disputing that.

The Times recently dedicated a team of 10 or more journalists to probe Carlson and his nightly reports. “A New York Times analysis of 1150 episodes reveals how Tucker Carlson pushes extremist ideas and conspiracy theories into millions of households, five nights a week. He’s done so since the beginning but the show has gotten darker. Mr Carlson, 52, has one of the largest megaphones in all of cable television. When President Donald J. Trump left office, Mr Carlson filled the void on the right.”

So say the Times journalists who Carlson calls “obedient little establishment defenders”. On COVID, climate change, racism and sexual politics, The Times’ writers are guaranteed to push the prevailing acceptable narrative churned out by the establishment think tanks, policy writers and their global neo-liberal media apparatus, in which The Times is a leading player.

Journalist Nicholas Confessore’s naivety, or willful blindness, regarding the big issues of the day is illustrated in this passage: “Night after night, hour by hour, Mr. Carlson warns his viewers that they inhabit a civilization under siege — by violent Black Lives Matter protesters in American cities, by diseased migrants from south of the border, by refugees importing alien cultures, and by tech companies and cultural elites who will silence them, or label them racist, if they complain. When refugees from Africa, numbering in the hundreds, began crossing into Texas from Mexico during the Trump administration, he warned that the continent’s high birthrates meant the new arrivals might soon “overwhelm our country and change it completely and forever.” Amid nationwide outrage over George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer, Mr. Carlson dismissed those protesting the killing as “criminal mobs.”

Confessore apparently thinks the idea of a “civilization under siege” is some sort of mythology or conspiracy theory. Even Blind Freddy knows that when powerful forces attempt to redefine gender and break down all societal norms, you have a civilization under siege. The French, Russian and Chinese revolutions are historic examples of this. The most recent book on the subject is War on the West by Douglas Murray, which addresses what we now know as the “culture wars”.

Confessore goes on to refer to “violent Black Lives Matter protesters” in American cities. Try “rioters” who literally destroyed city centres across America after the highly politicised George Floyd murder. BLM publicly stated on their original web page their objective is to overthrow American society, but the NY Times insists they are merely “protesters”. Their naivety is mind boggling.

Like the leftist radicals who habitually use the term “racist” to discredit their political opponents, the New York Times tries to smear Carlson with the same term. Why? Because Carlson has become more outspoken against the woke ideology spread by The Times and other big media channels.

How is it that refugees from Africa were crossing into Texas from Mexico during the Trump administration? Carlson apparently warned that their high birthrates meant they might soon “overwhelm our country and change it completely and forever”. A bit overstated? Consider that during the Biden administration about a million illegal immigrants (the Times calls them “migrants”) have crossed the border, overwhelming the border patrols. And the Democrat-controlled agencies have had them flown off to cities in key electoral states across the US. In total there are some 22 million illegals in the US.

Looking after illegal border crashing migrants is a vote catching business for the Democrats, aided by left-wing Catholic social action networks. They not only sign them up for government social services but also register them as potential voters, while pushing so-called voter’s rights legislation allowing voting without IDs.

But don’t worry that these poor souls were trafficked across the border by Mexican drug cartels and crashed the border illegally. To The Times, NPR, CNN and other like-minded media, they are simply “migrants”. They don’t even call them “illegals” anymore.  But you, dear reader, fly to the US and try to sneak past the immigration desks at the airport and see how far you’ll get before you’re roughed up, cuffed and put behind bars.

Such is the world of the US “liberal media”. It’s dirt cheap to subscribe to for obvious reasons and somewhat informative, if you filter out the propaganda. Meantime, you can listen to Tucker Carlson on YouTube for free on your phone, PC or smart TV. Even YouTube can’t afford not to have the millions who listen to the leading populist voice for freedom and truth.

Fox News on Trudeau’s tyranny

Australian exclusive – some of Trump’s declassified documents fake media refuses to publish

from a source in the United States

Declassified Documents – Collection

1-17-20 DECLAS ombudsman report on politicization of intelligence on foreign election threats

1-17-21 DECLAS DNI Ratcliffe ICA Foreign Threats to 2020 Election

1-15-21 DECLAS FISA Abuse Investigation 11 Transcripts

1-15-20 State Department – Activity at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

1-15-20 Long List of Trump Administration Accomplishments

1-12-20 DECLAS NSC Indo-Pacific Strategy on China

12-29-20 REPORT: Senate Investigation Finds Obama Admin Knowingly Funded al-Qaeda Affiliate,%2012-23-20,%20Memo%20on%20World%20Vision%20Investigation.pdf

12-23-20 FBI DECLAS E-Mails Hunter Biden Burma

12-17-20 DECLAS Peter Strzok Texts – Spying on Trump BEFORE CrossfireHurricane

12-17-20 Navarro Election Report All Three Volumes

12-16-20 Amistad Project on Election Oligarch Zuckerberg

12-14-20 Forensic Analysis Dominion, Antrim County, Michigan

12-8-20 Senate Homeland Security & Finance Committees report on Hunter Biden

12-6-20 DECLAS Emails About Fusion GPS Thumb Drive

12-4-20 VOTER FRAUD Infographic Epoch Times

12-3-20 FBI Texts – Jennifer Boone

12-3-20 DECLAS Russia Hoax Docs Part 1

12-3-20 Russia Hoax Docs Part 2

12-3-20 Russia Hoax Docs Part 3

11-26-20 The 4 Year Long Campaign Against DJT Infographic

Hunter Biden Files

11-18-20 Supplement to Report on Potential Conflicts of Interest Stemming from Biden Family Foreign Business Arrangements

10-12-20 DECLAS 94 pg FBI effort to try and corroborate Steele Dossier

Jim Comey Ignored State Department Whistleblower On Hillary’s Crimes With Classified Material

10-9-20 DECLAS State Dept Emails Top Officials – Christopher Steele

10-7-20 DECLAS Eric Ciaramella Email

10-6-20 DECLAS former CIA Director John Brennan Handwritten Notes

10-6-20 DECLAS Formal CIA Referral To FBI To Investigate Clinton Campaign

10-1-20 Mueller Part 11 302s Declassified

9-29-20 DECLASSIFIED Letter to Graham from DNI Ratcliffe – Russia Narrative 2016’s%20Crossfire%20Hurricane%20Investigations_20-00912_U_SIGNED-FINAL.pdf

9-24-20 DECLASSIFIED – AG BARR letter to Graham w/ FBI Docs on Steele Subsource FISA 2009

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American alternative news


Cairnsnews and its small band of volunteers have been bombarded with nearly all non-mainstream media for months. We cannot read it all let alone research facts. And we do not have the luxury of watching endless hours of video shows.

Facts are impossible to find these days amid this bombardment and the psy-op being perpetrated by the mainstream media such as the ABC, News Ltd and commercial networks, some of which are aligned with fake news media like CNN, Google and The Guardian.

The US is teeming with fake news channels:

The only way through this maze is to give some authenticity to those alternative channels that have been in operation for many years.

Alex Jones is one of these more reliable and credible commentators simply by his long-standing record. Another is Natural News run by Mike Adams. These reporters have been around for a long time and have major audiences world-wide.

Cairns News has another valuable correspondent in Forbidden Knowledge TV whose reporter and prolific author Alexandra Bruce is a long-time veteran of real US and world news.

A few readers like to criticise these reports and that’s fine but without the alt news we all would resemble mushrooms.

Trump pulls Twitter and Facebook censorship into line

from the White House

President Trump was right and justified Thursday to sign an executive order calling for new regulations to strip legal liability protections from social media companies that censor posts and engage in political conduct on their sites.

I hope the president never has to take action against any social media company. The solution to the very real problem of social media company discrimination – which most often is directed against conservative views – is to end the discrimination, rather than for the government to intervene.

However, President Trump and many conservatives have identified a serious problem. Twitter and some other social media companies want to be two things at the same time: common carriers where anyone can post comments, and news organizations that selectively fact-check some posts and determine which ones are accurate and which ones are not. Making such determinations is an editorial decision that is often very subjective.


Right now social media companies enjoy protection from liability under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act for what is posted on their sites, because in most cases they allow people to post whatever they wish – as if they were posting on a giant virtual bulletin board.

In contrast, news organizations can be sued for libel if they publish false information with “’actual malice’ – that is, with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not,” according to a 1964 Supreme Court decision in the case New York Times Co. v. Sullivan.

More from Opinion

On average more than 500 million tweets are posted each day. You can see the enormous number tweeted on the day you read this here. It would be impossible for Twitter to review each of these tweets and fact-check them all before posting. Other social media companies face a similar impossible task.

However, Twitter has selectively targeted conservatives – most recently President Trump this week – and has either taken down their tweets or labeled them as misleading and added a fact check, as was the case with two of the president’s tweets dealing with problems with mail-in voting.

Ironically, the president’s tweets saying voter fraud can take place with mail-in voting were accurate. Twitter’s fact check claiming that the president’s tweets were factually inaccurate was itself inaccurate.

What is crucial here is that by deciding to selectively review a tiny number of tweets on its site and running supposed fact checks on them, Twitter is exercising editorial judgment and deciding what people are told is true.

Even Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, told Fox News’ Dana Perino that social media companies should not act as the “arbiter of truth.”


President Trump’s executive order states that social media companies that remove or restrict content should be exposed to liability “like any traditional editor and publisher that is not an online provider.”

El Paso shooter Connor Betts died in 2014

from beforeitsnews

Deep State has been caught out scrubbing the internet of any older mentions of the alleged shooter at Dayton, El Paso. The below obituary of Connor Betts is from 2014, but he was blamed for the Walmart massacre last week!

Give them nothing and don’t waste one second watching the liars who told you 9/11 was done by men in caves with box cutters.  The fake media commentators like Tucker Carlson tell you Oswald was the lone gunman that killed Kennedy even though 95% of Americans don’t believe it and there’s pictures showing Oswald standing in the door of the book depository as Kennedy motorcade goes by!  Oh and of course H.W. Bush and son G.W. Bush were both in Dealey Plaza watching it go down!  And some of you still watch the liars of Fox News?  Unbelievable!

Fox News in El Paso went off the script and reported the El Paso Shooting early!  You won’t find this clip on the Fake Youtube of course!  I had to upload it to Brighteon run by patriot Mike Adams!  The woman says, “Oh that hasn’t happened YET!”


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