Northern Australians will not be subservient to the communist states of southern Australia – communist coup rejected – breakaway mooted

Take Back Australia – from Australian National Review

Five countries, known collectively as the “BRICS” (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), form an important economic block. They account for more than 40 percent of the world’s population and over 20 percent of global GDP. Together, they produce more than one-third of global cereal production.

Take Back Australia, suggests a breakaway Republic of Northern Australia should join the expanding BRIC Nations, and dump the New World Globalist order that’s collapsing from the falsified Covid pandemic and Great Reset being exposed.

It said Texas and other States in the US and other countries that are considering becoming their own breakaway Republics to defeat the Globalist’s agenda, should join forces and support each other as more and more regions demand breakaways from being a Globalists controlled puppet states being vaccinated to death from continued falsified pandemics.

Take back Australia, recently announced plans for the top half of Australia to break away, in deference to the proposed State of North Queensland.

Will Australia Become Two Societies – A Parallel Society and Possibly Even a Breakaway Republic?

Plans are progressing for the top half of Australia to become a Republic, and break away from the rest of Australia, as many reject the Great Reset Totalitarian Globalists agenda, being pushed by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and billionaire, left wing elites.

Take Back Australia, a not-for-profit organisation says:

“Many Australians refuse to accept the outdated and corrupted and Globalists controlled political system in Australia any longer, especially after 2 years of lockdowns and crackdowns on our way of living.

“Plans for both a parallel society, that defends human freedoms, civil liberties, less Government interference, with a real democracy, and a breakaway nation are afoot. The support is substantial and growing” a spokesman said.

“After the largest political protest in Australian’s history in February, 2022, in the nation’s capital, Canberra, where more than 500,000 people peacefully protested the Government vaccine mandates, Government extremism and the Global communist agenda. The Globalists agenda has been pushed and supported by former Prime Minister Scott Morrison (who has been in direct communication with Klaus Schwab about Australia’s support of the dangerous agenda, and State Premiers who violently cracked down on any Australian that supported democracy and human freedoms, under the guise of necessary crackdowns over the now known falsified Covid pandemic, used like a ‘ Trojan horse ‘ to attempt to usher in  a ‘new world order ‘, known as the Great Reset.

“A parallel society will happen regardless, and will include at least 30% of the population, who refuse to be vaccinated, who refuse to accept Government vaccine extremism, medical malpractice and clear overreach and abuse of human rights by the current State and Federal Governments. This is a large economy on its own.

“It will push for criminal sentences for all the politicians, Health Officials, business leaders, main stream media and executives who have been complicit in the Covid fraud. This fraud that’s led to so many unnecessary deaths and injuries from the Covid Vaccines, which were never safe, effective or necessary as spruiked, but knowingly fatal, ineffective and unnecessary, considering cheap effective alternatives that were fraudulently banned.”

However, if enough support is achieved, then the possibility of a breakaway Republic will occur, with plans for the top half of Australia being separated from the rest.

It’s not the first time States or Regions have considered seceding with WA often threatening to become its own country, and North Queensland and New England NSW their own states.

The new border for the New Republic of Northern Australia, would either be at the NSW /Queensland Border, Northern Territory/ SA border and the top half of WA becoming the new National Southern Border and above that the new Republic of Northern Australia. Or the border could be moved further South into NSW, to possibly the Sydney Harbour and Parramatta River becoming the National border to the South, effectively Splitting Sydney into two, and across NSW to the SA border and up to the Northern Territory/SA border, and once again Splitting WA in half.

This would give Australians a clear choice of which Australia they wish to live in.

The freedom loving North of Australia, becoming a Republic, that values human freedoms, civil liberties, informed consent, and protection of National Sovereignty, and the push back of Global Institutions, such as the corrupted WEF and WHO organisation and their totalitarian agendas. It would have much lower taxes, reduced bureaucratic red and green tape, increased manufacturing and defence, an entire new modern day education system and a complete overhaul of the failed medical system.

Or those Australians who are closet communists, want Dictator Dan Andrews as a leader, want to continue with the cesspool of corrupted Canberra Politicians, want higher taxes, and a country that no longer supports civil liberties, and human freedoms, a nation that can continue to bash and shoot at innocent protesters, and force dangerous mask wearing lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, track and tracing of citizens, introduction of a digital passport, and love Government overreach.

They will be able to enjoy all these wonderful benefits in the old, outdated, communist, southern part of Australia, where statues of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, George Soros, other Globalists elites, Dictator Dan Andrews and his communist Chinese backers will be erected, and can be celebrated by waving Red Flags provided by Simon Holmes a Court.

The new Republic of Northern Australia would proceed immediately to slash taxes, and the reduction of income taxes within 5 years to a 15% flat rate, the creation of several economic free zones, and the establishment of two new cities to help de-urbanise the nation, along with a push for regional Australian development and to develop the North’s untapped potential for irrigated food production.

One new city would be built, to become the new national capital of the Republic of Northern Australia, which would be likely to be built in a Central Regional part of Australia, potentially in Central Queensland, with an area between the regional city of Rockhampton (100,000 population) and Yeppoon (30,000) already scoped as a likely location, only minutes from a spectacular coast line. It’s a region with a lot of existing jobs, desperate to attract new workers, who could be enticed to populate the region, reducing crowding in major cities, and support the more de urbanised goal of the Republic of Australia.

Townsville, because of its substantial port facilities could also be considered because of the industrial city’s western rail network and potential to expand to the west.

 A second large city, one that had concept plans and a video generated a decade ago, would be established most likely near Port Hedland in WA, to encourage less fly in fly out workers, and to populate this region, whose families could move to the new city, which would have an enormous number of jobs available in the nearby Pilbara Region.

The city would be built to attract major tourism, as being located closer to Asia, especially Singapore and Indonesia it has large international populations nearby.

Tenders would be considered for large entertainment and resort companies to build large resort complexes in this new city to kick start it plus massive Government investment for affordable housing and grants to entice many to relocate and a major airport. Designed to help it become a major tourist drawcard, for both domestic, and international tourists, considering models such as Sun City in Africa, and Dubai in the United Emirates.

Ultimately the goal would be to take back the entire nation of Australia, and free it from the Globalists control, that has infiltrated our Cabinets and illegally stolen our nation under an effective coup, which is now apparent to the more knowledgeable that the Covid fraud was ultimately designed to achieve.

However, to take back an entire country, it often starts with taking back a part of it, and making it a proven successful example of a better nation, and a better way of living that can inspire other regions and nations to adopt the new improved way to have a better functioning society.

The Republic of Australia movement, supported and endorsed by Take Back Australia, would seek input and ideas from a broad range of patriotic Australians, especially those who understand and see the dangers of unchecked rampant Globalism and the communistic Great Reset Agenda to our beloved Nation.

In such times, new ideas are needed and the development of a New Republic of Northern Australia must be considered along with the building of a parallel society.

Australians deserve their country back, even if it’s one half at a time.

The New Republic of Northern Australia will soon be put to an online vote to garner levels of support.

Key Points

  • Eliminate State Governments.
  • We are over governed.
  • Local and Federal Governments are enough, and this allows one national framework for things such as Education and Health.
  • This avoids overlapping, helps reduce red tape and lowers costs.
  • The abolishment of many taxes such as payroll tax, GST and Capital Gains tax with the lowering of personal income tax to 15% within 5 years.
  • The Republic of Australia would look to join bodies such as the Bric Nations and join the new Global Financial System, dumping the Globalists crumbling financial system that gives the power to the Central Bankers who have abused their power and wealth to dictate to Sovereign nations.

China wants to expand the group of emerging economies known as BRICS, a senior Chinese diplomat said on Thursday. The economic bloc currently consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

“China proposes to start the BRICS expansion process, explore the criteria and procedures for the expansion, and gradually form a consensus,” Wang Yi, China’s state councilor and foreign minister, told an online meeting of BRICS foreign ministers, as quoted by Reuters.

In an address ahead of the BRICS foreign ministers’ meeting, Chinese President Xi Jinping urged to strengthen cooperation. Xi had previously invited the Argentinian government to participate in the BRICS summit. Argentina has been striving to join the group for more than a decade. In February, during an official visit to China, Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez reiterated the request.

Brazil, Russia, India, and China initially established the bloc in 2009, with South Africa joining in 2010. BRICS has more than a 16% share in global trade and represents more than 40% of the world’s population.


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. You and thousands of others Matt. Ed


  2. I love this idea. And I would fully support it.
    I currently live in Sydney but I would definitely move further north if required to support and join the new true democratic republic of Northern Australia.
    We can leave the bottom half to the idiots who want to live under some kind of pseudo communistic regime.
    They can be happy living under the legislation and government control they support and voted for.
    The rest of us who did not support or believe in this governance can live how we want to live. It is a shame that segregation has been bred from this Covid agenda.
    But I for one would be happy to support this new ideology. The sooner the better, before the next load bullshit is dropped.
    Please let me know when it is ready !
    Kind regards, Matt Pepper


  3. Star a Northern Australia military or reach an agreement with existing military. Ed


  4. It may if Australia keeps on antagonising and insulting the President and sending its ships to the China sea and continues its China bashing on the orders of the US… but otherwise I don’t think so.. we are small fry really to them.


  5. CHINA WILL INVADE AUSTRALIA WITHIN THE NEXT 10 YEARS, the only way to stop this tyrannical movement is to out live it ,it will destroy it’s self.


  6. While I feel this is one amazing way to get back Australia and I would be all in.
    In doing so what sort of protection would we have for ourselves and our people ?.
    Because if we do this the globalists will not be happy, and will potentially start a war against us.
    How are we to achieve this amazing dream?
    Are we allowed to protect ourselve in this Australia?
    I don’t want blood shed or any war but feel we may need protection of some sort.
    Would we have the army or police to help fight for us ?


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  8. Good


  9. Craig johanson

    I’ve been talking about this for a decade
    Love it


  10. Hi crisscross767, Thanks.
    However, as I have never been able to bring myself to even look at this totally unhinged, putrid demonic creature… will just take your word for it lol.

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  11. crisscross767

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Klaus Anal Schwab, Bill Gates of Hell, they along with the rest of these NWO gangsters are currently holding court in Davos, Switzerland, thrashing out the next phase of their scheme to take over the world.

    Meanwhile, one of their star guests, Saint Greta Rothschild, appears to have made a Freudian slip. Either that, or the NWO mobsters no longer care about concealing their malefic designs.

    Here’s the latest REDACTED report from Natali and Clayton Morris:

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  12. Clem & Adele Kellar

    Great idea, count us in!!


  13. crisscross767

    If Greens as they reckon have the ability to alter atmospheric gas ratios then there will be no life left on Earth.

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  14. This article covers the NWO in a nutshell but what I like about it most of all, after 15 years of my own NWO research pre COVID, is it’s effort to talk more about solutions ! 👏🏻 Nice


  15. Hi Jaye, Yeah… another douche.


  16. Andrew Forrest wouldn’t be too happy.


  17. Guns OR NO Guns, We ARE NOT FREE anymore. Watch what is happening now in Davos. That’s what is important…
    Archbishop Viganò Warns Nations of WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Power Grab: ‘Yielding Sovereignty Is Considered Crime of High Treason’
    “These resolutions will transfer sovereignty regarding the health of citizens to a supranational body that is largely financed by the pharmaceutical industry and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,” he warns.
    UN Treaty to Give Power of Global Lockdown to Corporatocracy.
    Video Only:
    Watch this Cobra Snake: DR Tedros Adhanom of the W H O…

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  18. Seems like the Blue side has more space than the Red. I would move to a New Freedom Country…I would be happy to leave what I have here to be with my Tribe…My Daughter hates to the heat so don’t know how that works for her lol…


  19. Sounds just like the policies of the Liberal Democrats LDP


  20. Yes, he certainly stood up and got counted when it counted. Right? 🙂

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  21. Seb – I agree, let’s give Albanese a chance. He just may be that wolf in sheep’s clothing and fight for the people.


  22. Looks like the AEC played the incompetence card on the vote count. The AROs pretended not to know how to count the preferential vote and just sorted the piles into Lab or Lib. No amount of objections from scrutineers changed their MO..

    That Red shitbag Albo will sell us out to Communist China before he even gets his bum on the PM chair. Looking at Ms Albo, his partner or girlfriend or co-pilot or whatever at least looks to be a biological female and not a tranny with a weird gender option.

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  23. Brian Johnston

    It was a good idea until someone said make Pauline Hanson the first PM

    Out with the old in with the new.

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  24. Hi Fed Up! Thanks for that link also.
    Here’s an (unrelated) article you may like, concerning the aptly named Atrocity Propaganda…


  25. Hi dianedraytonbuckland, Thanks for the link but…
    Christ on a cracker!!
    Just as predicted, the election may not have been ‘rigged’ per se, yet with such a Kafkaesque, draconian, buerocratically aligned counting system, essentially it freakin’ WAS!
    Lost count of how many times Joel used the word “assumed” in reference to the counting process.
    This is straight out of the Robotdebt algorithm fraud playbook.
    And people naively assumed, that if they voted using much applied thought, put the majors last and used a pen their vote was recognised and airtight. Hah!

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  26. Hi daviddd2, Yep. From memory in my initial letter to Ed, O’Biden spent $19 mill.
    In reality they’re probably trying to get rid of stockpiled unused death shots.
    Then he’ll just pocket the $19 mill as he has with everything else.


  27. Hi Tim, Don’t worry, we have an abundance of guns…and *they* know it!


  28. Hi Fed Up!, re: “Woo woo news”….
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this link.
    I know many if not most will find this video difficult or impossible to comprehend, but for me it was this massive sense of relief connecting with the same shared level of consciousness.
    Loved every second… from the Donald’s intro, to the presentation on 5D (which I’ve always fully understood but can’t talk to others about), right through to the shape shifting at the end.
    I have witnessed many people shape shift over the years, (some had even been perceived friends!) and the only event more utterly terrifying is sleep paralysis when under psychic attack.
    Such are the burdens of spiritual consciousness.


  29. Would the wonderful, knowledgeable and articulate group of freedom fighters here like to look into Turning point Australia here about the ‘election’ and that the AEC have done nothing wrong.

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  30. Fed Up!… thanks for the great link:

    One case of monkey pox in the US and Biden has already managed to purchase millions of vax doses?

    He must have been tipped off by the vax merchants? And he already managed to get the vax despite the supply line problems the world is “experiencing”?

    It’s Gaslighting of a population even more demented than he is. WTF!!!!

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  31. tonyryan43: It’s interesting that so many people have still not figured out who runs the religious schismatics and fundamentalists from behind the scenes and for what purpose.

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  32. old kodger: “Put our efforts into restoring OUR Australia, It’s not theirs.”

    Too right, old kodge! Well said. If you can’t stand up for yourself and your family you deserve nothing, not even your own dignity. We don’t need to fear the bedwetters, they need to fear us.

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  33. Love it. Let’s do it. Can we also have guns?


  34. Click to access TheEricssonReportv1.0.pdf

    I think you might find this interesting while the fake election is occurring in this country

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    Woo woo news….even for some of you stuck mob. Some subjects here you may find interesting

    Remember to keep an open mind and if it does not register now, put it in the vault for later

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  36. Thanks tonyryan43, BOOM! haha.


  37. It is with great sadness that I find my prediction that Labour would win was in fact correct.
    With regard to a republican North Australia and then all the talk of where the line should be,why not just draw a line around ALL the government establishments (Canberra as a whole, and then all the seats of “power” everywhere else) and isolate THEM not us, we can do very well without them. Put our efforts into restoring OUR Australia, It’s not theirs.

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  38. I am not telling anyone what to think. Exactly the opposite. I said it is your future to own. Consensus ensures this. Leadership ensures the opposite.

    As for Bosi, he spelled out exactly what he wants. A religious autocracy, and if I interpret his US mates correctly, conforming to Texas Baptist edicts. if you want this, look forward to eternal war.

    This is easily resolved. Ask Bosi about his socio-religious beliefs.

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  39. Nothing like an election to make everyone panic.

    Wasn’t it the Murdoch media shills (including Sky) who painted Albanese as an extreme left fall off the cliff and I’ll be dammed not good enough leader?

    I thought the Daily Mail did a nice write up on him today.
    He was working class that’s for sure.
    His Mother had severe rheumatoid arthritis (or was it mould illness from living in Public Housing?)

    Working class, if I recall, was what Labor used to represent.

    Albanese was nearly killed in a car accident in 2021, and that gave his life a bit of a jolt.
    His wife left him, another moment to reflect.
    Each experience builds on who we choose to be.

    I think the ones who fooled us more were the Liberal party.
    The ‘trust me I wear blue’ Party.

    For now I’m just going to sit back and watch.

    When Albanese was casting his vote on Saturday he gave a curt reply to a media shill that he would change the way Government was done.
    Whatever that means.

    Today he doesn’t need the Green Rainbow party or the Teal Soros.
    He has the numbers.

    The only thing he does have is some really nasty sidekicks on the bench beside him.
    The school yard bullies.

    I don’t think Australians can look back now.
    Even the Queen has not stood by us.
    She could have easily corrected the wrongs.
    Or least mentioned them.
    She never did.
    The old hag.

    Neither do I think that Australia should be cut in two.
    Like North and South Korea.
    Australia needs to change from the inside.
    It has already started.

    If the Doctors and Scientists are correct about the outcomes of the Clinical trial mRNA junk that has been injected into most people, then by 10 years….we can look around and see who’s left.
    There might not be many.

    The world and it’s rulers always goes in cycles.
    Good Kings, Bad Kings.
    Then Good Kings again.

    I’m prepared to give Albanese the benefit of the doubt.
    Mainly because MSM said I shouldn’t.

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  40. Hi daviddd2, re: “I am not worried about it at all. I don’t give a rats what other people think of me”.
    BRAVO!! My sentiments exactly.
    And for those who persist in nasty castigation, denigration and spewing venom upon anyone who dares to try and enlighten, inform or simply hold a conflicting viewpoint…save it up for your eventual captors. You’ll need it.
    “Personal attacks are a weak person’s imitation of strength”.

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  41. So Tonyryan43,… why do we not need a leader? I agree we have too many now, but if we don’t have a leader or two, we will end up the same as now. There is always someone out there that wants to take it all… just like now.
    I like Riccardo Bosi.. he has his faults as do we all but he is a strong person who won’t take shit from you or anyone. Is this what you think makes him ignorant?
    And if it’s over your dead body… so be it.


  42. tonyryan43… Just stop laying down the law.. I am sure whoever is proposing the Northern Republic is far more knowledgeable than you are about what needs to be done. Furthermore I like Riccardo Bosi and it sounds to me like you in fact act like a megalomaniac, and not him.


  43. SunnyCoaster

    I echo what many others have said; many of us are just learning what a pack of lies and bs we have been told. This country has been stolen by the British from the originals, and now again by klaus schwab and his mates. I dont want to have anything to do with China though; we can do this ourselves and dont need anymore infiltration from the communists.


  44. On projected alliances with BRICS, we do not actually need any formal alliances. We already possess all resources to run a fully independent and self-sustaining economy, therefore we do not need to trade.

    Trade exposes a nation to trade embargoes and sanctions and we do not need this complication.

    The other “trade-off” is defence. Even the US Marines Corp is aware that Australia cannot be invaded militarily. The logistical problems are enormous, which is why Indonesia cancelled their planned 1975 invasion.

    Australia can only be conquered from within, which has been happening since 1973, and massively from 1975. We do need to protect our borders, but from imported diseases and foreign refugees. Believe me, there will be millions of these if we establish a genuine people’s government, as lyrically outlined by Abraham Lincoln. Government of the people, by the people and for the people.

    What we do not need is more leaders. Riccardo Bosi? Over my dead body. He is a megalomaniac and is without redeeming features. And he is also ignorant.

    Secession can make the globalists lose everything they have plotted for. It will not be long before refugees will flood the borders, heading north and the globalists will be left with the zombies. They are welcome to them.

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  45. Well Maz, they are not pro NWO – that’s why the West hates them.


  46. Maz Reynolds

    It does sound great but not sure of the alliance with China Russia etc. what do others think?


  47. Are we going to make a small enclave around Brisbane so they can keep their Socialist Gov. as they had the same lockdown masks etc.


  48. daviddd2 – I am not worried about it at all. I don’t give a rats what other people think of me.. I am true to myself and I am not here to live up to other peoples’ expectations. My family loves and values me and that’s all that matters.

    And I am used to being a loner.

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  49. Uncle Hucklebuck

    One more thang I would like to add on the monkey pox business – if you ever get any polka dot pox just wash with 0.05% Benzalkonium chloride solution and you will live, so don’t be scared folks.

    Also, if they fake a nuclear disaster, don’t take the free iodine pills those snakes would give out by mouth, either. Taking it thru mouth is like straight up poison and it damages your guts.
    So if you ever encounter a real nuclear disaster, the correct way is to paint the iodine solution on the skin of your knees. Remember this and tell everybody folks!

    Just don’t ever agree to be sent to concentration camps!


  50. Uncle Hucklebuck

    I would love to live with like-minded folks in Northern Republic of Australia.
    I’m really tired of all the illegals here in the US.
    I want to live with folks who share my Western values and traditions and way of life.
    So I don’t know about “dubai-style cities,” whatever that means.
    I don’t want to have anything to do with muslem cultures.
    I’m a follower of JESUS CHRIST.

    the nwo’s next plan is to say the martial law must be deployed because of another disease like this monkey pox business OR a (fake) nuclear attack by either russia or china. they would push the fake ideas that we need to take another (poison) shot OR their (poison) iodine pills, move into (slaughterhouse) fema camps because the land is (not) contaminated and such, but don’t ever fall for it again, it’s ALL FAKE, they just want to control us anyway they think possible with ALL KINDS OF LIES.
    Remember to say NO if they try to bring back the lockdowns and masks again!
    And most of all, say NEVER to mandatory jabs!


  51. Jen: ” So I am considered persona non grata… ”

    Consider yourself rather fortunate!!! Better to be alone than under the influence of morons.

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  52. Let us hope there is a legal challenge to this ‘Election’ which many claim is totally rigged/fraudulent/fixed. Any Australians who did vote for the Treasonous bastards LNP, ALP, Greens – you have condemned us all to permanent Government Tyranny/Totalitarianism under total control of WEF, WHO, UN, Globalists – you have destroyed our lives and our country.
    God save us because nothing else will.

    See Information Paper

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  53. Jen: “Why don’t you research BRICS first instead”

    Whereas Communism and Capitalism have been shown to have the same promoters and masters, and having subscribed to the Hegelian Dialectic for quite some time, I’m not quite 100% certain that BRICS is not one of the numerous vehicles being deployed for the purpose of promoting the global reset, i.e. Thesis v Anti-Thesis = Synthesis, or if you like… Capitalism v Communism = Globalism.

    Consequently, even though I have done the research, I’ll take it one step at a time and keep an eye out for confirmation either way..

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  54. Uncke Hucklebuck

    I can’t believe labor won but that just proves that it’s all rigged.
    I live in US but y’all got joe biden’d just like us.
    There is no left or right it’s just an illusion of choice they give us to keep us dumb happy and deceived. WHO is the one world communist satanist order and albo backs it just like scomo.
    Those satanist ruling class snakes are double-tongued, and they always play BOTH SIDES of the chessboard.
    And brics are NOT peaceful nations they are down right communist countries.
    poopin’ pootin is not fighting nazis he is only playing his part to bring in the one world digital currency called phoenix. Any economic sanctions against russia are actually against us, the people of the world, in an attempt to starve us by fake famine! So say NO to any digital money, use cash and switch back to flipper phones.
    And that musk dude is NOT fighting for our freedom of speech either, he is just turning twitter into the gates of hell called metaverse which is the digital prison for the braindead sheeple who would gladly take his Brain Machine Interface shot. So don’t ever take any more shot. That monkeypox business too is really a money-pox, an opportunity for fauci and gates of hell as well.
    But one thing is clear, those demons just can’t comprehend that they can NEVER top or up God – God already won and those demons will NEVER succeed in their evil ways.
    Don’t ever trust bought-&-paid-for lawyers, politicians, their nwo shill news/talk show hosts or billionaires who fund them. Don’t look for a hero among people like albo or scomo, most of them are slimy snake shills pretending to be people. The only true hero is Jesus Christ.

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  55. In 1992, I was explaining to my safari participants, while we ate and drank at Cooinda in Kakadu, that many residents of northern WA, NT, and Queensland of the 1880s wanted succession. I further said that many Territorians continued to believe this was the only route to freedom and prosperity.

    I was then approached by a delegation of local government officials from western NSW and Western Victoria, who assured me that their people felt exactly the same way. The wealth of their western regions, they said, was sucked up by coastal cities and they were fed crumbs.

    Having always held southerners in contempt, I was shocked. But having read this new call for secession I am speculating that a straight line may be inappropriate. Perhaps we need to contact some of the “southerners” for their views. It cannot do harm and it might just include adding rural wealth resources to the new Northern Australia.

    Oh, in case I have not made myself clear, count me in, New Australia, boots and all.

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    I partially understand what you are going through Janicew37

    My daughter and one son were given the choice, no jab of poison no job no mortgage no food for their not jabbed children.

    Interestingly my daughters partner, jabbed for the same reasons, rocked up Friday arvo to pick up the little bloke with aches after a hard day, due to more than half his workmates being off with the bug, opened the window yesterday morning and influenza, contrived PCR positive for whatever this morning.

    It’s a given, their bosses will be feeling our pain.

    Easy to say chin up Janice, but chin up, the good fight is coming.


  57. janicew37… Oh no, I am so sorry. I know my daughter thinks I am a bit over the top, but at least she doesn’t think I am completely nuts .. yet. They both got sick recently so they know it is the vaxxed driving all the infections and that it is not really a vaccine because it does NOT work. I have been into natural health for years, and whenever I bought stuff for myself I bought for them… which she complained about, too much stuff, nowhere to put it all. I told her she would thank me one day…. AND she did when they both got infected !

    The awful thing is that she will find out the hard way.. there is not much you can do. I have a couple of old friends from my teenage years, both live in NSW – both are jabbed to the max and both have very very serious side effects – one with seizures and aneurysm in brain and the other with lungs full of large clots – which they will NOT attribute to the jabs. So I am considered persona non grata… and they no longer want to talk to me.

    Liked by 1 person

  58. I would get her onto whatever would help but I am a conspiracy yheirist and don’t know what I’m talking about…😢


  59. daviddd2 – Why don’t you research BRICS first instead of taking the word of the commenter.. you may be surprised what you learn. These are all freedom nations.

    Liked by 1 person

  60. Brian Farrugia

    Sick of the corruption. Sick of the corporate government. Sign me up, I’m in!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  61. janicew37… I am with you… same age, and I am not afraid to go somewhere new and begin again if I can be free of the tyranny that has been our lot for the last 2 years… I would rather live my last years in freedom and experience again the Australia I grew up in. And I want my daughter and her partner to have that too. They might even have a child if they lived in a place like that… here, there is no hope for kids, some of whom are being jabbed without parental consent.

    I am sorry about you daughter, you must get her on spike detox supplements. My daughter remains unvaxxed thank God, I would be so distraught if she had taken the shots. Her partner however is double vaxxed for his job, but he is on many supplements to mitigate a lot of the damage and so far so good.


  62. Valid point, australianaristocrat!

    “Take Back Australia …”

    As appealing as the idea appears at first sight, in reality it would ultimately translate more into a case of “Give Away Half of Australia”.

    That’s until they get around to the other half and wrench that New Haven away too, even more easily according to the “divide and conquer” principle of fracturing the victim’s defences.

    Be careful what you wish for, folks.

    Liked by 2 people

  63. “The sooner we break away from being ‘managed’ by the multinationals and those “in power” , the better.”

    You can run but you won’t have anywhere to hide. You think they won’t come after you because of some arbitrary “border” you declare? The global money merchants don’t recognise any borders.

    Liked by 2 people

  64. Jen: “David… The arseholes don’t want what we want”

    True, but unlike our forefathers, if today we are more wired for flight than fight perhaps that leaves us with no real options but to turn the other cheek. Somehow it strikes me as a course of last, rather than first, resort.

    Liked by 1 person

  65. australianaristocrat

    This is an extremely concerning article. The BRICS is not a friendly organisation. It has Rothschilds fingers all over it. China is communist, communism still lingers in Russia who is using Israel to infiltrate and subvert The West, India has many similar issues The West has, Brazil also, and South Africa is also somewhat communist, not to mention genocide against Whites is openly stated there. Breaking up countries is also a Rothschild/Pharisaic agenda. They are trying to break up America, which will obviously weaken America, whilst China, Russia, and Israel stay intact. They want to weaken The West from the inside. How about we strengthen The West from the inside by working our backsides off and fixing our institutions. There are no easy fixes here, but nothing worth having comes easy.

    Liked by 1 person

  66. I for one would divide myself from those money hungry, backstabbing, suckeruperers of Chinese bum because I don’t want to live my life like the poor bastards in the USA and we all know that albanese won’t be in the seat for very long before penny Wong and her cohorts stage another coup… don’t want to go another round with them…. Or see them run the WHOLE country into the ground.
    We have on,y swapped one arsehole for another……
    I’m in my mid 70’s and nobody knows how long they have on this earth, but I don’t want to live with more… and worse to come under this new government or the other crap one…..of what we have over the past couple of years.
    I don’t want to see my daughter getting anymore of the jabs because she feels she’s doing the right thing by her sick husband.
    If you want to live like that … you are more than welcome to stay where you are.


  67. Dream on – it’s a great idea but will never happen.
    After yesterday’s farce, we showed ourselves yet again to be a nation of brainless morons.

    Liked by 2 people


    Agree wholeheartedly daviddd2.

    Why divide our people for those ass wipes.

    For me the most satisfying part of ABC’s election night was at close, with Antony Green acknowledging the low first preference votes for Labor and Liberal, the end of two party preferred that has been rammed down people’s throats by MSM since time immemorial.

    Learning is a step by step process.

    Between now and the next Federal election I feel uneducated and habitual voters need to be repetitively drilled on how to put the major parties last on the ballot paper.. When on a good thing stick to it.

    Old habits die hard, Crabb couldn’t help herself thinking out loud, the rise of their quickly pigeonholed Teals, was because of climate change and Lbqmxgrstuvpm issues.

    Albo Unofficial declared the winner on the night, with ABC showing most electorates from 40 to 65% counted at midnight’s close of business and 2.7 million postal votes uncounted, said in a few days he is off to Japan to conduct business.

    While Australia is in caretaker mode, before the new government is appointed?

    When can seats be legally declared?
    • A seat has never been legally declared in the first few days following election day
    • To declare a seat formally the margin in the contest has to be bigger than the total of votes potentially left to be counted
    A mandatory secondary count of every ballot paper has to occur before a formal declaration

    Click to access letter-to-the-prime-minister-and-leader-of-the-opposition-counting.pdf

    Labor and Liberal last night had a taste of the Tsunami that is approaching, they cannot run they cannot hide.

    Liked by 1 person

  69. Veronica Griffin

    Sounds fanteastic and realistic! The sooner we break away from being ‘managed’ by the multinationals and those “in power” , the better. Let’s get back to the real Australia we knew 25 years ago.


  70. Wow! I fully support this and would move to the region without a thought.

    How can I help?

    Warm regards


  71. betty mac… I am half way through my 7th, and I want to go ! I don’t like the humidity much either, but there is such a thing as aircon you know… go for it Betty! I want my daughter and her partner to go, and I know she won’t leave me behind… What an adventure!


  72. I love, love ,love this concept…bring it on!
    However, in my 8th decade I can’t take the humidity and heat of the New Northern Republic so will slog it out under the corrupt lot we have here.


  73. Lets do it ASAP!!!!


  74. David… The arseholes don’t want what we want, they are lining up their own children for the vax and they will continue to line up themselves. Good luck trying to convince them because they are totally brainwashed. Its sad, but true.


  75. We live in NSW, but we would head north in a flash!


  76. I love this idea. Bring it on.


  77. My wife and I live in Airlie Beach and relate totally to the concept of northern Australia breakaway, possibly with Pauline Hanson as the first PM. Keep it going forward….


  78. What? We should abandon half our wonderful country to the arseholes? Just like that?
    I don’t think so. Not before we stand up for what we believe in, thanks!

    We don’t need smart cities! We need a smarter population with some guts and love of Australia and our kids.

    Liked by 2 people

  79. Wow this sounds awesome, I want to move back to Queensland


  80. Wait for me…


  81. When can I start packing !! I would move up there for sure..


  82. I agree – another bunch of commies.


  83. Oh….. and get rid of coles and woolworths


  84. There would have to be a lot of amendments and laws reinstated, I would think……. And certain peoples evicted, or jailed would be even better…


  85. Bring it on ASAP! I cannot bear to live in this WHO country anymore with their NWO agenda to enslave us.


  86. And don’t forget to reinstate a second amendment: the right for all citizens to bear arms.

    Liked by 1 person

  87. I have never been for a republic but after what I have discovered about the queen and members of her family over the past five years, I am all for it now. I think it’s a great idea.
    Would love to see Riccardo Bosi as leader of this new republic because he has great ideas and he is strong enough to achieve them.
    We will surely see a big flood of people relocating to the areas you listed.
    Bring it on, I reckon!


  88. ill immigrate to it no problems, ive had enough of this totalitarian communist crap here in vic

    Liked by 1 person

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