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Pro-freedom Kiwis cheer as WEF puppet poster girl Ardern resigns

Bye bye charming little “international socialist” Jacinda. No doubt your faithful, mask-clad commie supporters (below) will be crying in their cereal today.

THE poster-girl of woke international socialism and globalism, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, has announced that she will resign in February.

Arden’s departure is being cheered by tens of thousands of Kiwis fed up with her sly efforts to turn the country into some sort of dystopian model state for the World Economic Forum. But media and politicians including Australian PM Anthony Albanese and Treasurer Jim Chalmers this week heaped praise upon her worthy of a saint. New Zealand’s Opposition National Party Leader Christopher Luxon had no words of tribute when questioned by the media about the resignation.

Brietbart in the US summed up the reaction: “The authoritarian left went into overdrive celebrating Ardern even in quitting on Thursday, praising her alleged “humility,” “strength,” (she just quit her job because it was too hard), and “grace.” The Associated Press cited her “health-driven” coronavirus response — which featured KFC smuggler arrests, orgy jokes, and an admission she wanted to make citizens who disagreed with her second-class — as a highlight of her tenure and praised her as an “inspiration to women.”

Ardern pushed the leftist WEF agenda as hard her spin-doctoring media allowed her to. She “oh so compassionately” demonized farming, the country’s economic backbone, with the notorious fart tax on animals, which in effect will burden many holdings to the extent of making them uneconomic. On the social front she ended the country’s restrictions on abortions and championed every feminist, LGBTQ and radical leftist “indigenous rights” cause.

Ardern’s partner, Clarke Gayford a radio and TV broadcaster by profession. About a year ago New Zealand magazine Uncensored claimed he was caught in a cocaine bust and was “well-known as a buyer of recreational drugs”. Police denied he had been charged but rumours persisted about him being in home detention with an ankle bracelet.

A very dark episode was the Ardern Labor Government’s response to a false flag mass shooting in Christchurch in March 2019, involving an Israeli-trained intelligence operative Brenton Tarrant, raised in the New South Wales regional city of Grafton. Videos live streamed by Tarrant clearly showed him shooting blanks from a military automatic at Muslims in a Mosque, while media screamed it was an actual shooting. The videos went viral but Ardern imposed a draconian law threatening 14 years’ prison for anyone caught posting them.

Ardern used the event as a “show of compassion for the Muslim community”, whose population has exploded in the multicultural model state. She donned a black hajib to mourn with the alleged victims and the international media credited her with “unifying the country”. Of course, who would dare criticise her open-door immigration policy now that a major immigrant group had been targeted by a “white supremacist” who published a bizarre manifesto.

This event was also used to justify an Ardern campaign to monitor and censor social media. In the wake of the shooting her government and police met with Facebook representatives who had been sent to New Zealand to collaborate with the so-called “nonprofit Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT)”. This apparatus was also used to attack the “anti-vaxxers” and “disinformation peddlers” who were exposing her draconian national lockdown and mRNA vaccine pushing.

Just this January, nearly three years on from the Christchurch event, Ardern’s thought police sprung into action when New Dawn magazine published a story about Brenton Tarrant’s strange background. (The story did not appear in the Australian edition of the magazine.), Ardern’s media fan club, stirred up an instant campaign to have the magazine pulled from shelves and succeeded.

This same media, filled with Ardern acolytes, has relentlessly railed against the country’s freedom movement and alternative media as represented by Counterspin Media, Voices for Freedom and others, labeling them “dangerous conspiracy theorists”. They even singled out candidates in the country’s council elections last year, who they tagged as secretly harbouring conspiratorial beliefs.

Ardern was propelled into NZ Labor Party politics through a scholarship provided by the NZ Freemasons and travelled to England to work for fellow globalist and socialist British Prime Minister Tony Blair. That was just before Ardern became president of the International Union of Socialist Youth which took her on to meetings in China and other locations to push the global communism cause.

Ardern became in fact the model young feminist revolutionary of global socialism. Some have speculated that she is transgender because of video footage showing an extrusion where one shouldn’t be. Whatever, good riddance. Globalism is on the nose and so are its shills, like Ardern. She and her handlers probably know it, too.

Dr. Matt Shelton exposes the dismantling of long standing ethical structures in New Zealand under COVID-19 regime

He said: “The European journal of epidemiology has just proved that vaccination rates are unrelated to COVID case numbers.”

“Waterford, In Ireland, has just announced the highest case numbers in the country in the face of a staggering 99.7% vaccination rate. No doubt the other 0.3% will be to blame… My vaccine won’t work until you have yours, really?”

Kiwi church leaders defy Ardern’s threats to vaccinate or face a $15k fine

Pastor Carl Bromley recently confronted cops in Christchurch, inviting them to arrest him. The cop (centre) told Bromley they were there to “educate him about Covid 19”. He said he was already well educated and being “educated by police” about state ideology was the mark of totalitarian regimes.

A FEISTY Kiwi pastor has told Jacinda Ardern and her Labor Party vaccination cabal to shove their shots and get their noses out of church business. Ardern is threatening to fine church leaders $15,000 if they are not vaccinated by December 3.

Pastor Carl Bromley of the Life Connection Missionary Baptist Fellowship in Christchurch says Ardern has crossed the line of respect between church and state. Ardern’s socialist-fascist regime is also trying to silence another high-profile and outspoken pastor, Brian Tamaki, who has been loaded with onerous bail conditions on charges of breaching so-called health orders by running a protest rally.

Ardern’s corrupt Covid cabal primarily includes her “nice guy” chief health bureaucrat Ashley Bloomfield, Covid 19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins, and Health Minister Andrew Little. Just like the Australian state premiers and their Covid cabals, these sad specimens of Kiwi political corruption follow orders from above e.g. the WHO, the global banks, big pharma and the Fauci-Gates-Rockefeller operation.

They have dug themselves into a hole of blind obedience to a corrupt narrative and they have no alternative but to dig deeper in the hope that the populations will follow them into the dystopian hell they are creating.

The slick and slimy Hipkins says he expects children aged five to 11 to start being vaccinated before the end of January, based on the notoriously compromised US FDA giving Pfizer the go ahead for five to 11-year-olds, subject to New Zealand approval from their regulator Medsafe.

Ardern claims she won’t push vaccination for children, but protesters across the country are making their distrust of her “promises” known, forcing her to cancel her appearances at country vaccination centres. Ardern’s next PR project will be her marriage over Christmas to her spin doctor husband Clarke Gayford.

The media will fall over themselves portraying this “oh so lovely event” in the seaside city of Gisborne as almost the equivalent of a royal wedding. Ardern’s circle of leftie supporters in the international media will be on to it as well. But will it be a public relations coup that leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of the many Kiwis destroyed by lockdowns, fines and now coerced vaccination.

The protests of pastors Bromley and Tamaki and others like megachurch pastor Peter Mortlock, touch upon the fundamental battle for the rights and freedoms that Ardern is systematically destroying on behalf of her globalist masters.

Whether or not you agree with Bromley’s hard-line theology, freedom of religion, speech and thought are essentially the same thing, hence their inclusion in the US Constitution’s First Amendment. They are also fundamental to English common law in the English Bill of Rights 1688 and international law.

The right at common law to informed consent to medical treatment is based on the law of trespass ie you have the right to bodily integrity free from uninvited threats and assault from individuals or the state. This is also recognised in the Nuremberg Code.

“I’ve got a message for Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins, Ashleigh Bloomfield, Andrew Little and any other of their cronies: Get your noses out of God’s business. God has a message for them from His word: God is not mocked,” Bromley announced on a YouTube message below. He went on to accuse Ardern and company of shaking their fist at God and said this would induce divine judgment.

“So you can take your legislation, you can take your mandate and you can take a flying leap. And I suggest you pull your head in, otherwise you’re going to find yourself coming up against a judgment from God that you are just not prepared for … $15,000 fine for not taking a jab? You can go and take a flying leap because this pastor, this man of God is not bowing down to your tyranny, your evil, nor your ungodliness.”

Tamaki, the outspoken head of a South Auckland’s Destiny Church, told the New Zealand Herald he would rather “live in dangerous freedom than live in peaceful slavery”.

On Twitter he posted: “So a segregated, divided NZ is just around the corner with The Vaxxed No Vaxxed divide. We have been conditioned for some time now in the workplace, shops, businesses, services and among our own families. Is this what we want NZ? Is this the future for our kids?”

Mortlock, despite his megachurch’s corporate charity status with wages paid by the government, supported Tamaki’s recent protest and referred his congregation to the website of the organisers, the Freedom and Rights Coalition. “I was asked to be involved in it way back and I’ve taken a back seat in it, but enough to say if you want to go I just want to let you know about it. I think sooner or later we are going to have to make a stand – a stand for our rights, the way our freedoms are being stripped away.”

What makes it difficult for Tamaki, Bromley and Mortlock is that other churches are playing ball with the tyranny while a large, apathetic segment of the population simply go along with their mainstream media’s blatant lying and falling for Ardern’s sickly “charm”.

Bromley recently held a service in defiance of the country’s so-called “alert level 4” which bans gatherings outside of households. A YouTube post of a confrontation between Bromley and police was removed “for medical misinformation” – a code for Ardern’s censorship of anti-government information.

New Zealand’s NewsHub service made the following comment about anti-vaccine protests that would be laughable if it were not serious: “Some anti-lockdown activists have compared New Zealand’s restrictions to the horrific Nazi regime of the 1930s, but there are marked differences between the two.

“While the Government’s alert level 4 regulations are designed to stop people falling ill and dying from COVID-19, the Nazi Party actively sought to marginalise, imprison and exterminate groups it deemed undesirable, particularly Jews and political dissidents.”

‘Caring, sharing’ Ardern turns back on vaccine victims and grabs more power

Some of the protesters Jacinda Ardern and her corrupt cohort are running from.

From NZ Sources
NEW Zealand’s Covid dictator Jacinda Ardern doesn’t care if fellow Kiwis die from mRNA vaccines. The “compassionate” International Socialist and close friend of Bill and Melinda Gates and Hillary Clinton, is not listening to the family members of those who died or were seriously injured by vaccines because in the world of Ardern and her World Economic Forum handlers, such people don’t exist.

Like her fellow leftist totalitarian Dan Andrews of Victoria, Ardern also has the help of a largely adoring national and international media who ask softball questions and then run away to report her predictable responses and those of the corrupt, compromised health bureaucracy.

Also like Andrews, Ardern is grabbing more power for her ruling cabal, pushing through in a mere 24 hours legislation to override NZ’s Bill of Rights 1990 and curb the freedoms of the unvaccinated – the so-called Covid-19 Response (Vaccinations) Legislation Bill to enact the so-called ‘traffic light system’ from December 3rd.

The new laws allow businesses and groups to introduce vaccination mandates among their staff ahead of the new Covid-19 Protection Framework starting in December. It’s the same totalitarian garbage being pushed through by Andrews and jurisdictions worldwide and has been condemned by the Human Rights Commission, Parliamentary Speaker Trevor Mallard and university law professors.

After the recent protests across the country, Ardern told reporters she had no intention of going to see the protestors, and would not recognise their demands. “What we saw today was not representative of the vast bulk of New Zealanders so actually, my message would be to them [the vaccinated], and it would be to say thank you – thank you for being vaccinated, thank you for doing what it takes to look after one another. What we saw today wasn’t reflective of you and of New Zealand.”

But “looking after one another” apparently means people have to suffer debilitating injury or even death, as highlighted on one of the protest placards carried by a woman whose sister died after her vaccination.

On social media a woman named Michelle Geange said she personally experienced the side effects from the “clot shot”. “I had blood clots in legs, travel to heart and lungs, three rounds of CPR plus electrical stimulation to bring me back. While in hospital I grudgingly agreed to first shot. Am ‘due’ for second in a few days. I don’t want it, I’m scared of dying again and not coming back next time.”

The good news is that Ardern’s alleged popularity is plummeting and she has had to cancel public appearances because of growing protests.

In Northland Ardern was continuously heckled and shut down an outdoor media briefing when a so-called “non accredited reporter” asked if she knew the name of a young woman in hospital fighting for her life after suffering vaccine injuries.

Also in Northland, protest leader Billy TK junior has not gone away and online harassment is teaming up with Gareth Icke, son of David Icke and a leader of the massive UK protest movement that is now being seen as more an anti-Great Reset movement.

Ardern’s big land grab plan just adds fuel to growing NZ populist revolt


A MASSIVE “velvet glove” private land grab planned by Jacinda Ardern’s socialist regime in New Zealand has sparked a massive push-back across the country. On June 10 some 2000 landowners and community members in the country’s far north rallied outside the offices of the Far North District Council after a 193km convoy and march (hikoi) from the North Island’s northern tip.

And in the Southland and West Coast provinces, a farmers’ group called Groundswell has held an incredible 85 local protest meetings exposing Ardern’s neo-Marxist/Agenda 20-30 attempt to give government total control over privately held land through so-called Significant Natural Area declarations (SNAs).

The mapping designates areas of “environmental significance” and will put heavy restrictions on what can ""be done with the land in the future. That’s generally what any environmentalist legislation does when it comes to private property, which is to be abolished under the Agenda 21/20-30 global takeover.

The Far North District Council recently sent some 9000 letters to residents warning that up to 100 percent of their private property would be considered an SNA. Understandably, thousands of Kiwis are not buying the communistic plan pushed by their oh-so charming Prime Minister who once led the Socialist Youth International group – a nursery for the future leaders of the communist-fascist new world order technocracy.

The Far North protest prompted the regional council’s mayor John Carter to fly off to Wellington to meet Associate Minister for the Environment James Shaw and do some sort of deal to hose down all the public anger. But Shaw, a Green Party ideologue who envisages a “post-carbon New Zealand” where the bureaucratic elite drive Teslas and the general population pedal around on solar-powered bicycles, can’t bear the thought of people actually not liking SNA declarations.

Shaw then put his foot in his mouth, calling the Southland farmer group “a group of Pakeha farmers from down south”. It was a cheap grab at leftist identity politics. You could even call it racism. On the West Coast, three district mayors, a regional council chairman and two local Maori group chairmen wrote to Shaw opposing the SNA process. They expressed disappointment at receiving “generic response letter” in return.

Media reports on the far north protest did their best to ignore Northland resident Billy Te Kahika, who built a national populist protest movement in the lead-up to the October 2020 NZ election. Te Kahika fielded 60 candidates under the Advance New Zealand Party banner. The movement’s Facebook page received 5.3 million views. Social media tracker CrowdTangle said the figures were stunning in a nation of just 4.85 million people.

Yet in the election Advance NZ candidates including Te Kahika bombed terribly. Advance NZ was expected to win several seats, but Ardern won even more seats, raising suspicions that she had the covert “technical support” of the global Dominion-Scytl-ES&S electronic election network currently being exposed in the US election investigations.

Ardern’s Labour Party socialists, working through the country’s regional councils and under the thumb of massive China (CCP) business investment in the country, already exercise heavy control over private business and other activities through the regional council network and their “resource consent” approval process.

“Significant Natural Area” sounds all very “environmentally sensitive” but would set the precedent for a complete government control of New Zealanders’ private property. This velvet-glove socialist revolution would accord with the “Great Reset” plan of the World Economic Forum and its advertised 2030 future when “You will own nothing but be happy”.

Presumably the actual Minister for the Environment David Parker was too busy to deal with the protest, as he is also the Attorney General, Minister for Trade and Export Growth, Minister for Economic Development, and incidentally, MP for Otago.

Parker was Attorney General under the socialist zealot Helen Clarke but was forced to resign after being caught lodging false documents at the Companies Office. But Parker, like a number of other NZ Labour Party politicians caught breaking the law, escaped prosecution. There’s a certain “old boys network” in Kiwiland that seems to work well for the Labour Party.

Was this the same “old boys network” that runs the Freemasons scholarship that shoehorned Arden into political studies and work with the rabid globalist and former UK prime minister Tony Blair? Ardern, in cahoots with YouTube, recently took down 13 years of videos by leading alt media voice Vinny Eastwood, who frequently hosts Billy TK Jnr on his shows and played a major role in the 2020 election campaigning.

Eastwood was devastated by the brazen theft of his work, but continues to broadcast via AmericanFreedomradiotv and Twitch@VinnyEastwood.

Jacinda ‘Jack’ has been reading from Michelle Obama’s script


Most readers by now would accept it is difficult to shock hardened Cairnsnews editors and contributors but this Youtube clip says it all.

A more difficult question arises. How did she have a baby? The NZ Prime Minister is not only a modern Marxist, but wears the crown of a medical miracle.

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