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WA gun confiscation a model for Australia which is now a Russian target

Cairns News’ Russian sources today confirmed Australia is now a potential missile target since Russia refused to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons on Thursday.

Playing right into either Indonesia’s or China’s potential hands, President Xi has aligned China with Russia and hostilities towards Australia are now possible.

China and Russia are members of the BRICS trading bloc and Indonesia has applied for membership.

Meanwhile the disarmament model for Australian gun owners is being developed now in Western Australia where the Labor Party intends to buy back high-powered centre-fire rifles from licenced shooters.

WA Labor Premier Mark McGowan has no knowledge of firearms and dislikes the people who own them

The question remains – will the several thousand affected owners fall into line?

Premier Mark McGowan has ordered police to go after these registered rifles then pay the owners what they think the guns are worth leaving the state without any civil defence capability at all.

If the megalomaniacal McGowan thinks the army, police or a few US Marines can do the job he is delusional, suffering in the same manner as all other Australian leaders, bereft of any common sense and living in their own holographic world, similar to that of moronic Ukraine President Zelensky.

Civil defence is essential to thwart any invader, just ask President Putin how many troops he has lost to civilian defence combatants and mercenaries in Ukraine.

What the mindless Premier has not taken into account is that Russia, since their Nord Stream pipeline was destroyed by the Yanks, considers all US allies are now legitimate targets for nuclear strike should Biden continue to escalate tensions in Ukraine.

Notwithstanding Australia became a target by supplying the Ukro-nazis in Ukraine with Bushmaster armoured cars last year and the foolish PM Albanese has donated more than $500 million to Zelensky’s benevolent fund, naturally at the behest of the warmongering US.

Last year Zelensky was caught out diverting hundreds of millions of US dollars handed over to Ukraine by the US government for the war effort, back into the hands of the Democrat Party.

Russian sources confirmed last week Mrs Zelensky bought an expensive property in the UK to match the multi-million mansion the Zelensky’s bought in Florida last year.

Perth and all of Western Australia are exposed to missiles from Russia and only in the last few days CN saw media which suggested Perth could be the first Australian target should Russia be prodded any further.

Who will McGowan rely on in the event of hostilities from our newly created enemies?

Not only is WA Labor confiscating rifles, anyone buying a gun in Western Australia will have to undergo mandatory and ongoing mental health checks, as part of a complete overhaul of the state’s firearms legislation.

On your way to Perth Rifle Range? Get your mental health check at the front gate before you enter

McGowan claimed 20 people died from gunshot wounds in the state last year, and Police Minister Paul Papalia said mental health issues were involved in at least half of those deaths.

What about the thousands of West Australians the Labor government killed or injured with mRNA gene therapy over the past two years?

Why are politicians not subjected to integrity, mental, IQ and drug tests before entering Parliament?

Predictably, another Labor stooge from WAFarmers agrees with the removal of rifles from his member’s hands.

Its CEO, Trevor Whittington, said the organisation welcomed the move and called it a “responsible step forward” that would “hopefully help reduce self-inflicted firearm suicides and God forbid a mass murder”.

“Firearms like explosives or aircraft in the wrong hands are potential weapons of mass destruction,” he said.

WAFarmers CEO Trevor Whittington, out of his depth, needs retraining about agricultural issues

Shooters Union Update

Literally just as we were about to send this month’s newsletter out, WA Premier Mark McGowan and Police Minister Paul Papalia announced they were banning a range of rifles they considered ‘too powerful’, citing concerns the guns (and cartridges) could shoot through police body armour. This statement is too absurd to comment – CN

Despite WAPOL admitting this has never been an issue (there are no incidents in Australia of someone using a .50BMG or .338 Lapua Magnum etc against police), the WA government is ramming the ban through, effective July 1st. They will, allegedly, pay market value compensation to the affected owners.

At time of writing the official list of banned rifles and calibres had not been shared from an official source, but we understand (via Sporting Shooter magazine) the newly prohibited cartridges are:

  • .340 Weatherby Magnum
  • .28 Nosler
  • .330 Dakota
  • .338 Lapua
  • .300 Lapua Magnum
  • .338-404 Jeffery
  • .338 Norma Magnum
  • .338-378 Weatherby Magnum
  • .338 Edge
  • .30-378 Weatherby Magnum
  • .300 Norma Magnum
  • .375 A-Square
  • .375 Gibbs
  • .460 Steyr
  • .375 CheyTac
  • .416 Barrett
  • .408 CheyTac
  • .50 BMG
  • .55 Boys (WW2 anti tank rifle banned in other states for decades)

We’re not even going to try and rebut the errors, untrue statements, and irrelevant elements in the official announcement and subsequent public comments from McGowan and others on the issue; but we can confirm we  are co-ordinating with other shooting industry groups to form a strong response to this latest attack and will keep you updated as that develops.-Shooters Union

The only way the shooting organisations will defeat this madness is to investigate unified civil disobedience campaigns to keep their rifles.

Remember, the Constitutional validity of all Australian ‘governments’ has been proven by law researchers and former High Court Judge Sir Harry Gibbs as null and void. From Townsville Bureau

West Australia’s Net Zero policy consigns mining to the WEF dustbin

Western Australia has been infected with climate change dogma of the eastern states and intends to commit hari-kari by following the WEF and UN’s Net Zero 2050 instructions.

The majority of Western Australia’s mining equipment will be stuck permanently on the Go line by 2030 while McGowan is obeying the WEF instruction to chase Carbon Dixoide rainbows.

Those miners and every associated industry generating the state’s 2021, $230 billion economic return who voted for the ALP should ditch the Labor Party and Premier McGowan before he gets rid of them.

The Western Australia resources sector achieved record sales of $230 billion in 2021 highlighting how its economy has carried the nation through the COVID-19 pandemic.

A record 156,238 people are working in the mining sector, with an extra 15,298 jobs added in 2021

Western Australia accounted for more than half of national goods exports in 2021.

WA’s COVID-19 management has ensured the economy has stayed open and strong throughout the pandemic, says the state government.

Previous analysis by the Institute of Public Affairs found that the policy of reaching Net Zero by 2050 will cancel more than 186,000 jobs in regional Western Australia, which, according to the most recent census, accounts for over 80 per cent of the labour force in the regional parts of the state.

Additionally, analysis shows these jobs will not be replaced by jobs in renewable industries. Most jobs touted as part of renewable projects last for a limited time, primarily during the installation phase, with maintenance of the renewable projects being comparably low-skilled and low-paid to jobs in gas, coal, and mining.

Will the mining unions warn their members? It is doubtful the unions will say a word. Is it any wonder Twiggy Forrest, a WEF disciple, is pouring hundreds of millions into experimental green hydrogen energy.

New WA bill to allow for three monthly Covid lock downs, isolation and masking

The West Australian Labor Party will introduce a Bill into State Parliament to amend the Emergency Management Act 2005 to allow for the ongoing management of COVID-19 beyond a State of Emergency.

The Bill will enable the State Emergency Coordinator to make a temporary ‘COVID-19 declaration’ to continue managing the pandemic with sensible measures such as mask wearing and isolation requirements.

WA Labor Premier Mark McGowan

The new framework is fit for purpose and allows for the COVID-19 measures that have kept Western Australia safe and strong during its world-leading response to the pandemic.

A ‘Temporary COVID-19 Declaration’ can only be made if the State Emergency Coordinator is satisfied that COVID-19 poses a risk to the safety of the community, such that it requires a co-ordinated response to prevent loss of life or harm to the health of the community.

Under the new legislation, which will automatically expire in two years’ time, a ‘Temporary COVID-19 Declaration’ can be made for three-month periods at a time. This framework will replace the current system where State of Emergency declarations must be renewed every two weeks to continue.

Unlike a State of Emergency declaration, a ‘Temporary COVID-19 Declaration’ will not allow for the closure of State borders or require an application to enter Western Australia from any other State or Territory.

“Our management of this once-in-a-hundred-year pandemic has saved lives, reduced hospitalisations and protected our strong economy,” Premier Mark McGowan said.

“All Western Australians have done a tremendous job and followed the necessary directions and public health measures to protect themselves and their community.

“The State of Emergency has served its purpose and was key to our unique world-leading response and management of the pandemic.

“With high vaccination rates and low case numbers, now is the right time to plan for COVID-19 management beyond the State of Emergency.

“This new framework is a sensible approach to keep Western Australians safe and while we hope that we’ve passed the worst of COVID-19, our measures have proved to work and should they need to be reintroduced in future if the situation were to escalate then we’ll do so on health advice.”

Some provisions of the Act put in place in May 2022 include:

This Bill will ensure the Emergency Management Amendment (COVID-19 Response) Act 2020 and the Criminal Code Amendment (COVID-19 Response) Act 2020 can continue to be in place as required, as they have been vital in the State’s successful management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under Section 72A of the Emergency Management Act, it makes provisions for a number of directions to be used to manage the pandemic. Some of these directions include:

  • seven day isolation requirements for COVID-19 positive cases;
  • use of face masks for close contacts;
  • measures ensuring cruise ships are managed against strict protocols;
  • restriction of movements in and out of Aboriginal communities – a vulnerable cohort in the COVID-19 pandemic; and
  • use of face masks in specific settings including hospitals, aged care and disability facilities, and other passenger transport settings.
  • The Bill provides better protections for WA Police officers, and also ensures increased penalties for serious assaults and threats against frontline officers and healthcare workers who play a significant part in keeping Western Australians safe, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The penalties of up to 10 years in jail reflect the seriousness of deliberately coughing or spitting on public officers who are trying to help keep the State safe.

The new Bill will provide certainty for those necessary provisions to be utilised as necessary and based on health advice, until January 3, 2023. It does not mean the State of Emergency will remain in place until that time, as it may end earlier.

WA Police seize 3D printed gun

West Australian police just can’t help themselves. While we know WA, like its Victoria counterpart has become a communist enclave both led by megalomaniacs they have been conditioned by socialist main stream media to hate guns.

Like Queensland the unintelligent WA cops think only they should own and carry firearms. Communist Premier Mark McGowan invited the CCP to build a large military-styled airstrip in the desert ostensibly to service their extensive mining interests.

It is just a hop, skip and a jump from a CCP aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean for Chinese military aircraft to land and commence their planned Australian offensive.

It seems the cops are of the same ilk as their beloved Premier. They will soon find out their .40 calibre Glock pistols will be as useful as an air rifle when the Chinese troops come knocking on their doors.

Corrupt WA Labor Premier McGowan pushes Pt Hedland Mayor to revoke council decision to challenge Covid mandates

Politics WA style

Dear Hedland Friends and Family.

As many of you know, a Special Council Meeting was held on May 11th and the Town of Port Hedland passed three hard-hitting motions which will challenge Premier McGowan’s illegal mandates. With absolute majority, our elected officials in Local Government voted to challenge Premier McGowan’s Public Health Orders, McGowan’s Booster Mandates and his never-ending extensions on his State of Emergency Declarations. All challenges would be via the Judicial Review process in WA’s Supreme Court.

WA Labor Premier Mark McGowan (left) with his infamous pal Dangerous Dan Andrews, Victoria Premier


In an unprecedented and extremely un-democratic manoeuvre, the out-voted minority Mayor and two of his councillors have buckled to the wishes of McGowan’s Pilbara lapdog – the unelected Port HEDLAND CEO – and called a last minute Special Council Meeting this Wednesday, June 1st at 5.30pm. The specific intention of Wednesday’s meeting is the REVOKING OF OUR MOTIONS!!!

Apparently, challenging the Premier is too daunting a task for the Mayor and his fellow minority minions.


We need to show them that we don’t accept cowardice from our leaders. We demand our individual rights to choose what goes into our bodies. And we want our community back!!!

As we all now KNOW, the Kung Flu infects and transmits equally between the jabbed and the unjabbed. So why are over 80% of Port Hedland’s workforce being coerced into a 3rd (and soon 4th) injection of an experimental gene therapy drug just to keep their jobs? And why are the unjabbed still jobless in a town crying out for workers?






Let’s stand beside each other and make history in Hedland. Like the ANZAC’s before us, we will not bow down to petty tyrants like McGowan and his impotent sycophants in the Hedland Council Administration.

We MUST show up to this meeting to overturn this pathetic about-face. This bullshit ends. Right here. Right now.

Right now the future of our town, and indeed that of our nation, is in the very hands of our local Port Hedland Council and we need them to action their resolutions that they already passed on May 11th. Not revoke them.

The names and numbers of all Hedland councillors are listed below. If we work together with our friends on the Hedland Council, we can and WILL make history.

Time is short. Please call the below councillors and engage in as many friendly conversations as possible. The conversations are easy. Empower them and let them know how important this decision is.

Tim Turner- Did not support our motions on May 11th and Tim was one of 3 signatories calling for Wednesday’s Special Council meeting to revoke them. He is very pro-mandate but don’t let this stop you calling him; he will listen and engage so please remain polite. 0418683771

Elmar Zielke – Supported our motions fully on 11th of May


Renae Coles – Supported our motions fully on 11th of May


Jan Gillingham- Supported our motions fully on 11th of May


Ash Christensen- Supported our motions on May 11th


Laveni Flo Bennett – Supported our motions on May 11th


David Eckhart- Strongly opposed our motions and is also a signatory to the notice of motion to revoke council’s earlier decision on May 11th.


Mayor Peter Carter – While strongly in support of our motions in private (he personally hates the mandates) Peter remains steadfast in his public opposition to our motions. Sadly he remains unable to stand up for either his own beliefs, or that of the community he represents. But please call him and remind him of his responsibilities as the elected leader of our great town. 0458093440

See agenda for their special meeting below:…/special-council…/191

For those who can’t attend the meeting in Port Hedland Wed 1st of June 5.30pm we are asking for your support of the motions passed by ABSOLUTE MAJORITY on the 11th of May, created by the Port Hedland Electors. We need YOUR VOICE, we will be putting a short video together to present to our councillors.

Can you please send through a short video or even just share your personal story and send it to Dianne at the below email:


from Facebook

Get the message McGowan, you are finished, a message from Western Australia

WA Labor trying to ban bullet reloading equipment

Once again the Western Australian Government has put its boot into its law abiding firearm owners by coming up with the Firearms Amendment Bill 2021 to parliament, which in its current form could be interpreted to ban reloading ammunition, the possession of reloading presses and dies, and the possession of firearms reference manuals without a special dispensation from the state Police Commissioner.

Smarties of WA Labor don’t have to take the guns, just remove the reloading gear.

The WA branch of the Shooters Union has a meeting with the Shadow Police Minister next month to discuss our many, many concerns over the Bill but we need the help of our WA members in contacting their MP to voice their concerns over the Bill.

You can find your local MP’s details here:

In particular, the sections shooters need to be concerned about are Section 43, 23AG & AH, which define “Firearms Technology” as:

“(a) a thing that is programmed, configured or otherwise enabled to carry out a step in the manufacture or repair of a firearm, major firearm part, prohibited firearm accessory or ammunition; or without limiting subparagraph (i), to change an object into a component of a firearm, major firearm part, prohibited firearm accessory or ammunition;

(b) any type of digital or electronic reproduction of  a technical drawing of the design of a firearm,  major firearm part, prohibited firearm accessory or ammunition;

(c) a plan, drawing, instruction, template or computer program, in digital or electronic form,  for the manufacture or repair of a firearm, major firearm part, prohibited firearm accessory or ammunition;

(d) a hard copy of a digital or electronic thing referred to in paragraph (b) or (c) And then goes on to state “A person who is in possession of firearms technology commits a crime unless the person is authorised by a licence under this Act to be in possession of firearms technology.  Penalty for this subsection: imprisonment for 10 years.”

Like all his Labor counterparts Premier Mark McGowan hates guns.

A regular Firearms Licence does not appear to authorise a shooter to be in possession of “Firearms Technology”, and the definition of “Firearms Technology” is so broad as to, in our view, encompass reloading presses, reloading dies, bullet moulds, loading manuals, load data, cartridge schematics, and detailed firearm repair manuals.

Editor: Once the WA Firearms Branch gets rid of reloading gear it can stop the supply of factory ammo overnight, then everybody will be disarmed and no more bench rest shooting or gun clubs. What is McGowan the Labor Premier afraid of?

WA grain company CBH refuses grain supply from unvaxxed farmers

Food and goods supply chain collapses. Farmers should considering boycotting CBH.

WA grain company CBH has been contacted for comment.

Much more to the abduction of Cleo Smith in WA not yet published

By Rachael Knowles, National Indigenous Times

The Aboriginal man who was wrongly accused by 7NEWS as the abductor of 4-year-old Cleo Smith has started defamation proceedings.

On Tuesday, Terrance Flowers filed a statement of claim in the Western Australia Supreme Court against Channel Seven.

Flowers, also known as Terrance Kelly, was falsely accused by 7NEWS on November 3. The network posted to Facebook, Twitter, the Seven website and on television.

In a statement O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors, who are representing Flowers, said Flowers had “nothing to do with it and was never a suspect in the case”.

“Mr Flowers recently became a father and like everyone else throughout Australia, and particularly being a parent himself, he was hoping for Cleo’s safe return,” they said.

“Being identified as responsible for her abduction and disappearance was extremely distressing to him and his family.

“It is of great concern to Mr. Flowers and his family that a major media company would proceed with a story of this magnitude without being absolutely certain as to its accuracy.”

The law firm said the effect of the “substantial error” has been “devastating”

“The publications by the Seven Network led to Mr. Flowers being made the subject of hate around the nation and the world and resulted in him being hospitalised with a severe panic attack,” they said.

The matter is now before the WA Supreme Court.

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors has asked that Flowers and his family’s privacy is respected throughout the court process.

Western Australia authorises military to give killer jab

Why doesn’t he authorise the use of Covid remedies Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin? All the dictator McGowan has to do is ring Professor Thomas Borody at Sydney University and he will be informed on how effective Ivermectin is in preventing and treating Sars-Cov-2 infections.

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan, a Labor cult figure who cuts off his followers at the knees

We always knew WA is quite different to eastern Australia but now Labor Premier Mark McGowan(another bloody solicitor) has usurped the domain of federal authorities ‘authorising’ the military to give the dreaded jab.

But then again those residents who escaped WA claim the Labor Party over there is a socialist cult. It seems the ALP smiles while it removes all rights and freedoms and claims the Commonwealth Constitution has no meaning or effect for the socialists and their Chinese masters. – Editor

WA’s state Liberals wipeout is likely another “managed election”

WA Premier Mark McGowan and Liberal Zak Kirkup – Tweedle Dum & Dee.

WEST Australian voters should be asking their state government if some or all of their votes were shuffled off to servers in Europe for “adjudication” and “processing” over the election weekend. They should also be asking how secure this process is because Scytl, the Spanish company caught up in US vote fraud allegations last November, manages elections for WA, Queensland and NSW and has a bad record in election security.

Regardless of McGowan’s popularity, the results of WA’s election are quite unbelievable. And the near destruction of the WA Liberals would serve the bigger political objective of destroying any remnants of conservatism in that party and putting the federal Coalition under more pressure.

According to a report on the Vice News tech platform Motherboard (March 12th, 2019), Scytl’s proposed voting system for Switzerland was found by a group of researchers to have a serious flaw that would let someone alter votes undetected. “The cryptographic backdoor exists in a part of the system that is supposed to verify that all of the ballots and votes counted in an election are the same ones that voters cast. But the flaw could allow someone to swap out all of the legitimate ballots and replace them with fraudulent ones, all without detection,” the report stated. It sounds like a foretaste of the US election.

As part of Scytl’s “management system”, votes are flicked off to overseas servers by whoever is managing them at the ground level. This allegedly makes it easier for election night coverage by the media. Really? This is how Scytl described its operations for the European Parliament elections: “To handle this demanding challenge, Scytl’s election and technology experts deployed Scytl Election Night Reporting. After our partner Kantar gathered the results from each country, they were securely transmitted to the data center housed by Scytl in Barcelona. Then, our team processed the data and uploaded them to a cloud-based infrastructure where they were made available for review by European Parliament officials. Once given the go-ahead, the results were published on the Official European Union Election Results Website, hosted by Scytl, at both national and European levels. At this time, we were also able to automatically send updates through the European Union’s social network channels.”

No possibility for interference or foul play there right? So (i) partner Kantar “gathers results from each country” and then (ii) “securely transmit” them to Scytl in Barcelona? And then (iii) “our team processed the data” and (iv) “uploaded it to the cloud” for (v) “review (and approval) by European Parliament officials”. That’s some five levels of handling before the results are published. And who has the source code? China, as in the case of Queensland, Australia, and US states?

Amid the early accusations of foul play after the November 3 US elections, Scytl denied reports that it had a server in Frankfurt after reports swirled around that a server in the city connected to the US election was seized by US special forces. But it was later revealed in Scytl’s own promotional material indeed had a back-up server in Frankfurt for the 2019 European Parliament elections.

CD Media also published IP addresses of Scytl and Dominion Voting Systems. The IP address search site Neustar confirmed the Scytl site in Frankfurt.
The WA election is ostensibly managed by the Electoral Commission of WA. But Scytl also lives at the same address as the commission – 111 St George’s Terrace, Perth. Do a Google Maps search for “Scytl, Perth” and that’s the address that comes up. Another part to the election puzzle is the big data management company Kantar, that sub-contracted for Scytl at the European Commission election. Kantar also has a Perth office in 24 Railway Road, Subiaco, across town.

Cairns News correctly predicted WA’s COVID lockdown dictator Mark McGowan would win again. The “opposition” Lib-Nat coalition virtually conceded, and were nearly wiped out because apparently a large chunk of the populace is dumb enough to have bought into McGowan’s “I’m-the-big-brave-tough-guy-looking-after-you-all spin.” The premiers secretly love the power the COVID plandemic gives them and their health bureaucrats in particular.

And just to make sure “the people” out there don’t forget how tenuous their existence is without the KOVID Kommandant McGowan, someone representing dark, dangerous forces threw a tinfoil wrapped package (a hat?) into his office on the Tuesday before the election, prompting a dramatic evacuation complete with fire trucks, police and other emergency services. And according to a Labor staffer working at an early polling booth, a person made death threats against McGowan.

The office of Federal Member for Brand, Madeleine King, also received a package on Monday that was opened on Tuesday, sparking an evacuation there. A letter in the package apparently claimed the deliverer had “spores”. Mushroom spores?

This all set off politicians on both sides including the lackluster Opposition Leader Kirkup telling ABC Radio how dangerous life was for politicians these days. “What’s happened at the Premier’s office, whatever’s happened there, is terrible. Any attempted violence or threats have no place in our democracy … You get a lot of abuse all the time. We as politicians are probably used to that. My concern is that this is an increasing trend we’re seeing in our democracies and I feel for the Premier’s staff in particular in this case because they’re the ones who cop it.”

So life’s tough on politicians Mr Kirkup? Weren’t all you MPs being paid while the rest of the country was on the dole or living off savings because politicians imposed totally unnecessary lockdowns and shutdowns of the economy, against the actual existing public health advice on managing pandemics? Were politicians committing suicide or going into bankruptcy like considerable numbers of Australians?

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