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Aborigines not fooled by dictator’s agenda

By Rosemary Timber

What is going on in his thick skull right now?

Dan Andrews

This is not what anyone was expecting from a labor party candidate, Dan Andrews must’ve been born feet first.

He obviously wants to take the steps first leading all the party faithful members of his party, ScoMo President Of Australia is a disgrace. This was brought upon us because of people with selfish ambitions at play right now!

“Voting for the next president when will that be?”

For Dan Andrews pushing The President to allow mandatory vaccination they both look as evil as ever I don’t know what their family members think of them or even sleep at night.

Michael Gunner

Even Michael Gunner (NT Chief Minister) up here looks like the twin to Dan Andrews.

I’m not against humanity but I speak on behalf of my people, this government has neglected us from the start. Having read comments (not in Cairns News) somewhere speaking against us and looking down on us, because we lack education, we have poor health and even unemployment rate high along with alcohol related violence plus mental health and many other issues in The Northern Territory.

NT is also the last place in this country that has land rights and they want to take that away from us. Dan Andrews and all who are working with him are involved with taking away our dignity and our culture. It’s the 21st century now, we can not turn back time.

We aren’t being treated equally, but now this is exactly how it feels, what we have to go through every day of our lives is no freedom without stereotypes.

This is a pandemic, it will go away, it’s an issue everyone is facing for now and we stand as one in what will happen when it’s all over.

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