Police timeline not adding up at Tara

Letter to the Editor

Yeah I completely disagreed you look at any of the comments of any story about this and it’s nearly a 50/50 mix of people who aren’t believing a f*** word of this I’ll tell you straight up there’s something that stinks in Belgium … 6 or 7 cars rushed out of Toowoomba here at precisely 1:15 Monday afternoon furthermore compare that with the Shadows being cast in all the news stories of the vehicles turning up road blocks/ ambulances ect and also look at those and you can clearly see this was not after 5 p.m. as depicted if this shooting started at 4:30 pm what a load of s … why is there up to 5 hours not accounted for in this timeline .? ….if the original shooting didn’t start until 4:30 backup and help would have been well after 5 ..?

from haircut351


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Yes Pat from Vic, “How obvious, how BLATANT, does it have to be?” Now goading us with their flagrancy – mistakenly believing we can do nothing about it.

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  2. D Johnston said – “… as daviddd2 so astutely correlated, created slap bang in the middle of Saturnalia.”

    How many people would have any idea of the significance of that date?

    Saturnalia – the Satanists’ alternative to Christmas, complete with sex orgies and blood sacrifices to Lucifer.

    And as stated repeatedly, now the Queensland Gestapo regards the killing field as a “sacred site”. How obvious, how BLATANT, does it have to be?

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  3. They know that we know. I do believe this is the good powers that be provoking the stupid to wake up. Ounce enough are enlightened (not all) the mess can be wiped up. Takes time however we are on the correct path. The bad guys already know they are doomed.

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  4. Dr Kerryn Phelps has blown up the official narrative on vaccinations, too late for these people, how many more are on the edge of committing horrible crimes because they have had EVERYTHING taken from them by governments and health industry? The truth WILL come out eventually, sooner the better. Phelps has pulled her finger out of the proverbial dyke and the wall of lies is about to collapse, hope the punishment fits the crimes.

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  5. Hi Pat from Vic, re: “So that piece of land is indeed now a “sacred site” – sacred, that is, to the Satanic psycopaths infesting the fake Queensland Gestapo-wannabe “police force” and the Satanic Queensland fake “government”. PRECISELY! A “sacred site” – as daviddd2 so astutely correlated, created slap bang in the middle of Saturnalia. What an admission. It really appears as if they’re goading us. They surely can’t be that impossibly stupid! They know that we know.

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  6. You think he might be driven by his own wild conspiracy theory that “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-vaxxers” are organising crowd funding to purchase the site and he might miss out getting his own “sacred” site?

    WTF! It’s a toss up whether I should be more scared of his type or of other conspiracy theorists. Probably his type, he’s got a few more bruisers behind him. lol

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  7. We quoted QPU president Leavers years ago saying “the only people who should own guns are the police”” Ed

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  8. “Mr Leavers ” – I have watched this guy for years – he is a real “special” – I would love to know about his past – especially his childhood – real bad stuff there – I would say..

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  9. Debra Radcliffe quoted from a news article – ““The last thing we want to see is the anti-vaxxers, pro-gun, conspiracy theorists to get this land and use it for their own warped and dangerous views,” Mr Leavers said.”

    Indeed, Queensland Police Union President Mr Leavers did say that – which speaks to the level of psychosis of the corporate Gestapo now on the loose in every Australian state and territory.

    But it’s worse than that.

    Mr. Leavers also said that the site which the Queensland Police Union is now determined to buy is a “sacred site”. We should understand that this statement is emphatically correct.

    You see, they’ve just conducted a ritual sacrifice of two of their own on this land – a violent blood sacrifice in which they deceptively lead the lambs to the slaughter.

    So that piece of land is indeed now a “sacred site” – sacred, that is, to the Satanic psycopaths infesting the fake Queensland Gestapo-wannabe “police force” and the Satanic Queensland fake “government”.

    We can expect that, once the Queensland Police Union has purchased this “sacred site”, they’ll be running festivals there several times a year where they’ll be burning babies alive, cutting them up and eating them.

    Welcome to the Queensland “police force” – you’ve made your mothers proud.

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  10. Initially there’s discrepancies and contradictions in the stories the police feed the media…It usually takes the police 3 or 4 days to get their story straight (“clean up loose ends”)…
    They have tried to solve such Problems by hiring full-time media liaison spokesmen (oftentimes pretty females), but sometimes there are too many discrepancies to fold into the Official Version, discrepancies only “conspiracy theorists” insist are meaningful…

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  11. At the 2021 Anzac Day ceremony Canberra war memorial the MC let us all know that terrorists don’t wear a uniform.very clearly aiming that slur at all civilians.

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  12. Qld Police Union President Ian Levers “did not want the land to fall into the wrong hands” – what does that mean? Do the QPU known the status of the will of the owner(s) of the property? Are they going to buy it off the heir(s), or is the property a conveniently seized asset they now have first bid on?
    I suspected a false flag would be coming when ASIO lowered the terror threat level from ‘probable’ to ‘possible’ 28Nov 2022. Didn’t take long it seems.

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  13. In another outrageous, disgusting statement targeting people who do not want to participate in a medical experiment, Queensland Police Union President Ian Levers has said he did not want the land to “fall into the wrong hands,” after announcing plans for the Union to buy up the land.

    “The last thing we want to see is the anti-vaxxers, pro-gun, conspiracy theorists to get this land and use it for their own warped and dangerous views,” Mr Leavers said.

    As every single one of us knows, NONE of us are violent, NONE of us are trying to advocate for guns all of a sudden and we certainly are not conspiracy theorists. What we are, and always will be, is anti-medical experiment for deadly mRNA shots that have killed millions around the world.

    This truly is an attempt to vilify innocent people who are not represented in the slightest by the shooters, and make people fear living off-grid and outside of smart cities.


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  14. No women shooters look at the best archival material in the world right on CN. Ed

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  15. Yeah Greg suppose its a bit like 911 when TV reported the event before it actually happened. Did you know many reporters are blessed with ESP? Ed

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  16. There was more than one shooter at Port Arthur, one of whom was a woman.

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  17. CN published long ago the photo and name of one of the shooters. He wasn’t an Israeli sniper. It is in Port Arthur archives.

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  18. Excellent comments daviddd2. And Saturnalia…now that’s an astute correlation. Had not occured to me. Seems like there’s been one big long ‘Purge’ – now not only confined to December eh!

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  19. What is the difference between a Conspiracy Theory and a Conspiracy Fact. It used to be 3 years! Now it is 3 days!

    There are 3 issues here:

    1. Already, politicians are talking about a National Register of Firearms and Owners, as well as uniform legislation for every state and territory.

    2. Police snipers were reported in action at some stage by Dare’s widow. This begs the question about their logistics. At Port Arthur we had an Israeli sniper team with the female sniper reported as wearing a blond wig (to appear more like Martin?). The police helicopter video from Tara is very revealing and I was wondering if they had a sniper on board?

    3. Max Igan did a runner to Mexico after he got a letter to confirm his application for a firearms Licence was accepted. The reply came more than 12 months after his application. He felt he was being set up for a “false flag” action for the government to update the gun ownership legislation. Smart man, Max.

    I am sure this is all just an unfortunate string of co-incidences and has nothing to do with Saturnalia blood sacrifices.

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  20. pcwwp: “Hmm.. I’m not sure but is their a a pattern here? Port what? Will there be new laws because of this removing our rights?”

    lol Problem/Reaction/Solution. It’s a tried and tested pattern. Perfected in post WW2 Europe with the aid of benevolent programs otherwise known as “Operation Gladio” .

    Here’s a little extract from what is an eye opening and interesting read for those who were asleep or otherwise missed it:


    “Tension strategy exists for the manipulation and control of public opinion: fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateurs … and false flag terrorist actions. Gladio’s raison d’etre in Italy: first organize terrorism and blame it on Communists; spread fear and then pass laws restricting the freedoms of the people. As they had done in the Alto Adige when people fell for the propaganda of the threat of a Soviet invasion: the scary image of Russian Cossacks watering their horses in Vatican fountains. But people never get it! They are afraid. More special laws are passed and thousands of leftists are imprisoned. Keep the populace afraid so that promises of security will be believed. You create fear with lies. And the state then suppresses dissent….

    “People in Italy, in Europe—in the western world—know nothing about Gladio and the strategy of tension. They do not know why terrorism persists … nor who the real terrorists are. “

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  21. Thank you for that comment. Unfortunately not many sheep will process it with the minimal intellectual rigour that they are allegedly capable of.

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  22. The people many of you call conspiracy theorists are actually ‘truth seekers’. We have been lied to for so long, so often and by deliberate omission by the main-stream media and the Government that we have to follow all avenues to find the truth. Better to seek, than to believe everything the TV tells you and hide your head in the sand! After everything that has been done to us for the last 3 years, why wouldn’t we? I feel great sorrow for those that lost their lives, but I cannot forget how the Police turned on the public and peaceful protesters whom they were supposed to serve and protect. Arrests, jail, rubber bullets in the back, pepper spray in the face, fines by the thousands. To their shame, why would we ever trust them or believe a word they say without proof.

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  23. Hmm.. I’m not sure but is their a a pattern here? Port what? Will there be new laws because of this removing our rights? I seem to remember years of this in the US but sadly, those crazy Americans don’t want to give up their guns to their loving Government…. Hmm.. hard to say – for the sheeple!

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  24. Deni: ” “The conspiracy nutters will have a field day”

    Yeah, that’s for sure, did you like the one about 3 psychos in camouflage spending their day lying in the bushes surrounding their house so they could execute police who stumbled into a welfare check entrapment? Pretty good, eh? Rather imaginative methoughts, even if it did come from the MSM.

    What’s your angle, you got anything better to offer?

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  25. Will the 2 police officers who ran away and left their wounded friends to die be charged with cowardice?

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  26. Hi Neville Thompson, re: “What time was the neighbor shot & by what calibre bullet ?” According to Kerry Dare’s statement, Alan was shot sometime around 5pm – just after he and another neighbour/friend went to help. The friend was able to return to Kerry at the house with Alan’s phone – telling her “Alan’s in a bad way”. The police ignored her frantic pleas to go and help him and just walked off.
    Intriguingly, the friend who was with Alan Dare seems to have vanished off the face of the planet. He is another integral link and/or possible witness.
    As for the bullet calibre? Well it will be whatever forensics, et al say it is…….

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  27. Greg North…look at the timeline supplied by the Toowoomba resident who wrote the article.

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  28. Spot on! ohaircut351. SUCH LONG grass in fact that it practically resembled a bloody cornfield lol. Which actually you can feasibly hide within…and maybe pass your time sending text messages…

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  29. Neville Thompson

    What time was the neighbor shot & by what calibre bullet ?

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  30. I’m with Greg North on this one:
    “The conspiracy nutters will have a field day”
    And it looks like it’s already started!!


  31. I’m with Greg on this:
    “The conspiracy nutters will have a field day”


  32. 2 things ( picture supplied you guys probably can’t see though ) What’s wrong with this picture … to hide in long grass you would need LONG GRASS in order to hide in it In order to burn said long grass you would again NEED LONG GRASS ( all of those burnt patches look to be individually lit ) as it appears you would have trouble lighting a fire there due to the LACK OF ANY FUEL SOURCE in this case void of any #ucken LONG GRASS .. perhaps someone else can tell me what’s missing from this picture and why this narrative about the fires is as hokie as the day is long ….

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  33. There was a reasonable time gap between when the first four officers appeared of whom two were killed and when the next sixteen police arrived and the neighbour was shot (by police by mistake?)
    In this space of time the Trains uploaded an explanation for their actions to the public on YouTube.
    Wouldn’t you like to know the other side of the story?


  34. The conspiracy nutters with have a field day , ably supported by the maniacal media looking for sensational reporting and not always getting too much right.

    Two police officers and a neighbour were gunned down.
    Two police officers lucky to escape with their lives.
    Of course there would be heaps of police cars leaving from Toowoomba and wherever else to set up roadblocks etc.
    Then the situation had to be determined and perps got neuted in resisting arrest.


  35. None of their details makes sense, this was a set up no doubt about it. Now they are covering their arses.

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