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Campbell Newman, Bligh funded Green Cross an environmental front for Agenda 21

Letter to the Editor

All about Campbell Newman, LNP, Labor & Agend 21 & UN NGO ICLEI (Local Government) which controls all our Local/City Councils running progressive Socialist UN policies.

Agenda 21 produced numerous spin-offs under varying names, all coming under the umbrella term ‘ecological sustainability’. Various organisations were established to assist in promoting and implementing AG 21.

Former Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman funded Green Cross an environmental front for Agenda 21/30

One such organisation was Green Cross International, which was established by Mikhail S. Gorbachev to promote global implementation of Agenda 21, as also noted by ECC. Another was ICLEI, specifically established to promote Agenda 21 implementation by LOCAL COUNCILS around the world (6).

Former Qld Labor Premier Anna Bligh now CEO Australian Bankers Assn

All Australian LOCAL COUNCILS are running a parallel shadow type govt using progressive socialist UN policies.

Green Cross Australia was formed by Rothschild puppet, former Communist Russian President, Mikhail Gorbachev, then Queensland Premier PETER BEATTIE, and LORD MAYOR CAMPBELL NEWMAN, following Brisbane Festival’s Earth Dialogue in 2006. Funding for the formation of Green Cross Australia was supplied by then MAYOR CAMPBELL NEWMAN and new PREMIER, ANNA BLIGH. (CEO Australian Bankers Association)

Former Qld Labor Premier Peter Beattie caught with fingers in till

Green Cross Australia foundation members included, PHILLIP ADAMS, Anna BLIGH, Margaret DE WIT, Ian Dunlop, CAMPBELL NEWMAN, JANE PRENTICE, and many others. Green Cross Australia CEO is Mara BUN, formerly Business Development Director at CSIRO.

Initial Partners of Green Cross Australia included the QUEENSLAND government, BRISBANE CITY COUNCIL, the Earth Charter, and GRIFFITH University. IUCN is also a Partner with Green Cross, and the COMMONWEALTH and STATE governments in Australia are members of IUCN. Green Cross Australia played a large role in education, and indoctrination of our children with the principles of the United Nations Agenda 21 program.

The “Plan of Action” resulting from the Earth Dialogue Festival in Brisbane included the “incorporation of the Earth Charter into Queensland Education’s environmental curricula.” To this end Green Cross developed the Green Lane Diary to target schoolchildren. According to Katy Orell in Global Education magazine: “The Green Lane Environmental Diary program, founded in 1999 by Green Cross, is a school-based educational initiative promoting sustainable development and inspiring students to become agents of transformative change in their own communities.

The initiative underscores a central aim of the Earth Charter Declaration to ‘provide all, especially children and youth, with educational opportunities that empower them to contribute actively to sustainable development’……. The Green Lane Diary falls in line with ideas laid out in the United Nation’s Agenda 21 plan of action for sustainable development………

In 2010, Green Cross Australia introduced the first English-language version of Green Lane Diary, guided by the framework of the Japanese model. The project was so well funded that for two years, the diaries were printed and distributed for free. In 2013, Green Cross rolled out the first e-version of Green Lane Diary.”

The Green Lane Diary, though described as “revolutionary”, was well supported by Australian politicians and teachers. In their “Appeal for Peace”, endorsed by the Queensland government, the Brisbane Earth Dialogue stated: “There can be no sustainable peace if we fail to rise to the global challenge presented by Climate Change.” Clive Palmer, Campbell Newman & One Nation are all controlled opposition. LNP & Labor must be in really big trouble.

Clive Palmer only gives his preferences to LNP. Hanson only gives her preferences to Labor, LNP and KAP in Queensland..

The way to win. is to only run candidates in the Senate. All preferences should go to other party that supports our lawful Constitution. Internet Bill Privacy protection Common Law Medical Bill – Privacy & Mandates. ONLY support parties that will follow: Lawful Constitution not ‘their’ Australian Act. Delete ICLEI Local Govt. (future UN Govt).

Foreign Corporations All treaties signed that go against our Constitution. Agenda 21/2030 deleted our Individual Rights. No one above the other. They must come back to stop the division. NO Corporate Govt No Govt Corporations, Police, Defence, Education, Judicial. No SERCO outsourcing. Science must come back.

Local Councils back to collecting rubbish. No NGOs Delete all Money laundering through Charities. Communal Banks. These 2 parties that will follow our Constitution so far are: Australia One Party, Rod Culleton’s Great Australian Party.

Each politician must draw up a contract with the Australian people. Preferably, no political parties.

from Barnacle Bill


Preference deal between United Australia Party and Liberal Democrats

Clive Palmer and former Queensland Liberal Premier Campbell Newman face off with a belligerent media in Brisbane outlining their plans for the federal election and a preference deal between both parties.

There is no doubt these seasoned politicians will not take any nonsense from the Australian main stream media which is probably the most discredited in the world, dislodging CNN in the US.


Liberal, Labor, the Murdoch media, their mates the banks and foreign mining companies should be banned from Australia. Withdraw your savings(if you have any) and place your money in credit unions. Never again vote for the ALP or LNP. Do not buy News Ltd newspapers.

Australia I urge you to share this letter written by Dr David Pascoe, which has over a million hits so far. Public outcry is the only way to make the Federal Government act on the massive rural debt issue that is about to bring down the agricultural industry in Australia. We need to stop the foreclosures now! We need to introduce an Australian Reconstruction and Development Board to take over and re-finance farmers’ debt. Otherwise we face a grim future where we will have no Australian farmers left.


Bob Katter



Charlie Phillott (left) The Australian December 2014 – Florence Owens Thompson (Dorthea Lange) March 1936 (originally photographed in b&w and retouched)

Dear Men and Women of Australia,

There are two photographs on this page, and while they might look like father and daughter, they are separated by two nations, one ocean and some seventy years.

Yet incredibly, they are both part of the same tragedy, the kind that leaves deep and irreparable scars on a nation and its people for a lifetime.

The young woman who was born in 1907. The elderly man who was born twenty years later in 1927.

The photograph of the woman was taken in the Great Depression of 1936 when the man was still only 9 years old.

Her name was Florence Owens Thompson and she was a 32 year old mother of seven who was photographed sitting homeless in a tent. The image was published across the newspapers of America and it managed to enrage the nation, because people could not believe that Americans could be treated in such a way.

It forced President Roosevelt to act, to step up and become a leader for his times: he launched soup kitchens, work gangs, programs for the homeless, dams and roads and railways were built – and he gave his people hope.

John Steinbeck later wrote a book called The Grapes of Wrath which became an American literary Icon. It was about a drought that made the farmers penniless – and how the banks had forced them off their land so they could sell it on to the big powerful corporations. What happened to the farmers of Oklahoma ultimately carved a deep and shameful scar across the American identity that was felt throughout the Twentieth Century.

The second photograph on this page is of Charlie Phillott, now 87, an elderly farmer from the ruggedly beautiful Carisbrooke Station at Winton. He has owned his station since 1960, nurtured it and loved it like a part of his own flesh. He is a grand old gentleman, one of the much loved and honoured fathers of his community.

ANZNot so long ago, the ANZ bank came and drove him off his beloved station because the drought had devalued his land and they told him he was considered an unviable risk-  Yet –  “Charlie Phillott has never once missed a single mortgage payment”.

Today this dignified Grand Old Man of the West is living like some hunted down refugee in Winton, shocked and humiliated and penniless. And most of all, Charlie Phillott is ashamed, because as a member of the Great Generation – those fine and decent and ethical men and women who built this country – he believes that what happened to him was somehow his own fault. And the ANZ Bank certainly wanted to make sure they made him feel like that.

Last Friday my wife Heather and I flew up with Alan Jones to attend the Farmers Last Stand drought and debt meeting in Winton. And after what I saw being done to our own people, I have never been more ashamed to be Australian in my life.

What is happening out there is little more than corporate terrorism: our own Australian people are being bullied, threatened and abused by both banks and mining companies until they are forced off their own land.

So we must ask: “is this simply to move the people off their land and free up it up for mining by foreign mining companies or make suddenly newly empty farms available for purchase by Chinese buyers? As outrageous as it might seem, all the evidence flooding in seems to suggest that this is exactly what is going on”.

  • What is the role of Government in all of this?
  • Why have both the State and Federal Government stood back and allowed such a dreadful travesty to happen to our own people?
  • Where was Campbell Newman on this issue? Where was Prime Minister Abbott?

The answerThey are nowhere to be seen.

For the last few months, the Prime Minister has warned us against the threats of terrorism to our nation. We have been alerted to ISIS and its clear and present danger to the Australian people.

Abbott has despatched Australian military forces into the Middle East in an effort to destroy this threat to our own safety and security. This mobilization of our military forces has come at a massive and unbudgeted expense to the average Australian taxpayer which the Prime Minister estimates to be around half a billion dollars each year.

We are told that terrorism is dangerous not only because of the threat to human life but also because it displaces populations and creates the massive human cost of refugees.

Yet not one single newspaper or politician in this land has exposed the fact that the worst form of terrorism that is happening right now is going on inside the very heartland of our own nation as banks and foreign mining companies are deliberately and cruelly forcing our own Australian farmers off the land.

What we saw in the main hall of the Winton Shire Council on Friday simply defied all description: a room filled with hundreds of broken and battered refuges from our own country. It was a scene more tragic and traumatic than a dozen desperate funerals all laced onto the one stage.

Right now, all over the inland of both Queensland and NSW, there is nothing but social and financial carnage on a scale that has never before been witnessed in this nation.

It was 41 degrees when we touched down at the Winton airport, and when you fly in low over this landscape it is simply Apocalyptic: there has not been a drop of rain in Winton for two years and there is not a sheep, a cow, a kangaroo, an emu or a bird in sight. Even the trees in the very belly of the creeks are dying.

There is little doubt that this is a natural disaster of incredible magnitude – and yet nobody – neither state nor the federal government – is willing to declare it as such.

The suicide rate has now reached such epic proportions right across the inland: not just the farmer who takes the walk “ up the paddock” and does away with himself but also their children and their wives. Once again, it has barely been covered by the media, a dreadful masquerade that has assisted by the reticence and shame of honourable farming families caught in these tragic situations.

My wife is one of the toughest women I know. Her family went into North West of Queensland as pioneers one hundred years ago: this is her blood country and these are her people . Yet when she stood up to speak to this crowd on Friday she suddenly broke down: she told me later that when she looked into the eyes of her own people, what she saw was enough to break her heart

And yet not one of us knew it was this bad, this much of a national tragedy. The truth is that these days, the Australian media basically doesn’t give a damn. They have been muzzled and shut down by governments and foreign mining companies to the extent that they are no longer willing to write the real story. So the responsibility is now left to people like us, to social media – and you, the Australian people.

And so the banks have been free to play their games and completely terrorise these people at their leisure. The drought has devalued the land and the banks have seen their opportunity to strike. It was exactly the excuse that they needed to clean up and make a fortune, because once the rains come – as they always do – this land will be worth four to ten times the price.

In fact, when farmers have asked for the payout figures, the banks have been either deeply reluctant or not capable of providing the mortgage trail because they have on-sold the mortgage – just like sub-prime agriculture.

This problem isn’t simply happening in Winton, but rather right across the entire inland across Queensland and NSW. The banks have been bringing in the police to evict Australian famers and their families from their farms, many of them multigenerational. One farmer matter of factly told us it took “oh, about 7 police” to evict him from his first farm and “maybe about twelve” to evict him from his second farm which had been in his family for many generations. You think they are kidding you. Then you see the expression in their eyes.

And there was something far worse in the room on Friday: the fear of speaking out against the banks: when we asked people to tell us who had done this to them, they would immediately start to shake and cry and look away: They have been silenced to protect the good corporate image of their tormentors called the banks. What in God’s name have the bastard banks been allowed to do to our people?

This is a travesty against the rights and the human dignity

of every Australian

So it’s only fair that we start to name a few of major banks involved: The ANZ is a major culprit (they made $7 billion profit last year). Then there is Rabo – which is an international agricultural bank – the NAB, Bank West and Westpac (who paid CEO Gail Kelly a yearly salary of some $12 million). They are all equally guilty. For any that we have missed, rest assured they will be publicly exposed as well

But here’s the thing: when these people are forced off their farms, they have nowhere to go. There are no refugee services waiting, such is the case for those who attempt to enter the sovereign borders of this nation. The farmers simply drive to the nearest town – that’s if the banks haven’t stripped their cars off them as well – and they try and find somewhere to sleep. Some are sleeping on the backs of trucks in swags. There is basically no home or accommodation made available to take them. They camp out, shocked and broken and penniless – and they are living on weet bix and noodles. If there is someone that can lend a family enough money to buy food, they will: otherwise they are left completely alone.

And consider this: not one of them has asked for help. Not one. They just do the best they can, ashamed and broken and brainwashed by the banks to believe that everything that has happened is completely their own fault

There is not one single word of this from a politicians lips, with the exception of the incredibly courageous father and son team of Bob and Robbie Katter, who organised the Farmers Last Stand meeting. The Katter family have been in the North since the 1890’s, and nobody who sat in that hall last Friday could question their love and commitment to their own people.

There is barely a mention of any of this as well in the newspapers, with the exception of a brief splash of publicity that followed our visit.

The Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce attended the meeting in a bitter blue-funk kind of mood that saw him mostly hunched over and staring at the floor. He had given $100 million of financial assistance in a lousy deal where the Government will borrow at 2.75% and loan it back at 3.21%.

The last thing these people need is another loan: they need a Redevelopment Bank to refinance their own loans: issuing a loan to pay off a loan is nothing more than financial suicide.

The reality is that Joyce cannot get support from what he calls “the shits in Cabinet” to create a desperately needed Redevelopment Bank so that these farmers can get cheap loans to tide them through to the end of the drought.

Our sources suggest that those “shits in Cabinet” include:

Malcolm Turnbull – Minister for Communications and the uber-cool trendy city-centric Liberal in the black leather jacket.

Andrew Robb – Minster for Trade and Investment and the man behind the free trade deal, the man who suddenly acquired three trendy Sydney restaurants almost overnight, the man who seems to suddenly desperate to sell off our farms to China.

Greg Hunt, Environment Minister and the man who is instantly approving almost every single mining project that is put in front of him.


At the conclusion of the meeting, we stood and met some of the people in the crowd. My wife talked to women who would hug her for dear life, and when they walked away people would suddenly murmur “oh, she was forced off last week” or “they are being forced off tomorrow” . Not one of them mentioned it to us. They had too much pride.

The Australian people need to be both informed and desperately outraged about what is being done to our own people. This is about every right that was once held dear to us: human rights, property rights, civil rights. And most all, our right to freedom of speech. All of that has been taken away from these people – and the rest of us need to understand that we are probably next.

In the last four weeks the Newman Government has removed all farmers rights to protest to a mine and given mining companies the rights to take all the water they want from the Great Artesian Basin – and at no cost to them at all.

And all of this has happened under the watch of both Premier Newman and Prime Minister Abbott.

Until Friday, we used to think of Winton as the home of Waltzing Matilda: it was written at a local station and first performed in the North Gregory Hotel. I think it was Don McLean who wrote, “something touched me deep inside…the day the music died”… in his song American Pie, and for us, last Friday was the day music died.

We will never be able to sing Waltzing Matilda again until we see some justice for these people, and all the farmers of the inland.

This is no longer the Australia we once knew: no longer our country, no longer our people, no longer the decent caring leaders we once remembered.

Right now, the banks, the mining mates, the corrupt politicians and all the ‘mongrels in suits’ have won – and the Australian people don’t have a clue what has been done to them.

Like the American Depression and the iconic photograph of Florence Owens Thompson, there is a terrible, gaping wound that has been carved across the heartland of this nation.

We need to fully grasp that, and to understand that our people – dignified, decent and honourable old men like Charlie Phillott – have been deliberately terrorized, brutalised – and sold out.

In one sense, Charlie Phillott has become the symbol overnight of every decent Australian: the simple right to live out our lives on the land we love – and the land we are still free to call our own. At least until some dangerously persuaded corrupted trendy liberal theorist decided to strip all that away.

The truth is, no Australian was ever consulted about whether or not they wanted to see their land mined into oblivion or see our precious water poisoned and given away for free, whether they wanted to be driven off their land by the greed of banking executives who saw the chance to make a profit by wiping out the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us.

No Australian was ever consulted about whether or not we wanted to see our beloved homeland sold on the cheap to greedy faceless foreigners just because some slimy two-faced minister managed to convince a weakened prime minster to meekly carry out his bidding.

Nobody has asked, “We the People” – Not once.

So if we are ever going to do something, then we’d better realise that its now only two minutes to midnight – so we’d better move fast.



Please share this as widely as you can across Australia. You are now the only truthful means we have to spread the message.  Contact politicians, contact newspapers, radio and television stations. Demand that your voice is heard.

Gladstone MP calls for Heiner “cover-up” inquiry –  senior reporter Tim Moore – November 27, 2014 – 2:49PM

roco-1Member for Gladstone Liz Cunningham has urged the Commission of Inquiry. Photo: Harrison Saragossi

Queensland Independent MP Liz Cunningham has asked in State Parliament on Thursday that a special Commission of Inquiry be called to investigate the “cover-up” of the 1990 decision by the Queensland cabinet to shred documents required by a court.

Ms Cunningham does not want another investigation into the shredding of the documents, which has become known as the Heiner Affair.

She instead wants an investigation into why it took from 1990 until July 2013 – 23 years – for a properly-constituted inquiry to find that there was a prima-facie case against the 1990 Queensland Cabinet members for shredding the documents.


Queensland Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie. Photo: Glenn Hunt

It would be similar to the 1989 Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry that saw Judge Angelo Vasta removed from office.

It is the “Why did it take so long to investigate?” Liz Cunningham wants answered, not the “What happened originally?”.

The Carmody Inquiry


Inquiry driving force Kevin Lindeberg (pic).

On July 1, 2013 Commissioner Tim Carmody found a case existed against Goss government cabinet ministers.

He reached the conclusion after spending months on the Child Protection Inquiry, which included investigating the shredding of Magistrate Noel Heiner’s inquiry document in 1990.

“The available evidence is legally sufficient, as it stands, for a jury to find that in resolving to hand the Heiner documents over to the state archivist for destruction, the premier and each participating cabinet minister meant to ensure that they could not be used in evidence if required in an anticipated judicial proceeding,” Mr Carmody wrote on July 1, 2013.

However the Office of Public Prosecutions found there was “no reasonable prospects of a conviction”.

The whistleblower

The man behind Ms Cunningham’s private member’s bill, whistleblower Kevin Lindeberg, accepts there is now no public benefit in pursuing the previous Cabinet MPs.

But Mr Lindeberg,– and now Ms Cunningham – believes there is merit in investigating the “why”.

“Why did it take 23 years for a prima-facie case to be established?” Mr Lindeberg asked repeatedly.

“…for our State Attorney to make himself the sole arbitrary decision-maker on the substance or otherwise regarding documented Heiner allegations of possible serious prima facie illegality hanging over the heads of certain known sitting Queensland judges, means, to all intents and purposes, he has usurped the authority, duty and rights of the Parliament to himself”.

The Attorney-General

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie told journalists there would be no further inquiry into why it took 23 years to make this finding.

However, Mr Lindeberg and Ms Cunningham believe some members of the Queensland’s judiciary have questions to answer and the Attorney-General – as a sole MP – cannot make that decision alone.

That decision has to be made by the 89 members of Queensland’s Legislative Assembly, they believe.

The Constitution

Mr Lindeberg says section 61 of the Queensland Constitution provides the legal framework for this.

It states: “A judge’s misbehaviour justifying removal from an office is proved only if the Legislative Assembly accepts a finding of a tribunal, stated in a report of the tribunal, that, on the balance of probabilities, the judge has misbehaved in a way that justifies removal from the office.”

Queensland’s Constitution requires that this inquiry be administered by three retired “judges or justices of a State or Federal superior court in Australia.”

That is what Ms Cunningham’s private members’ bill wants MPs to consider.

‘All MPs should decide’

Mr Lindeberg said he has only ever wanted the law to be obeyed.

Mr Lindeberg said each member of Parliament must now decide whether the documented allegations against the key players gave rise to a mere suspicion of possible wrongdoing.

“This is a solemn moral, ethical and legal duty on each politician now that the bill is tabled,” Mr Lindeberg said.
“It must be treated above party politics,” he said,
“It’s a seminal moment in our State’s unicameral, political, legal and constitutional history. I hope and pray that the law prevails.”

The letter

Mr Bleijie wrote to Mr Lindeberg in July 2014 and disagreed the issue needs to be taken to State Parliament.
Seven months earlier, the persistent Mr Lindeberg had taken his request to the then-Crime and Misconduct Commission for a new investigation into why it took 23 years to find a prima-facie case existed.

The CMC told Mr Lindeberg it had a “perception of bias” because it had investigated twice – before Mr Carmody found in 2013 a prima-facie case did exist – and sent it back to the Attorney-General.

In his letter back to Mr Lindeberg on July 11, Mr Bleijie wrote that he had discussed the issue with the-then Queensland Chief Justice Paul de Jersey. (Himself the subject of dire allegations of sexual impropriety)
Allegations have been ‘fully ventilated’

“Your allegations have been the subject of numerous reviews and inquiries, most recently the Queensland Child Protection Inquiry, and have been fully ventilated,” he wrote.

“I recently announced that that I had received advice from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and will not be referring the matter to the Queensland Police, or issuing any ex-officio indictment in relation to it,” he wrote.

“I do not see any reason to instigate any further inquiry.”

Whistleblower calls for fresh inquiry

Mr Lindeberg believes most previous inquiries were politically aligned.

He points out the actual terms of reference for Mr Carmody’s Inquiry did not allow him to investigate anything after December 31, 1990 – the aftermath of the document shredding in the Heiner Affair.

Mr Lindeberg is the original whistleblower on Cabinet’s decision to shred documents in 1990.
The documents related to allegations of abuse and mismanagement at the John Oxley Youth Detention Centre at Wacol in the late 1980s. Magistrate Noel Heiner spearheaded the inquiry.
Ipswich solicitor Ian Berry, who is now a LNP MP, represented the manager of a youth detention centre.
Mr Lindeberg was the centre manager’s trade union representative.
A long-time battle waged by one man
Mr Lindeberg is nothing, if not persistent.
He can be pedantic, insistent and at times mildly irritating.
But is passionate, persistent – and given Commissioner Carmody’s findings in July 2013 that a prima-facie case existed – to some degree, he has been proven correct.
He is a former trade-union representative, former light opera singer, an aviation and Bert Hinkler enthusiast, and a cartoonist.
Kevin Lindeberg does not know what will happen if 2014’s parliamentarians do not ask for an inquiry, in the style of the 1989 Judge Angelo Vasta inquiry.
He says he cannot say if today’s action is his final attempt to achieve closure.

“I really can’t answer that,” he said.
“I expect the law to be complied with.
“In other words, you are saying what will you do if this aspect of the law is not complied with?”
“Well, I just can’t answer that.”
“Parliament’s overriding obligation is to obey the law.
“And, no matter the pain or political embarrassment, to always nip in the bud matters of possible judicial impropriety as Mrs Cunningham’s bill and supporting material clearly reveals.”

Mr Lindeberg said the need to have faith in the law is why he has persisted for 24 years.

“So that we Queenslanders can have complete confidence in the integrity and independence of the judiciary and never have to live in fear that our freedoms and rights might be lost through arbitrary abuse of power when you least expect it.”

Leasing or selling assets unlawful and totally unethical

KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter and State Member for Mount Isa, Rob Katter are outraged that the Queensland Government has today flagged leasing assets rather than selling Queenslanders’ assets.

“The LNP government underestimates the people of Queensland. They will not fool the public into thinking that they still have control of the assets by leasing them; don’t insult our intelligence,” Bob Katter said.

“Leasing the assets is just the same as selling them, electricity prices will continue to skyrocket and it will be Queenslanders that will pay the ultimate cost.

It is obvious as the sun rising that they (the LNP) have made deals with corporations for the sale of these assets and receive generous donations from these corporations who are lining up to lease the assets.

“This is the dirtiest government in Queensland’s history coupled with a total inability to make a decision on anything,” Bob Katter said.

“In the ten years before corporatisation our electricity prices were stable at $700 per year, after the government totally deregulated the industry prices rose dramatically to $2359 in 2014.

“With the leasing or sale of our electricity assets within 2-4 years we could see power bills rise upwards of $6000 a year.

“Queenslanders paid for power generators, transmission and distribution networks and it is our right to retain ownership of these assets,” Bob Katter said.

State Member for Mount Isa, Rob Katter urged the people of Queensland to oppose the sale and leasing of our assets; stating that ‘A vote for the LNP at the next State Election is a vote to sell off our assets’.

“The idea of long-term leasing our assets, speaks volumes they have tried selling the sale of our assets hard.

“The LNP State members and the Treasurer are pushing for the sale of the Rail Line and Townsville Port, so they can build a new sports stadium in Townsville. I don’t even know where to begin to describe the stupidity of this statement.

“If you corporatise or privatise an essential service, then you give to that corporation the right to tax you at whatever level they feel like – forever.

“The LNP State Government claims that there is too much debt and this stops them from building essential infrastructure.

“This assertion would have credibility if they hadn’t already started building a $675m brand new office tower for the Premier, committed to a $5 billion traffic tunnel in Brisbane and an $800 million program transitioning grade 7 out of primary school into high school.

“If the Government built CopperString (electricity to Mount Isa), a Railway line into the Galilee Basin and introduced ethanol in Qld they would have already created 50,000 jobs,” Robbie Katter said.

LNP finger in mining royalties till, no change for regional communities

Robbie Katter incensed over Premier’s spending spree

The Member for Mount Isa, Rob Katter said he was incensed over the $80 million the Queensland Premier has spent in his marginal seat of Ashgrove, saying the money was earned in the resource centres of the State, such as Mount Isa.

“Mount Isa and Cloncurry in 2012-13 generated $213m in royalties and similar figures over other years. To have $80m of that prioritised for Ashgrove schools over projects such as the Mount Isa water or the Cloncurry Dam is an insult.

“This is perverse, taking money earned by the State’s producers and deliberately channelling it into the Premier’s own electorate,” Mr Katter said.

“Voters in Mount Isa should remember this when they come to vote; that the Premier has taken money meant for our schools, our roads, our water infrastructure, and used it to try and secure his own seat.”

Money spent in the Ashgrove electorate amounts to more than $2500 per voter, and includes a $5 million sports hall at The Gap State High School and $3 million on new classrooms for Ashgrove State School.

“Yet the Government couldn’t stump up the cash to keep the Gregory Downs School open in this electorate, and gave us a paltry $500,000 in Royalties to the Regions for our water treatment.

“That is no measure of a good government; that is simply trying to buy votes,” Mr Katter said.

“At the next election voters in the Mount Isa electorate need to look at the jobs lost, Royalties not returned to the regions, state assets lined up to be sold, laws rammed through with disregard to expert legal opinion, rural communities hung out to dry… and ask themselves, what kind of leadership is this?”

Mr Katter said he looked forward to mounting a vigorous campaign against both LNP and Labor in Mount Isa “to stop these major parties playing around with our hard-earned dollars”.

Polls, lying polls and dodgy data

A Galaxy poll commissioned by News Ltd, published in the Cairns Post newspaper has the ALP State leader Annastacia Palaszczuk one point behind Campbell Newman as preferred Premier. Whilst we know Campbell is on the nose it is hard to believe he is this far behind!

It has Palmers United party at 12 per cent and Katters Australian Party at zero. But don’t dismay this happened before Clive’s public outpouring of antipathy towards the Chinese Government. Polls, lying polls and dodgy data are the usual products of opinion polls, especially from those polling companies that are owned by Rupert Murdoch of News Ltd.

Annastacia Palaszczuk

Their methodology is simple – just ask a loaded question and you get the required result. For example which leader is your preferred choice of Premier, Newman or Palaszczuk?

There are no other options on offer so the interviewee has to pick one or the other, neither of whom he likes at all. If the pollster was to ask, “If you don’t like either on offer, who is your choice of Premier?” Then the polling result would be much different.

This polling subterfuge is what happens when the ALP and the LNP allow Rupert Murdoch to control the vast majority of Australian media.

Thank God for the internet!

Tony Fitzgerald tears into Queensland government for abuse of power

Renowned corruption fighter says Liberal National party has embarked on ‘destructive’ first term, undermining the judiciary and interfering in the electoral system.

Tony Fitzgerald Royal Commissioner into Corrupt Queesland Government

The last person Newman needs is an expert  exposing his very suspect government

 Tony Fitzgerald, seen here in 2010, says the first term of Queensland’s LNP government has proved the need for ‘adequate checks and balances’. Photograph: Steve Gray/AAP

Queensland’s ruling Liberal National Party is abusing its power through its huge, unchecked majority, the state’s best known corruption fighter says.

Tony Fitzgerald, who headed the Fitzgerald inquiry into police corruption in the 1980s, has launched a scathing attack on the LNP government after several controversies.

Fitzgerald said he was reluctant to comment on the ongoing “Queensland saga” but released a short statement saying he did not expect voters to tolerate “destructive populism of an irresponsible government for long” and wanted to regain his anonymity and privacy in retirement.

“The LNP’s first term in office has confirmed the critical importance of adequate checks and balances,” he said in the statement.

“The government has already flaunted its disdain for democracy and good governance by attacks on the judiciary and judicial independence, emasculation of the state’s anti-corruption commission and interference with the electoral system.”

He also accused the government of pursuing self-interest, favouring its supporters and passing “irrational, counterproductive and sometimes invalid” criminal laws.

Fitzgerald has already criticised the state’s controversial anti-bikie legislation.

He said Queensland was extremely vulnerable to the misuse and abuse of power, given a lack of constitutional limits on the state’s single house of parliament.

Without an effective parliamentary opposition, the checks and balances needed for democracy were missing.

“Queensland’s future is a matter for its voters,” he said. “At the next state election they will simply need to decide which party will do the least long-term damage.”

Fitzgerald also blamed News Corp publications such as the Courier-Mail for helping the LNP outside parliament.

“News Corporation publications, which dominate the local print media, consistently publish biased reports which favour the government,” he said.

Evidence Trumps the Phony Consensus

Evidence Trumps the Phony Consensus.

by Viv Forbes

Greens Fiction Engineer

Greens Fiction Engineer

We are lectured monotonously about the “consensus” that carbon dioxide produced by human activities is “highly likely to cause dangerous global warming”. The alarmist computer models are all based on this assumption, with predicted warming multiplied by also assuming strong positive feedbacks.

A consensus of opinion never determines a scientific question – real proof depends on evidence and logic. Consensus is a tool of politics and a guidepost for lemmings.

The so-called “Greenhouse Effect” depends entirely on the known property of carbon dioxide gas to intercept radiant heat in certain wavelengths. This process starts operating as soon as the extra gas enters the atmosphere.

If this influence is strong enough to drive “dangerous global warming”, its effect should be noticeable even in the short term, with Earth’s surface temperature increasing in step with increasing carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been steadily increasing for over a century, but global temperatures have fluctuated in broad cycles decades long, and there has been no warming for the last 17 years.

This evidence suggests that increasing carbon dioxide is not a major driver for dangerous global warming, no matter what the consensus says – even if a million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.

We may still get natural global warming, as the vast restless oceans roll over or the solar cycles change, but man-made carbon dioxide is not driving these processes. Moreover, a bit of warming is not our greatest risk – history shows that ice ages extinguish more species and habitats than warm eras.

The consensus of alarmists is trying to lynch an innocent party.

For those who wish to read more:

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OzResistance Video Exposes Govt Corruption

A Muttaburra grazier has his homestead surrounded by a dozen police demanding his guns be handed over because he ‘forgot’ to renew his gun licence. The real story is the NAB an Grab bank is about to foreclose on the property and they wanted no resistance. Qld cops for hire! Makes their KPI’s look good! Welcome to the fascist state!


Bill Bibbulmun activist from in this weekly report exposes child agency fabrication to remove political activist exposing WA government – Wayne Glew CPO speaks on engineered government violation of our constitution – Bill plays video footage of a WA cop deceiving and fraudulent attempt to serve documents on prominent activist Robert Paul CPO …..

Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs – Updated 2010

Clear and concise is this professional presentation with the use of “gumballs” explaining the bottom line of immigration failure so you may make informed decisions .

You might care to forward this video to your federal and state MP so they can understand how immigration “does not work” when next called to vote in the party room on your behalf !!!


Rally against the LNP’s Freedom of Association laws Jan 26

Aussies Arise!

Stop the unlawful VLAD Act!

Rally at Emma Miller Place, Brisbane, January 26th, 2014, from 11.30 am to 12.45 pm
Motorcycle parking – entry from Wickham Terrace end of Albert St – Road will be blocked off & police directing
Roma St Railway station – exit left from station & park is just a few meters

Groups departing 10am from: Stapylton BP, Redcliffe Showgrounds,
Bundama Primary School

Freedom of association is a most basic, inherent human right! A government that passes so-called laws to ban freedom of association without evidence of a crime being committed is a totalitarian regime.

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