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Doctrine of Discovery will rescind our Constitution allowing ‘First Nation’ to assume position of the Crown – to be activated by the Voice

Letter to the Editor

It’s said that land Titles issued by the States and Territory’s in Australia are “indefeasible”; but that only pertains to a Government Record of the current “lessee” (Title by Registration) it does not designate “ownership” of the land (Registration of Title); “indefeasibility” only registers the entity who is the current Registered Proprietor licensed to “use” the land under a Statutory law or Act of that particular State or Territory; that is not an Estate of Inheritance at common law (Fee Simple) or any of the usual bundle of common law land rights that we all should be enjoying at common law; I have several family members that lie in war cemeteries around the world that died for my freedom and I do not have it.

I know someone who has written to the King and asked Him to act and restore our rights and he will not, for several reasons: 1) he (and his mother) has taken the money from the Australian Government to remain fictitious monarch; 2) even if he did, how would would he enforce it?; 3) the changing demographics of our population would not support it, true Australians are just about extinct.

Just to add a bit more to the debate, there is a movement underway by aboriginal political interests aided and abetted by the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) to lobby the British Crown to rescind the Doctrine of Discovery; they approached the old Queen and she ignored them, they have approached Charles and he has entered into dialog with them. In the Catholic realm this Pope has already rescinded the old Vatican edict.

The Canadian Indians are spearheading the movement but the Australian aboriginal activists are right there see here;

and here;

Currently Native Title is registered across about 88% of Australian land mass; when they achieve the removal of the Doctrine that will make all the Law illegitimate in Australia that has its foundation in British law (including the 1901 Constitution) and the so called law that was supposed to exist prior to 1788 will be in force and the “First Nation” will take over the position of the Crown.

We will be then a lawless country just like New Guinea and Africa.

I do agree about the fight that must eventually come, it will come but to bring it on we will have to have severe economic hardship and that is not far off; the whole of the western world in teetering on the edge; the question is, is there enough of us left to go to a Gettysburg?

From Gaucho Gill


Petition of Right to Queen Elizabeth to restore Constitutional government in Australia ignored by Charles

How is it that any natural person outside of the private political parties can be brought before a court?

Commencing on the morning of Monday, the 14th February 1966, no politically appointed
Judge/Justice in any Supreme Court of Queensland who has accepted payment in Australian
Decimal Currency for their private services to (the “State”) cannot impose any pecuniary penalty
in Australian Decimal Currency and cannot imprison any private person for any term of
imprisonment as held to -THE CRIMINAL CODE ACT, 1899 63 Vic. No.9 as they themselves
hold the authority of an individual person only.

I refer to the public Seal affixed to the Judiciary Act No.6 of 1903, any politically appointed
Judge/Justice in any private Australian Court, who receives their Salaries and allowances in
Australian Decimal Currency in any format which includes an electronic transaction in AUS$.

Every politically appointed Australian Judge/Justice each hold a signed person to person contract in De
Facto Relationships with the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Government, the Prime
Minister of Australia, and are paid out of the profits of the firm in the private currency of the firm
AUS$, which is an electronic currency as held to Electronic Transactions Act 1999.

The Judges/Justice so politically are inside the Council of Australian Governments or COAG and
only hold the single authority of the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Government the
Prime Minister of Australia who personally holds the Seals of the Corporation

No politically sworn and appointed Judge /Justice in any private positions in any private Australia
Courts, can impose any pecuniary sentence in Australian Decimal Currency upon any private
persons, and to be paid into the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Australian Government in any

electronic transition or by the use of Australian Decimal Currency, held to Currency Act 1965 and
the Reserve Bank Act 1959.

No politically sworn and appointed Judge /Justice in any private positions in any private Australian Court, cannot imprison any person on the land of the Crown, for any purported Civil Law, Criminal Offence, of the privately elected Members of the Registered Political Parties of the Australian Government, the holders of the Seal affixed to the Crimes Act 1914.

King Charles 111, must  seek his Royal Style and Title through the Commonwealth Parliament of Australia, but we don’t have one

Letter to the Editor

At the death of Her Majesty the Queen, King Charles was her heir and her assign and subsequently to be the new King His Majesty Charles 111, holding two functions as the head of State and the Supreme Governor of the Church of England and holding  the separation of powers between Church and State held to the Common Law of England.

Everything so far is just show.

King Charles is not the Australian Monarch

The  real test comes next and unless that test is held to the Common Law of England then, if not conducted properly   the position  of the new King Charles 111, will not be filled and the King will have only the power of an individual, the same as you and I and then other 8 billion people on this planet…..

The new King His Majesty Charles 111, must  seek his Royal Style and Title through the elected representatives of  the people, here in Australia in the Parliament House of the people,  which has lain  vacant since at least 1988.

Also there is no Governor General sworn and appointed by Her Majesty the Queen as held to Governor-General Establishment Act 1902.

This leaves not only every person living in Australia but every one of the rest of  the 2.2 billion people in the Kings dominions and living on the land of the King having no protection from the political parties who have seized power over and above the people and the Crown ?

I refer to the words of the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia  in  1985 Sr. Harry Gibbs in  short –  The Commonwealth is without law and it is the politicians who are treating us as pawns and they are responsible for their actions….

Is it not time for we the pawns to stand up … as the elected  Members of the political parties are no are that only of an International Trading Corporation Registered on the New York Stock Exchange and trading in AUS$ worldwide, they must be held accountable to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Are these private  people above the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK) and the Constitution of the United States of America ?….

If the new King His Majesty Charles 111 accepts a private Royal Style and Title from the elected representatives of the political parties of the Australian  Government, that would leave him King Charles in a very difficult situation, he would be subservient to the policies and philosophies of the political parties and could not delegate any separation of powers between  church and state to any politically appointed and paid Judges and Magistrates of the political parties, to uphold only the private Civil Law of the Australian  Government’s  all being private International Trading Corporations who are all held to American Civil Law of the Constitution of the United States only,  as are you.

In other words  the King has accepted their private money and run … the Monarchy is dead and the sun has totally set on the once great British Empire and we the people of Australia must stand alone…. As always follow the money regardless what type of money it is…

As private persons we are still protected under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK) and ten Constitutions of the former 6 colonies of the Australian Commonwealth and here in Queensland the Constitution Act 1867 (Qld).

John Andersen


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