Letter to the Editor

Most people are so busy fawning over the loss of “two brave wonderful souls” (the cops) that they are doing backflips to get noticed as The Prime Bootlicker. There’s no other act in town. Never mind the neighbour who lost his life, and never mind what actually went down between the cops and the property owners. Most media coverage of this, and open public response to this, is sickeningly over-strenuous fealty to the cops, no matter what.

Seems to me there’s a lot more going on here than just ‘respect for law enforcement’ – there’s fear of them manifested as faux support for the goon squad. There’s unthinking fealty to cops as if they alone keep society civilised. The odious virtue-signalling.

So even before we know what went on (and most likely we never will), the sheep are falling over themselves to lick pig boot most vigorously. Yet these same sheep will yell about defunding the police because of harsh treatment of the dark-skinned. They will join in whatever chorus is expedient at the time; they’ll be most agreeable to whatever is the popular narrative at the time.

The worrying aspect to all this is that even if the confrontation between cops and property owners in this case was a clear-cut case of police brutality fought off with arms; we’ll never hear a thing about it. Further, the home owners might well have left or posted evidence of police misconduct and we all know that will be hastily swept away. We simply cannot know if this was, as the MSM claim, a set-up execution of cops. We also cannot know if there was police culpability in it. We also cannot know if this was an entirely justified shooting of cops because they came to kill first.

All we keep getting told is the entirely unfeasible rot that cops attended the house in a friendly ‘welfare check’ that ended in a senseless brutal execution of two completely innocent cops. And we are all left wondering why on earth would these people do such a horrible thing, out of the blue, with no explanation.

Occam’s Razor does not even need to be unsheathed. This is a giant hopper-load of rot.

from Steve