Letter to the Editor

Meet ANGUS the Autonomous SECURITY ROBOT, Gina’s more Human than Human Spook.


‘The MVP will soon be home to an Autonomous Security Vehicle that will help his human colleagues patrol the village grounds and ensure our people feel safe on our sites.

Part of our security partner Executive Risk Solutions’ offering, Angus (Dalek), the security robot began his four weeks swing in early November on a trial basis.

Editor: Can’t see any bazookas?

A purpose built, all terrain vehicle featuring 360 degree video recording and thermal PTZ camera, (to watch that workers are safely locked in their units at night), Angus can detect security threats and let (a skeleton crew) of security personnel, both on site and (1300 klm’s away) in Perth, know if someone needs help.

“Angus uses artificial intelligence to detect and respond to threats; (EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE), from human intruders to wild dogs.

He also learns the normal behaviours of the site, so he can respond to anti – socialist behaviour or if something just isn’t quite right, (like non compliance),” explains Superintendent (Effing Yes Man), Dave Dick. (Real surname and title withheld for future reference.)

“He (it. Let’s keep it real) comes with a two way intercom system, alarms and lighting and can escalate security threats to a control centre that ensures an immediate response.”

It is another addition to Roy Hill’s sophisticated security presence across our Village common areas, including CCTV, increased lighting and 24/7 human security patrol (coming to a town near you).

While it is still learning the ways of the MPV, a human (hahahahaha) security guard will walk with him (it) on initial shifts to show him (it) the ropes.

“If you see Angus (it) and his (human) minder around the MPV, feel free to go and say hello but please don’t interfere with his important work (or you humans will be confined to your site accommodation until EXTERMINATED!!!).”

https://www.royhill.com.au (our smart mine, sharing our values with our 5G smart cities and future 6G interfaced to you.)

How smart are you?

from Cataclysmic Duck

Western Australia