Coles gets a ‘tick’ for bad business under global fightback scheme

COLES Supermarkets might have gotten a tick in the “good box” had they backed down from mandatory employee vaccination after being issued with a group complaint by Human Rights Advocates Australia and Advocate Me. But they didn’t, so mark them down as a bad business under the “Take back Our World“ initiative.

But there are plenty of others that can be added to the good business reporting service provided by the new Global Economic Forum, set up under an ambitious initiative to counter the World Economic Forum and its “Great Reset”.

Such businesses would incude the cafes run by Brisbane coffee businessman Philip Di Bella or the New Earth Cafe in Coolum where the owners rightly defy insane mask mandates.

Supported by the Australian National Review independent news channel, the initiative involves the use of a crypto currency coin and is “Designed to bring our outdated and corrupted political systems into the 21st Century, to restore our battered democracies and national sovereignties, to our nations.”

Philip Di Bella of Di Bella Coffee will not be discriminating against customers based on the vaccination status.

It also aims to remove the corrupted globalist control over nations, to implement proper safeguards to ensure our politicians can never represent foreign powers again and to ensure the “ Great Reset Agenda” is defeated, and to end the “untested, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly global nedical experiment before we suffer our worst humanitarian disaster by this dangerous public health policy, forced upon our nations under the Trojan horse of Covid – a totalitarian, communistic deadly anti democratic agenda.”

The campaign also aims to design a new political process to restore the power back to the people, including the elimination of political parties. “It will support the new world initiative including the defunding of the corrupted World Health Organisation, and fund the new Global Health Organisation, and denounce the World Economic Forums, “Great Reset“ agenda. It will also support the new Global Economic Forum to compete against the corrupted “World Economic Forum”.

“It will provide the means for a peaceful revolution, and enable our military and police forces to come back under the control of all individual nations Sovereignty, and remove those wrongly in power that is loyal to the Globalists – a people initiative, by the people for the people. A force for good and a force for peaceful revolution.

To fund the goals of these new organisations Take back our World Initiative, will release a crypto coin and utilise blockchain technologies to ensure the honest, absolute transparency of the new institutions to remove “key man“ risk and to protect against corruption or hidden agendas.

“Our World Coin will be listed on selected crypto exchanges later in 2021 and will enable supporters to donate to these critical not for profit organisations to help fund the required organisations to Take Back our Countries and to collectively Take back our World.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi va121 glad you mentioned banks. The Squid has not yet collapsed the national currencies and brought in the blockchain cbdc. They’ll do that on the ‘Globalist’ sector of the Mad Plan – so it’s imminent. But until they hit delete, we can have a lot of fun with the banks. My particular bankster is a big collaborator with the CCP. Just can’t do enough to help them build their social credit data base. Now they have decided I am in internet banking Alcatraz because their Karen-in-charge is not going to sign me in for a transaction. Can you believe this little pungwe? I am standing right there with 10 points of ID and my card and she can’t ID me without a QR code. And the manager hides in his office fapping on his computer.
    I have decided to sort them out next week.


  2. First, you have established your statement from a Channel 7 news source is of major concern and second, you must have established this to be correct and will post those detail to Cairns News for all to read ?


  3. WELL DONE MATE ….. no need for guns when you use passive warfare that disrupts the establishment BIG TIME … keep up the good work and may many more join the downfall freedom train .. ED2


  4. Apparently, they didn’t, Apparently, the mainstream media or more specifically channel 7 News was full of shit. That’s what I heard from the human rights group that was helping employees joint complain to the company. So I’m not sure what’s going on.
    With that said, I was about to start shopping at coles again, but now I guess I’m back to avoiding them.

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  5. In support of this, Martin Armstrong’s ‘World Economic Conference’ (WEC) remains a serious challenge, and thorn in the side of the Davos cartel and their Great Reset.

    This year’s event surpassed the attendance at Davos: the smart money knows what’s going on.


  6. Coles are still owned by the same Globalists as Woolworths. No one has won, they are just trying a different tactic at the moment. Under the Globalists UN Agenda they want the ultimate control. Remember. Depopulation, Mark of the Beast Bioweapon Injection and total submission. Remember they have no respect for us, they think we are a useless subhuman commodity. Don’t Comply and try and buy for your small business owner who actually respects you and values your service. Who gave them, (The Globalists), the right to tell us what we can and can’t do, we are Free People, not Straw Men There are enough people who have already paid them,(The Globalists), for their own Euthanasia, enthusiastically implemented by the filthy Criminals in Parliament called Politicians and their Complicit Treasonous Public Servants. We are at War and these people have committed Genocide. Wake the Hell up. The upside is, All these People will Hang, and that day is coming.


  7. I am so happy you are all working toward a world of freedom and not slavery, we MUST get the EVIL CRIMINALS out of their high positions and they must be prosecuted for TREASON and CRIMINES AGAINST HUMANITY. Thank you.


  8. I have nothing but respect for Coles management and employees. I will only shop there from now on. Thank you


  9. Allan Maxwell Pleming

    I am not blinkered by COLES they should announce Vaxxed and Unvaxxed welcome in their Stores no matter what Criminal Politicians say this is just smoke and mirrors to me! It’s not a vaccine!


  10. Thankyou it’s long overdue


  11. I do not consent to “digital” passport re: vaccination status” and I certainly do NOT want to subscribe to any form of digital “currency”. What’s next, some type of “social credit score” ?


  12. I think Coles were given a little taste of what a lot of other businesses are going to face if they try and ‘enforce’ illegal mandates. I just had a very interesting discussion with a mate of mine who is the CISO of a ‘Neobank’, they are not mandating this, Westpac have mandated the shot but NAB haven’t, there will be more that come out on either side of this.

    There certainly seems to be a significant and meaningful division in opinion where these intentionally misleading government directives (once again not law) are coming from and what the actual end state can be. I predict that any business that implements a mandatory vaxx policy will lay themselves open to prosecution from several substantial areas of the Australian WHS, OHS and discrimination legislation. We haven’t even begun to dig into the Australian privacy principals or the Biosecurity act of 2015.

    The Australian people have always been very easy going (She’ll be right) but they are starting to wake up and research and understand their constitutional law and inherent rights.

    and they are beginning to realize how they have been mislead and misrepresented by political parties on both sides.

    This government is waking up a bear that I don’t think they want to fight, because when this kicks off, who knows where the charge stops


  13. Great news about Coles stepping back from mandatory vaxx for employees. Now let’s see how they go in the Big Pineapple with non-vaxxed customers who don’t scan QR codes post Dec. 16. Let’s see where they stand , on which side of the Australian Line.

    With the mandatory injection of this bioweapon , the government and its corporate sistema are the enemy of the people. It is not only possible, as far as I am concerned it is a holy crusade to hit their sistema in completely non-violent ways and make them pay for their shit.

    Under IRE I am engaging in these actions every week. In the last one I put on my Australian flag T shirt and went to a store that requires the vaxx for all employees. These bastards also have a covid monitor to insure that everyone scans the QR code and helps build the data base of the CCP. So I had to sign in. But they had to get the manager to count out my payment from my 5 cent coin jar. He complained bitterly and took off his mask while I read him the store’s customer service policy. And I told him: This is war mate. Keep whingeing and as an old lady with bladder issues you might get me so upset that I just have an accident in your nice gadget / techie section on Saturday morning. He looked at me with horror. And I will be paying in 5 cent coin in future I cheerfully informed him.


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