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Police officer advises compulsory workplace vaccination is extortion at law, so prosecute

Good advice from the horse’s mouth……

30 years as a police officer, in Australia. gives me some understanding of the law. Under the Criminal Codes in all States of Australia are the offences of Assault and Extortion. Go to the police and lodge a complaint should someone attempt to remove access to things/benefits etc because you won’t have a vaccine or any other medicine. So for example if your workplace tells you that you have to have the vaccine or else, then you will see that it fits the definition of extortion. Assault is an obvious one.
Ultimately if you are the defendant you never really win, that is why you must be the complainant. When dealing with serious offences of Assault and extortion, often these matters on a not guilty basis will end up in front of a jury.
People, learn the definition of assault and also extortion to see if it applies in your case, and I don’t mean some bullcrap bush lawyer belief. There is oodles of real case law that you can find online to better inform yourself. (Believe it or not, even criminal law solicitors can give you reasonably sound advice as to whether your complaint could fulfil the elements required to persue a prosecution.) Once you are better informed then go the police and lodge complaints. Do this in numbers. Multiple complainants ALWAYS require a more thorough investigation and are harder to ‘fogg off’
What you have to do is force the hand of the police to take action. Believe it or not but some times politics interferes with what police want to do(sarcasm). You will find that there are brave police out their willing to help you, but you must step up to the plate and present yourself as a person of integrity. Politely demand that your complaint be dealt with and gently force the issue. Police when they charge someone are taking all risk on themselves as they wear the risk of personal liability if it goes belly up, so if you want police to take action on your behalf, present your self as a reliable creditable standup person, not some raving buffoon.
The secret is in reasonably knowing what your talking about and then presenting yourself in numbers.

from a decent police officer

Landmark US vaccine lawsuit links in court files below

If you look this document up you will find the article is correct unfortunately the other links on article page have been removed, however I looked up the file number given at the top of the article and found the relevant information is correct as the court documents are there and can be accessed and downloaded.

from S Sneddon. With thanks, Editor


The spies removed the original links to the government sites in the above story12 months ago, from their end.

Nation wide Vaccine Freedom Rallies in Cairns March 20

The Australian Vaccination Network recommends anyone who is thinking about having a Covid vaccination or even if you have had one, to turn up at this rally. Freedom has never before been at stake such as now.

The Queensland Premier Comrade Annastacia Palaszczuk said today they are not concerned that patients are dropping like flies after getting a DNA-altering Covid jab and the program is continuing as before. Kick out the ALP/Greens/LNP triumvirate before everyone is injured or killed by these untested, toxic concoctions which are making Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca extremely wealthy. How much the politicians and their parties have been slung has not yet been revealed.

Dr Vernon Coleman warns mRNA vaccines threat to humanity

Open letter to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk about unreliable PCR tests her boss keeps using

Covid PCR test fraudulent and every country knows it

Dear Premier,

Doing things the right way.

Talk to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He understands the game.

In December, his office issued an order to all state labs processing COVID PCR tests. They must now report “the number of cycles” they deploy in every test they perform.

Roughly speaking, a cycle is a quantum leap which increases the sensitivity of the test. As readily asserted by Anthony Fauci, any test using more than 35 cycles is meaningless.

Not only meaningless, but laden with false-positive results. The patient is falsely claimed “infected.”

However, the FDA and the CDC, since the launch of the COVID PCR test, have been recommending using 40 cycles; and therefore labs have been following this advice.  The latest advice I have is that Australian tests are run at 40 to 45 cycles.

The outcome, in terms of falsely inflated case numbers, has been a disaster.

Furthermore, as reported by the New York Times, testing labs never tell the patient or the doctor how many cycles they use in running the PCR.

Now, all lockdowns, mask wearing and other restrictive measures are based on 3 things, the number of COVID cases in your state; the number of COVID deaths; and the number of COVID hospitalizations.

But you see, all three statistical categories depend on a positive PCR test. And since the test, improperly run, has resulted in huge numbers of false-positives, you can restore sanity and more accurate data by following Governor DeSantis’ lead.

Once your state labs report how many cycles they are using for each PCR test they run, you can reject any test that deploys over 35 cycles. You can eliminate vast numbers of false-positives, and when you DO…

The number of COVID cases, COVID deaths, and COVID hospitalizations in your state will sharply decline, as they should.

In a nutshell, a vast fraud has been perpetrated on the people, and you can stop it.

You can restore sanity, re-open your state, and make the stranglehold of COVID restrictions a thing of the past.

Remember, any PCR test run over 35 cycles does not give meaningful results. There will be vast numbers of false positives, especially in Queensland where the population at large does not carry the virus. Your own Health Department statistics show that out of 2,012,660 tests only 1,368 “cases” (0.07%) have been found.  If these 1,368 cases have been detected using the PCR test run at over 35 cycles, most of these cases may be false positives making the case numbers even lower!

There is no real COVID epidemic in Queensland (The Sunshine State) and your State Government is making mountains out of mole hills!

Yours sincerely,

David Blake

Bribie Island  4507

No Covid Safety Data? No Problem!

US, UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and Singapore Will Let New-Variant Vaccines Onto the Market Without Safety or Efficacy Testing

By Rosemary Frei, MSc

March 9, 2021

No Safety Data? No Problem!​

On March 4 and 5, Canada, the UK, Australia, Switzerland and Singapore released identical guidelines for fast-tracking release onto the market of vaccines for the new variants. The countries issued the recommendations under the banner of the ‘ACCESS Consortium.’ ACCESS is an acronym based on the first letters of the five countries’ names.

A few days earlier, on February 22, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a similar set of recommendations. They allow Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) for “investigational” vaccines for new variants, letting them be used on the general public without first showing evidence of safety or effectiveness.

The recommendations all state that companies don’t need to conduct new clinical trials before putting the new-variant vaccines onto the market and potentially into millions of people’s arms. Requiring new trials, the ACCESS document asserts, would cause “considerable delay” and “bears the risk that the virus is evolving even further, potentially making a new vaccine version outdated at the time of approval again.”

Instead, the safety record of the currently used Covid vaccines can be used to judge the safety of the new ones, the countries’ regulatory agencies declare………………


mRNA vaccines taking out the front line of medical defence

Covid vax miscarriages and stillbirths

Dozens of Spontaneous Miscarriages, Stillbirths After COVID-19 Jabs

Young Surgeon Dies After Virus Vaccination of Multiple Organ Failure

Stephen Threlkeld, MD, an infectious disease specialist at Baptist Memorial Health Care Corp died after being admitted to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, is believed to have suffered from a COVID-19-related condition called multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS

Sugeon dies of multiple organ failure after

Covid vaccination

Published on March 3, 2021

Written by

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is investigating the death of a 36-year-old orthopedic surgeon who died on Feb. 8, 2021 in Tennessee just weeks after receiving the second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. J. Barton Williams, MD, who died after being admitted to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, is believed to have suffered from a rare COVID-19-related condition called multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS).1 2 3 4

Stephen Threlkeld, MD, an infectious disease specialist at Baptist Memorial Health Care Corp, told ABC, “This is not infection with coronavirus. The infection in these situations are generally over sometimes for weeks. The people typically no longer test positive for the virus itself. It’s gone, but the immune system turns on itself and attacks us.1

MIS is essentially an “unchecked immunological response” to a virus.4 Scott Strome, MD, executive dean of the College of Medicine at University of Tennessee Health Science Center, explained:

The immune system’s response is to eradicate the virus. One of its most fundamental features is its ability to turn itself off when it’s done. It has to know when it’s done.

It if doesn’t have that, you get an autoimmune situation. Whatever the reason, the body still thinks it has a threat and doesn’t turn itself off. Then you get this systematic inflammation.4

“The immune system attacks the body in many ways and causes multi-organ system failure. It affects the heart, the gastrointestinal tract and other places,” Dr. Threlkeld said.5

Dr. Williams had reportedly been vaccinated for COVID-19 sometime in mid-January and tests had found two types of antibodies in his system—”one type of antibody that results from a natural COVID infection, and a second type of antibody from the vaccine.” There is speculation Dr. Williams may have had a previous asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection, although he apparently tested negative for COVID-19 while being treated at Baptist Memorial.1

Dr. Threlkeld, who is working with the CDC on this case, said that preliminary findings suggest MIS may have caused Dr. Williams’ death. But the official cause has not been confirmed.1 2 Dr. Threlkeld said:

There is still information to be gathered. There is an autopsy pending, and we are working closely daily with the CDC. We want to be sure there is no indication that there is any relationship to the vaccine at this point.4

He added:

It is difficult to make sweeping conclusions in any direction when you are talking about something that has not been reported before anywhere. No one previously has been reported to have this illness (MIS) that has also had the vaccine.4

It is unclear which COVID-19 vaccine Dr. Williams was given. Currently, the two experimental vaccines that have been granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccine and Pfizer/BioNTech’s BNT162b2 vaccine.



Sobering Covid vax death rate reported by US Centre for Disease Control

CDC: 1265 DEAD 25,212 Injuries Following

Experimental COVID-19 MRNA ‘Vaccines’


CDC: 1265 DEAD 25,212 Injuries Following Experimental COVID-19 mRNA ‘Vaccines’



Will the huge death toll and injuries from Covid vax in the UK awaken Australian sheeples?

The Truth Behind the Vaccine Trials movie all should see

This excellent video provides further evidence of the Covid 19 plandemic and why you shouldn’t take a vaccine.

Dr Jim Mercola and Covid 19:

Doctor says mRNA ‘vaccination’ is simply gene therapy which does not cure SARS-Covid infections

Do not miss this brilliant video by David Martin PhD from Dr Jim Mercola’s medical site which Deep State is trying to shut down.  MRNA gene therapy does not cure Covid infections but exposes the patient to long-term serious physical harm or death. The so-called vaccines do not fall under federal regulations which legally describe a vaccine.

This is a must see explanation of how Australian politicians and the TGA have been lying to coerce you into making pharmaceutical trans-corporations even more wealthy. If you want to stay alive do not take any Covid ‘vaccine’.


Israel badly impacted by Pfizer Covid vaccination deaths

Researchers in Israel are reporting horrific results after vaccinating nearly 53% of the population, citing that deaths since the vaccine started are almost 40 times higher than before the vaccine rollout – Pfizer

People are dying in droves from these vaccines, plenty more info here

Rid your system of Covid vax toxins and reactions

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