Inner-city “indigenous” Australian Luke Currie-Richardson reckons he’s entitled to reparations because white people conquered his ancestors’ land.


THE California Democrat crazies are playing the “ace” card in their campaign to destroy America and their home state. The state’s Reparations Task Force has approved payments of up to $US1.2 million per black resident – that’s right, $1.2 million or an estimated $US800 billion in total. Other sources quote a minimum payment of $365,000.

If that’s not bad enough, the worst of these crazies were demanding $200 million per head – an ambit claim obviously. But then the cooler Marxist heads came in to play their part and “reason prevailed”.

This insanity now only needs approval of the State Congress and Governor Gavin Newsom. A “fact-check note” published on Twitter claimed the $1.2m “is a maximum that would require 71 years of being a state resident, while being impacted by discriminatory policies such as redlining (refusing mortgages to people in poor areas) and over-policing”.

But the LA Times had another version of who is eligible: “The task force ultimately restricted eligibility based on lineage as “determined by an individual being an African American descendant of a chattel enslaved person or the descendant of a free black person living in the United States prior to the end of the 19th century.”

The task force, which met in the hell-hole of Oakland, near San Francisco, cited population estimates from 2020 of less than 2 million non-Hispanic African American residents who lived in the state.

This is potentially a landmark achievement in the global, neo-Marxist war against the West, and white European civilization in particular. Neo-Marxist critical race theory holds all Europeans or “white people” responsible for “oppression of blacks”.

Robert Malone, the mRNA vaccine developer who came to a rapid awakening over forces involved in the covid scamdemic, offered this sobre comment on Twitter: “Every person not of color living in California needs to get out now. About 1.2 million dollars in reparations is now approved by a CA task force (still to be voted on by the state legislation) to each black person in the state.

“This will not only bankrupt the state but will force homeowners to sell their property to pay the huge tax increases that may be coming. CA already charges almost 20% per person (including sales tax). The highest tax rates in the country.

“By the way, activists are demanding higher amounts. They want 200 million dollars per person (Fox news). This is the face of modern socialism and we all need to be very scared. California has always led the way in terms of new legislation. This soon may come to other blue states. Plans are in the works. This is a massive wealth transfer. It is theft.”

The idea of reparations for Aboriginal Australians has been around a long time thanks to the generational Marxists behind Australia’s Aboriginal land rights movement. The idea in Australia runs under the banner of “Pay the Rent”. It’s right out there – no apologies. Even the dopey Marxist dupe and former Labor Party MP Peter Garrett sang about it when he was a rock star, decades ago.

The Pay the Rent campaign uses the grievance message straight out of the Marxist textbooks: “We live, work and play on land that was forcibly taken from Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people. On this stolen land, systems & institutions have been built that are structured to exclude and oppress.”

It’s no accident that the Pay the Rent campaign is based in Victoria, or more specifically Melbourne, where the Communist Party has operated since the 1920s, as documented by CPA whistleblower Geoff McDonald of Melbourne.

The message in an expertly produced video on the Pay the Rent website couldn’t be clearer: Modern-day, mixed-blood Aboriginals claiming heritage from obscure tribes (but excluding the Irish, English or Scottish sides of their families) supporting the idea of reparations.

It might help explain the arrogance of Senator Mick Dodson, who sits in the Senate on his fat, pampered butt, saying mostly nothing, just waiting for the moment when he can assume the title of President of the Aboriginal Republic of Australia.

Senator Mick of course, is the cool, cunning strategic Marxist mind behind the local reparations plot while Senator Loud Mouth Lydia is the junior maniacal Marxist distraction for public consumption and entertainment. The so-called “Voice” bureaucracy planned by Dodson and company is just the beginning.