No epidemic in NZ prior to 2020, now Vaxx Acquired Immuno-Deficiency (VAIDs) and Prion diseases are a growing epidemic

By Lyndesy Symonds

What is just ‘not in the tank’ is task and purpose – which he has achieved for his political masters.

The 2020 Global Pandemic they called the ‘Deadly SARS-MERS Cov-2, nouvelle Corona Virus’ was the greatest Hoax of all time – it had a survival rate of 99.9%. It was so deadly that you had to have a PCR test to know you had it. This Bull Shit has now circled the drain and taken the plunge.

Ardern exits politics and NZ is cheering. Ardern is the worst PM since Helen Clarke, but the WEF disciple has done untold damage to the population

Then there was the 2021 vaxx roll-out as the Global Solution to the Global Pandemic. Jacinda ‘your gov’t is your single source of truth’ Ardern pumped that CoVID Narrative for all it was worth. He locked down the entire NZ population over one positive CoVID case and did a hard vaxx roll-out, coercing the NZ population into injection with a bio-tech spike protein / bioweapon. Creation of a social caste system based on vaxx status stands as one of his enduring achievements.

Whereas prior to 2020 there was no epidemic in NZ, now Vaxx Acquired Immuno-Deficiency (VAIDs) and Prion disease/s are a growing epidemic. The Health Crisis of the Vaxx [with hundreds of pages of adversities / side effects] is the new normal and it is coming not going. SIDS now covers not just vaxxed infants but children, teens and adults in prime of life. The Big Jew msmedia whorejobs are working up a sweat convincing us that it is perfectly normal for teenage boys playing sport to have heart attacks and strokes. It is just another football injury.

The WEF 2023, however, is moving past all that. They have not even acknowledged this trail of destruction and ongoing genocide their globalist assets in government [ like Jacinda and ScoMo ] were tasked with initiating. The WEF is now onto Green Tech, Green Transformation, Africanization of Europe, permanent climate lockdowns and the role of smart cities in the control grid they are constructing through many agencies. [ Russia is a world leader here in biometrics and central bank digital currecy] CoVID is just so yesterday.

The WEF is moving on. And now so must Jacinda. He has been excellent value for getting NZ onto the United [Communist] Nations operating platform for Agenda 2030. Now he been given his stage direction – exit.

For the Kiwis who will miss Jacinda and that smirk: Never Fear, NZ will get a new WEFie before you know it.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The Japanese government is publicly announcing its plans to downgrade CoVID to the same level of threat as seasonal flu. This is to the same level of threat (not a high consequence infectious disease : hcid) where it was in the UK in March 2020 and where it was on the official UK government website throughout the ‘global CoVID pandemic’ – you know, the one with the tik toking medics, overflowing ICUs and morgues. THAT pandemic.

    This plan by the Japanese government, now being made public, is in response to Dr. Masanori Fukushima’s warning Nov 25, 2022. Dr. Fukushima is an oncologist, infectious disease expert and professor emeritus of the Foundation of Biomedical Research and Innovation. Kyoto University.

    He stated for public record calling upon the government to immediately disband the ‘ridiculous’ Vaccine Causality Evaluation Committee. “The harm caused by vaccines is now a worldwide problem” and that “given the wide range of adverse events billions of lives could ultimately be in danger.”


  2. Han Barkmeyer, Have you ever seen any Big Pharma criminals go to jail? No it is like the Banksters, they never go to jail… Same for the Damn Military warmongers, in the 5 eyes countries…


  3. daviddd2, No the sheeple will not feel stupid, they are all Lobotomized… No sense no feeling…


  4. aapkoning said – “Bretten, they all must hang, and die slowly…While being conscious…”

    I’m personally in favour of the old English tradition of drawing and quartering – but that’s just me. Just so long as it’s all nice and legal-like, and done in the best possible taste – we wouldn’t want to see Smirk lose his smirk, after all.

    Of course, that’s just to provide an example for the benefit of the paying public – nothing that we could possibly do will compare in the slightest to the eternal torment that they will experience at their Final Destination.

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  5. Han Barkmeyer, you have been on respite mister?
    Re: Ardern, she had an increase in banksters FIAT money deposit, and she look like she has AIDS… Feel sorry for the Satanic-Bitch…


  6. Bretten, they all must hang, and die slowly…While being conscious…


  7. Pat, imagine if 2 or 3 or more high profile Court judges/magistrates (High, Federal, Supreme, District whatever) had protested the unlawfulness of the mandates back in 2020 and early 2021.

    But they didn’t, they must have felt the need to protect the BAR.

    If the BAR members expose the deceit inherent in mandates and more-so the Admiralty-Maritime law scam, then the gig is up. They’ll be figuratively ripped to shreds by the public. The judiciary was one of the 3 main groups to exempt their ‘industry’ from mandates. The other 2 groups were politicians and the upper levels at Unis. Some did get vaxxed however, the highest profile injury was a own-goal by ex-Hellth Minister Greg Hunt. I don’t know if he has disowned the mRNA toxins as yet.

    Hunt’s injury seems to indicate some even in those circles didn’t know what was really happening. Same goes with most doctors & nurses up until about half way through 2021. After that I don’t believe they could be that naïve. They all need to give evidence in a Nuremberg 2.0 trial at least.

    To one of the points of Lyndesy’s story above, there are some serious health damages coming down the road. There’s a repair process we will eventually need to face as a community.

    Who is going to pay for that?

    The costs needs to be shouldered by all of us. But the main burden should be financed by family trusts set up by politicians, judiciary, doctors, media personalities who partook in this scam. Their trusts need to be frozen and allocated to public health repair. Channel 7’s David Koch, as the biggest pusher of this plandemic, is the one to keep an eye on.

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  8. Jacinda is a she not a he (as defined by birth).
    We have seen her in your youth as leader of the ‘’Young Socialists’.
    She was a she then.

    There is a video circulating where she was probably wearing an ‘accessory’ down there, to stir up peoples sensibilities.
    One can clearly see the accessory was held by her hips.
    You can tell by the smirk on her face when she did ‘that walk’ along the corridors of
    NZ Parliament that she was getting off on it.
    A dare? Or a ritual perhaps?
    Some say the video was doctored, I say she was probably enjoying the swing between her legs.

    By calling her a he, it discredits the rest of the truth.
    This was just an evil ‘woman’ (as once defined by birth).

    What she/her likes to see ‘herself’ as now, nobody cares.


  9. Hi Pat,

    Han Barkmeyer said – “Based on the evidence, Pfizer had the responsibility to immediately cancel and withdraw the “vaccine”.”

    Sorry Pat, I didn’t say that, I was just quoting that article. I should have put my comment in quotation marks to make that clear. I always use quotation marks when quoting, but forgot about it this time.

    This is also an interesting short video about eugenicist Bill Gates who wants everyone on the planet vaccinated with his kill shots.
    Vaccines were the best investment he ever made, he is saying in that video. For every $1 invested he gets a $20 return and the kill shots will get rid of 90% of the world population according to Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Vice President of Pfizer and co-founder of Doctors for COVID-19 Ethics.

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  10. Han Barkmeyer said – “Based on the evidence, Pfizer had the responsibility to immediately cancel and withdraw the “vaccine”.”

    Your sentiment is spot on – but there’s a huge fly in the ointment that hasn’t registered for most people yet (and for many if not most, probably never will), namely that the FDA and CDC and whoever else (eg, the Australian TGA) might normally be involved in the licensing and regulating a medicinal “vaccine” actually had nothing to do with the contracts (plural) to develop, manufacture and deliver these fake “vaccine” bioweapons.

    It was all “play acting”, a smoke and mirrors show just to convince all of us that everything was above board and therer was “nothing to see here, folks”.

    The US DoD owns the all the contracts, and they own all the fake “vaccine” bioweapons. It was their bioweapon program all along.

    That’s why there’s been no actual regulation or halt to the so-called “vaccine” rollout despite millions of people dropping dead and millions more being permanently injured etc. It was never the place of any regulatory agency to control the fake “vaccines” in the first place, because they were never “medicines” – they’ve ALL just been PRETENDING to keep the sheeple on side.

    There has ALREADY been a court case in the USA where Pfizer got off scot-free despite not doing the testing and monitoring that everyone thought that they should be required to do. Their defense – their SUCCESSFUL defense – was that their contracts only required them to manufacture and deliver the fake “vaccine” bioweapons to the US DoD, and NOTHING MORE. That’s ALL that the contracts required of them.

    It all makes perfect sense in hindsight as to WHY none of the regulatory agencies actually stepped in and put a stop to the genocide. They’ve ALL just been PRETENDING to give a rat’s arse about the fake “vaccines” – there’s never been any legal requirment for them to do ANYTHING, nor do they even have any AUTHORITY to intervene, because the fake “vaccines” AREN’T “vaccines”, they are BIOWEAPONS developed and manufactured UNDER CONTRACT for delivery to the US DoD.

    If you think that’s bad – it is.

    It’s a GENOCIDE PROGRAM, folks. Always has been, ever since they secretly started developing and patenting all of this Corona Chan and bioweapon shit many years ago.

    Now consider – various agencies within the Australian state and federal governments refuse to back down, they just keep right on doubling down. They are STILL PUSHING THIS GENOCIDAL BIOWEAPON SHIT onto the Australian population, especially our elderly and children, and health care workers and so on. AND they’re moving to inject all the LIVESTOCK with this BIOWEAPON POISON as well.

    This is WHOLESALE TREASON, DEMOCIDE AND WAR CRIMES committed by just about EVERY level of governance across Australia, INCLUDING the frigging ARSEHOLES in big corporations – especially the retail chains – and right across the entire MAINSTREAM MEDIA. They are ALL IN ON IT. Those BASTARDS in the TGA are in on it too – we can be quite sure that those mongrels have all taken their thirty pieces of silver to stand back and watch us all DIE, as has the ENTIRE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT.

    It bears stating – ALL the guilty parties AVOIDED any coercion or mandate to get injected with these BIOWEAPONS. That’s the dead GIVEAWAY as to who was IN ON IT right from day one. If any of the TRAITORS allegedly got their injection – rest assured, THEY DIDN’T, all they got was a harmless saline solution.

    This is EXISTENTIAL, folks. Right now, we DON’T HAVE A COUNTRY, it has been comprehensively HIJACKED by an international crime syndicate run by F*CKING PSYCOPATHS and legions of TRAITORS who intend to kill all of us, and they’ve even installed a bunch of private hired Gestapo mercenary armies in every state and territory to HELP THEM DO IT.

    One thing that ABSOLUTELY needs to be shouted from the rooftops across the country – NO AMNESTY. As Commo John so ably articulated – this battle we now find ourselves in is for EVERYTHING – for THE LOT.

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  11. The Editor ,

    Cairns News,

    Dear Sir,

    I recently said to Jonathon Eisen Editor of Uncensored,

    The price for treason is Rope not Resignation.


    Ray Hayward

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  12. Video: Pfizer’s “Secret” Report on the Covid Vaccine. Beyond Manslaughter. The Evidence is Overwhelming. The Vaccine Should Be Immediately Withdrawn Worldwide

    The following video interview with Prof. Michel Chossudovsky pertains to the Confidential Pfizer Report released as part of a Freedom of Information (FOI) procedure.
    The report is a bombshell. The vaccine was launched in mid-December 2020. By the end of February 2021, “Pfizer had already received more than 1,200 reports of deaths allegedly caused by the vaccine and tens of thousands of reported adverse events, including 23 cases of spontaneous abortions out of 270 pregnancies and more than 2,000 reports of cardiac disorders.”

    This Confidential Pfizer Report provides data on deaths and adverse events recorded by Pfizer from the outset of the vaccine project in December 2020 to the end of February 2021, namely a very short period (at most two and a half months).
    The data from mid-December 2020 to the end of February 2021 unequivocally confirms “Manslaughter”. Based on the evidence, Pfizer had the responsibility to immediately cancel and withdraw the “vaccine”.

    Pfizer’s Worldwide marketing of the Covid-19 Vaccine beyond February 28th, 2021, is no longer an “Act of Manslaughter”.
    Murder as opposed to Manslaughter implies “Criminal Intent”.

    Pfizer’s Covid 19 Vaccine constitutes a Criminal Act. From a legal standpoint it is an “Act of Murder” applied Worldwide to a target population of 8 billion people.
    What is contained in Pfizer’s “confidential” report is detailed evidence on the impacts of the “vaccine” on mortality and morbidity. This data which emanates from the “Horse’s Mouth” can now be used to confront as well formulate legal procedures against Big Pharma, the governments, the WHO and the media.
    Video: Interview with Caroline Mailloux, Lux Media: Prof. Michel Chossudovsky on the “Secret” Pfizer Report Puts Forth a Strategy and Legal Procedure to Confront Big Pharma with a view to Withdrawing the Covid-19 Vaccine Worldwide

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  13. “I wouldn’t get caught up in the 2 party rubbish whether ‘left’ or ‘right’ they are ALL COMPLICIT”

    100% !!!!! They all eagerly pushed the same crap without any reservation, except for the odd brave souls.

    We just need to figure out how to stop them next time. Getting away with it scott free will only encourage more of the same criminal abuse .

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  14. I wouldn’t get caught up in the 2 party rubbish whether ‘left’ or ‘right’ they are ALL COMPLICIT in the murder of hundreds of thousands .. probably millions .. that Arden bloke is gone another 5 will replace it ..

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  15. Got to wonder if the sheeple who fell for the scam are feeling a lil stupid at this stage? Or maybe a lil angry? Might even demand some accountability and damages from the fraudsters maybe?

    Life sentences would be a good start given the egregiousness and massive scale of deceit! Resignations and quality family time are not adequate solutions. Justice demands much more!

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  16. Nuremberg 2.0 = good idea. Low hanging fruit first, namely the doctors and nurses who thought it fine to stab people with mRNA neuro-toxins as noted by Karen Kingston, Sasha Laytpova, Katherine Watts, Reiner Feullmich, Dr David Martin to name a few.

    Then the rest, the AMA, TGA, AHPRA, Pharmacists, and all politicians who to this day have not spoken out against the bio-weapon. There should be a special court for the media who promoted this crime against humanity these last 3 years. The only exception is probably Karl Stefanovich who has shown caution and spine in pushing back.

    As a side note, next week (25 Jan 2023) marks the 2 year end date for the mRNA trial. What are the chances the snakes in the system will declare the project a success. Watch the media, sorry snakes, for the next sign of another psy-op, eg a new variant coinciding with China having just opened its borders.

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  17. Prof. Bhakdi predicted this would happen in 2020.
    No one listens to the real experts.

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  18. A Nuremberg 2.0 equivalent, (that doesn’t let anyone escape from it like they did in WW2 version), is the only way forward for accountability and anything close to justice for all the criminals.

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