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Digital future is one of surveillance

Senator Alex Antic warns about the surveillance state which is all but completed in Australia

Senator Antic is a political party anomaly. He remains a member of the Liberal Party but his ideology is just about diametrically opposite to the Liberal back room boys.

Cairns News is surprised he is still a member after his expose of the Covid scamdemic and now the surveillance of every Australian that the Liberals allowed to happen, in fact instigated, then to be continued by the Labor mob.

Well done senator, Cairns News supports your exposition of all things detrimental to society and hope you listen to Ricardo Bosi’s similar but extraordinary update on covert military operations underway in Australia.

Hold onto your hats – Nigel Farage is in Australia


Outspoken conservative UK politician Nigel Farage has scheduled public meetings while in Australia supported by Senator Alex Antic

DATE: Monday 26th September 

TIME: 08.00 AEST (45mins) 

LOCATION: Media Centre, Sydney International Terminal 

British politician Nigel ‘Mr Brexit’ Farage is hosting a one-off press conference on Monday 26th

September in Sydney ahead of his speaking tour in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and

appearance at Parliament House with Senator Alex Antic. 

The former Brexit Party leader has a clear message; “The history and identity of the West

is under threat from enemies abroad and here at home. It’s time to stand and fight.” 

A short Q&A will follow his presentation.  

The event will commence at 08.00 AEST and will be held in the Media Centre, Sydney

international Terminal. 

Tickets to AN ENTERTAINING EVENING WITH NIGEL FARAGE start at $89 and all details

are at 

Dates and venues are:

Melbourne – Monday 26th September 

Sydney – Tuesday 27th September                  

Brisbane – Thursday 29th September              

Senator Alex Antic calls for Covid Royal Commission but the people should set the terms of reference not the ALP/LNP duopoly

One Nation has also called for a Royal Commission into the Covid scamdemic but it will have the same result as the useless Banking Royal Commission unless the people set the terms of reference.

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