Corrupt WA Labor Premier McGowan pushes Pt Hedland Mayor to revoke council decision to challenge Covid mandates

Politics WA style

Dear Hedland Friends and Family.

As many of you know, a Special Council Meeting was held on May 11th and the Town of Port Hedland passed three hard-hitting motions which will challenge Premier McGowan’s illegal mandates. With absolute majority, our elected officials in Local Government voted to challenge Premier McGowan’s Public Health Orders, McGowan’s Booster Mandates and his never-ending extensions on his State of Emergency Declarations. All challenges would be via the Judicial Review process in WA’s Supreme Court.

WA Labor Premier Mark McGowan (left) with his infamous pal Dangerous Dan Andrews, Victoria Premier


In an unprecedented and extremely un-democratic manoeuvre, the out-voted minority Mayor and two of his councillors have buckled to the wishes of McGowan’s Pilbara lapdog – the unelected Port HEDLAND CEO – and called a last minute Special Council Meeting this Wednesday, June 1st at 5.30pm. The specific intention of Wednesday’s meeting is the REVOKING OF OUR MOTIONS!!!

Apparently, challenging the Premier is too daunting a task for the Mayor and his fellow minority minions.


We need to show them that we don’t accept cowardice from our leaders. We demand our individual rights to choose what goes into our bodies. And we want our community back!!!

As we all now KNOW, the Kung Flu infects and transmits equally between the jabbed and the unjabbed. So why are over 80% of Port Hedland’s workforce being coerced into a 3rd (and soon 4th) injection of an experimental gene therapy drug just to keep their jobs? And why are the unjabbed still jobless in a town crying out for workers?






Let’s stand beside each other and make history in Hedland. Like the ANZAC’s before us, we will not bow down to petty tyrants like McGowan and his impotent sycophants in the Hedland Council Administration.

We MUST show up to this meeting to overturn this pathetic about-face. This bullshit ends. Right here. Right now.

Right now the future of our town, and indeed that of our nation, is in the very hands of our local Port Hedland Council and we need them to action their resolutions that they already passed on May 11th. Not revoke them.

The names and numbers of all Hedland councillors are listed below. If we work together with our friends on the Hedland Council, we can and WILL make history.

Time is short. Please call the below councillors and engage in as many friendly conversations as possible. The conversations are easy. Empower them and let them know how important this decision is.

Tim Turner- Did not support our motions on May 11th and Tim was one of 3 signatories calling for Wednesday’s Special Council meeting to revoke them. He is very pro-mandate but don’t let this stop you calling him; he will listen and engage so please remain polite. 0418683771

Elmar Zielke – Supported our motions fully on 11th of May


Renae Coles – Supported our motions fully on 11th of May


Jan Gillingham- Supported our motions fully on 11th of May


Ash Christensen- Supported our motions on May 11th


Laveni Flo Bennett – Supported our motions on May 11th


David Eckhart- Strongly opposed our motions and is also a signatory to the notice of motion to revoke council’s earlier decision on May 11th.


Mayor Peter Carter – While strongly in support of our motions in private (he personally hates the mandates) Peter remains steadfast in his public opposition to our motions. Sadly he remains unable to stand up for either his own beliefs, or that of the community he represents. But please call him and remind him of his responsibilities as the elected leader of our great town. 0458093440

See agenda for their special meeting below:…/special-council…/191

For those who can’t attend the meeting in Port Hedland Wed 1st of June 5.30pm we are asking for your support of the motions passed by ABSOLUTE MAJORITY on the 11th of May, created by the Port Hedland Electors. We need YOUR VOICE, we will be putting a short video together to present to our councillors.

Can you please send through a short video or even just share your personal story and send it to Dianne at the below email:


from Facebook

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. In other words all pollies swear a false oath. Ed


  2. crisscross767

    In reply to my previous comments –

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  3. crisscross767

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  4. Yep, they were at it thousands of years ago when Jesus threw the moneylenders of the of the temple, and look what they did to him…. and they are still at it..


  5. Media is Jew owned that’s why duh


  6. Everything is Jew run inc the depopulation vaccinations!!!!! Wake the fuck up!!!!!


  7. …. And the children are all in line for the throne !


  8. crisscross767

    This poses some questions-

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  9. Absolutely… one cannot believe anything they say at all. All the vaxxed are now getting sick because they have no immune system so suddenly the flu has made a miraculous comeback..!


  10. Yes the media lies trying to coerce people by high false numbers I totally agree


  11. I don’t believe the vaxxed rate is as high as they say it is – its a huge con. They have laid off so many unvaxxed workers, and I believe that is the real cause of shortages in supermarkets transport, and industry – there are simply not enough vaxxed workers.


  12. Because Australians have been brainwashed into believing they are the minority. I wasn’t sure where to post this but here it is.
    Ben Fordham I believe is main stream, radio? Could he be the hope from that side ?
    His question was regarding the unemployment rate. The vast majority of those who replied were UNVAXXED or knew others UNVAXXED. There are so many more UNVAXXED than those supposed human beings that are so concerned with your health and promoted ‘safe and effective” and “vaccination is voluntary in Australia'” will ever let you believe. Although we already knew that. However, judging by that one post I think it may be way higher than any of us thought. Additionally, the job ads are an extremely interesting place to find info. The companies who require you to be vaccinated even working from home and those desperate for workers. Maybe they need to stop telling people they have have to be triple dosed.

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  13. How much are these “leader” getting paid to implement Morrison’s murder for money program? Did the former PM only have $7billion to hand out? David Bruce Brisbane

    Science doesn’t work on consensus

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  14. As Professor of Law Zimmerman says – Government actions/Mandates are unlawful.
    I wonder why these lunatic power crazed obsessed overreaching Tyrants haven’t been smashed.


  15. Two little snuggling bunnies is what I see. Good for the pot


  16. periguinfalcon

    McGowan knows exactly what he’s doing

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  17. Maybe the Mayor should show him the table from the Pfizer document release showing 1,223 deaths during the 28 day trial, as well as the hundreds injured from the ‘vax’, not to mention the miscarriages and still births.. They knew it was not safe or even effective.

    I am sure he could make a strong case for no mandates with that information in hand.


  18. After being in Australia since early ’67, it is unbelievable how the direction/mentality and many citizens have changed.
    But many Great and Good Aussies are ready to claim back this Great South-land…

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  19. Sorry how patriot of me thinking of our flag…Southern Spar!! bound, not Star

    Short and long of it ….fk off criminal scum and let’s make Australia what is should have been in the first place

    Not slaves to the Elites ,royals, and vatican, but being the best we can, living the life we want and working hard to benefit for ourselves and not the cabal and their minions.

    Haven’t we all been sick and tired offing slaves to the filth elites

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  20. Southern Star bound. Bring back 1776

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  21. Great to hear such resolve to fight for the truth, gutted to hear the absolute “cowardly” turnaround by your “elected” Mayor & minions. I wonder what they have on these “yellow” dogs. Keep up the great fight for truth, hope you get thousands turn up to reject this absolute spineless behaviour.


  22. No civil conscription – 1946 referendum


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