Letter to the Editor

Yeah I completely disagreed you look at any of the comments of any story about this and it’s nearly a 50/50 mix of people who aren’t believing a f*** word of this I’ll tell you straight up there’s something that stinks in Belgium … 6 or 7 cars rushed out of Toowoomba here at precisely 1:15 Monday afternoon furthermore compare that with the Shadows being cast in all the news stories of the vehicles turning up road blocks/ ambulances ect and also look at those and you can clearly see this was not after 5 p.m. as depicted if this shooting started at 4:30 pm what a load of s … why is there up to 5 hours not accounted for in this timeline .? ….if the original shooting didn’t start until 4:30 backup and help would have been well after 5 ..?

from haircut351