Bye bye charming little “international socialist” Jacinda. No doubt your faithful, mask-clad commie supporters (below) will be crying in their cereal today.

THE poster-girl of woke international socialism and globalism, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, has announced that she will resign in February.

Arden’s departure is being cheered by tens of thousands of Kiwis fed up with her sly efforts to turn the country into some sort of dystopian model state for the World Economic Forum. But media and politicians including Australian PM Anthony Albanese and Treasurer Jim Chalmers this week heaped praise upon her worthy of a saint. New Zealand’s Opposition National Party Leader Christopher Luxon had no words of tribute when questioned by the media about the resignation.

Brietbart in the US summed up the reaction: “The authoritarian left went into overdrive celebrating Ardern even in quitting on Thursday, praising her alleged “humility,” “strength,” (she just quit her job because it was too hard), and “grace.” The Associated Press cited her “health-driven” coronavirus response — which featured KFC smuggler arrests, orgy jokes, and an admission she wanted to make citizens who disagreed with her second-class — as a highlight of her tenure and praised her as an “inspiration to women.”

Ardern pushed the leftist WEF agenda as hard her spin-doctoring media allowed her to. She “oh so compassionately” demonized farming, the country’s economic backbone, with the notorious fart tax on animals, which in effect will burden many holdings to the extent of making them uneconomic. On the social front she ended the country’s restrictions on abortions and championed every feminist, LGBTQ and radical leftist “indigenous rights” cause.

Ardern’s partner, Clarke Gayford a radio and TV broadcaster by profession. About a year ago New Zealand magazine Uncensored claimed he was caught in a cocaine bust and was “well-known as a buyer of recreational drugs”. Police denied he had been charged but rumours persisted about him being in home detention with an ankle bracelet.

A very dark episode was the Ardern Labor Government’s response to a false flag mass shooting in Christchurch in March 2019, involving an Israeli-trained intelligence operative Brenton Tarrant, raised in the New South Wales regional city of Grafton. Videos live streamed by Tarrant clearly showed him shooting blanks from a military automatic at Muslims in a Mosque, while media screamed it was an actual shooting. The videos went viral but Ardern imposed a draconian law threatening 14 years’ prison for anyone caught posting them.

Ardern used the event as a “show of compassion for the Muslim community”, whose population has exploded in the multicultural model state. She donned a black hajib to mourn with the alleged victims and the international media credited her with “unifying the country”. Of course, who would dare criticise her open-door immigration policy now that a major immigrant group had been targeted by a “white supremacist” who published a bizarre manifesto.

This event was also used to justify an Ardern campaign to monitor and censor social media. In the wake of the shooting her government and police met with Facebook representatives who had been sent to New Zealand to collaborate with the so-called “nonprofit Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT)”. This apparatus was also used to attack the “anti-vaxxers” and “disinformation peddlers” who were exposing her draconian national lockdown and mRNA vaccine pushing.

Just this January, nearly three years on from the Christchurch event, Ardern’s thought police sprung into action when New Dawn magazine published a story about Brenton Tarrant’s strange background. (The story did not appear in the Australian edition of the magazine.), Ardern’s media fan club, stirred up an instant campaign to have the magazine pulled from shelves and succeeded.

This same media, filled with Ardern acolytes, has relentlessly railed against the country’s freedom movement and alternative media as represented by Counterspin Media, Voices for Freedom and others, labeling them “dangerous conspiracy theorists”. They even singled out candidates in the country’s council elections last year, who they tagged as secretly harbouring conspiratorial beliefs.

Ardern was propelled into NZ Labor Party politics through a scholarship provided by the NZ Freemasons and travelled to England to work for fellow globalist and socialist British Prime Minister Tony Blair. That was just before Ardern became president of the International Union of Socialist Youth which took her on to meetings in China and other locations to push the global communism cause.

Ardern became in fact the model young feminist revolutionary of global socialism. Some have speculated that she is transgender because of video footage showing an extrusion where one shouldn’t be. Whatever, good riddance. Globalism is on the nose and so are its shills, like Ardern. She and her handlers probably know it, too.