The elderly are now firmly in the sights of United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regime

by columnist Lyndesy Symonds

Another covid whorejob professor has been trotted out by Big Jew Media to lead the CoVID Regime charge against groups prioritized for the biotech mRNA spike protein injection. The elderly are now firmly in the sights of United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regime. The professor warns of high covid casualties in aged care if the oldies don’t get themselves injected with the covid prion disease.

Covid casualties are already high and going higher across the entire population and are to be found in the excess mortality (up 18%) from the historic average variation of 1 or 2 %. Australia’s peak actuarial body, the ABS is asking questions. Therefore the need for the Australian CoVID Regime to put a new group in the frame whose ‘at risk’ status is putting us all ‘at risk’.

The December ‘covid wave’ yada yada is all over the news like a herpes rash this am. Cases are surging. The prion disease/s of this covid injection are now endemic in the community because the critical mass has been vaxxed. So (of course) those most ‘at risk’ are now being identified and prioritized.

The reason why the ‘covid wave’ is surging is because of the vaxx uptake, a mass population has now been injected with the disease and is coded to make the spike protein of their injection. But not even the gain of function for their frontline immunity is going to prevent them from becoming infectious with it.

You want to get ‘covid’ – then by all means, go and get yourself injected with it. WHEN you become infectious (and therefore transmissible), then you pass your prion disease onto others. These spike protein sequences in the injection are bio-teched to be recombinant so they will combine with other viruses and so create ‘variants’. This is not the mutation of a natural virus like the influenza and these covid demons know it, so being the picky legalists they are they use the term variants.

So now the December CoVID Correctness has a new mind f*ckery. They are getting the CoVID Correct sheeple programmed to put the pressure on ‘prioritized’ groups to get vaxxed. Supposedly they are putting others ‘at risk’ with their vulnerability. [As if the spike protein injection prevents the injectee from getting ‘covid’]. Get your covid shot for judeoXmas Grannie and Happy Trails for the New Year.

As a 70 year old Grandmother, I want to know why are so many not able to see how insidious and threatening it is to be an elderly person who is menaced by the pressure to get this shot and get injected with a prion disease.

Major Changes to CoVID-19 Testing as Summer Wave Hits. Channel 9. Dec 13, 2022

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. THE BELOW STUDY SAYS IT’S EVEN BIGGER THAN THAT. Some might even call it induced suicide.

    “People Died from mRNA-Vaccine-Damaged Hearts, New Peer-Reviewed German Study Provides Direct Evidence”

    “Medical pathologists from Heidelberg University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany have published direct evidence showing how people found dead after mRNA vaccination died. As this team of six scientists explore in their study, these mRNA-vaccinated patients suffered from heart damage because their hearts were attacked by their own immune cells. This autoimmune attack on their own heart cells then leads to their damaged hearts beating so many times per second that, once the tachycardia unexpectedly started, they died in minutes.

    “The article, “Autopsy-based histopathological characterization of myocarditis after anti-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination,” was published on Nov. 27, 2022, in the journal Clinical Research in Cardiology, the official journal of the German Cardiac Society. The research team autopsied 25 victims of different ages who were found dead at home within 28 days of vaccination. They looked at their heart tissue under the microscope to find out why these people died of cardiac rhythmic disruption when they had no apparent underlying heart disease.

    “In the authors’ own words: “Our findings establish the histological phenotype of lethal vaccination-associated myocarditis.”

    Histological phenotype means direct observation of microscopic tissue.

    “In a video analyzing the results, nurse educator Dr. John Campbell, who is based in the United Kingdom, told his audience: “This is peer-reviewed. This is proper science, and a definitive pathological diagnosis by a group of leading German pathologists.” Campbell’s video has been viewed 918,000 times. He has 2.58 million subscribers on his channel.
    Died of Ventricular Tachycardia or Fibrillation

    “Ventricular tachycardia is when the heart begins beating so fast that it doesn’t have time to refill with blood between beats, so it is not adequately pumping blood. The problem originates from the ventricles: the chambers that push the blood out of the heart to the rest of the body.

    “Fibrillation is when, instead of the heart actually beating, it starts to just quiver. This problem can originate from the ventricles or the atria. The atria are the upper chambers that basically suck blood into the heart by expanding and contracting. Though more people are familiar with A-Fib (atrial fibrillation), ventricular fibrillation is much more dangerous, and usually lethal within minutes.

    “The deceased whose hearts were autopsied in this study were found dead at home, each having died of ventricular tachycardia or fibrillation within 28 days of mRNA vaccination.
    Visibly Damaged Hearts

    “Macrophages are large cells that are part of our immune system. When the immune system is functioning properly, our bodies use macrophages to attack infectious agents and other foreign matter. Macrophages are a key part of the innate immune system, helping with normal tissue development as well as with repairing damaged tissue, according to researchers from Northwestern University.

    “But in the case of the people who died suddenly within a month of being vaccinated, the body’s own macrophages permeated their heart muscle, chewing up the muscle and causing spots that disrupted the heart rhythm. This macrophage invasion appeared to have literally short-circuited the heart’s conduction of the electrical impulses, causing the heart to beat irregularly.

    “The irregular heartbeats led to a negative feedback loop, making the heart race faster and faster as it tries to right itself. When that happens, the heart is effectively pumping no blood, and the victim dies within seconds or minutes unless there is a defibrillator nearby—to deliver an electrical shock to the heart to help it get back into rhythm—and someone knows to use it immediately.

    “The peer-reviewed study from German researchers included microscope images showing the damage to the victims’ heart cells, the presence of lymphocytes (another kind of smaller immune cell) in the heart muscle, and invasive macrophages in the heart muscle. Both macrophages and lymphocytes called T-helper cells were found in the heart tissue. The immune cells were concentrated in spots, each of which is called a focus. Spots of damaged heart tissue like this can generate offbeat signals that disrupt the heart’s smooth rhythm.

    “There are thousands of cardiac cells in the heart. These cells aren’t passive, like the cells in your biceps that need separate nerves to make them move. Instead, cardiac cells generate their own electrical impulses.

    “The cells of cardiac muscle act like nerves as well, conducting signals to and from adjacent muscle cells. This synchronizes their contractions, as well as perpetuates the regular continuity of the heartbeat.

    “Once a heart is beating, it takes a lot to stop it. A focus that breaks up this rhythm is like a bad drummer in a middle-school band. It can cause a cascade of chaos that prevents the heart from pumping blood productively.
    Myocarditis: A Recognized Vaccine Adverse Event

    “The WHO and the CDC do recognize myocarditis post-mRNA vaccination. Both regulatory agencies consider it a “recognized but rare complication.” Most doctors also dismiss myocarditis cases as “mild.”

    “But the deceased subjects of the German study, as Campbell points out, also had supposedly “mild” myocarditis. The myocarditis appeared only in microscopic spots here and there. However, the electrical disruption of these spots caused rapid and dramatic deaths. In other words, there is no mild myocarditis, as one parent of an mRNA-vaccine-injured teen named Aiden Ekanayake, said.

    “Campbell recommended that clinicians have a “high index of suspicion” that mRNA-vaccinated people might be subject to this autoimmune myocarditis so that they can diagnose and treat it while the people are still alive. Clinicians pretending that this vaccine injury is “rare and mild,” has led to countless potentially avoidable tragedies.
    Your Body Attacking Your Own Heart Cells

    “To be clear, this is not the mRNA vaccine directly damaging the heart—it is worse. The mRNA is injected into your muscle cells, turning the cell into a factory producing COVID-19 spike proteins.

    “As a result of the mRNA immunization, your body generates an immune response against COVID-19 spike proteins.

    Since your own muscle cells were used to make the COVID-19 spike proteins and may have them on the cell surface, your newly-weaponized immune cells targeting the spike protein may start attacking your own healthy muscle cells.

    “This new German study shows photographic evidence that this happens and has killed people.
    Correlation or Causation?

    “An original investigation published earlier this year in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that there were many cases of myocarditis in unexpected populations, especially in boys and young men, following mRNA vaccination.

    “Sir Austin Bradford Hill was an English medical statistician who established a set of epidemiological guidelines in 1965, now called the Bradford Hill criteria, which help prove cause and effect. If we apply the Bradford Hill criteria to this new research, it shows that the lethal myocarditis of these patients was indeed caused by mRNA vaccines. The German research demonstrated Bradford Hill’s criteria of strength (the more two things happen at the same time, the more likely one causes the other, even for rare events); consistency (the finding of sudden death from mRNA-vaccine-induced myocarditis has been happening consistently in different places and populations); specificity (for Bradford Hill, this is when a single cause produces a single effect. In this case the cause is the mRNA vaccine and the effect is myocarditis); and several more.

    “Indeed, the German researchers eliminated the possibility that the lethal myocarditis could have been caused by something else. Their study also showed “coherence,” another Bradford Hill criterion, which is when the same effect is found in both epidemiological studies and in laboratory samples.

    “Another Bradford Hill criterion is analogy: Is this cause-and-effect relationship similar to other medical issues that we already understand? In this case, the criterion of analogy is satisfied because we already understand that auto-immune reactions to one’s own heart can cause Giant-Cell Myocarditis, a life-threatening condition that causes ventricular tachycardia and sudden death in over two-thirds of those diagnosed with it.

    “For cause and effect to be established, Bradford Hill also asks whether the relationship is plausible: is there a mechanism by which one thing can cause the other? Plausibility was also proven by these autopsies: the German researchers clearly showed the mechanism. As Campbell said in his video review: “You can’t argue with a photograph taken under the microscope.”

    “For cause-and-effect to be established using Bradford Hill’s criteria, just one or two of the nine viewpoints must be satisfied. This study showed that for mRNA vaccines and heart damage, seven of Bradford Hill’s nine criteria were satisfied—an epidemiological slam-dunk.

    “The evidence is in: mRNA vaccines cause myocarditis, by leading your own immune cells to attack your heart, which can lead to sudden death by ventricular tachycardia or fibrillation.”


  2. Common Sense is eradicated for many years and this is a point which leads us now to a ground where existence is more than endangered…seems like we are now the endangered Species” as Humans..! it is happening and We can see this.. Thank you dear Editor…and All


  3. David….there has been no final legislation passed yet regarding Digital Id, yet they are putting everything into place for when it happens.
    This shows corruption and arrogance…they seem to be pretty sure it will be passed.
    The sheeple will only wake up when it starts to hurt them, like no alcohol because Co2 is used in its making…no going to the footy because it’s outside your travel zone, no going on holidays or seeing Grandma.These corrupt globalists actually tell us what they are going to do to us, but the rabbits call US conspiracy theorists….they are too lazy to research it themselves.
    If we aren’t jabbed, life will be the same as being in prison…..barely allowed out of the house.
    God help us!


  4. Their argument got shot to hell, so now it is blatant tyranny


  5. To follow I thought maybe – maybe the readers like to have this article and refresh some (Sorry history memories?) Yes History repeating itself… China’s “Third Opium War”. Covid-19 and the Opium Wars. The Alliance of Global Finance and IT Tyranny. “Yes Parallels between Covid-19 and the Opium Wars.”

    COVID-19 is a global operation run for the benefit of the super-rich that aims to destroy the lives and the minds of the citizens of China, and the world. The current operation in China is most likely directed by private intelligence firms based in the United States, Israel, Great Britain, and also in China. Such private intelligence firms work for the rich, but pretend to be part of the government. They might be considered as “the direct descents” of the British East India Company that planned the first two opium wars. 

    The British East India Company needed to destroy China in 1840 because it was the one great power that resisted integration into its global trade system controlled by the imperialists and the only great power that possessed an advanced civilization capable of competing with the Western tradition.

    There are three main similarities between operation COVID 19 and the Opium Wars.
    More in the Globalresearch web site…
    Now ask: “Yourselves, who is in control of China.?”


  6. betty mac: ” It seems money buys everybody!”

    indeed, Mammon’s “little helpers” have conditioned us for centuries to see the world through how much we own rather than what we are. It helps keep them at the top of the food chain and the rest of us on the bottom.

    We bought into their game and now we’re being played for what we’re worth.

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  7. Trudy… Nice summary. Faultless to the point! Cult fanaticism run amok. Based on self perceived exceptionalism and an alleged “right” to rule the world according to “divine will”. Psychopathic and fanatical fantasy being brought to life!

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  8. To: Jan Melih, My respect well written comments…


  9. betty mac, Yes indeed with money you can make many GOOD? people and Devils? dance…
    Look at all the so-called elected government stooges… The bad thing is, this is world wide, and NO SIGN yet the MSM Goyim (Many Billions) is waking up ! ? !…


  10. Hello Trudy, The Jew has worked on this for years, The Goyim has lost, and we in fact are already slaves… Check up the: Torah & the Talmud.
    The the promise of the Talmud to be fulfilled, (NO, THE TORAH, GOD’S WORD, THE JEWISH GOD IS ALSO THE CHRISTIAN GOD. The Talmud is the interpretation of the Torah by the Rabbis), in which it is said that when the messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands. (THEY ALREADY HAVE TO LATE!!!).


  11. Hi, Plutonium, You are SO right with your comment. And what next?. Large percentage of Australians are vaxxed, and Parrot the MSM. And we do know, “Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media.”

    See who are we blaming”? The Jews don’t force us to have the Kill Shots,


  12. I am 79  ,But there is no way that I am prepared to get jabbed.God gave
    me brain to use it and also to reason with it.And coming from a
    Communist country I know how propaganda looks like.Problem i8s that all
    thos “fgreedom” loving Anglo-Saxons are gullible and stupid.It hurts me
    immensely.I just cannot believe what I seen for the last two and a half
    years.Eighty years ago such Dictators would end up on the end of a rope
    ,But today they a honourable Leaders.So SAD.



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  13. Well, I can top all you babies out there…still mentally capable though little bits are missing now and then…at 89.
    The rest of the body is failing fast!
    We still live in our own home and look after half an acre of garden, in the country.

    My husband and I got through 3 years of hell with NO JAB, none of their faux PCR testing.Had slight colds, cured with vitamins etc.and Nasal washes.
    Last August I went to Pathology for a Covid test to see if I had had it…NO Covid antibodies.It might have good in a way, to have had Covid in its early stages, before the deadly jab came along.I would then be immune to further attacks?
    NOW, if we catch Covid from from someone who’s been jabbed, we get nasty variants…

    I got rid of my old mobile phone..invasion of my privacy.
    We signed in when shopping as B & M Gates!

    I will fight them to the death if they try to inject me with their poison.
    Bill Gates now owns the Patent…see Cairns News…to mechanise people!
    They put stuff in the ‘vax’ to prepare people’s bodies for when they will be turned into tvs, computers or mobile phones .
    Why was this allowed?
    He, working with Harvard Uni. ,wanted to block the sun…luckily saner people stopped this from happening.
    It seems money buys everybody!

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  14. It now appears this Covd Scenario was never about Health , the Man-made Virus was a way to use a Vaxx as a Bioweapon on us, implanting Conductive Nano Particles such as Crystals, Graphene Oxide,a killer Protein , the Rosthchilds, BlackRock, Gates ,Soros are heavily involved, along with the rest of these Psychopathic, Reptilian, Pedo, Elites ,it’s all about the Digital Implementation of One Govt, ,One currency, Their Energy Source, their Food Source, and to Kill as many for their targeted Depopulation and to digitally control the rest

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  15. Fortunately not all of us ‘grannies’ have been coerced (I’m 71), but sadly 2 of our 4 kids have been and they’re in their 40’s, so I don’t think age has anything to do with wisdom! Stay well and stay strong. Cheers Judy

    Sent with Proton Mail secure email.


  16. “So I should have realized a lot of things before
    If this is love, they’ve got to give me more
    Give me more, hey, hey, hey
    Give me more… ”

    What does it take to get the message? I realise people can be vulnerable but are people REALLY that weak or that stupid to buy into fake love?

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  17. Only 70? I am 76, so that makes you still a baby


  18. Come in spinner… You need to move to another state. Qld announced a brilliant way to beat the vaxxers; a declaration of national sovereignty which the Law says must be respected. The next day, the terrified North Queenslanders were hiding under their beds and sucking their thumbs. The army moved in and told them to get in the naughty corner.

    Move to the Top End. We ain’t that piss-weak over here. The first quake to try and force you will be shitting broken teeth.

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  19. Yes! The elderly and the disabled! – like happened in WWII Action T4  killing-clinics where doctors & dictators in governments assassinated all the elderly in nursing homes & also the young disabled by lethal injection.

    They are the prioritized people to be culled from the human herd by the Eugenicists/Globalists/Transhumanists of the 21st Century as per the United Nations Agenda 2021-2030-50?

    Today’s news 13th December 2022, is full of it again: – Covid deaths and the elderly in nursing homes!!! Anathema!

    Stay strong, dear Grandmother! Thanks for sharing the bad news.

    Remember how keen the ex prime minister was to announce that as soon as the corona virus disease ‘vaccines’ became available … the first SHOTS WOULD BE RESERVED FOR THE NURSING HOMES RESIDENTS ETC.


    Lest we forget:

    The ex prime minister was backed 100% by the Opposition, the Greens and too many other cowards…. many of whom are in government now!

    There is a big problem caused by a majority of sheeple = the blind believers! afraid and/or obedient robot-like … to the orders of their covid evil masters.
    i rest my case.
    Thank You!

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  20. It’s not so much as being at a loss for words but more that it is likely that any words other than expressing agreement would be of a futile waste.
    Is it the tropics by any chance !


  21. Lyndsey you are the best. This evil global kill off / experiment is a million times worse than anything that happened in the supposed Holocaust they like to violin about every second. Keep up the good work.

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  22. I am not a young woman. The people in control frighten the hell out of me.
    The will have to force me to have the jab,I hope that day never comes.Cause it will not be pretty.

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  23. Basically the vaxed are dying and the Jews propaganda machine is using this as Covid infections

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