Pro-freedom Kiwis cheer as WEF puppet poster girl Ardern resigns

Bye bye charming little “international socialist” Jacinda. No doubt your faithful, mask-clad commie supporters (below) will be crying in their cereal today.

THE poster-girl of woke international socialism and globalism, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, has announced that she will resign in February.

Arden’s departure is being cheered by tens of thousands of Kiwis fed up with her sly efforts to turn the country into some sort of dystopian model state for the World Economic Forum. But media and politicians including Australian PM Anthony Albanese and Treasurer Jim Chalmers this week heaped praise upon her worthy of a saint. New Zealand’s Opposition National Party Leader Christopher Luxon had no words of tribute when questioned by the media about the resignation.

Brietbart in the US summed up the reaction: “The authoritarian left went into overdrive celebrating Ardern even in quitting on Thursday, praising her alleged “humility,” “strength,” (she just quit her job because it was too hard), and “grace.” The Associated Press cited her “health-driven” coronavirus response — which featured KFC smuggler arrests, orgy jokes, and an admission she wanted to make citizens who disagreed with her second-class — as a highlight of her tenure and praised her as an “inspiration to women.”

Ardern pushed the leftist WEF agenda as hard her spin-doctoring media allowed her to. She “oh so compassionately” demonized farming, the country’s economic backbone, with the notorious fart tax on animals, which in effect will burden many holdings to the extent of making them uneconomic. On the social front she ended the country’s restrictions on abortions and championed every feminist, LGBTQ and radical leftist “indigenous rights” cause.

Ardern’s partner, Clarke Gayford a radio and TV broadcaster by profession. About a year ago New Zealand magazine Uncensored claimed he was caught in a cocaine bust and was “well-known as a buyer of recreational drugs”. Police denied he had been charged but rumours persisted about him being in home detention with an ankle bracelet.

A very dark episode was the Ardern Labor Government’s response to a false flag mass shooting in Christchurch in March 2019, involving an Israeli-trained intelligence operative Brenton Tarrant, raised in the New South Wales regional city of Grafton. Videos live streamed by Tarrant clearly showed him shooting blanks from a military automatic at Muslims in a Mosque, while media screamed it was an actual shooting. The videos went viral but Ardern imposed a draconian law threatening 14 years’ prison for anyone caught posting them.

Ardern used the event as a “show of compassion for the Muslim community”, whose population has exploded in the multicultural model state. She donned a black hajib to mourn with the alleged victims and the international media credited her with “unifying the country”. Of course, who would dare criticise her open-door immigration policy now that a major immigrant group had been targeted by a “white supremacist” who published a bizarre manifesto.

This event was also used to justify an Ardern campaign to monitor and censor social media. In the wake of the shooting her government and police met with Facebook representatives who had been sent to New Zealand to collaborate with the so-called “nonprofit Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT)”. This apparatus was also used to attack the “anti-vaxxers” and “disinformation peddlers” who were exposing her draconian national lockdown and mRNA vaccine pushing.

Just this January, nearly three years on from the Christchurch event, Ardern’s thought police sprung into action when New Dawn magazine published a story about Brenton Tarrant’s strange background. (The story did not appear in the Australian edition of the magazine.), Ardern’s media fan club, stirred up an instant campaign to have the magazine pulled from shelves and succeeded.

This same media, filled with Ardern acolytes, has relentlessly railed against the country’s freedom movement and alternative media as represented by Counterspin Media, Voices for Freedom and others, labeling them “dangerous conspiracy theorists”. They even singled out candidates in the country’s council elections last year, who they tagged as secretly harbouring conspiratorial beliefs.

Ardern was propelled into NZ Labor Party politics through a scholarship provided by the NZ Freemasons and travelled to England to work for fellow globalist and socialist British Prime Minister Tony Blair. That was just before Ardern became president of the International Union of Socialist Youth which took her on to meetings in China and other locations to push the global communism cause.

Ardern became in fact the model young feminist revolutionary of global socialism. Some have speculated that she is transgender because of video footage showing an extrusion where one shouldn’t be. Whatever, good riddance. Globalism is on the nose and so are its shills, like Ardern. She and her handlers probably know it, too.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. No need to celebrate, folks, the cretin that’s taking Jacks place says he wants to chase people and inject them with his hypodermic needles. lol From the fire into a frying pan, eh


  2. Who will be the next one to read the ” tea leaves”?

    Justin perhaps …


  3. A Government is always “elected” on the basis of THE POPULACE KNOWING its leader! When the LEADER of the ruling Government resigns, so should the Government. It must ALWAYS be a trigger for a prompt election.

    It’s unreasonable that electors end up with a government led by someone who is NOT of their choosing .


  4. But… She does say Good Bye …

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  5. And look what Catturd found in his litter box. OH NO!!! Jacinda’s replacement has popped.


  6. good riddance to bad rubbish , The stench will take generation,s to dissipate. her place in hell is assured, along with It,s scum founder Scab on a pus Schwab


  7. but the next one taking over will start nice and then will turn up the volume of left woke BS.. Corruption will follow unfortunatly


  8. It’s got a face a dog wouldn’t lick


  9. See comment below please…


  10. She may have been the mighty^ (Hmm) covid fighter, but she looks like she has AIDS, as payment…


  11. This tranny wants to be remembered for her “kindness”!. What?


  12. Catturd has acknowledged Jacinda’s resignation

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  13. If Albanese thinks Ardern was a great leader and friend then he’s no better. If not worse, he’s at least a character with very poor judgement that has no role deciding the fate of anyone, let alone “leading” them into stupidity and oblivion.

    Be gone, untrustworthy fool.

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  14. It’s a huge relief to see her go.
    How much more damage could she have inflicted?
    NZ is broken.
    The kiwi spirit of neighbourliness was replaced with suspicion and judgement, and is still spurred on by a controlled media.

    Dual citizen kiwi Dan Wootton (@danwootton) on twitter
    sums up what many feel and has ‘no regrets for speaking out against Ardern’.

    Finally, the ‘Be Kind’ tyrant is gone.

    Then there is the response by the Australian PM Albo which was telling.
    Has he been living under a rock?
    Her ‘reign of fear’ was not good leadership.
    If that was good leadership, then what manual is our PM reading from?

    Ardern will likely be back though.
    She surely earned her stripes under Globalist bulldog standards.
    Her ‘tank’ is only temporarily empty.
    An ambitious Socialist doesn’t give up that easily and certainly not when they have made so much progress in the destruction of Democracy.
    She’s just handing on the baton.

    Was Ardern asked to go next level Luciferian?
    If so, maybe it was just a step too far for her.
    To see and do what they see and do.
    Did her conscience awaken as it has in others who have testified to it?
    They too were left rattled.

    At the very least, NZ must hold Ardern and her gang of thieves to account.
    And quickly, before she takes on a new role, or disappears into yonder.

    We will never forget.

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  15. Wow!! Can’t wait for her to go

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  16. Lest we forget. Jacinda ‘your gov’t is your sole source of truth’ Ardern at full spate on the vaxx rollout he ran on our fellow ANZACS.

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  17. That ” thing ” will be looking over its shoulder for a long time

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  18. She will now have time go for joy flights on her broom along with fellow lefty dictators,I.E Julia Gillard & Glady,s beer and chickenlian. good riddance when they fly on their broom,s to Canada for an orgyfest with Turdeuo

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  19. So having fkd New Zealanders for life, he’s going to get a PM pension for life, not to mention maybe even an ambassadorship or a senior corporate post somewhere?

    Is that how it works?

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  20. no mp in aust and nz were compelled to take the jab outrageous!

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  21. Minion whore… The people will not forget

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  22. and forcing the poison on the people of the remote islands of Tokelau – they’ve never even had cvd there. Her father, Ross Ardern was Tokelau commisioner.


  23. Rosaleen&Ted French

    Thank God. The sooner the better.

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  24. Jesus advised us to pray for our leaders and enemies … dear God of GOODNESS please help our leaders and enemies return to goodness and your truth , and everyone else too


  25. Looking at the keynote speeches from Klaus and Guterres at the WEF Conflab this year, it is not difficult to see why, it is time for Jacinda to exit the political stage. It is time.

    What is just ‘not in the tank’ is task and purpose – which he has achieved for his political masters.

    The 2020 Global Pandemic they called the ‘Deadly SARS-MERS Cov-2, nouvelle Corona Virus’ was the greatest Hoax of all time – it had a survival rate of 99.9%. It was so deadly that you had to have a PCR test to know you had it. This Bull Shit has now circled the drain and taken the plunge.

    Then there was the 2021 vaxx roll-out as the Global Solution to the Global Pandemic. Jacinda ‘your gov’t is your single source of truth’ Ardern pumped that CoVID Narrative for all it was worth. He locked down the entire NZ population over one positive CoVID case and did a hard vaxx roll-out, coercing the NZ population into injection with a bio-tech spike protein / bioweapon. Creation of a social caste system based on vaxx status stands as one of his enduring achievements.

    Whereas prior to 2020 there was no epidemic in NZ, now Vaxx Acquired Immuno-Deficiency (VAIDs) and Prion disease/s are a growing epidemic. The Health Crisis of the Vaxx [with hundreds of pages of adversities / side effects] is the new normal and it is coming not going. SIDS now covers not just vaxxed infants but children, teens and adults in prime of life. The Big Jew msmedia whorejobs are working up a sweat convincing us that it is perfectly normal for teenage boys playing sport to have heart attacks and strokes. It is just another football injury.

    The WEF 2023, however, is moving past all that. They have not even acknowledged this trail of destruction and ongoing genocide their globalist assets in government [ like Jacinda and ScoMo ] were tasked with initiating. The WEF is now onto Green Tech, Green Transformation, Africanization of Europe, permanent climate lockdowns and the role of smart cities in the control grid they are constructing through many agencies. [ Russia is a world leader here in biometrics and central bank digital currecy] CoVID is just so yesterday. The WEF is moving on. And now so must Jacinda. He has been excellent value for getting NZ onto the United [Communist] Nations operating platform for Agenda 2030. Now he been given his stage direction – exit.

    For the Kiwis who will miss Jacinda and that smirk: Never Fear, NZ will get a new WEFie before you know it.

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  26. FYInterest John. XXOO



  27. Jacinda Adern and Helen Clarke are by far New Zealand’s worst traitors. When Adern resigns, she will likely ‘do a Clarke’ and disappear into the UN to collect her reward. Clarke was promised the position of Secretary General of the UN if she played her cards right, but was suckered with a series of fall-back positions. Adern, too, will find no loyalty in the corrupt UN.

    Kiwis who are keen on justice had better make their move before Adern jumps ship.

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  28. Given its horse-face, one might suspect it’s ungelded.

    In any case, in a perfect world, the sequel should feature conviction and summary execution of this demonic caricature of a cross-dressing human.

    Kiwis are FAMILY. Having had to watch what this abomination has done to our brothers and sisters in New Zealand over the past three years, this is personal – NO AMNESTY.

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  29. Never had any backbone or Sprite. “Totally mind manipulated.” May she acquire all the side effects of the killer vax / boosters if she had any, if not she can still stand in line to get her killer JAB…

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  30. That ain’t no girl.

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