Welfare check ending in brutal execution?

Letter to the Editor

Most people are so busy fawning over the loss of “two brave wonderful souls” (the cops) that they are doing backflips to get noticed as The Prime Bootlicker. There’s no other act in town. Never mind the neighbour who lost his life, and never mind what actually went down between the cops and the property owners. Most media coverage of this, and open public response to this, is sickeningly over-strenuous fealty to the cops, no matter what.

Seems to me there’s a lot more going on here than just ‘respect for law enforcement’ – there’s fear of them manifested as faux support for the goon squad. There’s unthinking fealty to cops as if they alone keep society civilised. The odious virtue-signalling.

So even before we know what went on (and most likely we never will), the sheep are falling over themselves to lick pig boot most vigorously. Yet these same sheep will yell about defunding the police because of harsh treatment of the dark-skinned. They will join in whatever chorus is expedient at the time; they’ll be most agreeable to whatever is the popular narrative at the time.

The worrying aspect to all this is that even if the confrontation between cops and property owners in this case was a clear-cut case of police brutality fought off with arms; we’ll never hear a thing about it. Further, the home owners might well have left or posted evidence of police misconduct and we all know that will be hastily swept away. We simply cannot know if this was, as the MSM claim, a set-up execution of cops. We also cannot know if there was police culpability in it. We also cannot know if this was an entirely justified shooting of cops because they came to kill first.

All we keep getting told is the entirely unfeasible rot that cops attended the house in a friendly ‘welfare check’ that ended in a senseless brutal execution of two completely innocent cops. And we are all left wondering why on earth would these people do such a horrible thing, out of the blue, with no explanation.

Occam’s Razor does not even need to be unsheathed. This is a giant hopper-load of rot.

from Steve


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. allan orr, take a bow. The link you posted to “The Rich Man’s Trick” thank you. What a journey. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you to Francis Richard Connolly for perfect research, outstandingly knowledgeable. People that “share nothing” & just be quiet, “share this film”, factual & shows bravery for the makers of it. A masterpiece. Most apt for what’s going on with the latest deceiving production in Qld.
    Eds should have this as a stand alone post/contribution to CN as some of us don’t get to read lots of comments & lots don’t comment & good things are missed. It’s that important. The film spoke about what they revealed in Hitchcock’s “Saboteur”, For “the unbelievers”, (true old term that stuck), “…the stupid that plod along”, “…moron millions”. I’ll go one more & recommend it for those commie propoganda handbookers that call people conspiracy theorists as that’s all they can come up with, their educators must be so proud. The Rich Man’s Trick is for them.
    Welcome fresh blood eds, show us what you got☺

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  2. There is not one constitutional law abiding cop in Australia, they all must be treated as with utter contempt for all the lies, the deceit the treachery and treason they wallow in every time one is pulled over by a purported cop whether it be federal or state call them out for what they are .TRAITORS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER. they dont even know we have a constitution Act 1900(UK) and 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted, so how the hell can they administer the law when they don’t know what it is. ignorance of the law is no excuse, every one of them must be tried in a chapter 111 court by a Jury of their peers and if convicted should get capitol punishment for their treachery.
    No exceptions.

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  3. Absolutely astounding that the only one killed was… a witness. Killed by the …POLICE. Very strange.

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  4. Keep looking folks, somebody knows what actually happened

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  5. Here’s the inimitable John Wilson articulating what many of us are already thinking…


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  6. DJohnston: “Actually, I perceive this ‘lessening’ of Alan Dare as an inadvertant admission of guilt.”

    An innocent member of the public is killed and there’s nothing to see there? Why would they miss such a glaring ‘gaslight’ opportunity unless there’s a risk of it seriously backfiring? Surely an ordinary person’s BS Meter must be rising off the scale!

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  7. Blisskit: ““It is a sacred site for police and it’s a way we can ensure their memory also lives on forever.”

    Nothing like buying a property in a rich gas extraction field to ensure adequate gas supplies for gaslighting the public.

    A ‘sacred’ site? Wow! We’re in deep shit, folks. Don’t they do psycho tests before they let such pathology loose on the public?

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  8. loznger said – “In my opinion these poor buggars were set up and MURDERED by a tyrannical government and their goon squad…”

    How about the relevant coroner release the autopsy report for these inadvertent folk heroes.

    What’s the bet they were shot in the back just like that hapless Good Samaritan neighbor who was ruthlessly executed in cold blood by the Gestapo psycopaths?

    In any case, it’s pretty much self-evident that they were set up and sacrificed to further the agenda of the f*cking Globalist psycopaths entrenched throughout the fake “governments” of every Australian state and territory.

    Who knows, maybe that fat genocidal Globalist pig Palaszczuk personally selected the fake cop “victims” of this particular false flag in order to achieve the greatest emotional response from an unwitting Australian public.

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  9. Blisskitt quoted – ” “National cabinet will consider options to better regulate gun ownership in Australia in the wake of two police officers and a bystander being killed in Queensland, the Prime Minister has announced…” ”

    National Cabinet? Isn’t that the shonky unconstitutional and fundamentally illegal star chamber set up by Hillsong paedophile and grand-theft specialist Scotty from Marketing to co-ordinate Globalist objectives between Federal, State and territory “governments” (all fake, all foreign controlled corporations) IN SECRET out of the sight and reach of the voting public?

    Seems to me that this fake “National Cabinet” is becoming normalised to the point of being a successful stealth Globalist takeover of the highest levels of Australian governance.

    If we let it happen, then we are to blame. Silence is complicity.

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  10. Blisskitt quoted – ” “It is a sacred site for police and it’s a way we can ensure their memory also lives on forever.” ”

    Of course. I’d venture to ask a “sacred site” according to which religious ideology?

    How about the Legion of Psychopathic Gestapo Arseholes?

    Or maybe the Brotherhood of Braindead Bash-artist F*ckwits?

    Or maybe we can just cut directly to the point – Satanic Globalism.

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  11. Hi Blisskitt, re: “It is a sacred site for police…” WTF?! Now that really takes the cake. Not only preposterous (as is all the other BS) but blasphemous. Leavers and Burgess – aka #Psychopaths.Inc.
    And re: “National cabinet will consider options to better regulate gun ownership in Australia in the wake of two police officers and a bystander being killed…”
    Well we ALL saw that coming – long before it even appeared over the horizon!
    And now Alan Dare (aka eliminated witness) – has gone from being “a good Samaritan” to “the neighbour” to simply “a bystander”. Are they sure he wasn’t just a hologram? This continual appalling and callous disrespect is both sickening and enraging. Actually, I perceive this ‘lessening’ of Alan Dare as an inadvertant admission of guilt.

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  12. In my opinion these poor buggars were set up and MURDERED by a tyrannical government and their goon squad. Unfortunately we will never know the truth, and that is exactly what this government want, silence and compliance. OR ELSE.

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  13. And this,

    “Albo heeds call for national gun registry after Wieambilla ambush murders”

    From the article

    “National cabinet will consider options to better regulate gun ownership in Australia in the wake of two police officers and a bystander being killed in Queensland, the Prime Minister has announced.

    Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers floated the idea of setting up a registry last week after constables Rachel McCrow and Matthew Arnold were killed when they attended a rural property in the Western Darling Downs on December 12.”



  14. Look at this story. From the article.

    “The Queensland Police Union wants to buy the property where two police officers were killed in the state’s Western Downs last week.

    Union president Ian Leavers said he did not want the land to “fall into the wrong hands”.

    “The last thing we want to see is the anti-vaxxers, pro-gun, conspiracy theorists to get this land and use it for their own warped and dangerous views,” Mr Leavers said.

    “They are absolutely un-Australian and I don’t want it to be used for them to promote themselves.”

    “It is a sacred site for police and it’s a way we can ensure their memory also lives on forever.” ‘



  15. The privately owned and operated Freemason police force has to go. They are a private corporation issuing infractions that you MUST agree to prior to being charged.

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  16. Yeah I completely disagreed you look at any of the comments any story about this and it’s nearly a 50/50 mix of people who aren’t believing a f****** word of this I’ll tell you straight up there’s something that stinks in Belgium … 6 or 7 cars rushed out of Toowoomba here at precisely 1:15 Monday afternoon furthermore compare that with the Shadows being cast in all the news stories of the vehicles turning up road blocks/ ambulances ect and also look at those and you can clearly see this was not after 5 p.m. as depicted if this shooting started at 4:30 what a load of s*** … why is there up to 5 hours not accounted for in this timeline .? ….if the original shooting didn’t start until 4:30 backup and help would have been well after 5 ..?

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  17. Hi Greg, re: “I agree with you Steve and the girl that hid in the grass and watched as they supposedly shot the two cops in the head.” Yes well, here’s the kicker… supposedly down on the ground, surrounded by burning grass, hiding from her attackers and in fear for her life – YET WAS PREOCCUPIED WITH SENDING “GOODBYE’ TEXTS TO HER LOVED ONES. ??! When you’re in a life threatening situation/emergency that’s the first thing you would do right?

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  18. This smells a bit off ,when the cop’s came back in force, why didn’t they surround the very isolated house, try to communicate with them, like they normally would, find out what was going on, very easy to surround, this house, wait them out.
    Just doesn’t ring true for me ???.

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  19. I dont know what happened and am grieved at all lives lost. The MSM talking conspiracy theories etc does make me feel there is more to this definitely!! Do I trust anything anyone says, hell no! Were those kids sent in as a sacrifice for their plan, maybe. It does smell very fishy.

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  20. spot on. i told my wife, i can’t believe any of this, because it came from the lame stream media. a lot more to this story, that we are not been told.

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  21. Absolutely agree that this stinks so badly. It smells similarly to CSG pipeline obstruction and harassment by corporate militias. The 4am ‘welfare check’ when both the closest police stations were closed at 4pm smells really bad also. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02DUFtdfKGa2W48RnRQyS6VYzPzigE5qY5ZM8rn28n7hnkvia2tmaA9KQUPXF5Xd4Gl&id=100000203709413&mibextid=qC1gEa.

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  22. In the USA, we’re an uncouth lot–we’d call the official narrative in this case a giant hopper load of bullshit…

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  23. There is so much more to this tragedy, stinks of corruption

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  24. “Never mind the neighbour who lost his life, and never mind what actually went down between the cops and the property owners.”

    It’s interesting that not many appear interested in the deceased neighbour and in his wife’s story. Doesn’t quite seem natural, does it? Maybe some intrepid journalists could give us a few clues as to the reason.

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  25. I agree with you Steve and the girl that hid in the grass and watched as they supposedly shot the two cops in the head. She had a gun on her and had called for backup she could have fired upon them. Now she is going to get a bravery award for doing something she would havwe been shot for in the army cowardice in the face of the enemy.

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  26. Thank you Steve! for your perfectly stated letter to Editor.

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  27. If msm & politicians go gung ho on something.. there’s definitely more hidden truths… Blessings to ALL who lost their lives

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  28. Rosemary Tempany

    Anyone heard the news being dribbled out on msm radio today – the police union want to buy the property ( did I hear this right) : so as to prevent – anti vax, Conspiracy theorist , sovereign people bla bla , from buying it. I’ve seen a few posts where locals claim there’s a lot of land in that region in the sights of fracking companies & that property was 1 of them. Is this true.

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  29. in the “Strong cities melb summit report from 2018”.

    They had a strong focus on the coming threat of ‘popularism’ and ring wing extremists being radicalised online in echo chambers and the need to quash miss information as part of this.

    They even used an example of an Australian teacher being radicalised and a link to NSW police in the Strong cities Melb summit report from 2018.

    in Section 12 – Strong Cities Network
    and the paragraphs for: “Breakout Session 5: Recruitment Trends – Crime Mental Health and Violent Extremism”

    All very “interesting”.

    Click to access SCN-Global-Summit-2018-Report.pdf

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