COLES Supermarkets might have gotten a tick in the “good box” had they backed down from mandatory employee vaccination after being issued with a group complaint by Human Rights Advocates Australia and Advocate Me. But they didn’t, so mark them down as a bad business under the “Take back Our World“ initiative.

But there are plenty of others that can be added to the good business reporting service provided by the new Global Economic Forum, set up under an ambitious initiative to counter the World Economic Forum and its “Great Reset”.

Such businesses would incude the cafes run by Brisbane coffee businessman Philip Di Bella or the New Earth Cafe in Coolum where the owners rightly defy insane mask mandates.

Supported by the Australian National Review independent news channel, the initiative involves the use of a crypto currency coin and is “Designed to bring our outdated and corrupted political systems into the 21st Century, to restore our battered democracies and national sovereignties, to our nations.”

Philip Di Bella of Di Bella Coffee will not be discriminating against customers based on the vaccination status.

It also aims to remove the corrupted globalist control over nations, to implement proper safeguards to ensure our politicians can never represent foreign powers again and to ensure the “ Great Reset Agenda” is defeated, and to end the “untested, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly global nedical experiment before we suffer our worst humanitarian disaster by this dangerous public health policy, forced upon our nations under the Trojan horse of Covid – a totalitarian, communistic deadly anti democratic agenda.”

The campaign also aims to design a new political process to restore the power back to the people, including the elimination of political parties. “It will support the new world initiative including the defunding of the corrupted World Health Organisation, and fund the new Global Health Organisation, and denounce the World Economic Forums, “Great Reset“ agenda. It will also support the new Global Economic Forum to compete against the corrupted “World Economic Forum”.

“It will provide the means for a peaceful revolution, and enable our military and police forces to come back under the control of all individual nations Sovereignty, and remove those wrongly in power that is loyal to the Globalists – a people initiative, by the people for the people. A force for good and a force for peaceful revolution.

To fund the goals of these new organisations Take back our World Initiative, will release a crypto coin and utilise blockchain technologies to ensure the honest, absolute transparency of the new institutions to remove “key man“ risk and to protect against corruption or hidden agendas.

“Our World Coin will be listed on selected crypto exchanges later in 2021 and will enable supporters to donate to these critical not for profit organisations to help fund the required organisations to Take Back our Countries and to collectively Take back our World.”