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US taxpayer owns the internet, how did Zuckerberg get it?

by Alex Bruce

As you may have heard by now, several personalities, including Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, Gavin McGinnes, Milo Yannopoulos and Louis Farrakhan were permanently de-platformed by Facebook on Thursday, with the most heavily-sanctioned entity being Alex Jones’ Infowars, which had already been de-platformed last year.

Like the others, Paul Joseph Watson had never broken Facebook rules but as an associate of Alex Jones and Infowars, he was deemed guilty by association. Like him, you too can now be banned from Facebook for sharing too many stories from the Infowars website!

What was really sick is that the usual suspect Far Left outlets, like BuzzFeed, in full coordination with Facebook published their stories about this mass de-platforming before many of the de-platformees were even aware that they’d been de-platformed! The entire move was actually rolled out as a celebratory publicity stunt.

CNN’s Nicaragua-born Never-Trumper “Republican”, Ana Navarro was ready to go Thursday afternoon on ABC’s The View, cheerleading Facebook and commenting about the de-platformees, “I want them shut down, I want them silenced, I want them muted. I think they are horrible for our society.”

Indeed, that Globalist engine known as Silicon Valley appears to be proceeding at a fast clip with their Chinese-style, social credit form of political and behavioral control. It’s as if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 Election.

The upside is the fertile discussion now unfolding, with mathematician, Kathy Neiheisel tweeting to remind us that US Tax Dollars funded the precursor to Facebook known as DARPA’s Lifelog project and that the American people are technically the owners of its R&D. She asks, “How was this gifted to Zuck and Jack? How dare those platforms limit speech when the USA taxpayer funded the R&D?”

For his part, President Trump issued multiple tweets deploring the banning and the demonetization of several Internet personalities in recent years, saying, “I am continuing to monitor the censorship of AMERICAN CITIZENS on social media platforms. This is the United States of America — and we have what’s known as FREEDOM OF SPEECH! We are monitoring and watching, closely!!”

To which Paul Joseph Watson responded pithily: “Thank you Mr. President. Now hopefully Facebook will be stripped of its immunity under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act because it is clearly acting as a partisan publisher and not a platform. This is election meddling.”

Watson is referring to section 230, tucked inside a 1996 law that attempted to regulate pornography. Section 230 is also known as the Internet Freedom and Family Empowerment Act, which states in part, “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”

In other words, this section immunizes both ISPs and Internet users from liability for torts committed by others using their website or online forum, even if the provider fails to take action after receiving actual notice of the harmful or offensive content.

In other words, there is no US law forcing these Big Tech behemoths to impinge on the law of the land, that being the First Amendment. These tech giant censorship initiatives are purely extra-judicial. Their actions therefore make them publishers and not the “public square”-type platforms they claim to be and as publishers, they would be subject to an altogether different set of laws, including Copyright Infringement, which alone if enforced could shut down all social media, instantly!

I looked high and low for the best video to explain what’s happening and by far, the best one detailing this situation was done last night by Tucker Carlson, who explains what an outrage it is that a 34-year-old guppy worth $72 billion and completely cut off from the world can decide to roll back the First Amendment after 250 years (even if Zuck is a fake cardboard cut-out minion of his Globalist overlords).

Tucker is joined by journalist Chadwick Moore, who explains how Paul Joseph Watson’s case against Facebook could become incredibly contentious, due to the UK’s much stronger Libel laws (whereas in the US, Libel is weak, due to the First Amendment).

Running Time: 10+ mins


Australian delegates meet in Ottowa to unscramble encrypted internet

News Updates from CLG 03 July 2017
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US authorities tapped 3 mln phones in single wiretap order in 2016 | 01 July 2017 | It took US authorities a single wiretap order to intercept and record over 3 million phone calls and messages last year, the Wiretap Report 2016, published by the United States Courts, revealed. The intercepts were carried out over the course of two months by an undisclosed government agency, which applied for the wiretap order in late 2015, according to the report, brought to media attention by the ZDNet website.

NSA’s use of ‘traffic shaping’ allows unrestrained spying on Americans | 22 June 2017 | A new analysis of documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden details a highly classified technique that allows the National Security Agency to “deliberately divert” US internet traffic, normally safeguarded by constitutional protections, overseas in order to conduct unrestrained data collection on Americans. According to the new analysis, the NSA has clandestine means of “diverting portions of the river of internet traffic that travels on global communications cables,” which allows it to bypass protections put into place by Congress to prevent domestic surveillance on Americans. The new findings, published Thursday, follows a 2014 published paper, which theorized that the NSA, whose job it is to produce intelligence from overseas targets, was using a “traffic shaping” technique to route US internet data overseas so that it could be incidentally collected under the authority of a largely unknown executive order.

Australia to Seek Greater Powers on Encrypted Messaging at ‘Five Eyes’ Meeting | 25 June 2017 | Australia said on Sunday it will push for greater powers to tackle the use of encrypted messaging services used by terrorists and criminals at an upcoming meeting of ministers from the “Five Eyes” intelligence network. The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, will meet in the Canadian city of Ottawa next week, where they will discuss tactics to combat terrorism and border protection, two senior Australian ministers said. Australia has made it clear it wants tech companies to do much more to give intelligence and law enforcement agencies access to encrypted communications.

‘Petya’ ransomware attack stems from NSA exploit – Snowden, security experts | 27 June 2017 | The Petya ransomw-re that spread across the globe Tuesday was made possible thanks to EternalBlue – a hacking tool used by the NSA to exploit a Windows vulnerability it left open for five years, Edward Snowden and security experts have said…”How many times does @NSAGov’s development of digital weapons have to result in harm to civil infrastructure before there is accountability?” Snowden tweeted. The NSA’s hacking team, Equation Group (or Tailored Access Operations), lost control of its trove of hacking exploits and, last August, a group calling themselves the Shadow Brokers announced it had access to those tools.

Trans Pacific Partnership will kill Australian farms and workforce

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government


Heads up!U.S. lawmakers propose fast-track bill for TPP –Corporatists Barack Obama and Max Baucus pimping TPP under media cover of Christie’s Bridgegate 09 Jan 2014 U.S. lawmakers on Thursday proposed a bill to give the White House power to fast-track international trade agreements. The bill would let the administration put trade deals before Congress for an up or down vote without amendments, a move backed by big business and farmers agri-terrorists but viewed with caution by others. Critics of the fast-track power say it erodes transparency and accountability and does not protect local workers, which unions say is of particular concern with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP. “More U.S. jobs would be shifted overseas and U.S. workers would suffer lower wages as companies look to countries like Vietnam, where the average hourly wage is 75 cents,” Communications Workers of America President Larry Cohen said in a statement. Vietnam is a TPP partner.

U.S. secretly deployed troops to Somalia since October; drones conducting airstrikes, surveillance –Drones from U.S. base in Djibouti conduct airstrikes, surveillance missions from Somalia’s skies 10 Jan 2014 The U.S. military secretly deployed a small number of trainers and advisers to Somalia in October, the first time regular troops have been stationed in the war-ravaged country since 1993, when two helicopters were shot down and 18 Americans killed in the “Black Hawk Down” disaster. A cell of U.S. military personnel has been in the Somali capital of Mogadishu to advise and coordinate operations with African troops fighting to wrest control of the country from the al-Shabab militia, according to three U.S. military officials. The previously undisclosed [and illegal] deployment — of fewer than two dozen troops — reverses two decades of U.S. policy that effectively prohibited military “boots on the ground” in Somalia.

US considers training Iraqi elite military forces in Jordan 10 Jan 2014 As Iraq risks falling even further into [US-generated] sectarian violence, the United States is considering training some of the country’s elite military forces in neighboring Jordan, according to a report by Reuters. Since fighters from the Al-Qaeda[al-CIAduh]-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant captured the western city of Fallujah, the US has been seeking alternative ways to help Iraqi forces stabilize the country without putting its own troops on the ground. According to an American defense official who wished to remain anonymous, military training for Iraqi forces in Jordan is one such possibility.

Afghan boy killed by US forces as Nato staff die in aircraft accident –Four-year-old shot dead in Helmand after being ‘mistaken for enemy’ [?!] 10 Jan 2014 Two Nato servicemen and one civilian employee have been killed in an aircraft accident in Afghanistan, while a four-year-old Afghan boy has been shot dead by US forces. Afghan officials said on Friday that the boy had been accidently shot and killed in the latest violent incident to strain ties between the uneasy allies. A spokesman for the governor of the southern province of Helmand told Reuters that US marines based in the province mistakenly shot the boy on Wednesday because visibility was poor.

Two Air Force officers at nuclear missile site targeted in drug investigation 09 Jan 2014 Two Air Force officers overseeing nuclear-armed missiles at a Montana air base are being investigated for involvement in illegal drugs, the latest in a string of misconduct cases involving officers who look after the nation’s atomic weapons. The disclosure Thursday of the investigation at Malmstrom Air Force Base was especially embarrassing for the Pentagon because Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spent the day visiting intercontinental ballistic missile facilities in Wyoming and Nebraska in an effort to lift morale in the beleaguered nuclear force.

US govt attempts to block lawsuit against NSA 09 Jan 2014 Lawyers from the Justice Department have urged a judge to halt a lawsuit against the NSA’s spy programs. This comes after the judge’s previous ruling that the NSA’s collection of metadata was likely unconstitutional and “almost Orwellian” in nature. On Wednesday, government lawyers appealed to US District Court Judge Richard Leon to put court proceedings on hold for two lawsuits against the NSA filed by conservative legal activist, Larry Klayman.

Sabu wasn’t the only FBI mole in LulzSec, suggest leaked docs –Obvious question: who WAS the second snitch? 10 Jan 2014 Leaked search warrants suggest Sabu wasn’t the only LulzSec hacker who helped the FBI take down the infamous hacktivist group. The unredacted search warrants for ‪Sabu and ‪LulzSec refer to involvement of three different informants in the investigation, at least two of whom it is implied were members of the organisation. Information from both Hector Xavier “Sabu” Monsegur and another unnamed internal mole were instrumental in supplying information that allowed Feds to acquire warrants against other LulzSec and Anonymous suspects. The two informants are referred to in the documents as CW-1 (confidential witness-1) and CW-2. [The leaked documents are mirrored here.]

False flag busted open by Indiana state trooper:Indiana guardsman stopped for speeding in Madison County had 48 bombs, prosecutor says 08 Jan 2014 An Indiana National Guardsman was arrested outside Columbus on New Year’s Day after a state trooper found nearly 50 bombs and the blueprints for a Navy SEAL training facility inside his car, the Madison County prosecutor said yesterday. Andrew Scott Boguslawski, 43, also had a remote-control device to detonate the bombs, Madison County Prosecutor Stephen Pronai said. Boguslawski’s civilian job is as a groundskeeper at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in south-central Indiana. Boguslawski also had a bulletproof vest in his car, Pronai said.

Fukushima failure: Decontamination system stops functioning 09 Jan 2014 The operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) has stopped using its systems to decontaminate radioactive water at the facility, Japanese broadcaster NHK reported. The Advanced Liquid Processing System, or ALPS, has been utilized to liquidate radioactive substances from contaminated water stored at the plant. The crane to get rid of the container from the ALPS ceased working on Tuesday. On Wednesday, TEPCO stopped operating all 3 ALPS systems at the facility.

West Virginia chemical spill leaves 300,000 without clean water 10 Jan 2014 Roughly 300,000 residents have been left without usable water after chemicals spilled into a West Virginia river Thursday. The West Virginia American Water Company has advised residents of nine state counties not to drink or bathe in their running water. The spill originated at a chemical storage facility run by the Charleston-based company [corpora-terrorists] Freedom Industries, when a 48,000 gallon tank dumped an indeterminate amount of the compound 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol into the Elk River. The chemical, also known as MCHM, is used by coal companies to wash and prepare their product. People who are exposed to a sufficient quantity of MCHM may experience vomiting, skin blistering and shortness of breath.

Heads up!U.S. lawmakers propose fast-track bill for TPP –Corporatists Barack Obama and Max Baucus pimping TPP under media cover of Christie’s Bridgegate 09 Jan 2014 U.S. lawmakers on Thursday proposed a bill to give the White House power to fast-track international trade agreements. The bill would let the administration put trade deals before Congress for an up or down vote without amendments, a move backed by big business and farmers agri-terrorists but viewed with caution by others. Critics of the fast-track power say it erodes transparency and accountability and does not protect local workers, which unions say is of particular concern with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP. “More U.S. jobs would be shifted overseas and U.S. workers would suffer lower wages as companies look to countries like Vietnam, where the average hourly wage is 75 cents,” Communications Workers of America President Larry Cohen said in a statement. Vietnam is a TPP partner.

Former New Jersey official takes the 5th in ‘Bridgegate’ questioning 09 Jan 2014 A former New Jersey Port Authority official and appointee of Gov. Chris Christie, implicated in the political scandal over the deliberate lane closures onto the busy George Washington Bridge, refused to answer questions about the episode before a state Assembly panel on Thursday. David Wildstein took the 5th Amendment and refused to answer questions, prompting lawmakers to vote to find him in contempt of the committee, a charge that will be referred to a county prosecutor. Wildstein, who was the director of interstate capital projects for the New York and New Jersey Port Authority, resigned in December, saying the bridge issue had become a distraction.

Christie Addresses Bridge Scandal as US Attorney Is Expected to Open Inquiry 09 Jan 2014 Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey apologized to the people of New Jersey on Thursday, saying that he was “embarrassed and humiliated” by revelations that one of his top aides and close associates ordered lane closings on the George Washington Bridge to deliberately snarl traffic as an act of political vengeance. He announced that he fired that aide, Bridget Anne Kelly, a deputy chief of staff, who he called “stupid” and “deceitful” in a news conference. After months of denying that anyone in his administration or campaign played any role in the lane closings, which resulted in a traffic nightmare last September, the governor was forced on Thursday to address the issue, just as the U.S. Attorney’s office has announced open an inquiry into the matter.

Emails Between Top Christie Aides and Port Authority Officials 08 Jan 2014 Documents were released Wednesday in connection with an investigation into lane closings ordered at the George Washington Bridge by top aides to Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.

Conn. official resigns over Newtown comment 09 Jan 2014 A local school board member in Connecticut has resigned amid an outcry over his comment that he would observe the anniversary of the Newtown school shooting by distributing ammunition. Gregory Beck faced numerous calls for his resignation from the Board of Education in Brookfield, which borders Newtown, where 20 first-graders and six educators were killed Dec. 14, 2012. The News-Times of Danbury reports that Beck left the board Tuesday, just two months after being elected.

Paws for thought! Watch the moment an adorable polar bear cub takes his first ever steps (with just a few wobbles) 09 Jan 2014 An adorable polar bear cub at Toronto Zoo took his first wobbly steps on all four paws yesterday – just in time to celebrate his two-month birthday today. While the male bear doesn’t yet have a name, he’s got plenty of character as he squawked and screeched before tentatively walking for the first time. Fortunately for us, it was all caught on film.


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TPP treaty supported by Liberals will censor internet,impact heavily on pharmaceuticals

Sydney Morning Herald

Australians could pay more for drugs and medicines, movies, computer games and software, and be placed under surveillance as part of a US-led crackdown on internet piracy, according to details of secret trade negotiations exposed by WikiLeaks.

A leaked draft of a controversial chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement reveals the negotiating positions of 12 countries including Australia on copyright, patents and other intellectual property issues, with a heavy focus on enforcement measures against internet piracy.

Intellectual property experts are critical of the draft treaty, which they say would help the multinational movie and music industries, software companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers to maintain and increase prices by reinforcing the rights of copyright and patent owners, clamping down on online piracy, and raising obstacles to the introduction of generic drugs and medicines.

The leaked treaty text also reveals new US and Japanese proposals designed to enhance the ability of pharmaceutical manufacturers to extend and widen their patents on drugs and medicines.

Proposals with the potential to impact significantly on Australia’s Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme include a requirement that patents be available for new uses of existing drugs, effectively allowing ”evergreening” of existing patents; compensation to companies for delays in the grant or extension of patents; and measures to ensure data exclusivity to allow companies to prevent competitors, specifically manufacturers of generic medicines, from using past clinical safety and efficacy data to support approval of new products.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has indicated he is keen to see the trade talks pushed to a successful conclusion next month, saying that ”there’s always horse-trading in these negotiations, but in the end … everyone is better off”.

Intellectual property law expert Matthew Rimmer said the draft was ”very prescriptive” and strongly reflected US trade objectives and multinational corporate interests ”with little focus on the rights and interests of consumers, let alone broader community interests”. ”One could see the TPP as a Christmas wish list for major corporations; and the copyright parts of the text support such a view,” Dr Rimmer said. ”Hollywood, the music industry, big IT companies such as Microsoft, the pharmaceutical sector would all be very happy with this.”

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade recently excluded journalists from TPP industry briefings held in anticipation of the next round of negotiations that begins in Salt Lake City, Utah, next week.

Dr Rimmer noted Australia appeared ”generally supportive” of the US or otherwise ”quite passive” in the negotiations. The leaked draft shows the US and Japan oppose wording, supported by most other countries, that highlights the importance of ”maintain[ing] a balance between the rights of intellectual property holders and the legitimate interests of users and the community”.

In April, former US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich accused Australian consumers of habitually stealing copyrighted content and being ”some of the worst offenders with amongst the highest piracy rates … in the world”. Attorney-General George Brandis has signalled an intention to introduce more stringent copyright laws to crack down on online piracy.

Australia is recorded as having indicated opposition to the proposals in the draft treaty, but the strength of this is unclear as neither the former Labor government nor the new Coalition government has publicly challenged the US position. The draft text also shows that Australian negotiators have not sought any specific exemption to protect Australia’s tobacco plain packaging laws from the treaty’s strong protection for the rights of trademark owners.

Australian Greens spokesman on communications and the digital economy Scott Ludlam said the treaty was ”hugely dangerous” and people should be ”deeply concerned about what is being negotiated”.

On Wednesday, the Greens moved a Senate motion calling on Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb to table the current draft text of the TPP agreement in the Senate. A spokesman for Mr Robb said that the treaty negotiations would remain confidential, but that there had been ”a lot of consultation across all industry sectors that could be impacted by the agreement”.

WikiLeaks has condemned the TPP negotiations as a ”corporatist trade deal”. Pledges exceeding $US73,000 ($78,500) of donations to WikiLeaks have been crowdsourced to support publication of the TPP negotiating text.

The full transcript of the leaked negotiating text can by found at

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