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G20 has resolved to ‘work together’ for the mandatory digital health passports for all human beings

by Lyndesy Symonds

The G20 has just wound up in Nusa Dua and all the BRICs were there. Xi was there and Lavrov was there for the session on food and energy. This was the business end of the deliberations because Globalist/Communist Leaders must control food and energy as the key making the population do what they are told.

And the Soviet Union/Russian Federation is the world leader of the 4IR and CBDC digitalisation of the population so they had to have the major input even though a deal was made in the Big Jew msm about Putin ‘not attending’ – due to his principled stance against Globalism no doubt.

And wouldn’t you know it, the G20 has resolved to ‘work together’ for the mandatory digital health passports for all human beings. This will perFORCE involve the integration of biometic databases and Central Bank Certificates of Deposit – in which the Soviet Union/Russian Federation leads the world.

G20 Leaders Agree To Work Toward Mandatory Digital Health Passports for All Human Beings.

Putin saving 87% of the global population from the enslaving yoke of the US Petro dollar and the impending WEF Great Reset.

by Ron Chapman

Upon even a cursory examination of president Putin’s public statements and the effects of his administration over the last 22 years, an objective observer must reasonably conclude that he has consistently sought to remove Russia from the clutches of the Khazarian banksters and their Wall Street lackeys. For instance, some years ago he threw the Rothschilds banksters and Soros out of Russia. Although I do wonder about Nebulina’s continued policy of setting the Russian Central Bank’s interest rates as high as 8% even though that rate is much lower than the 20% she set in February. (1)

Purin isn’t singing from the satanic Western cabal’s playbook should be obvious from the fact that, together with Xi Jinping, he has established the BRICS and SCO and similar anti-Western organisations designed to free Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Iran and all of the Global South nations

Compare Russia’s relative prosperity under Putin compared to the rabid dystopia, poverty and misery experienced by Russians under Yeltsin and the Wall Street funded Jewish oligarchs. Incidentally when people talk about the Russian Mafia they are really talking about a Jewish Mafia since that ethnic collective dominates the genre.

The reason that governments and the MSM in the US, EU, Australian and other Western countries invariably denigrate Putin and liken him to Hitler is that he doesn’t do their bidding! The fact that he attended a WEF young leaders forum and associates with banksters, oligarchs and ‘low life’ Westerners from time to time is because that’s his job. He has to relate to them despite knowing they are, at best, corrupt and ‘not agreement capable’.

The fact that Putin isn’t singing from the satanic Western cabal’s playbook should be obvious from the fact that, together with Xi Jinping, he has established the BRICS and SCO and similar anti-Western organisations designed to free Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Iran and all of the Global South nations (representing some 87% of the global population) from the enslaving yoke of the US Petro dollar and the impending WEF Great Reset. Russia and China already operate their economies using gold backed money in lieu of worthless fiat currency and that situation is being extended to other nations as the Quantum Financial System (QFS) begins to replace the Petro Dollar.

The QFS is about to replace the failing Western controlled financial system that has impoverished, enslaved and almost destroyed Third World nations. That situation was caused by the US, UK and France hijacking implementation of the 1944-47 Bretton Woods Agreement which was intended to create a global financial system that would equitably ensure economic prosperity globally. The sovereign owners of the Global Collateral Accounts have dismissed the US, UK and France for breach of duty and fraud and have given responsibility for administration of the relevant funds to the Office of the Treasury Controller (OTC) which has organised the QFS.

The other obvious fallacy involved in labeling Putin as a Khazarian Mafia minion is that it assumes that Putin IS the Russian Federation (RF). He isn’t. The RF is a nation of over 150 million human individuals and Putin is merely one man who has been repeatedly democratically chosen by that population to lead it. Suggesting that Putin or anyone else could control and direct that polity single handedly is ludicrous. Many Russians are responsible for Russia’s governance. In truth Putin is a moral, rational human being who is leading an administration that, in very difficult circumstances, is engaged in assisting his nation and our entire world, to save itself from satanic controllers that have been ruining our world for centuries and who have all but overcome the governments and peoples of the affluent Western nations, including Australia.

End Note 1.
To understand how the banksters enslave and impoverish our world, be aware that by raising interest rates Central Banks increase the cost of currency and hence EVERYTHING. The joke is that the banksters claim that they have to increase interest rates in order to reduce inflation i.e. prices, whereas increasing the price of currency (money) increases the price of everything! Moreover, as interest rates increase, evermore currency (money) is required to pay for that increase. BUT, the catch 22 is that the banksters NEVER create any currency to pay the interest they charge on loans. So, there is a constantly growing shortage of currency in the economy since the money used to pay off loans is a book entry that is immediately deleted from the system so it is not available for any future purpose.

The only way that the system can keep functioning is if borrowers CONTINUALLY borrow more currency than previously so that some of the extra currency so created (out of thin air by keystrokes on computers) can circulate in the economy and be used to fund interest payments on previous loans made by the banks. As interest rates rise, more currency is needed to pay interest on outstanding loans but fewer borrowers can afford to take out loans and hence the infusion of new currency into the economy declines enabling fewer purchases of goods and services. This results in recessions and depressions and voila, the economy deflates!

The upside for the banksters is that they get to foreclose on mortgages etc thus obtaining properties for ‘pennies on the dollar’.

The solution to this problem requires that governments eliminate usurious banking (and banksters). That requires having each nation produce and emit (distribute) its own asset backed money, as necessary to enable the population to fully use their labour and available physical resources, to produce the goods and services they need.

The good news is that this solution is currently being implemented by the Trilogy of Russia, China and the Trump led restored republic of ‘These United States of America’; in alliance with forces in many other nations.
Peace and Blessings.

BRICS will not save western world

Letter to the Editor

“Russia is losing the battle for Christianity as in every decade it tops the stats for highest abortion rate in the world”.

There are so many people here on CN that seriously believe that BRICS will save the (western) world and their lifestyle but it is exactly those “western welfared people” that are going to be the first ones sorted/fleeced and extinct in the coming change.

Welfarism in Western societies will come to an end with the global kosher infused lifestyle change for goyims. Life for citizens will become just as basic and lawless as in ALL Brics member states: The majority of their populations will just have enough to survive (when behaving correctly) and pay their bills while their governments are exactly the same “IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE authorities” as in the “West” – caring for the established world order, well disguised and bribed.

China, India or Brazil are no different in regards to “the standard of poverty” of their own people but also have included “their own nobles and leading local faceless directors” that always benefited greatly on whatever change was imposed on the nations in the past, present and equally will in the near future.

Communism, fascism and political correct democracies, what is the difference if all people will become the same anonymous numbers of a society in the “newly created world that benefits exactly the same as in the old world”, just with a different flavor, direction and touch and not so exciting distractions of more and more global conflicts always playing both sides on the divided paddock.

Entertainment as in Bollywood. Live, hypnotizing and numbing to the core until the lights go out – in the head cinema and “on stage”.

The battle for Christianity has been lost with the birth of American evangelicalism and their not so patriotic American, multi citizen, puppet masters hiding beyond their long black beards, black hats, old traditions and millennia old scripts on how to devour and hunt the souls of true believers that have called a better version of “the kosher God” their own.

from Jo


Russia and China haven’t even started to ratchet up the pain dial

from Internationalist 360°

Jul 14

Pepe Escobar The Suicide Spectacular Summer Show, currently on screen across Europe, proceeds in full regalia.

“………“Today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield, well, what can I say, let them try. We have heard many times that the West wants to fight us to the last Ukrainian – this is a tragedy for the Ukrainian people. But it looks like it’s all coming to this. But everyone should know that, by and large, we haven’t really started anything yet.”

Fact. On Operation Z, Russia is using a fraction of its military potential, resources and state of the art weapons.

Then we come to the most probable path ahead in the war theater:

“We do not refuse peace negotiations, but those who refuse should know that the longer it drags, the more difficult it will be for them to negotiate with us.”

As in the pain dial will be ratcheted up, slowly but surely, on all fronts.

Yet the meat of the matter had been delivered earlier in the speech: “ratcheting up the pain dial” applies in fact to dismantling the whole “rules-based international order” edifice. The geopolitical world has changed. Forever.

Here’s the arguably key passage:

“They should have understood that they have already lost from the very beginning of our special military operation, because its beginning means the beginning of a radical breakdown of the World Order in the American way. This is the beginning of the transition from liberal-globalist American egocentrism to a truly multipolar world – a world based not on selfish rules invented by someone for themselves, behind which there is nothing but the desire for hegemony, not on hypocritical double-standards, but on international law, on the true sovereignty of peoples and civilizations, on their will to live their historical destiny, their values and traditions and build cooperation on the basis of democracy, justice and equality. And we must understand that this process can no longer be stopped.”

Meet the trifecta

A case can be made that Putin and Russia’s Security Council are implementing a tactical trifecta that has reduced the collective West to an amorphous bunch of bio headless chickens.

The trifecta mixes the promise of negotiations – but only when considering Russia’s steady advances on the ground in Novorossiya; the fact that Russia’s global “isolation” has been proved in practice to be nonsense; and tweaking the most visible pain dial of them all: Europe’s dependence on Russian energy.

The main reason for the graphic, thundering failure of the G20 Foreign Ministers summit in Bali is that the G7 – or NATOstan plus American colony Japan – could not force the BRICS plus major Global South players to isolate, sanction and/or demonize Russia.

On the contrary: multiple interpolations outside of the G20 spell out even more Eurasia-wide integration. Here are a few examples.

The first transit of Russian products to India via the International North-South Transportation Corridor (INSTC) is now in effect, crisscrossing Eurasia from Mumbai to the Baltic via Iranian ports (Chabahar or Bandar Abbas), the Caspian Sea, and Southern and Central Russia. Crucially, the route is shorter and cheaper than going through the Suez Canal.

In parallel, the head of the Iranian Central Bank, Ali Salehabadi, confirmed that a memorandum of interbank cooperation was signed between Tehran and Moscow.

That means a viable alternative to SWIFT, and a direct consequence of Iran’s application to become a full BRICS member, announced at the recent summit in Beijing. The BRICS, since 2014, when the New Development Bank (NDB) was founded, have been busy building their own financial infrastructure, including the near future creation of a single reserve currency. As part of the process, the harmonization of Russian and Iranian banking systems is inevitable………”

Read more of this post

from Kev Moore


Northern Australians will not be subservient to the communist states of southern Australia – communist coup rejected – breakaway mooted

Take Back Australia – from Australian National Review

Five countries, known collectively as the “BRICS” (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), form an important economic block. They account for more than 40 percent of the world’s population and over 20 percent of global GDP. Together, they produce more than one-third of global cereal production.

Take Back Australia, suggests a breakaway Republic of Northern Australia should join the expanding BRIC Nations, and dump the New World Globalist order that’s collapsing from the falsified Covid pandemic and Great Reset being exposed.

It said Texas and other States in the US and other countries that are considering becoming their own breakaway Republics to defeat the Globalist’s agenda, should join forces and support each other as more and more regions demand breakaways from being a Globalists controlled puppet states being vaccinated to death from continued falsified pandemics.

Take back Australia, recently announced plans for the top half of Australia to break away, in deference to the proposed State of North Queensland.

Will Australia Become Two Societies – A Parallel Society and Possibly Even a Breakaway Republic?

Plans are progressing for the top half of Australia to become a Republic, and break away from the rest of Australia, as many reject the Great Reset Totalitarian Globalists agenda, being pushed by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and billionaire, left wing elites.

Take Back Australia, a not-for-profit organisation says:

“Many Australians refuse to accept the outdated and corrupted and Globalists controlled political system in Australia any longer, especially after 2 years of lockdowns and crackdowns on our way of living.

“Plans for both a parallel society, that defends human freedoms, civil liberties, less Government interference, with a real democracy, and a breakaway nation are afoot. The support is substantial and growing” a spokesman said.

“After the largest political protest in Australian’s history in February, 2022, in the nation’s capital, Canberra, where more than 500,000 people peacefully protested the Government vaccine mandates, Government extremism and the Global communist agenda. The Globalists agenda has been pushed and supported by former Prime Minister Scott Morrison (who has been in direct communication with Klaus Schwab about Australia’s support of the dangerous agenda, and State Premiers who violently cracked down on any Australian that supported democracy and human freedoms, under the guise of necessary crackdowns over the now known falsified Covid pandemic, used like a ‘ Trojan horse ‘ to attempt to usher in  a ‘new world order ‘, known as the Great Reset.

“A parallel society will happen regardless, and will include at least 30% of the population, who refuse to be vaccinated, who refuse to accept Government vaccine extremism, medical malpractice and clear overreach and abuse of human rights by the current State and Federal Governments. This is a large economy on its own.

“It will push for criminal sentences for all the politicians, Health Officials, business leaders, main stream media and executives who have been complicit in the Covid fraud. This fraud that’s led to so many unnecessary deaths and injuries from the Covid Vaccines, which were never safe, effective or necessary as spruiked, but knowingly fatal, ineffective and unnecessary, considering cheap effective alternatives that were fraudulently banned.”

However, if enough support is achieved, then the possibility of a breakaway Republic will occur, with plans for the top half of Australia being separated from the rest.

It’s not the first time States or Regions have considered seceding with WA often threatening to become its own country, and North Queensland and New England NSW their own states.

The new border for the New Republic of Northern Australia, would either be at the NSW /Queensland Border, Northern Territory/ SA border and the top half of WA becoming the new National Southern Border and above that the new Republic of Northern Australia. Or the border could be moved further South into NSW, to possibly the Sydney Harbour and Parramatta River becoming the National border to the South, effectively Splitting Sydney into two, and across NSW to the SA border and up to the Northern Territory/SA border, and once again Splitting WA in half.

This would give Australians a clear choice of which Australia they wish to live in.

The freedom loving North of Australia, becoming a Republic, that values human freedoms, civil liberties, informed consent, and protection of National Sovereignty, and the push back of Global Institutions, such as the corrupted WEF and WHO organisation and their totalitarian agendas. It would have much lower taxes, reduced bureaucratic red and green tape, increased manufacturing and defence, an entire new modern day education system and a complete overhaul of the failed medical system.

Or those Australians who are closet communists, want Dictator Dan Andrews as a leader, want to continue with the cesspool of corrupted Canberra Politicians, want higher taxes, and a country that no longer supports civil liberties, and human freedoms, a nation that can continue to bash and shoot at innocent protesters, and force dangerous mask wearing lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, track and tracing of citizens, introduction of a digital passport, and love Government overreach.

They will be able to enjoy all these wonderful benefits in the old, outdated, communist, southern part of Australia, where statues of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, George Soros, other Globalists elites, Dictator Dan Andrews and his communist Chinese backers will be erected, and can be celebrated by waving Red Flags provided by Simon Holmes a Court.

The new Republic of Northern Australia would proceed immediately to slash taxes, and the reduction of income taxes within 5 years to a 15% flat rate, the creation of several economic free zones, and the establishment of two new cities to help de-urbanise the nation, along with a push for regional Australian development and to develop the North’s untapped potential for irrigated food production.

One new city would be built, to become the new national capital of the Republic of Northern Australia, which would be likely to be built in a Central Regional part of Australia, potentially in Central Queensland, with an area between the regional city of Rockhampton (100,000 population) and Yeppoon (30,000) already scoped as a likely location, only minutes from a spectacular coast line. It’s a region with a lot of existing jobs, desperate to attract new workers, who could be enticed to populate the region, reducing crowding in major cities, and support the more de urbanised goal of the Republic of Australia.

Townsville, because of its substantial port facilities could also be considered because of the industrial city’s western rail network and potential to expand to the west.

 A second large city, one that had concept plans and a video generated a decade ago, would be established most likely near Port Hedland in WA, to encourage less fly in fly out workers, and to populate this region, whose families could move to the new city, which would have an enormous number of jobs available in the nearby Pilbara Region.

The city would be built to attract major tourism, as being located closer to Asia, especially Singapore and Indonesia it has large international populations nearby.

Tenders would be considered for large entertainment and resort companies to build large resort complexes in this new city to kick start it plus massive Government investment for affordable housing and grants to entice many to relocate and a major airport. Designed to help it become a major tourist drawcard, for both domestic, and international tourists, considering models such as Sun City in Africa, and Dubai in the United Emirates.

Ultimately the goal would be to take back the entire nation of Australia, and free it from the Globalists control, that has infiltrated our Cabinets and illegally stolen our nation under an effective coup, which is now apparent to the more knowledgeable that the Covid fraud was ultimately designed to achieve.

However, to take back an entire country, it often starts with taking back a part of it, and making it a proven successful example of a better nation, and a better way of living that can inspire other regions and nations to adopt the new improved way to have a better functioning society.

The Republic of Australia movement, supported and endorsed by Take Back Australia, would seek input and ideas from a broad range of patriotic Australians, especially those who understand and see the dangers of unchecked rampant Globalism and the communistic Great Reset Agenda to our beloved Nation.

In such times, new ideas are needed and the development of a New Republic of Northern Australia must be considered along with the building of a parallel society.

Australians deserve their country back, even if it’s one half at a time.

The New Republic of Northern Australia will soon be put to an online vote to garner levels of support.

Key Points

  • Eliminate State Governments.
  • We are over governed.
  • Local and Federal Governments are enough, and this allows one national framework for things such as Education and Health.
  • This avoids overlapping, helps reduce red tape and lowers costs.
  • The abolishment of many taxes such as payroll tax, GST and Capital Gains tax with the lowering of personal income tax to 15% within 5 years.
  • The Republic of Australia would look to join bodies such as the Bric Nations and join the new Global Financial System, dumping the Globalists crumbling financial system that gives the power to the Central Bankers who have abused their power and wealth to dictate to Sovereign nations.

China wants to expand the group of emerging economies known as BRICS, a senior Chinese diplomat said on Thursday. The economic bloc currently consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

“China proposes to start the BRICS expansion process, explore the criteria and procedures for the expansion, and gradually form a consensus,” Wang Yi, China’s state councilor and foreign minister, told an online meeting of BRICS foreign ministers, as quoted by Reuters.

In an address ahead of the BRICS foreign ministers’ meeting, Chinese President Xi Jinping urged to strengthen cooperation. Xi had previously invited the Argentinian government to participate in the BRICS summit. Argentina has been striving to join the group for more than a decade. In February, during an official visit to China, Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez reiterated the request.

Brazil, Russia, India, and China initially established the bloc in 2009, with South Africa joining in 2010. BRICS has more than a 16% share in global trade and represents more than 40% of the world’s population.


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