Letter to the Editor

Blackrock owns 59m Dominion shares; Blackrock owns 45.7m Fox shares. Blackrock sued itself and fired Tucker Carlson as part of that lawsuit. Figured it out yet?

Tucker Carlson had not defamed the manufacturer of Dominion voting machines, but explained that these machines were connected to the Internet and could therefore be operated remotely during voting, something that no one disputes. Full story:

 It’s actually Dominion Resources, which is an energy company and not the voting machines. The world has been privatized –

We are experiencing the completion of The Matrix in which expressed doubt or even unspoken suspicion of official narratives are criminal offenses. Truth-tellers receive almost nonexistent support. The inescapable conclusion is that in the Western world truth has no future. Tyranny is upon us.

The former head of the Swiss Central Bank, Philipp Hildebrand, joined BlackRock in 2012 as Vice-Chairman in charge of investments. If the plaintiffs win with a claim of say CHF 20 to 30 billion against the Swiss Government, Switzerland could not absorb the debt with taxpayers’ money, they would pass it on to UBS. UBS would unlikely be able to absorb such a debt. That would add another US$5 trillion to BlackRock’s already at least US$10 trillion of managed assets and make the giant financial rock even more powerful.


From Kev Moore