Ardern’s big land grab plan just adds fuel to growing NZ populist revolt


A MASSIVE “velvet glove” private land grab planned by Jacinda Ardern’s socialist regime in New Zealand has sparked a massive push-back across the country. On June 10 some 2000 landowners and community members in the country’s far north rallied outside the offices of the Far North District Council after a 193km convoy and march (hikoi) from the North Island’s northern tip.

And in the Southland and West Coast provinces, a farmers’ group called Groundswell has held an incredible 85 local protest meetings exposing Ardern’s neo-Marxist/Agenda 20-30 attempt to give government total control over privately held land through so-called Significant Natural Area declarations (SNAs).

The mapping designates areas of “environmental significance” and will put heavy restrictions on what can ""be done with the land in the future. That’s generally what any environmentalist legislation does when it comes to private property, which is to be abolished under the Agenda 21/20-30 global takeover.

The Far North District Council recently sent some 9000 letters to residents warning that up to 100 percent of their private property would be considered an SNA. Understandably, thousands of Kiwis are not buying the communistic plan pushed by their oh-so charming Prime Minister who once led the Socialist Youth International group – a nursery for the future leaders of the communist-fascist new world order technocracy.

The Far North protest prompted the regional council’s mayor John Carter to fly off to Wellington to meet Associate Minister for the Environment James Shaw and do some sort of deal to hose down all the public anger. But Shaw, a Green Party ideologue who envisages a “post-carbon New Zealand” where the bureaucratic elite drive Teslas and the general population pedal around on solar-powered bicycles, can’t bear the thought of people actually not liking SNA declarations.

Shaw then put his foot in his mouth, calling the Southland farmer group “a group of Pakeha farmers from down south”. It was a cheap grab at leftist identity politics. You could even call it racism. On the West Coast, three district mayors, a regional council chairman and two local Maori group chairmen wrote to Shaw opposing the SNA process. They expressed disappointment at receiving “generic response letter” in return.

Media reports on the far north protest did their best to ignore Northland resident Billy Te Kahika, who built a national populist protest movement in the lead-up to the October 2020 NZ election. Te Kahika fielded 60 candidates under the Advance New Zealand Party banner. The movement’s Facebook page received 5.3 million views. Social media tracker CrowdTangle said the figures were stunning in a nation of just 4.85 million people.

Yet in the election Advance NZ candidates including Te Kahika bombed terribly. Advance NZ was expected to win several seats, but Ardern won even more seats, raising suspicions that she had the covert “technical support” of the global Dominion-Scytl-ES&S electronic election network currently being exposed in the US election investigations.

Ardern’s Labour Party socialists, working through the country’s regional councils and under the thumb of massive China (CCP) business investment in the country, already exercise heavy control over private business and other activities through the regional council network and their “resource consent” approval process.

“Significant Natural Area” sounds all very “environmentally sensitive” but would set the precedent for a complete government control of New Zealanders’ private property. This velvet-glove socialist revolution would accord with the “Great Reset” plan of the World Economic Forum and its advertised 2030 future when “You will own nothing but be happy”.

Presumably the actual Minister for the Environment David Parker was too busy to deal with the protest, as he is also the Attorney General, Minister for Trade and Export Growth, Minister for Economic Development, and incidentally, MP for Otago.

Parker was Attorney General under the socialist zealot Helen Clarke but was forced to resign after being caught lodging false documents at the Companies Office. But Parker, like a number of other NZ Labour Party politicians caught breaking the law, escaped prosecution. There’s a certain “old boys network” in Kiwiland that seems to work well for the Labour Party.

Was this the same “old boys network” that runs the Freemasons scholarship that shoehorned Arden into political studies and work with the rabid globalist and former UK prime minister Tony Blair? Ardern, in cahoots with YouTube, recently took down 13 years of videos by leading alt media voice Vinny Eastwood, who frequently hosts Billy TK Jnr on his shows and played a major role in the 2020 election campaigning.

Eastwood was devastated by the brazen theft of his work, but continues to broadcast via AmericanFreedomradiotv and Twitch@VinnyEastwood.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Jacinda Ahern is a tranny, likely mates with Obama’s tranny wife. Don’t forget that Ahern gave NZ$Millions to Hillary on her way to get AU$2Billion from Turnbull who took it out of Aussie Treasury. What’s happened to Turnbull? Gone very quiet n the media


  2. crisscross767

    HSBC Collateralized Dominion Voting System’s Patents
    By: CD Media – November 23, 2020

    The story is developing…

    ………….In September of last year, HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation), a major UK bank, collateralized the patents of Dominion Voting Systems Incorporated for some type of security arrangement. The transaction was done through its office in Toronto, Canada.

    The transactions are interesting as there seems to be a web of interesting data points involving the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth regarding the massive voter fraud committed against the American people and President Trump on November 3rd.

    We have no information that HSBC did anything illegal and are making no accusations of criminal activity. We are simply pointing out UK involvement in our elections.

    CDMedia will release more information as we receive it on this development…………..


  3. crisscross767

    Your Vote is an Illusion – The Ultimate Vote-Rigging Demonstration

    This is a composite of segments from several videos on computerized vote machines showing that, not only can they be programmed to rig the count, but that is what they were designed to do. Bev Harris, founder of a voter watchdog organization called, invites Benny Smith, a computer programmer to demonstrate how, using only a laptop computer, he can access the vote-counting computer systems in every precinct in the United States and control the outcome for every candidate and ballot proposition. ……………..”


  4. The Pākehā should be very wary of this uprising, the Maori have already proven that they can wear down and defeat white people . they are intrinsically warlike as has been proven by the fact that the celebrated ” Captain Cook” randomly slaughtered the aborigine in Australia, but was forced to sign an agreement with the Maori.
    Incidentally, I would be described as a Pākehā!


  5. I think Jacinda Adhern is a communist not just a socialist. Sounds nicer if you say socialist doesn’t it .’The land grab, thank ICLEI for that Yes they have been working at it for years. Who gave our local councils permission to sign up our land our country to a globalist agenda ? Neither should we forget The Fabian Society does not want us to own land privately. That explains why they are doing away with common titles.
    Who gave our regional councils permission to sign up to a globalist agenda. Now Agenda 25/30. How many people are working at this ? They are not showing allegiance to Australia.
    Some time ago there were about 198 branches or local governments , world wide, signed up to this agenda , which I think are illegal anyway.
    I never voted for anyone to sell us out to the UN or the WHO, or the New World Order .I would bet most of you did not either. But here we are caught in a bloody big web. There is a lot of talk going on , but what difference are we making ? Most people I know , do not want to know. I have been called a conspiracy theorist . I am sorry to say it is much more than a theory.
    Look up ICLEI , New Zealand is on the list. Also Australia and the New World Order.who gave our so-called leaders permission to sign our country up to that >We talk about Dictator Dan, what about Morrison and the UN and Who. and his private conversations with Bill Gates ? I would love to go back to normal , but that looks along way away.


  6. Pardon my cynicism, surely that isn’t what is happening here in Queensland with the Labor Party’s Gov’ legislating that ALL documents guaranteeing you own your own Home were cancelled on 1st October 2019, or maybe?


  7. The land grab is because it was set as collateral on the loans made to criminal international banks. Clinton did the same with certain natural areas in the US states.


  8. Why am I not surprised that there is a fear that maybe there was corruption in the Election. The Deep State are well know for their ability to cheat and lie to obtain beneficial results. I was surprised when she won the election, even from Australia. Here I have my doubts about recent state elections in WA, Queensland and Victoria. The NWO, 2030 mob, are dead keen on ruling the world and beginning with the elimination of the mass of deplorables! Keeping them alive is obnoxious to them and serves their purpose well to eliminate the through this bullshit covid19 nonsense.Having visited New Zealand I can see the Bay of Island area would suit the elite’s rich lifestyle . A few islands where they could escape and engage in their favourite pedo activities, unhindered. Entertaining the rich and famous from where ever.


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