by columnist Lyndesy Symonds

Another covid whorejob professor has been trotted out by Big Jew Media to lead the CoVID Regime charge against groups prioritized for the biotech mRNA spike protein injection. The elderly are now firmly in the sights of United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regime. The professor warns of high covid casualties in aged care if the oldies don’t get themselves injected with the covid prion disease.

Covid casualties are already high and going higher across the entire population and are to be found in the excess mortality (up 18%) from the historic average variation of 1 or 2 %. Australia’s peak actuarial body, the ABS is asking questions. Therefore the need for the Australian CoVID Regime to put a new group in the frame whose ‘at risk’ status is putting us all ‘at risk’.

The December ‘covid wave’ yada yada is all over the news like a herpes rash this am. Cases are surging. The prion disease/s of this covid injection are now endemic in the community because the critical mass has been vaxxed. So (of course) those most ‘at risk’ are now being identified and prioritized.

The reason why the ‘covid wave’ is surging is because of the vaxx uptake, a mass population has now been injected with the disease and is coded to make the spike protein of their injection. But not even the gain of function for their frontline immunity is going to prevent them from becoming infectious with it.

You want to get ‘covid’ – then by all means, go and get yourself injected with it. WHEN you become infectious (and therefore transmissible), then you pass your prion disease onto others. These spike protein sequences in the injection are bio-teched to be recombinant so they will combine with other viruses and so create ‘variants’. This is not the mutation of a natural virus like the influenza and these covid demons know it, so being the picky legalists they are they use the term variants.

So now the December CoVID Correctness has a new mind f*ckery. They are getting the CoVID Correct sheeple programmed to put the pressure on ‘prioritized’ groups to get vaxxed. Supposedly they are putting others ‘at risk’ with their vulnerability. [As if the spike protein injection prevents the injectee from getting ‘covid’]. Get your covid shot for judeoXmas Grannie and Happy Trails for the New Year.

As a 70 year old Grandmother, I want to know why are so many not able to see how insidious and threatening it is to be an elderly person who is menaced by the pressure to get this shot and get injected with a prion disease.

Major Changes to CoVID-19 Testing as Summer Wave Hits. Channel 9. Dec 13, 2022