Aborigines not fooled by dictator’s agenda

By Rosemary Timber

What is going on in his thick skull right now?

Dan Andrews

This is not what anyone was expecting from a labor party candidate, Dan Andrews must’ve been born feet first.

He obviously wants to take the steps first leading all the party faithful members of his party, ScoMo President Of Australia is a disgrace. This was brought upon us because of people with selfish ambitions at play right now!

“Voting for the next president when will that be?”

For Dan Andrews pushing The President to allow mandatory vaccination they both look as evil as ever I don’t know what their family members think of them or even sleep at night.

Michael Gunner

Even Michael Gunner (NT Chief Minister) up here looks like the twin to Dan Andrews.

I’m not against humanity but I speak on behalf of my people, this government has neglected us from the start. Having read comments (not in Cairns News) somewhere speaking against us and looking down on us, because we lack education, we have poor health and even unemployment rate high along with alcohol related violence plus mental health and many other issues in The Northern Territory.

NT is also the last place in this country that has land rights and they want to take that away from us. Dan Andrews and all who are working with him are involved with taking away our dignity and our culture. It’s the 21st century now, we can not turn back time.

We aren’t being treated equally, but now this is exactly how it feels, what we have to go through every day of our lives is no freedom without stereotypes.

This is a pandemic, it will go away, it’s an issue everyone is facing for now and we stand as one in what will happen when it’s all over.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Who here remembers this old saying?
    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Let the imagination run wild with that one.


  2. That deception has been going on for decades to maintain duopoly control, and not forgetting the duopoly party faithful unresearched vote to support that dictatorship control remains in office.


  3. I was thinking they would just not have the next election – claim some variant emergency – heard an interesting comment – Labor and Liberal cross preference each other? I mean their criminality has no bounds..


    WHY IS THIS pRIME mINISTER OF Australia not being arrested ????????????

    EDITOR: Because Bara the duopoly ALP/LNP voting faithful keep giving our parliament authority to do what they like without consequence…NO ACCOUNTABILITY. Now if next election no one votes for the duopoly and vote for anyone else the problem will be solved, you will have a peoples parliament in office.


  5. You know every now and then I remember why we men and women have value on this earth – something the criminals can’t even understand..

    And I too decern those traits of strength in you.. I feel I and my kind will be less welcome over time in this current coup – I’m thinkin of finding a spot up there with you guys and living the sort of real life you live – on the beach somewhere.. ahh tell him he’s dreamin!

    I truly wish you and your people the best.. Phil


  6. pcwwp – You have spirit, you have fire, you’re standing by your convictions & you’ll not stand down. These are traits I admire the most, not many humans have those strengths. My dog has, guess that’s why he’s my best friend & I’m a hermit. At the end of the day, I reckon you’re alright mate. Your strength of character shines through true blue. Thank you & Cheers To You Too


  7. Beautiful! We are Australian. We are One.
    With you, Rosemary!
    I am a remote teacher on community in the NT. As of yesterday (mandate deadline) I can no longer do the job I have come to love in this lovely Aboriginal community.
    But….. I am spurred on…! Keep going! I am. I will not give up.


  8. Ok – I see your argument but I don’t think we will ever get the momentum we need until people understand that there is nothing to fear – no “virus” – no pandemic” – that’s what I was saying.. cheers..

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  9. “Sort of what I said – I thought?”

    If you like.


  10. pcwwp – Don’t be offended. We all on this page understand your frustration of d’hds buying into the bs & lies, we feel the same. Yes, the ‘powers that be’ are coming after us & our children & childrens children, we’re past the ‘no pandemic stage’. As Ed last said, “Go for the Deep State Jagular”. Cheers


  11. I would just like to comment on “Because we lack education”, & ‘they look down on you’.

    The aboriginal people have a culture and knowledge far exceeding the trivial and shallow dictates of the scientism we suffer today.

    I hold all the original peoples repressed by the “empire” in great respect. You have no “lack of education” – what you have is a lack of “indoctrination” – this they fear and as you rightly say – you have a right to the land given by our creator.

    If I had children today would home school – no matter the sacrifice.

    We are all as one against this oncoming oppression. This is why I support this forum.


  12. Hi PCWP all is forgiven I am back at the desk, albeit temporarily.Go for the Deep State jugular. Editor


  13. Cheers mate – The reactions seemed strange – you read me right. On reflection perhaps the editor has some stake in the writer or the cause – regardless I did not mean any disrespect – just as you say – to warn about the “frustration about people buying into the false pandemic narrative”.

    The time for timid comments and capitulation are over – for me. They are coming for our children!


  14. Not quite yet Ed – AuntieEt has joined. Tried to ‘like’ your last comment (Issue Closed) but the click isn’t doing it. You’re not alone, Auntie Et hears ya loud & clear. They just don’t get it. Yeah we all know about ‘No Pandemic’… we’ve moved passed that, Cairns News was ‘All Over That Eons Ago’ including this old girl. Enough of that sh#t, they don’t get it, they’ll never get it, the real issue at hand, for all humanity, it’s passed ‘the no pandemic’, we know… Just having the last say on that, it’s in my ‘ol bush girl character. Have a comment for ‘Rosemary’:- “Because we lack education”, & ‘they look down on you’. No way matie. I’d rather be educated by someone that knew their way around the scrub & ridges & smelt bs & danger a vast distance away, than anyone that got straight ‘A’s from the establishment. Way to go (Rosemary Timber), keep up the good fight.


  15. Sort of what I said – I thought?


  16. Hey Ron – yes I was a bit shocked. I have made many comments and support Cairns News – great site – very perplexing..


  17. pcwwp: re being perplexed

    For whatever it is worth, in my “humble opinion” you are quite correct in your content. 🙂

    But the written word often lacks the relevant tonal qualities which enable us to ascertain the true intent or the manner in which a statement is made. A few caps and exclamation marks here or there can suggest an intolerant dismissal of someone’s point or an imperative instruction as well as a firmly held opinion.

    I personally read your comment only as a point of frustration about people buying into the false pandemic narrative, a frustration which I share with you.

    But if I didn’t share the same view, and if I were a tad more normal and sensitive than I am, I might have read it as an angry and/or arrogant dismissal of whatever position I might hold. 🙂 Such are the ambiguities and limitations of the written word, they leave room for unfortunate misunderstandings.


  18. I am standing with First Nations People and have joined them for my true sovereignty and one day proper leadership. No, I do not have First Nations blood in me


  19. Issue closed – I am too old for this banter crap progression I do not have the time being on my own here at present .. ED2

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  20. If you want to remove the real problem, then, firstly, people need to understand that there is no medical pandemic and that the only pandemic that exists is one of lies, corruption and fear. The ignorance and lack of critical thinking (by govern-ment design), of the general population, is exploited, by the Powers That Shouldn’t Be, to create a pandemic of fear through which the general population can be easily manipulated and controlled.

    Virology is basically an extension of the false Germ Theory. Louis Pasteur was a plagiarising fraud.




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  21. I for one have seen a pandemic in Australia. A pandemic of lies, deceit, manipulation and downright blackmail, tyranny and criminal negligence from our political leaders who are supposed to be our “servants”. They’ve turned public service into self service.

    We must also be grateful to modern sciencetology and its medical bureaucrats for ridding us of the cursed influenza problem which has been reduced by some 98% and has been all but wiped out according to the published stats.

    That’s quite some achievement, and it’s only cost us a $THOUSAND BILLION and a few essential rights and freedoms so far. The rest of the bill is no doubt still in the mail. Merry Xmas to the money changers and their retail agencies.

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  22. Had to have a say here, it is about the EDITOR and his arrogant comment about what pcwwp said in this article.

    Nothing wrong with what pcwwp said, no abuse, no racist remarks, etc.
    So why the garbage comment from the EDITOR.

    Well done pcwwp, I suggest that you make no further comments (you are now likely on a list for the EDITORS to have a go at you) just visit Cairns News to see how the narrative is changing. Who are they really supporting? Starting to look like politicians in the making..

    Prove me wrong!


  23. Given that resolving Aboriginal issues is rightly at the forefront of Australia’s interests, it’s just struck me that the Aboriginal people might find it beneficial to demand the right of all Australians to a human rights bill guaranteeing ALL Australians their inalienable human rights.

    An “Australian Inalienable Human Rights Bill” should go a LOOONG way to ensuring ALL Australians, and particularly the more vulnerable ones are protected from abuse, political tyranny and systemic disadvantage.

    Love to hear what you think, Rosemary. If ever there were a time for all all Australians to stand up in a common cause for the REAL common good it must be now!.

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  24. Right – I have seen much more forthright comments here – perhaps you think somehow I don’t support the egregious treatment of our aboriginal community – nothing could be further from the truth..I am a strong supported of Cairns News – perplexed..

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  25. If you want to remove the real problem, then, firstly, people need to understand that there is no medical pandemic and that the only pandemic that exists is one of lies, corruption and fear. The ignorance and lack of critical thinking (by design), of the general population, is exploited, by the Powers That Shouldn’t Be, to create a pandemic of fear through which they can be easily manipulated and controlled.

    Virology is basically an extension of the false Germ Theory. Louis Pasteur was a plagarising fraud.




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  26. We are across this. You must have missed the freedom of speech part at Cairns News as we are extending here. Take two paces backward and get off yourself and let get on with removing the real problem


  27. What is wrong with my comment? It is my very well supported opinion..I totally support the writer but she says “This is a pandemic, it will go away,” – no it won’t..

    My concern is if people continue to believe this “pandemic” and “Virus” idea – we are all lost.

    They will, and are, using it to remove all our rights. To me this is one of the most basic issues and is supported by clear evidence across many jurisdictions – excess mortality is basically the same as previous years – there is – demonstrably – NO pandemic.

    Have you – has anyone – in Australia seen a “pandemic”?

    I thought you guys were across this.

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  28. They are silver tongue devils. In people’s country the powers that be are trying to desperately persuade our Elders with huge amounts of money with promises of ending our peoples suffering. Our Elders are wiser and are onto them. The government people are throwing out all they have because they know we hold the key as the original sovereign keepers and protectors. Truth is revealing its beautiful face for all to see.


  29. It is our pleasure Rosemary and look forward to your future contributions .. ED2


  30. Pull your horns in pcwwp – get that STRAIGHT we publish opinion and leave the dictatorial agro to the politicians … ED2


  31. This is NOT a pandemic – it is behavioral science and linguistics programing applied as a program of propaganda with the aim of compete control, reduced population, digital slavery etc etc.

    Get this straight – there is NO pandemic!!

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  32. Rosemary, the Australians will unite and put a stop to the Communist take down.

    There is no government that will legislate on the basis of the Australian Constitution 1901, there is no Royal Commission that will go after the elite paedo networks infesting all institutions of social influence and especially the list under 90 year suppression order by John Howard. This menace afflicts every aspect of Australian society. There is no court that is going throw out the whole swag of laws that are outside the authority of these corporate agents calling themselves the government to enact – up to and including a genocide of the population starting with your own people.

    We are having a crisis here.

    As an Australian, I want to see the representatives of the tribal people at the table when the sovereignty of Australia is formalised upon all the people who were born in this country, the people who have the ancient bloodlines connection, the people who were naturalised in this country and became Australians and those who have migrated to live here.

    This can be done. Yesterday Nov 11 was the 56th anniversary of a nation that like Australia was once a Crown colony of the UK. But in 1965 when the Indiba – the council of the Chiefs decided to ‘cut the strings’ they delivered their decision to the Rhodesian Front government in Salisbury and Rhodesia declared issued its declaration of independence from the UK . Then each demographic within the population went to referendum and decided on the type of constitution that would best serve the population.of the former Crown colony. The tribal people wanted to be governed in the traditional African manner by their chiefs through the Indiba and hereditary system, the English thought a Westminster system of government could support the social structure that came together through the Constitutional referendum. They created a republic and chartered a state bank independent of the world financial structure. Even fighting a desperate war against 3 gook armies on three borders 1965-1979, under world wide sanctions they grew their first world economy and invested in the social progress and development of the tribal people whose lands were guaranteed to them. And the Rhodesian dollar banned from all money markets continued at parity with the British pound right throughout the war – which they won. Militarily, they won. But the UN / UK / US capitulated them to their enemies in the peace.

    It can be done. For those interested in the constitutional question with reference to Australia, here is a good intro to the Constitution of the Rhodesian republic.


  33. Truth is moving, truth has so many beautiful branches is this is one of the Most Beautiful Ones. Thank you, dear Rosemary


  34. Thank You Cairns News for putting my post our there for all to see. This is inner most expression of my heart for my people and all of humanity. It’s a shame that our leaders aren’t compassionate and show gratitude towards another human being. Let’s pray that for 2022 and Year’s to come we don’t have to face coercion and dictatorship by any means. From so called leaders.

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  35. They are both evil pieces of work that need to be put on an experimental Space Ship and Sent to Mars, they can tell us all about it when they get back, just like their EXPERIMENTAL Vaccine

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