Hi I’m Damo (Damien) I am 13 year old and see what is being done to farmers by all politicians. I decided that if politicians do not intend to listen to my parents and other farm kids parents, then it is time for the kids to band together and show up what these so called representatives of farmers in parliament are doing to mislead the city people about facts of some reason they have to close down the bush.

If you can help by distributing this website and my videos or wish to join my team, then email me … damosfarmkids@gmail.com.

Farmers are going broke daily as our rural industries are closing, dairies, sheep and cattle production, fishing, pigs and poultry producers.

The government sheriffs throw farming families off their land daily as their farming business fails because of unworkable laws government have passed, no wild dog control like my grandfather used before government took over the parks and enforce massive fines for removing these killers.

Why do politicians let killer dogs roam free to rip apart our live sheep, that is animal cruelty?

We must leave the farm broke and without money to feed ourselves if the stupid laws and pest animal control is not fixed by your local member politician.

Then who will provide the food for the city kids families?

Please send this around to all the kids and parents you know for farmers are finished if it is not corrected YESTERDAY?

Please pass this video message to all your friend and the kids of Australia  and visit my website  www.damosfarmkids.wordpress.com  … “Damo”.