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Welfare check ending in brutal execution?

Letter to the Editor

Most people are so busy fawning over the loss of “two brave wonderful souls” (the cops) that they are doing backflips to get noticed as The Prime Bootlicker. There’s no other act in town. Never mind the neighbour who lost his life, and never mind what actually went down between the cops and the property owners. Most media coverage of this, and open public response to this, is sickeningly over-strenuous fealty to the cops, no matter what.

Seems to me there’s a lot more going on here than just ‘respect for law enforcement’ – there’s fear of them manifested as faux support for the goon squad. There’s unthinking fealty to cops as if they alone keep society civilised. The odious virtue-signalling.

So even before we know what went on (and most likely we never will), the sheep are falling over themselves to lick pig boot most vigorously. Yet these same sheep will yell about defunding the police because of harsh treatment of the dark-skinned. They will join in whatever chorus is expedient at the time; they’ll be most agreeable to whatever is the popular narrative at the time.

The worrying aspect to all this is that even if the confrontation between cops and property owners in this case was a clear-cut case of police brutality fought off with arms; we’ll never hear a thing about it. Further, the home owners might well have left or posted evidence of police misconduct and we all know that will be hastily swept away. We simply cannot know if this was, as the MSM claim, a set-up execution of cops. We also cannot know if there was police culpability in it. We also cannot know if this was an entirely justified shooting of cops because they came to kill first.

All we keep getting told is the entirely unfeasible rot that cops attended the house in a friendly ‘welfare check’ that ended in a senseless brutal execution of two completely innocent cops. And we are all left wondering why on earth would these people do such a horrible thing, out of the blue, with no explanation.

Occam’s Razor does not even need to be unsheathed. This is a giant hopper-load of rot.

from Steve


Tara massacre has brought Queenslanders out of dreamtime


The shooting deaths of six people near the western Darling Downs township of Tara has shone a light on the deadly mental health consequences of enforced Covid vaccinations, lockdowns and economic stress caused by the greatest medical hoax of all time.

Politicians and doctors totally subservient to Big Pharma and its underhanded bribes are to blame for this out-of-character, senseless massacre of two police officers by three former staid and responsible members of their community.

The police officers died for no reason and a third was injured. A neighbour, Alan Dare who came across to investigate a fire lit by the fugitives trying to flush out a third policewoman, Keely Brough who went to ground under a barrage of fire, strangely was shot in the back, local media reported.

Thankfully Keely Brough survived.

Reports on Facebook by neighbours claimed Mr Dare had been shot in the back by mistake, possibly by police snipers. The posts have been taken down and there is nothing unusual about that.

The two heroic young officers, Constable Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCRow who died while performing normal duties should have been more aware of the notorious neighbourhood into which they were entering. Perhaps this is why there were four of them in attendance?

In the early 80’s a young developer, Don Creevey, bought a number of marginal farming properties in the Tara and Chinchilla areas then set about to subdivide them into many hundreds of blocks marketing them to the poorer part of town.

Most blocks ranged from 20 to 160 acres but were almost useless for market gardens or livestock because of poor soil types and an arid climate.

The blocks were sold unfenced without any dwellings, water or power. They were real bush blocks, a situation which would not pass local government regulations today.

Over time the subdivision became a haven for lower socio-economic inhabitants due to the low price of the allotments.

Some sold for $5000 which was within grasp of urban dwellers who wanted a taste of the bush.

The vast majority of property owners there today are well respected members of their local communities who have adapted to the rigors of eking out an existence over decades.

But the subdivision also developed a darker side becoming a haven for those existing on the fringes of society. The Courier Mail newspaper over the years and others ran stories of life in the bush at Tara, one such story featuring a family living in a large rainwater tank which was open at one end.

The remote bushland became a magnet for those wishing to disappear for whatever reason, either a fugitive from the law or just loners wanting to reject the urban rat race.

Today there are more than 400 properties for sale in Tara subdivisions where an average 30 acre block is on the market with an asking price of $65,000.

The media will profile the culprits and already are making out one of the shooters, Nathaniel Train to be a respectable, capable school headteacher who worked at Yorkeys Knob high school north of Cairns and the small township of Dimbulah west of Cairns.

This may be so but a parent of a former student at Dimbulah State School said his dealings with Nathaniel Train when he worked there were not pleasant and he would not speak favourably of Mr Train.

There are always two sides to every story.

There has not been a motive determined as yet for the senseless killings but it would be fair to say the well-planned Covid scamdemic placed humanity under enormous stress as it was designed to do.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said:

“It’s very difficult at the moment for us to reason with what has happened. There are no obvious reasons,” Ms Carroll told ABC’s 7.30 program on Tuesday night.

“But within the next few days and the next few weeks, I have no doubt that we will come back … (with) some insight into what we believe took place.”

Australia did not escape Event 201 planning and the lockdowns and mandated inoculations which saw thousands of public servants sacked because they refused to take a deadly mRNA shot.

European countries too are experiencing civil unrest after prolonged lockdowns and the harsh Covid regime is the predisposing cause of unrest in New Zealand with its fascist government led by a transvestite. The islands are reported as a powder keg.

Perhaps brothers Gareth Train, Nathaniel Train and schoolteacher wife Stacey might have just had enough, maybe they were drug takers and were crazy on ice or ‘nang’ (nitrous oxide) or MDMA or maybe as school teachers they too were tossed out of their jobs by the Labor Party.

Pathology results will tell.

Meanwhile the next media target will be gun owners and conspiracy theorists (whatever they may be) who will be pilloried by the Australian Bolshevik Corporation and Rupert Murdoch.

Be prepared for a re-run of Port Arthur.

Cairns News extends its sincere sympathy to the families of all those affected by this terrible tragedy.

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