Senator Alex Antic warns about the surveillance state which is all but completed in Australia

Senator Antic is a political party anomaly. He remains a member of the Liberal Party but his ideology is just about diametrically opposite to the Liberal back room boys.

Cairns News is surprised he is still a member after his expose of the Covid scamdemic and now the surveillance of every Australian that the Liberals allowed to happen, in fact instigated, then to be continued by the Labor mob.

Well done senator, Cairns News supports your exposition of all things detrimental to society and hope you listen to Ricardo Bosi’s similar but extraordinary update on covert military operations underway in Australia.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. a man is a man when speaking out and I admire him now! Thank you. a man also is a man who at least takes time to spread the news which is the closest to assist us. And I am proud to read this article as the informative replies. And I thank you fort these dear people….The line is here right now and a rush in time to end this is inevitable now , for we need it so much. A Merry Christmas to You all and Health throughout time….


  2. Unfortunately the Aussie crowds don’t know what is going on and most certainly don’t care as long as they have their football cricket and other sports, beer and utes, it will be too late before they find themselves in a FEEMA Camp behind razor wire fencing.
    Sorry Australia wake up or your over and out


  3. Chapter 1.1: Mayer Rothschild and the Five Arrows

    Chapter 1.1: Mayer Rothschild and the Five Arrows Mayer Rothschild and his sons dominate European banking Mayer Rothschild and the “Five Arrows” Overturning the European Monarchs Rothschild Interests in England Rothchild Interests in America Rothschild Interests in South Africa Mayer Rothschild and the “Five Arrows”


  4. Hey maybe you need to stop fixing people’s backs and have a look at the reply to Fed Up. Editor


  5. Yeah last year Pauline Hanson and Bob Katter tried to form some sort of alliance but it was a toss up who had the greatest ego
    and of course nothing happened. Ed


  6. Maybe it’s time for all of us to start wearing a type of ‘Aussie burkah’ to outsmart the surveillance cameras?
    So few good politicians, but so many useless ones who keep being re-elected because most people have zero idea of what is going on – or no choice of a good one in their electorate. We need the best of the Independents to lay aside their egos and form a coalition instead of each thinking THEY are the solution. That would enable them to have ONE candidate in each electorate to vote for. Save on time and money. Make it easier for voters to know who to vote for. Libs coalition with Nationals. Labor coalition with Greens/Teals. If Independents formed a coalition they would undoubtedly WIN!!!
    We need a way to inform people exactly WHO to vote for… educate them NOW … don’t wait until just before the next election.

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  7. Senator Alex Antic is a brilliant politician who we really need to be kept in our parliament. We have a few thankfully and they’re ALL Queenslanders including Senator Gerard Rennick, Senator Matt Canavan, Senator Malcolm Roberts and Senator Pauline Hansen. If we didn’t have them in our corner fighting for us I hate to think what the Senate would consist of. More ratbags like Greens Senator Sarah Hanson Young, Senator Lidia Thorpe, and Senator Larissa Waters no doubt. The trio are a complete waste of space and unfortunately we taxpayers continue to have to pay them.

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  8. Hi kezeek70, Yes you are absolutely right. As per my impassioned ‘tirade’ prior to your comment…their total inaction speaks volumes. As does for instance, their silence in addressing your own NFWS concerns. Lol you’re possibly on a tin foil hat list.
    These fraudsters are put out front by their masters simply as mouthpieces to placate the incurably gullible and the sheeple who actually deny that they ARE sheeple! (but stumble around, now half shorn, with one eye open) – and who then genuflect and bleat: “You’re the only one fighting for us. We love you!” 🤮
    So utterly transparent to the rest of us eh!


  9. Regarding facial recognition we all need to inundate in writing the Australian and state Privacy commissions and local councils, large stores. Personally I would stop shopping in areas where this surveillance exists. If it comes into ur neighbourhood fight it at the source do not comply and forget about it. Remember smart meters people warned of the dangers of EMF and possible privacy and fraud issues. Too many ppl were complacent and allowed this to go on unchallenged. Ppl needed to fight at level of community most just complied leaving the ones who did not comply completely exposed. Suffice to say living in a city is not for me and I will never have a smart meter or drink fluoridated water. The horse can be led to water but you can’t make it drink. If ppl don’t take this seriously they lose their privacy.

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  10. Interestingly, we have very few senators and MPs speaking up for the people, less than the fingers on our hands. The peanut gallery pollies in Canberra are either going along with the agenda as paid shills or they have completely lost their ability to reason. Those that consider WEF agenda 2030 the way forward for Australia speaks volumes. Why can’t we get decisive answers on who is supporting this treason? If there is a moral compass in any of these pollies why isn’t the numbers speaking up for Aussies growing? Surely the good leaders are able to work together and persuade more of these pack animals? Btw I never get responses to my concerns on the NASA Future War Strategies doco not from any of them. This document is the core strategies of the war that was quietly declared against us and nobody is addressing this.

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  11. As far as I’m concerned, if ALL these monotonous talk talk talk pollies (whom I’m totally not convinced aren’t CO) – and whom can’t even crawl let alone walk the walk! – were in any way sincere/authentic – they could all band together and maybe create something of substance. (I refer to them as ‘The Gum-bashing Gallery for the Gullible’.)
    Or as our loved and erudite tonyryan43 would say: Get off their useless middle-class priveledged, taxpayer funded asses – and go rallying out amongst their constituents and actually DO SOMETHING.
    As it stands, they’re ALL just egotistically, self-agrandisingly
    trumpeting and virtue signalling from their respective ‘pulpits’ – using every single issue as a point scoring football. AT OUR EXPENSE.
    THEY ARE EMPLOYED BY US – not the other way around! WHAT part of this are so many not understanding?!
    They’re not Jair Bolsonaro for God’s sake! – who actually totally needs the full weight of the people and military behind him in order to save his country.
    We as a Nation are absolutely NOWHERE near achieving that which Brazil is on the cusp of. We’ve been passengers stuck on autopilot, running low on fuel (whilst contentedly watching the in-flight movie) for so long now, that there is nobody left capable of landing the plane. The pilots are long dead.

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  12. Excellent news!!! Keep going Senator stop their evil plans ..
    the paid MSM hiding the truth FROM ME AND YOU. They lied to us NEVER TRUST THESE BUREAUCRATS EVER..


  13. ” Start writing your My Will to your local Members in droves. This is what will help to change it.”

    Hitting some of the “talk back radio” and community radio might help too, if you can get past the gatkeepers. lol


  14. “Eventually, one superbug will emerge.”
    And hopefully contaminate the elite!


  15. Just in time for the next global pandemic: SEERS.

    If we are up to tempo with Operation CoVID depopulation exercise implemented by the WHO in lockstep with members of the United [Communist] Nations and their CoVID Regimes, then we know that the patented biotech spike proteins in the mandated vaxxes are recombinant with other viruses and pathogens endemic in the population: influenza, CMV, HZV, Ross River, HPV, EBV etc. Prion disease from the Covid vaxxes is now endemic in the community world-wide through the vaxx and its transmission. And much of it has been bio-engineered to be recombinant with other viruses.

    Eventually, one superbug will emerge.


  16. Everyone, just remember: Senator Antic is just one man. He cannot change what is happening. He needs the People behind him. THEN he can take it to Parliament. But if the People are not physically behind him, he has no voice – literally. Start writing your My Will to your local Members in droves. This is what will help to change it.


  17. Start wearing hats into your shopping centres! I do. The wider the brim the better. Sign the petition EN4638 – Disadvantages of Central Bank Digital Currencies before it closes: Ask your family and friends to do likewise. We can’t let this become a reality.

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  18. daviddd2 – “Wouldn’t surprise if they’ll be matching MAC addresses from the injected using facial recognition.”

    Yes, even more plausible.

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  19. “Does anybody know what the police poles decorated with cameras, loud speakers, and other stuff, surrounding shopping centres are intended for?”

    Wouldn’t surprise if they’ll be matching MAC addresses from the injected using facial recognition. That way if they can’t see you in the dark they’ll know you’re around. But then again my notorious cynicism knows no bounds. lol

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  20. Facial recognition.

    My recently renewed drivers license has a facial recognition photo on the license, they will get your FR photo one way or another.


  21. tonyryan43 – “Does anybody know what the police poles decorated with cameras, loud speakers, and other stuff, surrounding shopping centres are intended for?”

    Just a rough guess, could be setting up to be like towns and smaller cities in the US, their emergency broadcast systems that can be run by the local police / councils / governments.

    Could be used for local emergencies, but better still the control of the movement of people, individuals or crowds. Can think of no other reason.

    When out and about people will recognize the different warning tones and messages from that system and obey, or else.


  22. Senator Antic

    You have my respect, you are a present day ANZAC.
    You are fighting the good fight.
    Just need many more like you.

    Facial recognition cameras were already being placed into Hospitals at least two years ago.
    When fully implemented throughout communities, especially when used with 4 and 5G, they can be set to follow you wherever you go – when clicked on, you get passed from one camera to another, they will know who you meet, that person could be off side with the systems, so you now get tagged as an associate of someone you spoke to for just seconds.

    Like Senator Antic suggests: you may believe that you have nothing to worry about, the systems AI intelligence gathering will make that decision for you, what you think will not matter.

    The cameras are not secret, not hidden, no hidden AI, the grubs have warned us (recent years and decades ago) about what they “will” do.

    The TV movies and series that show all of the wonderful things that they could do with surveillance cameras/systems, things that looked a bit much, could only be available in the distant future – are being rolled out now.

    In the near future there will be no need for any privacy acts, except for the ones put in place to protect their systems, why? Because you will have no privacy – but you “will” be happy.

    For those who believe that they will have nothing to worry about in concern of the surveillance state – Lucky you, Enjoy.


  23. Louise… Good point. My suggestion… avoid them and use the manned checkouts. You are saving jobs this way. But then I am sometimes considered to be excessive in my application of union principles. To which I reply, what effing unions? These days, we are our own union.

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  24. Thank you for this information. We need to be conscious of this stuff. I also actively dislike & distrust the camera on the supermarket self checkout screens.


  25. Does anybody know what the police poles decorated with cameras, loud speakers, and other stuff, surrounding shopping centres are intended for?

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  26. Thanks, Senator Antic. Unfortunately, most people are sleepwalking into a Kafkaesque future. They value the benefits of new technology but ignore, or at the very least choose to remain blissfully uninterested in the real danger of mass surveillance and the potential loss of civil rights and liberties for which there will be no legal appeal or remedy. It is in the DNA of governments, of all political persuasions, to unhesitatingly exploit each and every draconian power in their arsenals to control the masses.


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