Florida Governor and presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis goes after Big Pharma in criminal court

Trump plans to reclaim free speech in America

by Alexandra Bruce

Ron DeSantis seeks to wield the power of state government, rather than federal and to pursue criminal liability, rather than civil to go after Big Pharma in his petition of the Florida Supreme Court to form a grand jury to “investigate crimes and wrongdoing committed against Floridians related to the COVID-19 vaccine.”

DeSantis also announced the establishment of a Public Health Integrity Committee, which he’s calling a “shadow CDC”, that seeks to hold the federal government’s health bureaucracy accountable.

Governor Ron DeSantis says the fight in the Florida Supreme court will be “broader than” just Big Pharma, and will also target federal overreach and false claims by Dr Fauci

DeSantis told journalist, Jordan Schachtel, “There were a lot of fraudulent representations made” by the government health institutions, citing claims by Dr Fauci, the CDC director and many others who marketed the shots as providing immunity and blocking transmission, saying that the vaccine mandates were “based on premises that turned out not to be accurate.” So the fight in the Florida Supreme court will be “broader than” just Big Pharma, and will also target federal overreach.

Citing the 2005 PREP Act, a bill passed in 2005 by Congress that clears the drug companies of virtually all civil liability, Governor DeSantis said of the Big Pharma protections, “They’ll go into federal court and try to squash anything that we do, but that liability does not include criminal. We’re going to do our process with the grand jury. We will have more heft than a congressional committee would anyway, because it’s a criminal process, not just civil.”


Perhaps the biggest story Thursday was Trump’s announcement about his plan to Reclaim Free Speech in America, although some feel that he’s day late and a dollar short. He talks about issuing an Executive Order as soon as he is sworn into office in January 2025, which assumes there’s still enough democracy to enable Trump to actually BE elected or that there will even BE country left in 2025.

One wonders why he didn’t do this back in 2018, when there were numerous Congressional hearings with Big Tech leaders about their tyrannical CCP-style censorship.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have since lost their lives and millions more have been permanently injured because of the egregious censorship of lifesaving information from the beginning of the pandemic. Tens of millions more have lost their jobs, their businesses, friends and even family because Trump failed miserably to curb the censorship that allowed the nightmare of the past several years to steamroll over American citizens. Moreover, Trump has yet to condemn the bioweapon shots.

Throughout this nightmare, mysterious representatives of the “White Hats” have told us that “it had to be this way” and that “you can’t tell the people, you need to show the people,” which some may argue implicates these White Hats as accessories to genocide, to say nothing of election theft. Can you say Operation Trust?

Still, former Trump administration members, like Darren Beattie and Kash Patel praised Trump’s statement as the most comprehensive strategy to combat censorship in history and they said they do believe that Republicans can move on some of Trump’s anti-censorship initiatives, as soon as they’re in control of the gavels next month.


We’ve heard for years about corrupt US politicos “selling us out to China”, like the Bidens, the McConnells, etc but Gus Quixote reveals the shocking degree to which this is so and how the tip of this iceberg was revealed in LA County’s case against the election software company, Konnech – which, of course was dropped by Soros agent, LA County DA George Gascón.

In his latest mind-bending Substack, Gus Quixote announces that there are no longer boundaries between the United States administrative state and the Chinese Communist Party and that this is the true meaning of Globalism.

He reminds us about how we were alerted nearly a decade ago to the sprawling American surveillance state’s data collection and spying programs by former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden and how many overlook the research that built those programs and the actual researchers who pioneered these systems into being:

The currently circulating allegations of private citizens’ personal data being exported to China to reside on Chinese databases are only a symptom of the academic and government structures that worked in tandem (whether spoken or unspoken) to achieve it.

In the span of at least a decade, the United States and the People’s Republic of China exchanged academics, intellectual property, research, and co-mingled businesses across moral, regulatory and jurisdictional lines — whether they admit it or not.

They have proactively moved in conjunction to corral and centralize every citizen on the planet’s personal data for at least a decade.

These are the receipts.

Gus Quixote goes on to chart the 25-year program between the US and China to develop the artificial intelligence, biometrics, autonomous data collection, human-robotics integration, nanotechnology, biomolecular and genomic software processing and censorship algorithms, in order to create the technocratic prison through which the Globalists would control the world.

This AI and social engineering research has recently swayed three elections, as we are now learning from Elon Musk’s #Twitterfiles.

Gus Quixote continues:

Along this 25-plus year timeline, KonnechMichigan State, and the United States government — specifically the Department of JusticeFBIDepartment of Homeland SecurityDepartment of DefenseNational Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation — all in tandem with the PRC government, funded each other’s research, performed each other’s research, and shared each other’s research. There remains no doubt of that.

It has never been a secret. It has always been swept under the rug, however.

If Chinese servers house American PII [Personal Identifying Information] through Konnech and Fulgent Genetics, then it is far more than likely that those servers house the FBI’s data too…and the DOJ…and DHS…and the NSF who started and perpetuated the entire ordeal through Chinese researchers, funneling intel and intellectual property back to the PLA and PRC.

The only question remaining from all of this is, “For what?”

I say it’s for Globalism, where human rights, to say nothing of Constitutional rights are obsolete – and the human population is reduced by 95%.

Some of you may recall the hushed-up Special Forces raid, in the immediate wake of the 2020 Election, involving Scytl servers and Chinese technologists at the US Consulate in Frankfurt, that was referred to by Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert and the rumors about how then-CIA Director Gina Haspel, who was present at the vote theft operations at the Frankfurt Consulate was injured by gunfire? Remember?

Well, there’s a “Frankfurt, Germany” node on the Konnech-related CASIC network, used for “intelligent manufacturing.”

Gus Quixote asks, are we already past the point of no return, meaning that the globe’s data is already and forever inextricably linked?

He says, it’s odd that China always moved to expand their programs in American presidential election years, in which a change of hands in executive power was imminent. China also moved to fortify those investments in American election years in which an incumbent was running for reelection.

Gus Quixote mentions that a Scytl patent was incorporated into this Konnech patent, which reminds me that Scytl software was developed by CENTCOM and 100% transferred to the Spanish corporation, then acquired in 9/20 by Paragon (UK).  

The DOD, FBI, DHS, DOJ, CISA, etc, etc are overseeing the wholesale export of all US IP and citizen data to the CCP so they can build the CBDC that will enslave us in their social credit system. The military is not going to save us, they are selling us out!

Finally, Gus Quixote asks, was it worth it for the Chinese to take these mortal gambles? Or were there really ever two teams?

I believe the answer to that question can be found in the equally marvelous Substack from anon_fa_mous threads. Check them both out!


The Gateway Pundit reports that a judge in Maricopa County has ordered that Kari Lake’s petition to inspect ballots in the county from the 2022 mid-term election be granted.

The Lake campaign will have to designate a ballot inspector and provide the court with contact information for them by Friday at 12pm. The inspection would begin on December 20, 2022 at 8am.

The judge however denied the request which would have allowed the inspection of fifty randomly selected early ballot envelopes, though it’s unclear how envelopes would violate any secrecy as the envelopes are separated from ballots and therefore cannot disclose who they voted for, but simply verify their signature as having voted, which is public record.

To me, what this demonstrates is how completely subject to fraud that mail-in ballots are.

In any case, this order is dependent on Kari Lake’s petition surviving the motions to dismiss that will be filed over this weekend. Katie Hobbs’ Motion to Dismiss was submitted Friday and it is still pending a ruling.


The Washington Post, which has lost 500,000 subscribers in the past year has announced that layoffs are coming to the paper. And now, for your moment of Zen: this cellphone footage of the “All-Employee Town Hall” shows denizens of Fake News crying about their imminent unemployment.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Also in America for those interested.

    Zelensky finally arrives in Washington to hang out with his ZOG brethren and partners in crime [speech starts from the 59:00 mark]. Biden’s script is extremely revealing, insofar as its admittance of Washington’s pre-emptive military build-up in Ukraine [prior to Russia’s invasion], whilst superimposing its own criminality upon Russia [classic behavioural traits of the ZOG clique]. Biden reads about three minutes of his script, before his dementia kicks off, and the speech becomes, well, um, – somewhat incoherent.

    In sum, Washington is now going to get more involved in the Ukraine conflict, and especially with big money and arms.

    I also noted, that when thanking Biden for his offer of $45 billion financial assistance, Zelensky accidently let the cat out of the bag, when he said, he hopes Congress will agree on this assistance . . . ‘for our crime, er country.’ [1:13. 45 mark]. Oops!.

    Please take ‘especial note’ from the 1:08. 35 mark. This is precisely why this unprecedented meeting of Congress was arranged for this particular day. Yahweh is pleased.


  2. Correct! Who do we think has given China all the technology and know how?


  3. Lol what happened to sustainableexaggeration? Got RSI maybe.


  4. Brian Johnston: I think you missed my point. What I’m suggesting is the products being made in China required for controlling the public are being made because the west wants them made. It’s the west who want’s the equipment needed to control us but they’re pretending it’s China who wants it.


  5. sustainableexaggeration: China built the products the US wanted, not the other way around.
    With respect not quite correct. America moved her factories to China. America did the manufacturing in China. One camp wanted huge profits another camp is out to take America down.
    I read years ago US closed 50,000 factories. When The Donald entered politics that figure had risen to quote The Donald 55,000. He was shocked.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. sustainableexaggeration

    As far as I can see, everything the US says about China is a load of bollocks. If Kissinger hadn’t opened up China for foreign investment, the US wouldn’t have exported it’s industries, it’s middle class would still exist, Americans would all have jobs and the peasants in China would still be searching the dust at their feet for any dropped opium when their stashes ran out.
    But Kissinger did open up China. The prospect of cheap labor was too good good to pass up. Yes, China built it’s security state and it’s true the people are tracked, traced and monitored but what’s missing from the narrative is China built the products the US wanted, not the other way around.


  7. Hi Paul Hogan, re: “It won’t affect any of you.” Sorry but I beg to differ on that. It most definitely will. As it most definitely already has. All that has transpired over the past number of years (the past few especially), with the Deep State gaining total control in the US, is why WE are where we’re currently at. “No man is an island” is so true.
    Had most of us not been blissfully floating around in our insular little bubbles of ignorance – we would have seen the 10 metre high italics on the wall. As we would have also seen the overflowing poison seeping into our own backyard. Too late now.


  8. Do you want to know the truth about Warp-Speed, I mean Trump? If you rely on any politician, take a 10 second look at this site. Ask the same question of any Aussie politician or hopeful.


  9. It won’t affect any of you. Clean up your own back yard first before you climb over the neighbors fence.


  10. Hah! Ron deSanctimonius (as DJT refers to him) is a RINO full stop. Although he has been a well performing Governor for Florida throughout the scamdemic – DJT and many Americans (including Floridians interestingly), are now well aware of his duplicitous nature and emerging hidden agenda.
    Just another in a very long list now, of traitorous Republicans that DJT has had to watch out for.


  11. If the DeSantis plan wins out, I predict mass resignations from the CDC & FDA and rapid exodus to countries that have non-extradition agreements with the USA, eg Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola. If DeSantis and his team can clean this mess up, how good would that be.

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  12. I firmly believe Donald Trump will be back in the top spot LONG before 2025,
    watch and wait the unfolding.

    Liked by 1 person

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