Here come the asset sales which Premier Newman said,” …will not happen…”

Cairns News has an audio message on its page from a former Prime Minister who said “…there will never be a carbon tax…”

Public utilities Sunwater and Powerlink are set for privatization by the Newman Government as recent economic data reveals the state debt problem has worsened.

The sale of these public assets naturally, will be brokered by Rothschild and Macquarie Bank. Rothschild Bank earned huge commissions when former Premier Anna Bligh appointed it to sell Queensland Rails highly profitable coal division three years ago.

An Infrastructure Partnerships Australia report has valued Powerlink at $10 billion while the price tag for Sunwaters assets comes in at $1 billion.

In the first six months of the Newman Government the Competition Commission recommended water prices should be increased. In one case charges rose by 900 per cent for the Mareeba- Dimbulah Irrigation Area, severely damaging farmers and their ability to produce food.

The way forward for the state government is quite clear- it must follow the plan devised by Bob Katter to create a reconstruction bank of credit for the issuance of funds for development infrastructure and for relief of crippling interest rates charged to food producers by trading banks.

There is no other way, however the Liberal philosophy of adhering to the Keynesian monetary system where money is issued as a debt, will continue to allow the compounding of interest upon interest upon government taxes(GST) and charges so the original loan becomes mathematically impossible to repay.

It should be noted that no trading bank has ever been able to prove where it loaned one cent of its depositors funds when a customer takes out a loan.

Those primary producers who supported the free-trading Liberal Party at the federal election, by now should be wondering what happens next because of the mire into which they voted themselves.