Tara massacre has brought Queenslanders out of dreamtime


The shooting deaths of six people near the western Darling Downs township of Tara has shone a light on the deadly mental health consequences of enforced Covid vaccinations, lockdowns and economic stress caused by the greatest medical hoax of all time.

Politicians and doctors totally subservient to Big Pharma and its underhanded bribes are to blame for this out-of-character, senseless massacre of two police officers by three former staid and responsible members of their community.

The police officers died for no reason and a third was injured. A neighbour, Alan Dare who came across to investigate a fire lit by the fugitives trying to flush out a third policewoman, Keely Brough who went to ground under a barrage of fire, strangely was shot in the back, local media reported.

Thankfully Keely Brough survived.

Reports on Facebook by neighbours claimed Mr Dare had been shot in the back by mistake, possibly by police snipers. The posts have been taken down and there is nothing unusual about that.

The two heroic young officers, Constable Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCRow who died while performing normal duties should have been more aware of the notorious neighbourhood into which they were entering. Perhaps this is why there were four of them in attendance?

In the early 80’s a young developer, Don Creevey, bought a number of marginal farming properties in the Tara and Chinchilla areas then set about to subdivide them into many hundreds of blocks marketing them to the poorer part of town.

Most blocks ranged from 20 to 160 acres but were almost useless for market gardens or livestock because of poor soil types and an arid climate.

The blocks were sold unfenced without any dwellings, water or power. They were real bush blocks, a situation which would not pass local government regulations today.

Over time the subdivision became a haven for lower socio-economic inhabitants due to the low price of the allotments.

Some sold for $5000 which was within grasp of urban dwellers who wanted a taste of the bush.

The vast majority of property owners there today are well respected members of their local communities who have adapted to the rigors of eking out an existence over decades.

But the subdivision also developed a darker side becoming a haven for those existing on the fringes of society. The Courier Mail newspaper over the years and others ran stories of life in the bush at Tara, one such story featuring a family living in a large rainwater tank which was open at one end.

The remote bushland became a magnet for those wishing to disappear for whatever reason, either a fugitive from the law or just loners wanting to reject the urban rat race.

Today there are more than 400 properties for sale in Tara subdivisions where an average 30 acre block is on the market with an asking price of $65,000.

The media will profile the culprits and already are making out one of the shooters, Nathaniel Train to be a respectable, capable school headteacher who worked at Yorkeys Knob high school north of Cairns and the small township of Dimbulah west of Cairns.

This may be so but a parent of a former student at Dimbulah State School said his dealings with Nathaniel Train when he worked there were not pleasant and he would not speak favourably of Mr Train.

There are always two sides to every story.

There has not been a motive determined as yet for the senseless killings but it would be fair to say the well-planned Covid scamdemic placed humanity under enormous stress as it was designed to do.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said:

“It’s very difficult at the moment for us to reason with what has happened. There are no obvious reasons,” Ms Carroll told ABC’s 7.30 program on Tuesday night.

“But within the next few days and the next few weeks, I have no doubt that we will come back … (with) some insight into what we believe took place.”

Australia did not escape Event 201 planning and the lockdowns and mandated inoculations which saw thousands of public servants sacked because they refused to take a deadly mRNA shot.

European countries too are experiencing civil unrest after prolonged lockdowns and the harsh Covid regime is the predisposing cause of unrest in New Zealand with its fascist government led by a transvestite. The islands are reported as a powder keg.

Perhaps brothers Gareth Train, Nathaniel Train and schoolteacher wife Stacey might have just had enough, maybe they were drug takers and were crazy on ice or ‘nang’ (nitrous oxide) or MDMA or maybe as school teachers they too were tossed out of their jobs by the Labor Party.

Pathology results will tell.

Meanwhile the next media target will be gun owners and conspiracy theorists (whatever they may be) who will be pilloried by the Australian Bolshevik Corporation and Rupert Murdoch.

Be prepared for a re-run of Port Arthur.

Cairns News extends its sincere sympathy to the families of all those affected by this terrible tragedy.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The QPC in the Big Pineapple has flipped their script on several points. Their Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) is now is serious trouble with the target population which is now undergoing a makeover by ‘our Covid online team’ to fit The Train Profile of the OCT : CoVID Correctness Deniers, Anti-Vaxxers, Preppers, Off-Gridders, Bushies, etc.

    “The real story is that the police have changed their story”

    On multiple points.

    So now the idea is to rescue the OCT by attempting to make-over the target population into, you know, ye olde standby : ‘terrorists’ in the public mind.

    This is real desperation.

    Do you know a nurse who worked on the hospital wards right through the (supposed) global CoVID pandemic of 2020 and then opposed the mandatory injection in 2021. This sheeple now fits ‘The Train Profile’ by refusing to do the right thing in order to keep the community safe.

    The United [Communist] Nations – UNESCO, Twitter, the World Jewish Congress and the European Commission launched their social sanitization campaign: #ThinkBeforeSharing back in August 2022.

    Despite this campaign, many knew before QPC flipped the OCT the first time that the Tara Massacre would be used as a catalyst for this type of campaign. In the exact way that the Australian CoVID Regime of the UN attempted to stitch up the unvaxxed sheeples as ‘the pandemic of the unvaccinated’ and put this cohort in the frame for the waves of prion disease now sweeping Australia from the mass injection of the population with patented, biotech prion diseases.

    DOB in a CoVID Denier is the latest installment of the ‘DOB in a CoVID Non-compliant sheeple/s’ who are breaking lockdown rulz, not social distancing, not masking, etc.


  2. Dandy: “The police Union want to buy the property and set it up as a sacred memorial so that people can flock there to sit and contemplate a place where murders took place.”

    Quite astounding, isn’t it. The psycho in charge of the police union wants to do precisely what he accused the psycho “conspiracy theorists” of. It has no sense of the ridiculous. And it’s not too bright either, if you ask me. It definitely warrants a welfare and competence check with a psychiatrist.

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  3. Australians vs The Agenda (YouTube) show the official documentation for shareholders for the gas pipeline, and where the coal seam gas wells are to be placed.

    One of the coal seam gas wells is in Tara, and the coordinates show it was to be placed smack bang on the property of the school teachers, and probably the neighbour’s property who was shot in the back. That property recently had a fire to it?

    The quarterly report to shareholders from the Company already had the details in their PDF (as shown).

    Chinchilla, Tara and Condamine were and are in their sights.

    I guess the Company won’t be able to go ahead now.

    The police Union want to buy the property and set it up as a sacred memorial so that people can flock there to sit and contemplate a place where murders took place.
    I wonder if they will change the name of the street as well.

    ‘Murdering Wains Road’ perhaps.


  4. So “serving an arrest warrant” and going to arrest someone is the same as a “welfare check”? God only knows how they could have got something so fundamentally different so badly wrong. And God knows how the MSM could have disseminated so much false information so readily and so convincingly and for for so long on behalf of the police?

    Now that the official “welfare check” narrative has been firmly implanted in peoples’ consciousness no amount of back page “corrections” will wipe it out. Works exactly like a nice bit of opportunistic propaganda, doesn’t it!

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  5. “Deputy Commissioner Linford urged the public to dob in to police anyone who displayed anti-government, anti-police, or Covid conspiracy theory rhetoric.”



  6. Wouldn’t this entire area be extremely tightly monitored right now? Who was around other than someone who is working to destroy evidence to start the fire?


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  7. What rank in the police force organised the show today or was it it organised by entities much higher up the grade?


  8. Rothschild’s Banks own Australia.

    “Some call it Marxism I call it Judaism.” —(The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, May 5, 1935).

    “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”—-Rabbi Isaac Wise

    Re Scomo’s scam pandemic –

    The trick of creating chaos and then seizing power under the pretence of putting things back in order is a tried and true method of deception and manipulation. It’s the meaning behind the Latin motto: ORDO AB CHAO meaning ORDER OUT OF CHAOS.

    Staged Events/Order Out of Chaos – Orwell Today



  9. Dear Mrs crisscross767, If you paid any attention to the other commentators and their collaborated discussive efforts on here – you would know that I definitely ‘identify’ as female. Lol.
    Would be interested to know what the RBA/Rothschild Bank and the ATO have to do with the Tara Massacre.


  10. Dear Mr Johnston.

    There is plenty of evidence to show that the police and Freemasonry are a working combination. Freemasonry is Jewish and is based on the Babylonian Talmud.


  11. King Charles and Freemasonary

    King Charles III then made an oath relating to the Church of Scotland.   


    “I understand that the law requires that I should at my accession to the Crown take and subscribe the oath relating to the security of the Church of Scotland.

    I am ready to do so at this first opportunity.

    I, Charles III, by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of my other realms and territories, King, Defender of the Faith, do faithfully promise and swear that I should inviolably maintain and preserve the settlement of the true Protestant religion as established by the laws made in Scotland in prosecution of the Claim of Right and particularly by an act intituled an act for securing the Protestant religion and Presbyterian church government and by the acts passed in the Parliament of both kingdoms for union of the two kingdoms, together with the government, worship, discipline, rights and privileges, of the Church of Scotland.

    So Help me God.”


  12. Hi crisscross767, You appear to be posting under an inapplicable thread here lol


  13. Scotland’s Freemasonry

    William St.Clair

    Scottish Freemasonry started with the building of Rosslyn Chapel to the south of Edinburgh.

    The Evidence:

    Rosslyn has links to the Jewish Temple through the Knights Templar and Freemasonry.

    If one looks at the ground plan of Rosslyn Chapel, it is a copy of Herod’s Temple in Jerusalem.

    Within Rosslyn Chapel, there exists a stone document showing a First Degree Ceremony conducted by a Knights Templar.

    Carvings within Rosslyn Chapel, were cut first from wood, await inspection by the Master of the Works, then cut in stone.

    The lower window located in the chapel’s south-west corner, depicts a Freemasonic First Degree. The figure shown be of a blind man kneeling between two pillars, with a noose around his neck, and a bible in his left hand. The rope is held by another wearing the mantle of a Knights Templar.

    The Seven Points… A Masonic Ceremony:


    PROTOCOL No. 15


    4. Meantime, however, until we come into our kingdom, we shall act in the contrary way: we shall create and multiply free masonic lodges in all the countries of the world, absorb into them all who may become or who are prominent in public activity, for these lodges we shall find our principal intelligence office and means of influence. All these lodges we shall bring under one central administration, known to us alone and to all others absolutely unknown, which will be composed of our learned elders. The lodges will have their representatives who will serve to screen the above-mentioned administration of MASONRY and from whom will issue the watchword and program. In these lodges we shall tie together the knot which binds together all revolutionary and liberal elements. Their composition will be made up of all strata of society. The most secret political plots will be known to us and fall under our guiding hands on the very day of their conception. AMONG THE MEMBERS OF THESE LODGES WILL BE ALMOST ALL THE AGENTS OF INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL POLICE since their service is for us irreplaceable in the respect that the police is in a position not only to use its own particular measures with the insubordinate, but also to screen our activities and provide pretexts for discontents, ET CETERA.

    5. The class of people who most willingly enter into secret societies are those who live by their wits, careerists, and in general people, mostly light-minded, with whom we shall have no difficulty in dealing and in using to wind up the mechanism of the machine devised by us. If this world grows agitated the meaning of that will be that we have had to stir up in order to break up its too great solidarity. BUT IF THERE SHOULD ARISE IN ITS MIDST A PLOT, THEN AT THE HEAD OF THAT PLOT WILL BE NO OTHER THAN ONE OF OUR MOST TRUSTED SERVANTS. It is natural that we and no other should lead MASONIC activities, for we know whither we are leading, we know the final goal of every form of activity whereas the GOYIM have knowledge of nothing, not even of the immediate effect of action; they put before themselves, usually, the momentary reckoning of the satisfaction of their self- opinion in the accomplishment of their thought without even remarking that the very conception never belonged to their initiative but to our instigation of their thought ….

    Masonic Sillitoe Tartan

    Last updated February 01, 2020 • 9 min read

    Black and white Sillitoe Tartan, commonly used for police in the United Kingdom (other than the City of London Police who use red and white). Sillitoe Tartan black and white.svg

    Black and white Sillitoe Tartan, commonly used for police in the United Kingdom (other than the City of London Police who use red and white).

    Blue and white Sillitoe Tartan, correctly known as dicing, commonly used for police in Australia, New Zealand and Cathedral constables in England. Sillitoe Tartan blue and white.svg

    Blue and white Sillitoe Tartan, correctly known as dicing, commonly used for police in Australia, New Zealand and Cathedral constables in England.

    Sillitoe Tartan is the nickname given to the distinctive black and white chequered pattern correctly known as dicing, which was originally associated with the police in Scotland, but which later spread to widespread use overseas, notably in Australia, New Zealand, the rest of the United Kingdom, and Chicago as well as Pittsburgh in the United States. Elsewhere it is rare, such as in parts of Canada where it is limited to the Auxiliary Police services.

    ht tps://wikimili.com/en/Sillitoe_Tartan


  14. RBA is a Rothchild Bank.

    Debts cannot be paid, only discharged, as all money is issued as an interest bearing debt.


  15. The RBA and the ATO are owned by the owners of the corporation called “The Commonwealth of Australia”, registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission
    The Nation’s Credit: Senator Richard Darcey, 1941 Hansard ( ALP, Tasmania)
    “…………………On one occasion I told honorable senators that the people who sent us here are under the impression that the 111 members of Parliament in Canberra comprise a national government engaged in the task of ruling Australia. I have told the people repeatedly that their assumption is entirely wrong and that Australia is governed by the associated banks.
    Under the present system no government, can carry on its functions except by continuing the policy of borrowing. The only way to pay the ever-increasing interest bill is by borrowing still more. All money comes into existence through the banks in the form of a debt. That is why we are called upon to pay such tremendously high taxes to-day.
    I have spent a considerable part of my life expounding my financial theories to the people, hoping that they will some day realize what a racket is being put over them under the present financial system, and that an obligation rests on the shoulders of every member of this Parliament to scrap it…………………”
    http://w ww.alor.org/Political Democracy/TheNation’sCredit SenatorRichard Darcey.htm
    “We even place within you a ‘guilt complex’ making you afraid to criticize Jewry openly.”
    The cause of mankind’s enslavement is that nations have allowed Cabalist bankers to create the medium of exchange (currency, credit) in the form of a debt to themselves when free governments could easily create this necessary commodity, debt-free. Success in society now depends on criminality and treason: complicity with this massive fraud and the pernicious agenda it represents.
    In 1976, insider Harold Rosenthal revealed that this subversive agenda already extended to every aspect of Western life……………………..”
    https ://www.henrymakow.com/000334.html
    “……..That is what I mean when I refer to corrupt governments. Any one who sacrifices the interests of the people for the benefit of profit-makers is a traitor. He is the fifth columnist of to-day-the enemy inside our gates.”

    – – Senator Richard Darcey Hansard 12 November 1941
    RBA is a Rothchild Bank.

    Debts cannot be paid, only discharged, as all money is issued as an interest bearing debt.

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  16. “Qld Police Union President Ian Leavers said on the ABC a few years ago that the only people in Queensland who should be allowed to own guns are the police. Do we need to say anymore? Ed”

    Ed, that speaks volumes. Although Leavers could almost be ‘forgiven’ for thinking this way, because the entire population of gun owners in this land have to go cap-in-hand to the police for their ‘please sir, I promise I’ll be a good boy’ permit to buy and own firearms – and only the firearms the state will allow, mind you. Which is to say peashooters compared with what the dictatorial state has.

    But this is only to describe the official situation; the tip of the notional iceberg. A friend recently met a pistol holster maker who lives (somewhere in Australia) and jokingly asked him if he can supply a weapon to fill out the leather. The guy just smiled broadly. My mate sighed and said he wished we had a Second Amendment in this country.

    The holster maker fellow said, “We do. It’s just not on paper. Everyone has the right to be armed – it’s obvious. That right may come into conflict with the cops if they catch you, but that’s nothing. You want a gun, then you get a gun, however you come by it. It’s your right to own a gun, the same as it is to own any other implement.”

    Sometimes there are people who utter a few words like this that cut through all the bullshit, and reveal the simple truths of the world. Because all states that disarm their populations end up being pitiless dictatorships. It’s the whole point of disarming people.

    The saddest reflection on Australians’ assumptions about guns is that the majority have been gaslit to believe what this boss cop does. They do so because they cannot conceive of an eventuality where the cops come for them with guns. That is their deficiency of imagination. They have this idealised view that they can live peacefully like cartoon fawns in a soft grassy forest clearing, and if they mind their own business and do what the nasty men with guns want them to do, they’ll be shot last. Well, the range of things they can shoot you for will only expand as time goes on, until the sheep are left bleating that the flock are getting shot for parking ‘offences.’ So, it was OK was it for cops to shoot people because they defied a barked order, or behaved in erratic ways? It was OK to shoot people because they didn’t feel like stopping for a police traffic dragnet? It was OK to shoot people because they tried to walk into a pharmacy without a mask? It was OK to shoot people who when stopped for a ‘vaccination’ check, were found to have missed a booster? It’s really only a matter of degrees, even now.

    It is beyond fathoming how stupid, how denatured, how cowardly people have to be to always accept what politicians tell them to do, no matter what. They have zero awareness of how things can go rotten so quickly, and how hopeless we all will be under an open-air prison regime.

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  17. Editor, cairnsnews said – “Do we need to say anymore?”


    The government beauracrats and politicians in WA have been saying pretty much the exact same thing.

    All our fake “governments”, fake “police forces” and even local city councils are registered as corporations under the control of foreign interests. They don’t answer to us.

    This is rolling fascism marching in lockstep across every Australian state and territory.

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  18. D Johnston said – “My heart breaks for Kerry Dale – whose immense grief and suffering is unimaginable. Only a few days out from their 26th wedding anniversary – her husband Alan (an eliminated witness)…”

    That says it all.


    This is the sort of lowlife psycopathic arseholes the Australian people have to deal with in every state and territory across the nation.

    Port Arthur should have been a wakeup call, but that bridge was crossed long ago and essentially no-one said a thing.

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  19. Qld Police Union President Ian Leavers said on the ABC a few years ago that the only people in Queensland who should be
    allowed to own guns are the police. Do we need to say anymore? Ed

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  20. Are the controlled TV stations complaining about CN? None of us bother with the idiot box. Ed

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  21. Thank you! Editor. That is fantastic news. Great work.


  22. cont’d, that has never been published anywhere. This will soon come out via our overseas publishers who already have
    the copy. Ed

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  23. Hi D Johnson our Port Arthur series names the shooters, has a picture of one and details the entire psyop. We have additional information relating to the Blackhawk crash on Dotswood Station

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  24. Hi Debra Joe Vialls could have had ties with Mossad but in any case Mossad orchestrated the whole event overseen by the Jesuits naturally. Ed


  25. Just received, For Conspiracy theories, “Qanon and On”, written by Van Badham , right in time for they propaganda MECHINE in operation


  26. Meanwhile…’The Train Propaganda Machine’ relentlessly grinds onward – aided and abetted by Fake MSM. Focused now on employing the “testimonial” method, which I’ve previously mentioned….ie “Testimonial:- This form of propaganda uses well-known or credible figures to influence the target audience.”
    Numerous so-called sources (who conveniently “wish to remain anonymous”), are now coming out of the woodwork – being quoted on their historic dreadful ‘Train experiences’. NOT EVEN VERIFIABLE!! And the dumb sheeple just keep on lapping it all up.


  27. China is the model endgame with its highly regulated internet via the ‘Measures on the Administration of Internet Information Services’. ”The government prohibits news bloggers from commenting on any policies or political developments without a license from the Cyberspace Adminstration of China (CAC).
    https://www.technocracy.news/prelude-to-day-7-china-is-the-worlds-first-technate/ by Patrick Wood
    I would have thought the gov here needs to firstly introduce a Social Credit System to make a limited hangout internet work, but then again, perhaps a SCS is already running in the background and the whole populace is now rated according to independence of thought(crime).

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  28. Yes precisely lindesymonds. And if we take a look at the following – implemented in NZ by the NZ Security Intelligence Service in October… IT’S COMING TO AUSTRALIA ANY MINUTE NOW!



  29. With respect to the six people who were killed in the Tara Massacre, their families and community mourning their loss –
    as a Black Op which used elements ‘in the know’ within the Big Q police force, the Tara Massacre has a political objective.

    For a pre-viz, have a look at The People’s Republic of Canada. They are a bit further along with the political agenda of their CoVID Regime than we are. And already they have their legislation in place for a new type of ‘identity’ policing.

    In the Big Pineapple these identities fit the ‘Train Profile’ : conspiracy theorists (who don’t buy the Official Conspiracy Theories), CoVID Incorrectness / non-compliance, anti-vaxxers, comrade citizens (read goyim) with stupid ideas about human and civil rights, sovereignty, rule of laws, the 1901 Constitution etc.

    Under legislation that is pending even as I write (no – it will not be covered in Big Jew / lying media ) it will just ‘appear’ and be pushed through like the December 2020 Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020. You know, the one that enables the authorization of foreign militaries / security forces under the purview of Operation CoVID Shield and indemnifies them from any civil or criminal liabilities against Australian citizens. In short, the kind of services needed for Black Ops. [ Big Shout Out here to all the One Nation Senators who voted YES ]

    Under this pending legislation, if you are ID’d in one of target groups and hit the keyboard on social media or a website like Cairns News, you will be getting a friendly visit from the Australian CoVID Regime version of Canada’s Integrated National Security Enforcement team. In our version, your friendly visitors might even get to look for firearms or anything they think might be conceivably used as a weapon against the CoVID Regime. The Official Conspiracy Theorists could get very creative here: Toenail scissors for example. Stainless steel cutlery (like on airplanes), that welding equipment in the shed. Lots of possibilities.

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  30. Forgot to add my link, internet just about to be turned off so hope I beat the deadline & this gets through. A documentary (Neal Fox – The Conspiracy Project) Bear with it, it gets better & better as it goes, I’m sure younger generations will appreciate the music score. First seen it when it came out, gave me chills, mainly USA footage, but for Aust just add MartinBryandt, no trial, assets seized, conflict of interest legal counsel, for the world add on cvdscam. Light & Love to all, God protect, Cheers!

    (If the link doesn’t work just search Neal Fox The Conspiracy Project)

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  31. On the subject of Birthrights –

    Haaretz | Israel News
    Opinion | ‘One Jewish Life Is Worth More Than 10,000 non-Jews’: Why More U.S. Jews Will Walk Off Birthright This Summer

    Chapter 7: The Conflict
    The Struggle for the Birthright:
    Table of Contents
    Chapter Selection:
    Chapter 1: The Birthright
    Chapter 2: The Story of Esau
    Chapter 3: Judah’s Dominion Mandate
    Chapter 4: The Laws of Tribulation
    Chapter 5: The Captivities of Judah
    Chapter 6: The Rejection of Jesus
    Chapter 7: The Conflict
    Chapter 8: The New Jerusalem
    Chapter 9: The Jewish Spirit of Revolt
    Chapter 10: Zionism’s Beginnings
    Chapter 11: The Rise of Jewish Terrorism
    Chapter 12: The Israeli State
    Chapter 13: The Land War
    Chapter 14: Israeli Policy Toward Palestinians
    Chapter 15: Gog’s Invasion
    Chapter 16: The Antichrist
    Chapter 17: The Conclusion



  32. On the subject of Birthrights –

    Haaretz | Israel News
    Opinion | ‘One Jewish Life Is Worth More Than 10,000 non-Jews’: Why More U.S. Jews Will Walk Off Birthright This Summer

    Chapter 7: The Conflict
    The Struggle for the Birthright:
    Table of Contents


  33. I have saved auntieets post in documents.

    How many civilian lives lost would it take to equal that of a police officers life lost?

    “……I seen at the start the innocent neighbour that had nothing to do with any of this sh#it & just tried to help was only mentioned lastly by police & media in every speech they did, I see blue checkered ribbons pinned to chests, nothing for the neighbour, the good soul. I also see how you’ve attracted paid puppet doll commentators to try & stir the pot, doing their best to antagonize, delusional & misguided in their efforts. Or maybe they do it for free ’cause they’re sick fcks & who knows what bs drives them.”

    It looks as though the police force have the same opinion about themselves –

    Haaretz | Israel News
    Opinion | ‘One Jewish Life Is Worth More Than 10,000 non-Jews’: Why More U.S. Jews Will Walk Off Birthright This Summer



  34. That was very heart felt Auntieet.
    You sound like a life lived with a resilience and sound mind that has kept you all these years.

    Life goes in cycles, one big drama for the ignoramus.

    The way we communicate, and who we trust will continue to change but that won’t necessarily be a bad thing.

    The more lies that are told, the more we know they are lies.

    The next fear based drama and ‘catastophic contagion’ that was practiced in Oct 2022 is for an ‘enterovirus respiratory syndrome’ to ‘sweep the world’.
    Remember that ‘smirk’ from that ‘person of interest’ promising something bigger?

    An enterovirus respiratory ‘contagion’ sounds a lot like ‘norovirus’
    With norovirus very fine droplets from explosive diarrhoea float in the air and can be breathed in through the respiratory tract to people nearby.

    You hear of norovirus in Nursing Homes and Cruise ships from time to time.
    If you keep up your fluids and electrolytes and don’t get dehydrated (if you too get the diarrhoea and vomiting) then you are fine.
    It comes, it goes.

    But a drama they shall make it.
    You can see just how they might do that.

    Take a breath.
    We all shall.

    For now, enjoy the sun on your back.


  35. How would government treat Jesus the Christ if he appeared on Earth today? Would he be classed as a conspiracy theorist and possibly a terrorist?


  36. Ed/s:
    “Justice is a big rug. When you pull it out under one man, a lot of others fall too” (Dorothy Kilgallen, RIP darling, hope you know her story & how such a brilliant journo she was).
    Last post for me, this old girl is almost over & out, quiet solitude days ahead, apparently, wish you all the best & God protect, thanks for all the news, maybe read here & there when I can, but I shared your story. We know where all this is heading. Legislation rushed through, laws changed, some almost locked in tight, waiting for opportunity, all under the darkness of lockdown mind fck surveilance cvdscam. They’re after platforms such as yours, somehow in present years ‘free speech & debate’, became “extremism, online radicalisation & the potential for violence”, words used to describe platforms such as yours described by one n’paper fool article writer, just to get it in the head psychology. Can smell the next sh#it coming round the corner, powers that be just have to get things sorted (laws) to try & stop people connecting & spreading true news & sane info, for the next round. Sure there’s some bs radical platforms & sites out there, lunacy, but not CnsNews. They got their opportunity.
    Most of us will never know what went down with the people residing on the property, though what I’ve read they spoke the truth & unjust to label as fruitcakes, what happened to them after & during I will never know though. I seen at the start the innocent neighbour that had nothing to do with any of this sh#it & just tried to help was only mentioned lastly by police & media in every speech they did, I see blue checkered ribbons pinned to chests, nothing for the neighbour, the good soul. I also see how you’ve attracted paid puppet doll commentators to try & stir the pot, doing their best to antagonize, delusional & misguided in their efforts. Or maybe they do it for free ’cause they’re sick fcks & who knows what bs drives them.
    I’ve been privvy to a bit in the life I’ve had, rubbed shoulders & read a bit too, seen through the bs lies, Vietnam, Bikie wars, JFK/Oswald, rat packs & some crazies as well. Best way to summ it all up, says it all, are the lyrics to “We didn’t start the fire” (Billy Joel?)
    Over & out

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  37. Regarding the issue of ongoing perpetrated violence (which is not always limited to the physical), against all citizens – here is another astute evaluation by psychotherapist Todd Hayen on the ‘psychological violence’ of masking.



  38. It is time to have all flags at half mast for Australia! The Australia I came to more than 15 years ago is dead and buried, buried under lies and deception, corruption and political compliance of both “parties” and the mad fringe of greens, teals and pinks, with the Swabs, Gates’s, Club 100X’s, Jesuits et al, and of our “leaders” with the unelected UN and their evil plans!

    All we as citizens [sovereign or not] want, is peace and a fair go, opportunity to work and earn a living and follow our beliefs, but no, this is not what we are getting or going to get now or in future, what now Australia, what are we to do!

    What “they” plan for us ahead is only going to be worse than what lies behind, the tipping point is now, which way ahead!? And if not, how!!!

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  39. MISSING PERSON :You Would think police 1 phone call, Email to address( if possible) is Such and Such there, NO, or YES and not talking to family, End of Enquiries, Case Closed, the other thing I look at here is whole area is under Fracking lease, and we’re report of entering LAND, houses been buzzed by light aircraft, and the usual Fracking shit, Corprate don’t take NO as an answer.


  40. Dandy: “Tell me Tom, is it a ‘conspiracy’ to think that censorship has gone to a new level aided and abetted by people like you in this Country?”

    Of course it’s not a conspiracy! lol It’s not a conspiracy to sift out the truth from the gaslighting stories. That’s what the SCIENTIFIC method does, it employs healthy questions and skepticism in attempting to disprove an established theory in order to turn it into a scientific law. And that’s as close as we can get to any fact or truth.

    It’s a process which is similarly evident in any court of law on any day! Unfortunately, some bods would insist we simply buy their every story no questions asked. They’re usually the ones with small brains, small dicks and big mouths and are desperate to expand their self image by servicing their mentors or johns.

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  41. Absolutely daviddd2, abhorrent and unconscionable beyond belief. And all very pertinent questions. Government and their ptb-minons’ continual, sanctioned violence against citizens is a ‘protected species’. Whilst even the mere suggestion of defence and/or retaliation by citizens against this violence is “extremism” and “terrorism”. Something VERY wrong with this picture huh!


  42. lol You can place all the methods you listed from 1-6 under the single epithet of “Manipulation” rather than “Information”. No doubt we would all rather be manipulated than informed. It saves us the trouble of being informed in the first place.

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  43. D Johnston: “they just looked at me blankly and kept walking”

    Thanks for that info. The police left the victim’s body in place for 13 hours and ignored Kerry Dare’s pleas for information? Sounds like Kerry Dare and her husband were quite irrelevant to them. Undisputable callousness in action.

    But then again, we’ve seen plenty of that over the last couple of years. Not doing much to promote goodwill and cooperation from the community they are supposed to be protecting, are they?

    What are the people at the top political and administrative levels doing to reverse the evident callousness which we’ve been witnessing and which seems to be acquiring pandemic proportions in Australia?

    Why is it allowed to persist when even Blind Freddie can see it bodes ill for our country and our citizens.

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  44. Hi Dandy, re: “Interesting times.
    Relatively new terminology to digest: cookers. Apparently that means the brain is cooked with ‘conspiracies’.” Yep these new-speak tags are monotonous and moronic. There are many definitions of “cooker” – including a male prostitute lol. But until very recently, the most commonly applied definition was “a person who makes/uses Meth.”
    Since the Train’s have also been ‘accused’ (amongst a long list of other nefariousness) of being ‘meth-heads’ – there’s some intentional obfuscation at play here.
    But all in all, this is only another method of Propaganda. And we must recognise it as such.
    Here are the most commonly used methods – which we are currently seeing ALL in play simultaneously:

    1) Testimonial. This form of propaganda uses well-known or credible figures to influence the target audience.
    2) Stereotyping.
    3) Fear appeals.
    4) Bandwagon.
    5) Name-calling.
    6) Appeals to prejudice.


  45. Don’t be ridiculous J Madison.


  46. Just curious as to why D. Johnston always manages to side track any questions of Constitution Law and Christ’s Sovereign authority, towards some new age Gnostic Jesuit garbage.
    Just wondering?


  47. Interesting times.
    Relatively new terminology to digest: cookers.
    Apparently that means the brain is cooked with ‘conspiracies’.
    A conspiracy is only a ‘conspiracy’ until it is proven correct.
    Then what does a ‘cooker’ become?

    Too late. Labels stick.

    Anyone seen any ‘conspiracies’ come true yet?
    I think I’ve seen a couple.
    Maybe I’m just half cooked.

    There is always that ‘group of spies’ looking for some new ‘word’ to label someone.
    They probably work in marketing.
    Obviously very bored with a dull life.
    The sort of person you knew in school that was always looking for someone to pick on.
    It made them feel important.

    Let’s face it, they moved on from ‘Karen’ pretty quickly didn’t they.
    Does anyone have a full list of name calling so we can all have a good laugh?
    At their expense of course.

    What about that ‘Tom Tanuki’ on twitter who thinks he’s gods gift to the ‘alternative media watch’ on twitter?
    He notes that the counter terrorism police are keeping an eye on the ‘sovereign citizens’ and feeding into that is the idea that ‘sovereign citizens’ are now being labelled as ‘neo-nazis’?
    It’s getting very weird.

    Probably supposed to.

    What is a ‘sovereign citizen’ anyway?”
    Is that one born with sovereign rights recognised by International Law?
    Gee, that must be a ‘conspiracy’.
    That doesn’t sound right.

    And then there is Cairns News having the watchful eye on it, by counter terrorism.
    This is according to the expert private eye ‘Tom Tanuki’ on twitter.
    Thanks for the heads up Tom.
    The only thing I have presently hanging are the clothes in my wardrobe.
    Just so you can hand that info on.

    Tell me Tom, is it a ‘conspiracy’ to think that censorship has gone to a new level aided and abetted by people like you in this Country?
    Remembering of course that it is only a conspiracy until it comes true.

    Then it’s just a fact.

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  48. Hi CAT DUCK, How true. Well stated. I too am disappointed that Antic didn’t sink his teeth further into Burgess. A wasted opportunity that will most likely not arise again. The REAL ‘pandemic’ ie…of profound deception, hypocrisy and double standards. Including murder.
    As stated in my reply to Blisskitt: “Seems also that “violence” exists only when THEY are on the receiving end of it eh?!”
    It is abundantly clear that the “Mike” Gareth Train referred to was Burgess.



    Seems like years, not days away from the news, coming back to this saga.

    Must be sad for all the families that their loved ones left this world the way reported and particularly those of the good looking young rooster and beautiful young lady who on first glance before reading the article, I thought must have worked in public relations or promotions.

    I suppose MSM paraded their bodies before the public, Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein style as irrefutable proof of death?

    Blisskitt’s post of Antic’s interview with Burgess I found interesting.

    If only Antic had added a punch line like, the Australian people I represent have recently been subjected to real politically motivated violence, not sticks and stones stuff.

    For example:

    Young girls assaulted for not wearing masks, by unmasked thugs, while some thugs wore uncertified, not fit for purpose, ill-fitted masks over beards hiding their identities, when the Highest law in Australia states that I and all other Federal and State representatives of the people, cannot enforce any form of medical conscription onto the people

    A man driven headfirst into the pavement by a politically appointed agent, cowardly attacking from behind.

    Politically motivated crazed eyed agents facing off and firing weapons, causing injuries to peacefully protesting Australian people.

    Pepper sprayings, clubbings, the list goes on.

    The mentioned psychopaths are capable of torturing pussie cats and teddy bears for gods sakes.

    Will the leaders of the politically motivated mongrel mobs be arrested and the gangs outlawed as terrorists for the Commonwealth of Australia; if not, why not Mr Burgess?

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  50. Thanks john, Think Isaac may have already posted but…Ta da!



  51. youll have to remove the spaces, for whatever reason i cant post a link to the video.


  52. Hi john, That link isn’t ‘operational’. Would you like to re-post?


  53. https:// rumble . com /v2020x0- bullyman . html


  54. Yes Blisskitt, you are spot on. Apparently Western Downs covers nearly 38,000 SQ klms (slightly smaller than Switzerland!) – and divided into 5 regions. Tara is one of the regions and also towns. Well that was an interesting geography lesson lol.
    As per your article: another 58 “community” batteries to be rolled out in regional & urban areas. Plus an extra 342 “after consultation”. Consultation with who?/whom? Certainly not with us peasants! WTF?!
    Maybe it’s all just virtue signalling to their greenie bedmates? Whatever, this is not going to go down well at all.


  55. I believe Western downs, Tara is part of. ?? Hence I posted. Maybe not linked to the Trains but maybe it is, interesting anyway. I did live in QLD for some time, but not familiar with that area.


  56. Hi Blisskitt, Re: “I do hope some one here is investigating the new link to a taxpayer funded battery right in the heart of these murders, as I posted.”
    ME TOO! When I first read your initial post on this, the ‘Western Downs’ location didn’t sink in!
    I have no real knowledge on this subject. However my first thought was “they want to kill off the populations in these areas with EMF’s.” Most likely these are lower socio-economic areas? Like the “blockies”?


  57. Hahaha Blisskitt – love your list of adjectives. Guessing we could both get real more X rated than that lol.
    Don’t think for a second that you are “nowhere near as up to speed as others on here”. You consistently demonstrate intelligence, wit, insight, and a refreshing and rare humility. We are ALL “learning” on our respective and collective journeys.
    Re: However, I am guessing the definition of “violence” may be changed just like the definition of “pandemic”. How very true! Moving goalposts when it suits them. Seems also that “violence” exists only when THEY are on the receiving end of it eh?!


  58. Hey DJ, thanks for the response. I a little more positive than you. Whilst I am no expert I do believe many are waking up. I think it in all our best interests clearly to continue to wake people. I just think there is a smarter easier way than hoping. My opinion, we just need to be pro active in our neighbourhoods. And that is where everything starts. Convince 1, they tell 10 and so it goes.
    I do hope some one here is investigating the new link to a taxpayer funded battery right in the heart of these murders, as I posted.

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  59. Hi Blisskitt, re: “At the heart of if we are a Christian nation. Something largely forgotten.” Without getting all pedantic/hair-splitty on ya – what we as a nation (as is the rest of this world) actually are, is Spiritual Beings. “Christian” is restrictive and pertaining only to Western esoteric belief systems.
    But Yes you are right – this is “something largely forgotten”. We have essentially lost our very essence of Humanity and as a consequence – also that as Spiritual Beings.
    As Putin (to paraphrase), has often stated over the years: “We must remember that foremost we are all human beings.”
    It may sound rather nihilistic – but I believe that we as a species are tooooo far gone now.


  60. “insufficient adjectives”, DJ that is golden. I could give you some, ‘bald” “unsure”, “uncomfortable”, “false”, “FOS”, “arrogant”, “disdainful”, “disrespectful”, just too name a few. Whilst, I am nowhere near as up to speed as so many others on here, and accept I am learning everyday, I did find his answers pretty ordinary, just rhetorical. He did focus clearly on violence, at least we have that on record. However, I am guessing the definition of “violence” may be changed just like the definition of “pandemic”.
    I would like to know how much we pay this guy?


  61. Hi Blisskitt, Re: “Meanwhile Alex Antic asking the questions again…” Thanks for posting this vid. There are insufficient adjectives to describe how intensely I despise the single digit IQ, POS Mike Burgess!! **ACTUALLY, I’ve been racking my brains about who? “Mike” was in Gareth Train’s commentaries. Think we may just have inadvertently found out!!**
    What an absolute crock of word salad BS he was spewing forth in answer to Antic’s questions. Complete with Ardernesque hand gestures – which are a HUGE body language “tell” when someone is lying or feeling cornered.
    LOL did you hear that woman trying to suppress a laugh when he said “he could be an extreme football supporter.”
    And how many times did he use variations on “the need to resort to violence” and “thinking violence is the answer.” ?!
    Well as Gareth said: “Eat sh*t and die Mike!”


  62. And thank you Lindesymonds for your posts here, very informative although I do not necessarily totally understand everything you write.
    At the heart of if we are a Christian nation. Something largely forgotten.
    Cheers Blisskitt

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  63. Meanwhile Alex Antic asking the questions again, this time on right wing extremism to ASIO director Mike Burgess. Watch here about 3 mins.

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  64. This may be also of interest amongst all the other headlines currently circulating and there are many re: Conspiracy theorists etc etc. However, an article on new battery storage. Now besides the fact it costing 176 million of taxpayer $ for 8 batteries which may keep power supply to Tassie for 3 frigging hours, (seriously great selling point, ha ha) note the locations, specifically QLD, ring any bells?


    From the article:

    “The batteries will come online by 2025 and together would be big enough to power Tasmania for about three hours.

    Three will be in Victoria – at Gnarwarre, Moorabool and Mortlake – and one at Liddell in New South Wales.

    Queensland will be home to two, at Mount Fox and Western Downs, while South Australia will also have two, at Bungama and Blyth.

    They will range from 200-300 megawatts each and have grid-forming inverter technology, which provides stability to the grid usually offered through coal and gas.

    The government estimates the total value of the projects at $2.7bn.

    Bowen said the projects would be some of the biggest batteries rolled out in Australia in the near future.”


  65. Thank you lindesymonds for posting this re: “The human being is a transponder.” Personally I love this topic – nature’s healing frequency or Schumann Resonance (in musical terms). Schumann was another smart cookie!
    Re: “the Bluetooth Effect’ (one of the reasons for the covid injection bioweapon in the first place) – Gareth had joined the dots…” Yes precisely. Although I was unaware of the
    “Bluetooth Effect” it totally confirms my theory on exactly what people have been injected with.
    Gareth had not only joined the dots alright – he had painted a gigantic mural; which undoubtedly he was preparing to unveil for ALL to see.


  66. Well this is interesting – for lack of a better word. If this guy was/is sooo dangerous – why then are they releasing him from prison?? Oh it’s OK though coz they’re going to “monitor him”. Really?! Remember his name – he may well be the next ‘Patsy’……



  67. The human being is a transponder. Got snow and interruption on the TV – stick your finger in where the antennae goes and wave the other arm up and down. Clarity. OK. Now on the basis of this simple experiment : extrapolate. Given this fact which anyone can verify, would it not seem reasonable to think this would be the next level in cognitive warfare?

    Not psychological but cognitive warfare is the modern battlefield of the Communist Revolution in its convergent phase.

    It looks like Gareth figured all this out. And it would seem he had contacts among those who were rolling out the use of military grade weapons on the Australian population for cognitive warfare.

    Post the UN [Communist] Nations CoVID Operation / injection with a bio-weapon and what is now called ‘the Bluetooth Effect’ (one of the reasons for the covid injection bioweapon in the first place) – Gareth had joined the dots. He got it. And this goes far beyond triangulating the individual sheeple from the cell phone towers and zotting him or her for Wrongthink on Twitter. Although when the system is fully operational, the Communist State will certainly have algorithms in place on the control grid to be able to do that quickly and efficiently.

    What is important for people to know is that recitation of the Holy Rosary – vocally and mentally jams the signal – lifting your heart to Jesus Christ, the Name above all names and reciting the decades. Clarity.

    Also important to know is how to use a simple tuning fork or a tone generator to attune /atone your mind to 432 Hz (Verdi’s A) and its resonances exactly. It is best to learn and get strong in your own vocalization because the human organism itself is the phi resonator / transponder. There is no need for an instrument or technology. The earth’s rotation on its axis is helping your ‘hum’ to drop into 432 Hz or one of its resonances.

    Gone are the days when the bells of the parish church would ring the tone for the different chants of the hours. To attune to 432 Hz people will have to use a tuning fork or a singing bowl or an instrument to start off.

    In terms of earth’s rotational cycles, our planetary dimensions and its relationship to the sun and moon, 432 Hz is the master number. In sonic geometry it is the masterkey to intrinsic tuning on the Factor 9. Or visualize the geometry of 432 Hz which is the sunburst of a sunflower or the rose window of a cathedral.

    People should start today, individually and collectively blocking the frequencies and demonspels from the Great Eye and collectively transmitting more spacious realms of being and freedom to souls who are getting dragged into the present turbulence.

    Fifteen Decade Rosary – 5 / 15 / 2022
    Saint Jude Shrine Catholic Church – Before the Blessed Sacrament: Rosary intention: to break the Masonic hold on America, Australia, Canada and other countries around the world. For the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (over the anti-Christ system) to the glory of Jesus Christ the King.

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  68. And finally…
    Ms Dare told NCA NewsWire she was kept in the dark by police on what was unfolding and was left to endure a horrific wait for information about what had happened to her husband.

    ‘They’re not telling me anything and I don’t know if they will tell me anything,’ she said.

    ‘I know that he’s gone but I don’t know who killed him.’

    Kerry Dare’s closing sentence says it all.


  69. Here is the rest of the transcript from Kerry Dare’s statement. One can clearly see in which direction she is pointing a finger…

    “If he was shot at 5pm, they left him there, I didn’t see him till 6am the next morning. He chose to go and help someone and you’re letting him die on the road.”

    She claimed police used Dare’s car to retrieve one of the surviving officers.

    “They thought he was expendable because he was just a blockie, someone who was hiding away and no one cared about him,” she said.

    “It doesn’t matter what I’m going through, it’s what he went through. And he wouldn’t have cared. If he laid there dying on the road, he wouldn’t have been scared, I don’t think, and he would have probably been looking at the sky.”

    “He could’ve rung me and said goodbye, but it doesn’t matter, I don’t feel like I’ve been cheated at all.

    “I’ve got to be brave. And he died out the front. So I’ve got to stay.”


  70. Here is part of a transcript from a statement made by Kerry Dare…

    “I screamed at [police armed with] guns. I walked to people with guns held to their chests and big vests on and asked them what they were doing to get Al out and they just looked at me blankly and kept walking,” she said.

    “That’s all I wanted to know – where he was and when he was coming. It was getting dark, it was going to rain, it was storming.

    “They knew he was there and they left him there for 13 hours.”


  71. Hi daviddd2, re: “What source is this from? Is it the victim’s wife herself making the claim?” Quite a few sources. And a resounding YES! to your second query. Reported by many MSM outlets surprisingly. They can be found on searches for ‘Kerry Dare’ and/or ‘Wife of Alan Dare’. Eg…



  72. Agreed Dandy. The so-called “confessional” video which they apparently and most conveniently now cannot show “out of respect for the families” – was purely (as I’ve already stated), subliminal messaging – if not DEEPFAKE.
    OH YEAH OF COURSE much will be made of their abiding faith in Yeshua – which is simply another centuries old name for Jesus.!!! This is reminiscent of the past ‘Allah Akbar’ similarly hyped-up BS – and virtually taken from the exact same playbook. Nothing new here.


  73. DJohnston: “left lying on the driveway by attending police for 15 hours. Who totally ignored her repeated pleas and treated her also with unspeakably callous disregard and contempt.”

    What source is this from? Is it the victim’s wife herself making the claim?


  74. My heart breaks for Kerry Dale – whose immense grief and suffering is unimaginable. Only a few days out from their 26th wedding anniversary – her husband Alan (an eliminated witness), shot in the back and left lying on the driveway by attending police for 15 hours. Who totally ignored her repeated pleas and treated her also with unspeakably callous disregard and contempt. Yet they immediately retrieved the fallen officers.
    I pray she eventually goes after these murderers and all responsible and complicit. I would be persuing this until my very last breath.


  75. You can see why the MSM were not going to show the video of the brother and his wife saying that someone was coming to kill them so they had acted in self defence.
    Albeit all was short lived.

    The other Bitchute video that was shared highlighted a few insights as well;
    The friends and family had a faith in ‘Yeshua’.
    They were acutely sensitive to ‘evil’ and felt responsible to push back against it.
    They got caught up in a whistleblowing minefield.
    There were claims of intimidation and harassment after that.
    It was a hill they were prepared to die on.

    Most people don’t care.
    So long as they have NIMBY.

    Whistleblowing is risky business.
    There is no protection no matter what they tell you.
    So can innocently coming to the aid of a neighbour it seems.

    To the neighbour who sadly got caught in this crossfire.
    For him particularly, my heartfelt RIP.
    Just another Australian spirit, needlessly snuffed out, from behind.

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  76. The Irish do not ask for permission to speak freely.

    Irish Politician Calls Out Western Imperialism To EU MPs Faces


  77. The Gas Corporations that Albo is taking on to lower gas prices to Australians are owned by the Rothschild’s crew who also happen to own the RBA, the supplier of interest bearing debt to the Australian government.


  78. And yet anachronistic “missing person” reports/searches are still required? Hah!



  79. Hmm…. according to the MSM, 3 people were waiting in the bushes on their property in camouflage greens waiting in ambush for 4 police personnel to show up to do a missing person inquiry so that they could execute them in cold blood?

    Maybe we should wait for an inquest and hope we get some light on the full story? No doubt the MSM and the politicians are already showing lesser patience and instantly prejudicing their opinions with their own conspiracy theories about conspiracy theorists.

    Nothing like putting pressure on, and prejudicing, a judicial inquiry by MSM and political hype and its consequential formation of “public opinion”, is there?

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  80. Crazy conspiracy theorists, they believed that the fake government wanted to kill them? ??
    Question, why were 4 armed police on there property doing a missing persons enquiry?

    Can the police “private enforcers” provide evidence as to who reported a ” missing” person.
    Will the coroner’s report be truthful as to whose bullet killed the neighbour as he was running away? Or will the entire crime scene be destroyed before proper forensics can be done like little Johnny Howard did at Port Arthur, which is in itself a indictable crime.

    What truly independent forensic team is studying the evidence?

    There is a distinct odour of sardines about Chinchilla.

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  81. Very sad about the young people..


  82. Multi-level attack.. Another contrived “event” to further the controlling agenda.

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  83. Hi Lucas, re: “Video description on a video posted Dec 10th, from what appears to be gareths brothers account.” Whoa this is creepy – was a voice scrambler used? But anyway there it is once again! – what they knew about the high level corruption in the Education and Police systems. Was Mark Latham silenced? when he presented Nathaniel’s evidential emails to parliament?
    There was no way they were ever going to escape this tyranny alive.


  84. Hi Lucas, Thank you so much for sharing this video. Absolutely riveting. His every word was well considered and measured – delivered in such a coherent and structured manner – even when becoming impassioned towards the end.
    He spoke the Truth about the evil we are all facing. He also verified what many of us have been saying – of how “constantly” the Train’s had been persecuted and hunted for speaking out against the ‘system’.


  85. Snowonder the world is going mad!

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  86. Blisskit: “By noon it all melted”

    Aha! That proves Global Warming is real. lol

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  87. Hi all
    A light relief but also apt.

    “It snowed last night…

    8:00 am: I made a snowman.

    8:10 – A feminist passed by and asked me why I didn’t make a snow woman.

    8:15 – So, I made a snow woman.

    8:17 – My feminist neighbor complained about the snow woman’s voluptuous chest saying it objectified snow women everywhere.

    8:20 – The gay couple living nearby threw a hissy fit and moaned it could have been two snow men instead.

    8:22 – The transgender man..women…person asked why I didn’t just make one snow person with detachable parts.

    8:25 – The vegans at the end of the lane complained about the carrot nose, as veggies are food and not to decorate snow figures with.

    8:28 – I was being called a racist because the snow couple is white.

    8:31 – The middle eastern gent across the road demanded the snow woman be covered up .

    8:40 – The Police arrived saying someone had been offended.

    8:42 – The feminist neighbor complained again that the broomstick of the snow woman needed to be removed because it depicted women in a domestic role.

    8:43 – The council equality officer arrived and threatened me with eviction.

    8:45 – TV news crew from BBC showed up. I was asked if I know the difference between snowmen and snow-women? I replied “Snowballs” and am now called a sexist.

    9:00 – I was on the News as a suspected terrorist, racist, homophobe sensibility offender, bent on stirring up trouble during difficult weather.

    9:10 – I was asked if I have any accomplices. My children were taken by social services.

    9:29 – Far left protesters offended by everything marched down the street demanding for me to be arrested.

    By noon it all melted


    It all happened because of snowflakes ”


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  88. Hi Dandy, Imagine if the ptb deepstate (and their MSM minions) invested as much time, energy and taxpayer funded resources into promoting the TRUTH? Rather than continually concocting febrile, outlandish bs and putrid, depraved imaginings and then presenting them as TRUTH.
    As you point out:
    “Now claims of a video of the ‘killers’ that was on YouTube but MSM can’t show it, can’t time date prove it, and of course, this just feeds into the minds of those looking for a drama.” Exactly! Yeah, momentarily flash an allegedly “authentic” video – then ‘vanish’ it just as fast! Subliminal Messaging 101. LOL
    Just ONE word here (unlike O’Biden!)…DEEPFAKE.
    The following excerpt is from a Business Insider report:

    “As deepfakes become more common, society collectively will most likely need to adapt to spotting deepfake videos in the same way online users are now attuned to detecting other kinds of fake news.
    Oftentimes, as is the case with cybersecurity, more deepfake technology must emerge in order to detect and prevent it from spreading, which can in turn trigger a vicious cycle and potentially create more harm.
    There are a handful of indicators that give away deepfakes:
    Current deepfakes have trouble realistically animating faces, and the result is video in which the subject never blinks, or blinks far too often or unnaturally. However, after researchers at University of Albany published a study detecting the blinking abnormality, new deepfakes were released that no longer had this problem.
    Look for problems with skin or hair, or faces that seem to be blurrier than the environment in which they’re positioned. The focus might look unnaturally soft.
    Does the lighting look unnatural? Often, deepfake algorithms will retain the lighting of the clips that were used as models for the fake video, which is a poor match for the lighting in the target video.
    The audio might not appear to match the person, especially if the video was faked but the original audio was not as carefully manipulated.”


  89. Dandy: “So it would be nice if Journalists did their job and started asking more questions.”

    No chance! They’d lose their jobs for being “conspiracy theorists”.

    Dandy: “If they are going to tell the public these stories, then the public have the right to the truth about them.”

    Some bodycam footage and independent research might assist, but it will never be released. Anyhow, it isn’t necessary as we have reached the point where unless one supports any “publicly declared” pronouncement by the MSM or the authorities they are not of ‘sound mind’, and in light of recent events possibly even ‘homicidal’.

    Gaslighting at its crudest. Straight out of the totalitarian, neo-fascist or neo-communist models, depending on which side of the bed one tends to get up. Ultimately, for most of the ordinary believers it’ll be the same crap, just different packaging.

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  90. Is this true?
    Someone has posted that “their property was going to be taken from them for fracking.
    They padlocked the gate and had a no trespass sign on it.
    The four cops were claimed to be a swat team who cut the lock and illegally entered the property.”

    and this:
    Alleged old claims from Lock the Gate “QGC has never treated landowners with the proper amount of respect, and in fact, with the police gone from the area, they are using their security as paramilitaries. These burly young men are driving around the Tara Estate, shadowing residents and generally acting in an intimidatory matter. I intend to lay a complaint about this with police…”

    So it would be nice if Journalists did their job and started asking more questions.
    Journalism is dead in the water if all they do is rinse and repeat and we know that’s all they do because they all read the same script, on every channel.
    What a useless ‘profession’.

    The thing is, what does fracking have to do with being called a so-called ‘conspiracy theorist’ and why are no questions being raised about this ‘other’ issue?
    Now claims of a video of the ‘killers’ that was on YouTube but MSM can’t show it, can’t time date prove it, and of course, this just feeds into the minds of those looking for a drama.

    Who are the Conspiracists really?
    So many holes in it so far.
    If they are going to tell the public these stories, then the public have the right to the truth about them.

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  91. Like poor Martin Bryant, your typical retarded Tazmanian who (according to the Official Port Arthur Conspiracy Theory) can bi-locate and shoot a semi-automatic from the hip with Special Forces accuracy – not even using the optic, the XYZ (as one might predict) has zoomed in on the Wieambilla Shooting Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) now on all channels 24/7 . Boy are they working up a sweat to get the sheeples on mantra and on message.

    Here’s Adam Piggott’s contribution on “The Latest Australian False Flag”

    “Let me repeat that, four officers for a missing person report. Off duty officers. These days in Australia you can barely get one police officer to come to your city abode about three days after the fact if a bunch of diversity imports are running rampant in your hallway with knives. But four police officers dropped by a remote country location to follow up a missing persons report?”

    Rrrrriiiiiggggggghttt. ”

    Are You Not Entertained?

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  92. MSM never lie.
    This time it’s no different.


  93. Sad that several people were sacrificed for this operation. Becoming clear this is a pretext to come after and alienate pure-blood free thinkers according to the MSM narrative. More to the story – TPTB wanted the property for fracking https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1603497760505729024.html


  94. crisscross767, thanks for supplying this links, was just about doing the same…
    Worthwhile for the readers to educate themselves. However because current difficulties (blocking) with bitchute, if the link/video is not working use this one below.
    Please watch and share with those who will listen…


  95. Here’s a concise article with accompanying comments…The world is watching.



  96. This is good…

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  97. Robbo: “According to msm, a missing person became a welfare check involving 4 police officers”

    Ah! The MSM… our only font of non-conspiracy theories. No questions asked. Nothing to see there.

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  98. Lol nice work! lindesymonds. Pity that you weren’t live to air – would’ve given the sheeple listeners something to think about…or then again maybe not – since they’re completely unable to think for themselves.


  99. “So I never got onto talk back local radio with my own conspiracy theory.”

    There goes your social credit rating! lol 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not have any unapproved ‘conspiracy theories’ ”

    Check with your local authorities and obtain permission next time. If you’re in a hurry to think anything about anything refer your ideas to Palashchook’s office for prior authorisation. lol

    If you don’t score any joy and it’s of national import contact Albanese’s office and apply for some compensation.

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  100. I switched on my local radio station for an hour’s infotainment this am.

    Of course they are still banging on about The Dec 12 /13 Event on the W. Darling Downs.

    Now they are exploring the love triangle of the sovereign citizen conspiracy theorists. I can’t believe people were actually phoning in about this. So I thought I would help out. I picked up the phone, listened for the tone and called the radio. When asked what I was going to say, I told them I was following the news which had just broken. The Elite Paedos on the Official Royal Commission List under Howard’s 90 year suppression order had been rounded up by the sovereign citizens of the Darling Downs and were being held in their dungeon underneath the house. They are all now in police custody. Long pause. Background conversation. Another bloke came on the line and accused me: “You are just making that up!!!”

    Of course I am making it up. So is everybody else. At least my version of events has a happy ending. He hung up promptly. So I never got onto talk back local radio with my own conspiracy theory.

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  101. The jigsaw of events as ‘illusioned’ to by msm makes less sense than reflecting on material and insights offered here.
    According to msm, a missing person became a welfare check involving 4 police officers which sounds over the top unless real trouble was expected.
    My first guess as to the tragedy was a lover’s triangle gone bad, one brother murders the other brother and his wife and then fuelled by jealousy, goes onto have a shot-out with police. Meanwhile, one good neighbour gets shot in the back by person(s) unknown and left on the ground for 13 hours.
    Now I have questions. Who reported the missing person, why was there a welfare check, what trouble were the police expecting? Was either of or both of the brothers badgered by police and for what reasons? Were is all the body camera evidence? Why was the neighbour’s body left for so long? Was someone trying to get the story watertight first?
    As for RIFRAF and Ron Fawkes, are he/she/they/it agent provocateurs or ordinary garden trolls?

    4 Ring Circus – pandemics, terrorism, weather warfare and ‘you will own nothing and be happy, not pist’:
    Scenarios for Future Technology and International Development – Rockefeller Foundation 2010
    “Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems — from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty — leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.”

    The oligarchical ‘elite’ told us what they intended to do through their Scenario Narratives and now it is obviously a 4 ring circus, 4 bad circuses.
    Their plans will come to naught because they need a threshold of co-operation. The recent pushback by citizens in China seems to indicate that even a terrorist State retreats when the people standup against abuse of power.
    Will we see the mother of all dummy spits by the ‘elite’ once they see their dream turning to dust? I hope so.

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  102. The MSM are always blathering about ‘conspiracy theories’ but here is a point to consider:
    Since government at all levels has been gaslighting and lying and bullying and mandating and sacking and openly discriminating against those who don’t want to take an experimental injection, and further, they have brutally attacked people who peacefully protested against such treatment … well no conspiracy ‘theory’ is even needed here. All of this is a conspiracy against the people, in plain sight, and even worse, THEY ENLISTED THE PUBLIC AS UNPAID POLICE to bully people into wearing masks, refuse them admission into cafes and cinemas and shops and so forth …. and the saddest point is that the people went along with this. Willingly.

    I remember in March 2021 finding out about an online collective of cafes, hairdressers, restaurants etc. that refused to co-operate with this disgrace – and shortly after I headed off to one of them for breakfast. I put in my order of Eggs Benedict and the cashier then asked me for my ‘green tick.’ I was stunned and disappointed, and pointed out the cafe’s stated commitment to not doing government filth work. The lady then moaned that cops had come around and threatened to fine them and I said, “So what? We all need to stick together against this evil madness.” She just shrugged her shoulders, and another lady behind the counter joined the chorus, saying the same thing.
    I leaned over the counter and quietly, but with drama in my voice said, “You don’t go denying this or that person admission, even if there’s a gun pointed at your head. Because that’s how widespread atrocities happen.”
    She too shrugged and said, “That’s just your opinion.” What slaughtered my soul about that was that she was effectively saying that it was her (adopted) opinion that the segregation – based on no logic or actual considerations of safety because there are none – are right and proper, and any customer who disagrees with it is wrong.
    Many aspects of conspiracies, evil as they are, are unthinking, and carried out by perpetrators who say “I don’t have a choice” – but these same people have never even stopped to consider the downstream effects of mass compliance with filth work. Going along with evil is just as bad as being the architect of the evil and I would even say it’s worse … because the architects sit in panelled boardrooms with other psychopaths who believe they can do anything against the ant citizens, and usually do. But someone who works in a cafe and lives an ordinary life among other people … how the hell they come to believe it’s right to do filth work is absolutely beyond me.

    So to summarise; conspiracies against the people such as shmovid are rolled out openly at all levels, and eagerly embraced by those people that are aggressed by the ‘measures’ … and this gives us an insight into how and why the MSM and the man in the street thinks there are a load of ‘nonsense conspiracy theories’ going around. He thinks that because he has laid down and accepted the forced injections, the mask wearing as a measure of blind compliance … there’s no issue. To him, the ‘conspiracy theorists’ are the problem.
    Such people are incapable of foreseeing the sure and certain eventuality of an ‘enhanced’ enforcement event that crosses their personal ‘red line.’ I asked a bloke once if he has a red line at all with regard to the ever-tightening screws of the state. He looked at me blankly and said, “Look, your life will go a lot better if you just do what the government wants you to do.” Invertebrate.

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  103. Ron Fawkes: “Maybe cairnsnews.org needs to take a hard look at itself to see whether it contributes to conspiracy theory’s , with resulting tragic consequences.”

    Maybe MSM needs to take a hard look at itself to see whether it contributes to conspiracy “theory’s” (sic) , with resulting tragic consequences.

    There, fixed it for you! Stick to the officially approved fantasy stories, mate.

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  104. RIFRAF: “Why would you want to be the voices of cold blooded murderers.?”

    You right there, mate? Get yourself some medical treatment. You’re off your face, obviously.

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  105. Blisskit: “Besides that the stuff I have just seen MSM are writing about these people mostly from anonymous sources is unbelievable. ”

    Hmmm… Their end apparently justifies the means. As for the truth, well… that’s been defunded long ago.

    When the MSM publishes hyperbolic scripts clearly aimed at whipping up raw emotion and public outrage you gotta know they’re trying hard to send out a big message. And the message is: “You’re stupid, eat this.”

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  106. I can’t really tell you what’s going on with the ****show that is the Joe Vialls / Ari Ben Menashe Port Arthur conspiracy theory that the massacre was orchestrated by Ben Menashe and carried out by a Mista’arvim team.

    What I can tell you is that Ari Ben Menashe is certainly a real Israeli intelligence agent who applied for refugee status in Australia in 1992 and his claims unrelated to Port Arthur regarding Iran-Contra smuggling through a WA port and Jeffrey Epstein being a Mossad agent are worth a look.

    Furthermore Rebecca Peters the main lobbyist for gun control who was at it for a while before Port Arthur and essentially got her way as a result almost immediately went to work for George Soros in New York afterwards.

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  107. Hi Pat from Vic, Thank you for your superlative comment. WHO?TF are these people?! The ptb employed trolls most likely. Re: “The ends justify the means, after all – and Australian beauracrats are no different to any other beauracrats when it comes to sacrificing a few employees for the “greater good”.” Basically what I too said – but even better.
    Usually a very balanced person (kind of a chosen career prerequisite lol) – this has totally unravelled me, unleashing a fury seldom experienced before. This HAS to be exposed.
    As an aside…For all the goddam duplicitous Jacinta Price devotees out there…Hey! why don’t you all send her an email asking how she represents THESE MURDERED brothers. I sure will – including other fraudster ptb. EEEEK!..sound as if I’m channelling a certain other commentator!


  108. Hi Lucas, My thanks and love to you for posting this. This and other comments I found, brought me to tears – and that is a rarity.
    Expanding on what I previously stated: “Can these detailed, completely lucid comments be ‘admissable’ as proof of prolonged persecution?” Gareth has left an indelible trail here on CN alone. This stuff is incriminating. DEFINITELY NOT what the ptb want being revealed!! As I’ve already said, they are NOT unhinged rantings from a fringe-dwelling “conspiracy theorist”. Mark Latham didn’t think so of Nathaniel’s numerous emails either. They were intelligent, educated people.
    If CN hasn’t already been approached by the ptb – then they assuredly will be. I trust CN will hold the line on this. They hold far more than a couple of Ace’s.


  109. RIFRAF said “D. Johnston: So people who shoot police officers in cold blood are your heros.”

    Well that’s an interesting take – crafted entirely on the basis of a lockstep narrative trumpeted by the mainstream presstitutes.

    Has it occured to you – even as a remote possibility – that those snipers shooting neighbors in the back were there for a reason?

    Who precisely was involved in shooting police officers in cold blood? Perhaps the police or their associated stooges were the ones shooting police officers in cold blood. The ends justify the means, after all – and Australian beauracrats are no different to any other beauracrats when it comes to sacrificing a few employees for the “greater good”.

    A whole lot of innocent tourist types had their brains blown out in Tasmania for the “greater good”, and Martin Bryant ended up as the unwitting patsy. You think the psychopathic arseholes in the Queensland government wouldn’t martyr a couple of police recruits to keep their larger agenda rolling?

    Think again.

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  110. Hi Steve, Another THANK YOU re: “Two horrific facts should we always bear in mind when it comes to police and their apparent right to shoot the public.” WTF type of person (unless totally intellectually challenged) can not join the dots here?! Actually, I quite rapidly came to the conclusion, that that was the EXACT intended purpose of the death shots. Not simply to cull – but to cause brain damage amongst the walking around dead. I have personally witnessed this first hand for many months now – (not only as a practicioner) -:the alarming behavioural/personality changes of people close to me who submitted to the vax and/or subsequent boosters. You can NOT have a lucid/intelligent conversation with any of them. They are almost like another species. No hyperbole. Frightening.
    In short, what I was trying to get at here, was that in order to dumb down a populas enough to get them to BELIEVE AND ACCEPT EVERYTHING presented to them, you need a profound chemical ‘helping hand’. Job done. Millions + of unwitting globalist minions.
    It’s now up to the rest of us to eliminate them all.


  111. Hi auntieet, how ya doing?! Re: “I hear Cairns & Tablelands lounge rooms with the tv news are banging on about a conspiracy theorists site.” YES no doubt. This is all part of ‘the plan’. Shutting down ALL free speech platforms just as is being attempted across the ditch. Cairns News is most likely under attack from the ptb. As I said in a comment yesterday: “Sh*t! we’d better all watch out!” Stay strong CN.
    In many respects this is encouraging. We have hit a HUGE nerve. As you have also observed, comments from those such as RIFRAF for instance are transparently ‘plants’ working for the ptb.
    What they fail to recognise in their self-propelled trajectory of totalitarian ignorance and stupidity is that they can NOT silence us. We far outnumber them – and any attempts will backfire momentously.
    We are on the cusp of a tipping point. The vast majority of Australians (and NZ’ers) have long since reached their tolerance level for this continual tyranny and deception. The ptb should be very wary.

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  112. To Steve, I can only speak for myself, but you are 100% right. How is a police officer’s life worth more more than anyone else’s? Who really are they defending? I feel for these young ones yes, recruited unknowingly. RIP to the young people. RIP to the accused. I have a funny feeling this maybe catastrophic for those telling the story.


  113. And whilst it all well and good we are questioning things, what legislation is possible pending, with Christmas on the way. I trying to find out. Let’s look.
    Seems RIFRAF has nothing to contribute. Hope RIFRAF if you still reading you are wising up.


  114. A huge THANK YOU to Blisskitt, lindesymonds and Steve and many others for your rational, clear headed, insightful comments.
    Accolades for lindesymonds – you are all over this abhorrent ‘event’ and leading the way with your “Official Narrative” analyses and updates. So much appreciated. As I have said “WE MUST BE THEIR VOICES NOW.”

    There is so much evidence that the Trains had been targeted and relentlessly persecuted for a number of years. Gareth especially. His comments here on archived CN are heartbreaking! Nathaniel’s 16 emails to Mark Latham – which in his alarm he presented to parliament are heartbreaking! BUT STILL NOBODY HELPED THEM!!! Undoubtedly Nathaniel’s move to Tara was to support his brother and Stacey. He wasn’t “missing” at all.
    These people were NOT ranting, lunatic, unhinged, fringe-dwelling “conspiracy theorists”. They were people under attack for speaking out about the corrupted Education System.

    All this utter BS being touted out by the puppet MSM – including people coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden with the most vile, febrile and putrid claims – that can ONLY be the imaginings of immensely sick, depraved minds. Most likely ‘implanted’ by the ptb. If these claimants even actually exist – WHY only come forward NOW??? Are they being ‘compensated’???
    We have seen this VERY SAME tactic employed over and over and over again to vilify, destroy, eliminate and justify. Worldwide. Just look at the fantastical, vile denigration DJT has endured for many years. All proven to be false.

    This HAS to be exposed.
    Personally I am so deeply affected by this – having predicted such an ‘event’ only a couple of months ago. In a reply to Jen (here on CN), I stated that a false flag “on a par with Port Arthur” was imminent. (This can be verified if needs be). The downside to being ‘blessed’ with precognition – for good or ill.
    The only thing I was wrong about was that this ‘event’ wasn’t on such a large scale. No refrigerated mortuary truck with embalming box at the ready this time.


  115. I hear Cairns & Tablelands lounge rooms with the tv news are banging on about a conspiracy theorists site. I see new subscribers & commentators are coming out of nowhere on CnsNews & some want it shut down, yet msm hasn’t yet released the site. Guaranteed Ed/s you’ve never had such an influx, yet they never once commented or contributed to other important stuff. Those that point the finger at CnsNews & want it shut down are either against free speech, are inciting hatred, or quite clearly have not an ounce of respect for those that lost their lives. Despicable cretins they clearly are, as they find it more important to either distance themselves or slag, without a whisper to be respectful.


  116. Here is the reported Audio. Question audio but no visual? Really. One would think in our surveillance society near impossible. Your thoughts?



  117. Two horrific facts should we always bear in mind when it comes to police and their apparent right to shoot the public. Firstly, cops in this country, the US and UK are allowed to use ‘dum-dum’ (hollow point) bullets which are designed to expand massively inside the body and therefore kill most efficiently. Not wound – kill. We must remember that these bullets have been banned from WARFARE by international treaties. But the Aussie cops can use them, no worries. Never mind that these killer bullets are banned in all international warfare. Civilians are fair game for killer bullets.

    Secondly, let’s have a think about the setup that’s currently in play whereby a cop can kill anyone even if the civilian is simply holding a weapon – not necessarily pointing it at the cop. And we all know it needn’t even be a gun. As long as the cop can make a song and dance about feeling threatened, the killing is OK. Why should this be? Why is the life of a cop worth everything, and civilian life worth nothing? Is it, perhaps, because the cop represents the absolute domination of the state?

    So, cops shoot first – with lethal bullets banned in international warfare – and they get a pass as long as they say they felt scared. And the people on the street don’t get a look-in. Why? Why do we tolerate this expedient political slaughter by agents of the state?

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  118. RIFRAF, Re: “D. Johnston: So people who shoot police officers in cold blood are your heros.” Most definitely NOT. And as you well know, I NEVER even inferred that for a second. The dead and injured police officers are ALSO victims. Having no idea what they had signed up for. Completely dispensable as a means to an end by an empowered and corrupted system. That is pure unadulterated evil.
    Hopefully this abhorrent ‘event’ will cause even further GOOD police officers (of whom I know many) to leave the force in droves. Hence saving lives.


  119. Hey RIFRAF, if you don’t like what is being discussed here, rack off. What exactly has been your contribution ? This is what real discourse, debate and discussion and critical thinking looks like. If it is not for you go back where you came from. Otherwise contribute.

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  120. In the Official Conspiracy Theory of the Tara Siege, the Trains are being demonized as ‘conspiracy theorists’, ‘sovereign citizens’, gun nutters, bushies, CoVID Correctness resisters, anti-vaxxers, preppers, hard trainers and severe disciplinarians (bordering on abuse) of dogs and school children. I am waiting for the revelation that they also tortured small animals. Is there anything we can add to this picture of the population here being identified for demonisation and pending legislation.

    Despite three sacrificial lambs and good guys in this burgeoning story, the Australian people have seen police CoVID enforcement in action. No matter how bad the Trains are made to look in the Official Conspiracy Theory, the police are never going to get back respect and compliance from the public that was once widespread. Too many people are becoming aware of the CoVID Regime in Australia.

    Meanwhile the Official CoVID narrative and correctness continues to circle the drain. Nothing conceals the fact that the United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regime (all tiers of government) is running a depopulation operation with a bioweapon. Nothing conceals the fact that this is being enforced by police and mandated by the government / corporate sectors. The deaths of young police constables who may have even had idealistic ideas about what the police once stood for in terms of honourable service will not be able to redeem the Official Narrative.

    And there is nothing in the Official Conspiracy Theory of the Tara Siege which has ruled out the involvement of Darker Forces than just the Qld. Police and ‘off gridders’ – an involvement that (being a conspiracy theorist) I strongly suspect.

    Why would four officers be going out to a routine missing persons inquiry on a remote property inhabited by persons that no one knows anything about anyway? Look at Black / Diversity entitlement to crime in Qld. Through the roof stats. Your car is jacked, you are robbed in broad daylight. Good luck with getting the police to attend.

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  121. There aren’t more killings of cops because they haven’t yet gone so far as to do shit like standing guard outside supermarkets to prevent access to the ‘unvaccinated.’ But it’s red lines such as this that will make cop-killing a common activity. The public have not yet been pushed so far. Most of us are still at sub-Gulag Archipelago levels of cop hatred but make no mistake; as Stephen points out, the jackbooting has been noticed and logged and remembered and the score has been kept.

    There’s likely a passive aspect to this too, because very few people are going to aggress the cops. Whereas once upon a time the bloke in the street could be counted upon to assist a cop struggling to apprehend a ‘suspect’, now it might be not so much. In the same way, the wounded cop asking for help might just find help hard to find.

    The thing about being a ‘just following orders’ statist soldier is that this path requires there to be zero mercy on the part of the cops. This requires cops to go all the way in the furtherance of their ‘duties’, up to and including executing mentally ill youngsters having breakdowns. The duty of the cop apparently is to tolerate no deviation from his barked orders, for if obeisance is not immediately obtained, he has full permission to serve as judge, jury and executioner. And he knows the system will have his back.

    And they wonder why people don’t give a shit about the welfare of cops. But they might if cops decided to join Team Humanity for a change.

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  122. Most people are so busy fawning over the loss of “two brave wonderful souls” (the cops) that they are doing backflips to get noticed as The Prime Bootlicker. There’s no other act in town. Never mind the neighbour who lost his life, and never mind what actually went down between the cops and the property owners. Most media coverage of this, and open public response to this, is sickeningly over-strenuous fealty to the cops, no matter what.

    Seems to me there’s a lot more going on here than just ‘respect for law enforcement’ – there’s fear of them manifested as faux support for the goon squad. There’s unthinking fealty to cops as if they alone keep society civilised. The odious virtue-signalling.

    So even before we know what went on (and most likely we never will), the sheep are falling over themselves to lick pig boot most vigorously. Yet these same sheep will yell about defunding the police because of harsh treatment of the dark-skinned. They will join in whatever chorus is expedient at the time; they’ll be most agreeable to whatever is the popular narrative at the time.

    The worrying aspect to all this is that even if the confrontation between cops and property owners in this case was a clear-cut case of police brutality fought off with arms; we’ll never hear a thing about it. Further, the home owners might well have left or posted evidence of police misconduct and we all know that will be hastily swept away. We simply cannot know if this was, as the MSM claim, a set-up execution of cops. We also cannot know if there was police culpability in it. We also cannot know if this was an entirely justified shooting of cops because they came to kill first.

    All we keep getting told is the entirely unfeasible rot that cops attended the house in a friendly ‘welfare check’ that ended in a senseless brutal execution of two completely innocent cops. And we are all left wondering why on earth would these people do such a horrible thing, out of the blue, with no explanation.

    Occam’s Razor does not even need to be unsheathed. This is a giant hopper-load of rot.

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  123. Are you referring to the vaxidoodle enforcing governments!?


  124. Besides that the stuff I have just seen MSM are writing about these people mostly from anonymous sources is unbelievable. One hope’s it is all verifiable for the journalists’ sakes. There is a lot of holes in the shooting story, let alone the rest. Anyone reading any of it surely must be asking questions?

    “Gutting wild pigs at the back of the school so a river of blood and offal ran onto the football oval.

    Sitting in his yard on a chair watching his pig dogs mate or disciplining primary school children by marching them home to their parents with their arms twisted behind their backs.

    Former colleagues and neighbours recount many troubling signs that something was not right about Gareth Train and his wife Stacey before they joined his brother Nathaniel on a deadly shooting rampage in Queensland’s Western Downs.”



  125. D. Johnston: So people who shoot police officers in cold blood are your heros. What a sad , sad indictment of you and your kind. Quite frankly the moderators should shut you down. Or better still the government shut down sites like this that allow such vile murderous comments that incite fringe dwellers.

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  126. I was just wondering and I am sure someone here will know, is it a coincidence that just recently I have seen new stories promoted, MSM headlines, re the Lindt cafe siege? 8 year anniversary.

    This is just one, but have seen others.



  127. RIFRAF (how apt) Maybe you became lost on your way to MSM. It’s becoming more and more evident who the “cold blooded murderers” are. At least to those who possess a functional cerebral cortex. The truth with out.


  128. D.Johnston: Why would you want to be the voices of cold blooded murderers.?


  129. Hi lucas, Re: “one thing i find odd is gareth train’s comment history on this website, one in particular which he talked about receiving ominous threats on his phone which he believed was from the government/deepstate.” THANK YOU! for raising this. Yes, there are numerous comments from Gareth Train to be found here in the CN archives. Wonder if they can be used as admissable evidence???
    I too found the following comment by Gareth (June 22 2021 @ 10.25am) – under the thread “Channel Seven Clearly Being Manipulated By Deep State After Unbelievable Port Arthur Segment”.

    I feel compelled to re-post Gareth’s comment for other readers and commentators – not only for it’s chillingly prophetic content – but as a tribute to Gareth, Nathaniel and Stacey.

    “Cleaning house…
    David Opas
    Colin Winchester
    Victor Chang
    John Newman
    Manipulated collective memory…
    1984 ‘Bombing’ of the Parramatta Family law court
    1987 ‘Queen Street massacre’, Frank Vitkovic
    1990 ‘Surry Hills massacre’, Paul Anthony Evers
    1991 ‘Strathfield massacre’, Wade Frankum
    1992 ‘Backpacker murders’ 80s-92, Ivan Milat
    1994 ‘NCA Bombing’
    The program’s false flags never stoped …”


  130. Tragic, 6 lives lost, don’t know what happened wasn’t there. But respect for their family, friends, loved ones & those that ache with grief & deserve answers, 6 lives, respect


  131. I think also something to be considered is the amount of anger and resentment toward police for the appalling and disgusting way the cop,s treated every day people protesting the disgusting mandates put up by our fascist grubberment. you reap what you sow.


  132. Hi Dandy, re: “Or maybe the school teacher (with one parent who didn’t like him, ho hum), was on antidepressant medication for being tossed aside by clinical trial mandates.” HIGHLY doubt it! Those (like the Trains) who are so vehemently opposed to the “clinical trial mandates” that they forsake their decades long careers to escape them – do so primarily because they are totally adverse to poisoning their bodies. With that in mind, we’re also expected to believe however, that the Trains were meth users.!! Guessing that “nec minute” *they* will conveniently ‘find’ drug utensils in the house. Anything is possible in this completely orchestrated crock – which has more holes in it than a sieve.


  133. Sorry. Wrong tab. The video is

    Details of Wieambilla Execution Style Plot Emerge. Channel 10 Dec 14 2022

    Liked by 1 person

  134. @Ron. Out of respect for those who died, especially the young constables, we are following the Official Conspiracy Theory Ron. And already there are problems with it.

    Details of Wieambilla Execution Style Plot Emerge. Channel 10 Dec 14 2022

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  135. Or maybe the school teacher (with one parent who didn’t like him, ho hum), was on antidepressant medication for being tossed aside by clinical trial mandates.

    Just a reminder that anti depressants can cause psychosis, and resultant behaviours. Paranoia, and even suicidal tendencies.
    I expect that will also be looked into.

    It’s a shame dead men can’t speak.
    For the sake of all involved, this must be fully investigated.

    If you were cornered, would you bite?
    I know my dog would.


  136. Maybe cairnsnews.org needs to take a hard look at itself to see whether it contributes to conspiracy theory’s , with resulting tragic consequences.

    Liked by 1 person

  137. From commenters –

    Incredible how fast they got that tactical response vehicle there. Wonder if they’re going to be placed at every police station or were they prepared for this one event.

    Perhaps they were already in situation?

    A bit more grist to the mill mate. Good question. This town was 300km from Brisbane. Don’t tell me they just happened to have one stationed at Chinchilla.

    Liked by 1 person

  138. one thing i find odd is gareth train’s comment history on this website, one in particular which he talked about receiving ominous threats on his phone which he believed was from the government/deepstate (among other things like extremely low flying planes going over his house), he said something in another about people activating old mk ultra assets in australia and he believed a false flag would be coming. im thinking he was right and unluckily he as caught in the middle of it

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  139. No sympathy for these cops. They had no cause to be there.

    Liked by 1 person

  140. Is the BigJewmsm showing us the actual crime scene on these tv reports? Or are they showing us another property with a lot of police vehicles?

    The Official Narrative so far – military weapons, big firefight between the ‘anti-vaxx, anti-NWO sovereign citizens’ with the police who responded to an ‘officer’s down’ call out. The reports say 16 police answered the call and came out to the Wieambilla property with Pol Air, a black vehicle that looks like the smaller version of an APC, police snipers etc.

    The Official Narrative tells us: a lot of lead flying around.

    According to one version, the Trains were firing from inside the house with semi-automatics. The Official Narrative might want to make a correction there. Look at the windows in these photos. Look at the water tanks. The ground around the house is devoid of cover and it’s green – the fenceline is intact. The house, the intact glass windows, the water tanks without so much as a dent – none of this looks like the aftermath of an exchange of gunfire with military weapons.

    I am sure the hearts of Queenslanders will go out to the families and friends of the young constables who were killed in the Wieambilla operation – whatever it was. But It is too late for a sympathy vote for BigQPCommissioner Katarina ‘I can not be prosecuted for any offense’ Carroll. We have seen the police in action enforcing the gov’t covid tyranny and bioweapon. And thus far, the Official Narrative has not answered the question of Nathaniel Train as a missing person and who actually reported him missing. Why would the family of ‘missing person’ Nathaniel Train not think to look for him on his brother’s property.

    Maybe like those refrigerated trucks that just happened to be in Tasmania for Port Arthur, the town of Chinchilla has its own APC – parked down at the local pub maybe. Now there are some serious bullet holes on those windows as it was being towed away.

    Liked by 1 person

  141. Hi auntieet, Great to see ya back on the air!… where’s ya note?!


  142. etheb1: nah, we ain’t wrong, no “assumptions” to come to the conclusion, facts are yelling into our faces.
    Yep, W’wm DJ, look amongst the bs, we don’t buy it, ’cause it’s pure bs!

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  143. Very very well written and all that was said was the truth. I too, am labelled as a Conspiracy Theorist and proud of it. It is time for Australians to take action to ALL that seems to be happening since C vd.
    We do not answer to the New World Order, and certainly will not die before our appointed time, because schemers want us dead.
    Not on my watch.🦂

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  144. They all hide & cower Ray, their minders & the scum media protect them, for now

    Liked by 1 person

  145. Sesh Interviewing Peter….oops Jabcinda Ardern. Follow Sesh as he does some brilliant talks on the state of NZ. The reality here is Jacunta cannot go anywhere in NZ in public without abuse getting hurled at her. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1137331056922273&aggr_v_ids%5B0%5D=1137331056922273&notif_id=1670933198964328&notif_t=watch_follower_video&ref=notif

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  146. Oh, fck! Spoiler alert, watch the new laws, already waiting for this sh#it to happen, to lock them in. Mongrels, there’s a lot more to the story. Fck you Kat!

    Liked by 1 person

  147. Katarina is nothing but a lying bitch, a slippery fox sells it’s soul to turn into a snake that climbs up the ladder to promotion. What a crock! Don’t be fooled people.

    Liked by 1 person

  148. Andrew, you are another fool who needs to get help. I wasn’t aware that a number of people who read the Cairns News are nutters.


  149. I think you’re a dope Pat! You obviously need to see someone who specialises in mental disorders. What a total fool you are to write such rubbish in your comment to the murder of two police constables who were simply doing their job and inquiring into a missing person who murdered them for ensuring the murdering fool was safe and well. Get real mate and get some help!

    Liked by 1 person

  150. Well said. I’m in NZ and like the way you refer to a certain leader here as a tranny. I’ve noticed a bulge as she walks through parliament buildings. We’ve had enough of this genocidal psychopathic power hungry lying arrogant corporate whore and her drug addicted partner.Whatever happened to the wedding? Perhaps he was the first one to ever go to the Antarctic woth an ankle bracelet? (The 2 of them flew there about 6 weeks ago) Keep up the good work!


  151. It’s too early to say much, but be sure, the spin will be against patriots. The sad state of our policing – we seem to specialise in chicks in charge of police.


  152. So many encouraging, insightful, astute comments! And as lindesymonds states:
    “The six who were killed at Wieambilla and their families deserve that the ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ community collectively get its headlights onto high beam and scrutinize the Official Narrative.” Yes! we owe them that much. We also owe it to ourselves and any prospect of a future. Seems this may already have started? Could be the catalyst.


  153. The entire report of the Wiemballa Shooting will be brought to us by Big Jew Media. Unless members of the police who were on the scene tell a counter narrative, the Official Narrative will be air tight as the three ‘sovereign citizen conspiracy theorists’ are dead and good neighbor Alan Dare is dead.

    Most sincere condolences to the families of all who were killed.

    At present I am listening to the Official Narrative, specifically for the ‘anomalies’ and internal contradictions. Already they are starting to appear. The coincidences will always be of interest.

    With the 9-11 Official Narrative, the Inside Job had to contend with the math problem of jet fuel burns at what temperature? steel burns at what temperature? Subtract and solve to invalidate the Official Conspiracy Theory. A third grader could do it.

    Port Arthur was more difficult. The Inside Job had to exclude eyewitness testimony that was multiple and congruent and corroborated key facts of matter. Wendy Scurr the tour guide knew Martin Bryant personally and she saw a gunman. She stated the gunman was not Bryant. She never changed her story. And there was a retired police detective who also personally knew Bryant. The gunman he saw had a deeply pocked face. The retired officer never changed his story that the gunman he saw was not Bryant. And of the gunman/gunmen – he fired a semi-automatic from the hip – one headshot : one kill without sighting the gun. Both Scurr and the retired detective agreed on the gunman’s execution style – extremely professional. With multiple, credible, eye witness evidence like this, the only way the Inside Job could put Martin Bryant in the frame and put him away forever was to break him and say he admitted guilt. This, of course, is exactly what they did. And it helps to have a judicial system riddled with Freemasons who have sworn extra-judicial oaths.

    The six who were killed at Wieambilla and their families deserve that the ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ community collectively get its headlights onto high beam and scrutinize the Official Narrative. We have seen police enforcement of CoVID Correctness and we have every reason to be deeply suspicious of the Commissioner’s Official Narrative. Not least because the United [Communist] Nations has weighed in on its CoVID Regime in Australia operating at all levels of government. CoVID Correctness is now mandated by the UN for the sheeple.

    UNESCO, the European Commission and the World Jewish Congress have met together [ no not on television – secretly ] and decreed to put the world sheeple of the goy plantation on message to stop the spread of ‘conspiracy theories’ . We have to keep the global community safe from CoVID Wrongthink. We have to sanitize our thinking. The world IS NOT (according to UNESCO and the WJC) secretly ruled by a global elite. This CoVID Incorrectness is unacceptable to the commissars. There are no conspiracies. World government is honest, sharing and empathic. #ThinkBeforeSharing and stop the spread.

    So one might ask. How exactly is the CoVID Regime in Oz going to ‘stop the spread’? Well. They need laws don’t they. How are they going to push through a raft of legislation in short order criminalizing ‘conspiracy theorists’. Well. For starters there would need to be a Black Swan event that would force the CoVID Regime ( running a genocide in this country btw) to crack down on WrongThink and those conspiracy nutters. And that event would need to happen in a state with a legislature that lacks a Senate – namely a House of Review that would hold up UN bolshevik legislation with a lot of tiresome rules, debate etc. A state kind of like the Big Pinapple.

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  154. I have concerns about this situation, as do many. In the first place, why would they be sitting around in camo? Why just not hide if in camo? Where the gaslit, did they expect an attack, and if so why? Did they get told they were targets? Did they get surveilled and were aware they were a target? I have heard of and spoken to more people that are considering registering as Sovereign Citizens in the last 6 months than in the previous 15 years! Did the gov also get the message, are they panicking and making “plans”? Did the school teacher loose it with the enforced poison prick? Did they think [as many do] that the gov and pollies had sold us out to satanic madness from the WEF, club 1000x, vatican etc? And what now, more restrictions, limitations, lock downs, Police brutality?
    I can only hope that we are wrong in our assumptions, but I fear we are not….. What I do fear now as well, is what now that I have made my fears know! Yes, I do not thrust them, not after the cv19 scam!

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  155. There are a few issues which need looking at, where is the body cam footage, the people who were holding the firearms must have been of good character and never committed any offence or they wouldn’t be allowed to hold fire arms, also principles are also of good character, so why would all these so called innocent people want a shoot out. Fact if you do not want to talk to someone then you don’t have too. Now what we do know police are no longer working under the crown, they have proven during CoVID to commit serious offices, ie shooting rubber bullets into a crowd, punching people and throwing them to the ground, pushing old and pregnant ladies around, which just letting you know the pregnant woman lost her child in Victoria. These are officers stepping outside the boundaries of the law and have literally no respect for anyone except them selves. So is this another false flag, could this be the issue, did officers jump a fence and commit an offence, were two officers living together and working out off the same station, which is a conflict of interest. Where’s the letter from the police commissioner stating it was okay for these officers to work under the same roof. Otherwise that’s another offence, as officers have gone on to someone’s property, we’re they asked to leave and said no, even though there was no warrant to provide. Did they possibly jump someone’s fence, was there signage stating trespassing is an offence, why do you send officers on basically a welfare check. There was accusations that there was executions so where is the cam footage of anything, every officer wears body cams, there are cameras in cars, no doubt the special operations men all have cams too. No footage just accusations. If someone makes an accusation and lies shouldn’t they be charged. It doesn’t make a good story you are playing with another person’s lively hood. All I’m saying if it’s proven that the officers did commit offences then just maybe all firearms should be removed from them as they can’t be trusted and only special operations have weapons. As this works extremely well in England. The last fact is the Crimes Act 1958 Section 462A. Means any person may use force to protect themselves from an indictable offence, the force used must not be excessive or extreme, but what if some pulls there hand gun on you whilst they are trespassing. Hmmm.

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  156. obviousbob said – “He said that Martin Bryant was not the man who shot him.”

    A lot of people said similar things relating to that event.

    Funny how the official narrative just bulldozed over inconvenient facts and buried them with all the victims of that day (including poor Martin Bryant, sacrificed for the hidden agenda).

    We’ve even less reason today to believe anything that comes out of any official channel or the mainstream media.

    Liked by 2 people

  157. Well I know nothing about any of this, abstaining as I do from any BS mainstream media.

    BUT even a cursory glance over the alleged events screams “false flag”.

    Seriously – “Reports on Facebook by neighbours claimed Mr Dare had been shot in the back by mistake, possibly by police snipers. The posts have been taken down and there is nothing unusual about that.”

    Snipers indeed. Collateral damage, one and all, for a newly evolving narrative. What’s the game plan this time? Is this a gambit to convincingly paint truthful Australian freedom-loving patriots as the new “enemy”, while also conveniently garnering sympathy and arresting the tidal wave of digust for the brain-dead bash-artist Gestapo stooges pretending to be “police”? Good luck with that.

    BTW, cops are garbage – hired thugs with delusions of Gestapo grandeur. It shouldn’t even need to be said – here in Australia, if they weren’t garbage, then they wouldn’t be cops. Even if they honestly sincerely believe that they’re not garbage, even a piece of dog shit has to eventually concede its place in the universe – and denial doesn’t lessen the stink.

    BTW, where’s the unconditional apology and compensation to the poor old lady slammed to the bitumen and sprayed in the face with pepper spray? Never mind the peaceful law-abiding citizens shot up with rubber bullets (and those arsehole shit-for-brains cops were SO wishing it was live ammo).

    Well may Julie Covington have sung “Don’t cry for me Argentina” – because there’ll be NO tears for arsehole Gestapo corporate “cops”.

    Liked by 1 person

  158. @daviddd2,

    Increased Drone surveillance comes to mind.

    Liked by 1 person

  159. MSM reported that he was a conspiracy theorist and believed Port Arthur was a set up by the Govt which they put down to the remoteness of the area and to contact lifeline if you’re experiencing anger symptoms and going down the rabbit hole blah, blah, blah.

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  160. Enter Palashchook and draconian legislation stripping Queenslanders of even more rights and freedoms. This will not be confined to just “gun control”. It won’t surprise when it leads to further expanding police powers and methods generally. Straight from the totalitarian tip-toe playbook.

    Expect armed AI killer robocops to make a debut appearance in QLD. And remember where you heard it first.

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  161. IMHO, I think this tragedy could also be (by the powers that be) used as a convinient distraction, in order to keep the general populace fearfull, preoccupied, busy etc.

    Liked by 2 people

  162. Port Arthur got a run in the press the other day as a conspiracy theory.
    Yeah, sure. A friend went to the Melbourne suburb of Armadale some months after PA and talked to a man who was shot through the cheek by the gunman.
    He said that Martin Bryant was not the man who shot him.

    Liked by 2 people

  163. Great to see other critical thinkers on here who are not buying this.
    Whilst I agree in part with this “contributed” article’s scamdemic angle…I found it largely hearsay, preposterous and rather offensive. Sources quoted, such as the ‘Curious Mail’ and the following faceless individual who conveniently does not elaborate, are at best dubious:
    “a parent of a former student at Dimbulah State School said his dealings with Nathaniel Train when he worked there were not pleasant and he would not speak favourably of Mr Train.”
    It suddenly seems all quite permissable and acceptable to slander someone posthumously. In reality, there is not ONE single person on the planet alive or dead, who has never been spoken unfavourably of by anyone. Seriously.
    I consider it important to remember, that if you are someone who valiantly speaks out or whistleblows against any corrupted system or institution – it may possibly get you DEAD.

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  164. Why does every one have a go at the Murdoch press. I used to read The Australian – Murdoch – and found it a good paper. Better than the rest. They wrote articles questioning the climate scam.


  165. I too, am concerned that these killers were not known to have psychological issues to the police. Why else would the station where these police officers were working send two teams of police to the property where sadly these police officers lost their lives. I wonder whether senior police were well aware that these people were psychologically disturbed yet still sent two teams of police out to talk with these people. I feel there is a lot more to come out about the circumstances of this tragic case.

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  166. Disappointed, bloody condescending, resilient people , without people like this, would have be nobody living in drought prone country, cancel half our sheep, cattle stations, country towns, either ignorance or contempt, however spot on corrupt corporate government and police will have a field day, Dimbulah ain’t any better, 4 cops??, Can’t find one out there if needed

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  167. Did this (former?) school principal lose it, or was he a patsy a la Martin Bryant, with the objective being to frame conspiracy analysts and pro-medical choicers as dangerous and take away the rest of our guns?

    Liked by 2 people

  168. False flag to disarm farmers and all Australians

    Liked by 3 people

  169. Social Media – Telegram and more – told us recently that Qland farmers were angry at ANZ for not allowing them to buy firearms online legally.

    Was this shooting an MK Ultra or similar false flag to once again totally disarm Australians?

    Liked by 2 people

  170. i wont hold my breath that the truth will come out

    Liked by 2 people

  171. I agree

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