Kiwi church leaders defy Ardern’s threats to vaccinate or face a $15k fine

Pastor Carl Bromley recently confronted cops in Christchurch, inviting them to arrest him. The cop (centre) told Bromley they were there to “educate him about Covid 19”. He said he was already well educated and being “educated by police” about state ideology was the mark of totalitarian regimes.

A FEISTY Kiwi pastor has told Jacinda Ardern and her Labor Party vaccination cabal to shove their shots and get their noses out of church business. Ardern is threatening to fine church leaders $15,000 if they are not vaccinated by December 3.

Pastor Carl Bromley of the Life Connection Missionary Baptist Fellowship in Christchurch says Ardern has crossed the line of respect between church and state. Ardern’s socialist-fascist regime is also trying to silence another high-profile and outspoken pastor, Brian Tamaki, who has been loaded with onerous bail conditions on charges of breaching so-called health orders by running a protest rally.

Ardern’s corrupt Covid cabal primarily includes her “nice guy” chief health bureaucrat Ashley Bloomfield, Covid 19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins, and Health Minister Andrew Little. Just like the Australian state premiers and their Covid cabals, these sad specimens of Kiwi political corruption follow orders from above e.g. the WHO, the global banks, big pharma and the Fauci-Gates-Rockefeller operation.

They have dug themselves into a hole of blind obedience to a corrupt narrative and they have no alternative but to dig deeper in the hope that the populations will follow them into the dystopian hell they are creating.

The slick and slimy Hipkins says he expects children aged five to 11 to start being vaccinated before the end of January, based on the notoriously compromised US FDA giving Pfizer the go ahead for five to 11-year-olds, subject to New Zealand approval from their regulator Medsafe.

Ardern claims she won’t push vaccination for children, but protesters across the country are making their distrust of her “promises” known, forcing her to cancel her appearances at country vaccination centres. Ardern’s next PR project will be her marriage over Christmas to her spin doctor husband Clarke Gayford.

The media will fall over themselves portraying this “oh so lovely event” in the seaside city of Gisborne as almost the equivalent of a royal wedding. Ardern’s circle of leftie supporters in the international media will be on to it as well. But will it be a public relations coup that leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of the many Kiwis destroyed by lockdowns, fines and now coerced vaccination.

The protests of pastors Bromley and Tamaki and others like megachurch pastor Peter Mortlock, touch upon the fundamental battle for the rights and freedoms that Ardern is systematically destroying on behalf of her globalist masters.

Whether or not you agree with Bromley’s hard-line theology, freedom of religion, speech and thought are essentially the same thing, hence their inclusion in the US Constitution’s First Amendment. They are also fundamental to English common law in the English Bill of Rights 1688 and international law.

The right at common law to informed consent to medical treatment is based on the law of trespass ie you have the right to bodily integrity free from uninvited threats and assault from individuals or the state. This is also recognised in the Nuremberg Code.

“I’ve got a message for Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins, Ashleigh Bloomfield, Andrew Little and any other of their cronies: Get your noses out of God’s business. God has a message for them from His word: God is not mocked,” Bromley announced on a YouTube message below. He went on to accuse Ardern and company of shaking their fist at God and said this would induce divine judgment.

“So you can take your legislation, you can take your mandate and you can take a flying leap. And I suggest you pull your head in, otherwise you’re going to find yourself coming up against a judgment from God that you are just not prepared for … $15,000 fine for not taking a jab? You can go and take a flying leap because this pastor, this man of God is not bowing down to your tyranny, your evil, nor your ungodliness.”

Tamaki, the outspoken head of a South Auckland’s Destiny Church, told the New Zealand Herald he would rather “live in dangerous freedom than live in peaceful slavery”.

On Twitter he posted: “So a segregated, divided NZ is just around the corner with The Vaxxed No Vaxxed divide. We have been conditioned for some time now in the workplace, shops, businesses, services and among our own families. Is this what we want NZ? Is this the future for our kids?”

Mortlock, despite his megachurch’s corporate charity status with wages paid by the government, supported Tamaki’s recent protest and referred his congregation to the website of the organisers, the Freedom and Rights Coalition. “I was asked to be involved in it way back and I’ve taken a back seat in it, but enough to say if you want to go I just want to let you know about it. I think sooner or later we are going to have to make a stand – a stand for our rights, the way our freedoms are being stripped away.”

What makes it difficult for Tamaki, Bromley and Mortlock is that other churches are playing ball with the tyranny while a large, apathetic segment of the population simply go along with their mainstream media’s blatant lying and falling for Ardern’s sickly “charm”.

Bromley recently held a service in defiance of the country’s so-called “alert level 4” which bans gatherings outside of households. A YouTube post of a confrontation between Bromley and police was removed “for medical misinformation” – a code for Ardern’s censorship of anti-government information.

New Zealand’s NewsHub service made the following comment about anti-vaccine protests that would be laughable if it were not serious: “Some anti-lockdown activists have compared New Zealand’s restrictions to the horrific Nazi regime of the 1930s, but there are marked differences between the two.

“While the Government’s alert level 4 regulations are designed to stop people falling ill and dying from COVID-19, the Nazi Party actively sought to marginalise, imprison and exterminate groups it deemed undesirable, particularly Jews and political dissidents.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The only people allowed guns, murders and violence are the gangs in NZ. I have a feeling that the government is protecting them to use them at a later date; perhaps in rounding up the unvaccinated or when there is a civil war where moslems in NZ rise up against whites. There’s already been 2 cases of a m9slem going on a bloody rampage with a knife and critically injuring several whites..only one case got publicity. In USA there is talk online of a certain day coming when all the moslems they’ve been importing since 2007, will be given a signal and go on a bloody rampage to kill whites. Probably Europe and Britain too. Most Maori gang members would love to be given free licence to murder whites.


  2. Otis Spunkmeier

    Good on them . We very worried about the Tooth Fairy rushing through legislation and fine tuning the laws to suit her narrative. She is destroying NZ economically , socially and most of all morally . But it still surprises me to see how blind an anally-willing majority of people are to this behaviour . The police are all tough on your law-abiding citizens but totally flacid against gangs , actually spineless also .
    Can’t wait for this whole narrative to collapse in on this regime .
    Despicable communist bastards !


  3. They were held across the country today and more next weekend. Ed


  4. Just a couple of weeks ago a handful of people turned up for the worldwide
    ‚Stand in the Park Movement‘. Last Sunday we counted 80 and were able to
    attract 400 for a public gathering. Our goal is to share information such as what we read here. We distribute flyers, and communicate with other groups. We achieved that the Mareeba Council formally requested
    the Qld State Government to reconsider implementing mandates. Our group participates in all rallies around the Cairns/Port Douglas/Tableland area.
    I urge everyone to start up or support
    like minded groups. The clock is ticking


  5. Amen…ive been praying to find a pastor that refuses the devils poison!
    God knows his children!


  6. See very little difference myself. Admittedly one took place 70 years ago in Germany whereas what’s happening now is taking place in NZ. Apart from that difference, it all seems strikingly comparable to me :
    Eg “actively sought to marginalise, imprison and exterminate groups it deemed undesirable, particularly the unvaccinated and political dissidents.”


  7. Clemenceau Boxcorner

    We are witnessing the establishment of the Fourth Reich.


  8. Taking a stand for truth requires courage, but when truth lives inside you, there is no other choice.

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  9. The accounts have been removed of the links regarding the US Federal Judge ruling.

    They were ordered to release 500 pages per month and there are circa 327,000 pages (taking some 54.5 years at that pace). The applicants requested that a specific portion be released by March 2022 and to included up to a specific date in their documents.
    The ruling will be made 14th Dec, until then 500 per month, which is better than nothing for 55 years.

    This is supposedly just to redact patient names etc. A large institute like the FDA can surely put a marker pen through more than 500 pages per month (17 pages per day).
    However, ‘at least’ 500 per month are going to come out, the first of which are already extremely damning. Looking at still births, miscarriages and breastfeeding transmission is enough to ban it’s use on pregnant women immediately. It’s the same with all the other problems and deaths it’s causing, but then this was never really about health.



  10. I noted the subtle calling (twice). A very desperate measure from a man of God, as these are very desperate times.



  11. Editir: can you please advise me as to how to reply to comments? There is no reply button..I’m using a smartphone, (broke my laptop.)
    Thank you.


  12. 1.1% risk reduction from a “vaccine” that DOESN’T provide immunity and DOESN’T prevent transmission? And that’s worth a $15k fine for not getting one? lol Ardern must be on steroids.

    “The true efficacy of the two vaccines for the general public, using data supplied by the vaccine makers to the FDA, shows the Moderna vaccine at the time of interim analysis demonstrated an absolute risk reduction of 1.1%, while the Pfizer vaccine absolute risk reduction was 0.7%. That is very poor.”

    “As Doshi notes, none of the trials were “designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome such as hospital admissions, use of intensive care, or deaths. Nor are the vaccines being studied to determine whether they can interrupt transmission of the virus.” Moderna’s chief medical officer even admitted that, “Our trial will not demonstrate prevention of transmission.”


  13. To Lex Stewart
    Where did you post the booklet “The Case for for Fundamental Rights in Australia” – 1988 by Barrister Terry Shulze? I can’t find it anywhere, not here nor on!


  14. Ask Ardern to visit Jacqui Lambie, she will fix him up. Jacqui says she like ’em well hung.


  15. Unfortunately Newswars has little information about the judge, in what country and what did he rule? Ed


  16. This is definitely one reason to give Vaccine Mandate Exemption to Church Leaders on Religious Grounds. Even though no one should ever get this Experimental Gene therapy Bioweapon Jabs 100% for the Pfizer Comirnaty Boosters.

    Christmas is going to be one of the worse Christmas on record, based on how many will end up in Emergency Department, ICU or end up being dead from the jab. It is going to destroy families that’s a fact.

    I watched Paramedics and Nurses Whistle-blowers, really exposing what is happening to the Elderly after receiving both jabs, young adults and Children. There is going to be at least 7,000 Nurses, Doctors and Paramedics be on leave with out pay until they are fired in NSW. I liked what one Nurse said “No Point in listening to the Science if can not be discussed”


  17. BREAKING!!!!

    Pfizer and FDA ordered to release docs by federal Judge. Rejects plea for 55 year suppression request.

    First dump of files proves this is a massive crime. No doubt more to come.
    This is going to end the whole farce, I can’t see how they can continue, though I’m not breaking out the champagne yet. It seems like excellent news though. 🙂 Alex Jones all over it.


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  18. Looks to me like Ardern is in need of some education herself.


  19. Yeah Isaac Scomo and his handlers are destroying what is left. Ed


  20. Just a few points to be reminded of: Ardern is and has always been a Socialist. She was leader of the young Socialists Party, and groomed by an ex NZ PM now in the UN Helen Clarke.

    Ardern’s buddies including Chris Hipkins are in old photos way back when they gathered their dreams of running NZ their way.
    The Chief Health Officer Ashley Bloomfield has a history with WHO. Maybe it was before the underhanded version of the International Health Regulations in 2016 signed off under GAVI’s watchful eye, but either way, he still sings to their songsheet loud and clear.

    NZ alledgedly has at least 7000 in their ‘Lodge’ of Politicians, Judiciary, Law Enforcement and Medicine….but who is counting?

    A beautiful Countryside but a dark underbelly (if you count the historical 1970’s network of paedophilia that has existed for years).

    It is good to see these Christian Ministers take a stand in NZ.
    That is their job, to be a “Shepherd to their sheep’ according to their faith.
    With the wolves circling, their cry has gone out.
    Who will follow their lead this Country?

    Nothing like a crisis to work out who is who.

    Presenting random Legislation to stop discrimination of all faiths from Catholics, to Christian Scientists, to Muslims to Mormons to Luciferians means nothing but the support of a One World Religion.
    The PM of this Country yet again shows his NWO hand.
    Only fools believe a lie twice.


  21. Contrary to popular opinion there were no death camps in Germany or Poland that were run by the Germans. Countless scientific studies testify to this fact. Furthermore it was jewish -bolshevism, ie communism that was the evil party, no different to today.


  22. Sheep are more intelligent than humans.

    Open the gate and they p-ss bolt through.

    Humans line up 1.5 metres apart, scan their own concentration camp number, nod to each other for self-assurance, then proudly enter.

    As the apathetic awaken and deep moral gatherings opposing government bondage, continue to grow, acts of courage will be seen, as people fight for their freedom and remove their captors.

    Actions speak louder than words, it’s great to see these clergy leading their flocks to greener pastures.

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  23. Wow, I didn’t know there were any New Zealanders with knackers left, let alone any preachers. I wish I knew one where I am in this Asian paradise:). I suppose one thing you don’t want as a first step is to be shot or end up in an Asian Jail. ScoMo won’t let me back in, even for medical treatment or give me a pension.

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  24. Here’s hoping that adhern and ‘his’ husband can honeymoon in gitmo together


  25. This is a great post , love it. It is good to see some people still have some guts. Carl Bromley spoke Straight to the point. He put the word of God out there, Ms Adhern would be well advised to listen to the man’s words. Also please watch Brian Tamaki.You will se another man of God prepared to take a stand. It would be wise to recall the tales of Jesus.and His run in with authorities .It did not end well for Him.
    If we keep obeying these tyrants ruling our lives, we are not going to end up in any place we want to be. Why is that so hard for people to understand ? What about you kids and grand- kids. I mean , only two weeks to flatten the curve , Really ?
    On a lighter note, you say Adhern is going to marry her husband will that make her a
    bigamist ?


  26. in paragraph 10 below you wrote “/you have the right to bodily
    integrity/” – and I agree!

    At 4pm on a Friday afternoon a few weeks ago I listened live to a NSW
    Supreme Court Judge handing down his judgment AGAINST two plaintiffs
    with two cases against the NSW Public Health Orders/Minister Hazzard etc.

    He said, “/We have no Bill of Rights in Australia. … individuals do
    not have the right to bodily integrity …/ “.

    The Judge was clearly ignorant of the contents of _*my one-page summary

    and very very few lawyers or Judges in Australia are aware of the truths
    in Barrister Terry Shulze’s booklet attached “_*The Case for Fundamental
    Rights in Australia*_” – it was written in 1988

    and I also attach his easy-to-read article, written about 10 years ago.

    I unsuccessfully tried to get this booklet through to Clive Palmer
    several times over the last two years
      — if he and his lawyers would have read this booklet, then they
    would have not lost Clive’s cases against the WA State Govt.

    regards, Lex Stewart,


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