Covid jabs cause 5162 per cent increase in Australian deaths

By Lyndesy Symonds

And while genocidal psychopath , Bill , is over here to take a dump on Australia, he just happens to let it drop that CoVID vaxxes don’t work.

This must be some kind of ‘in joke’ after the Australian Bureau of Stats has crunched the numbers and come up with 5162% increase in excess deaths across all causes of mortality in Australia from 2021 – 2023. They gave this info secretly to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. So now it is public domain.

All the CoVID Commissars get it. Bill, a slime-y little sucker pad on the Vampyre Squid and little Albo who has to run UN CoVID Operation here in the Australian patch. They all get it. And since we all know it is NOT, Absolutely NOT the vaccine that could possibly be causing 5162% cause of excess mortality, Bill just can’t restrain his squidliness: – ‘well the covid vaxxes don’t work anyway’ he assures the Australian families who have loved ones due to the vaxx adversities and the Australians who have lost their homes, their jobs, businesses and health due to the Australian CoVID Regime mandates.

What we are supposed to believe from Bill’s infobyte is that the CoVID Vaxx ‘doesn’t work’ against the ‘SARS nouvelle corona cov-2 virus’ of the Global Pandemic 2020, a virus that was never isolated from any human tissue and shown to be infectious and transmissible. That Virus. That Pandemic.

But the CoVID Vaxx as a bioweapon for depopulation, well it is working just fine. The numbers are now in at a pleasing 5162%. And Bill is on public record as a depopulator for the Vampyre Squid. So he would know.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. STJOHNOFGRAFTON said – “Aw shucks Bill. All is forgiven.”

    No it’s not.

    NOTHING will be forgiven before creepy Bill has been publicly drawn & quartered and burnt at the stake, and every last shred of his ill-gotten gains is confiscated and disbursed to mitigate the damage that he has inflicted on the world.

    And ditto for all his genocidal Globalist buddies in the WEF and Big Pharma and entrenched thoughout the governments of the world. ALL of them.

    We’ll maybe just settle for HANGING the millions of complicit stooges in industry, media, academia, all the hospital death camps and their beauracracies and medical “professionals”, and not forgetting the paedophile-infested judiciaries and the legions of hired Gestapo mercenaries posing as “police” all across the Western world.

    That’s the score after you bankrupted, starved, destroyed, tortured, maimed, sterilised and killed hundreds of millions of innocent people all across Planet Earth.

    And even when it’s all said and done and ALL of those genocidal psychopaths are nothing but compost – we’ll STILL RIGHTLY bear a grudge for as long as we live, because if those PSYCHOPATHIC ARSEHOLES ever get half a chance, they’ll DO IT ALL AGAIN.


  2. Aw shucks Bill. All is forgiven. But now you’ve got to repent otherwise the act of forgiveness will only set ME free.


  3. By the look of that bloated toad on the Big Jew msm yada yada Bill is not eating ze bugs. He definitely does not walk or cycle to work. Bill is at the top of the food chain and the top of the CO2 chain on his private jet/s.

    He is helping to break the food supply chains in the West while Biden informs us that food shortages are due to the sanctions the ZOGs have put on Russia.


  4. Lest We Forget!

    “The most astonishing thing about the great Covid panic was how many attacks the state managed to make on basic freedoms without anyone much even caring, let alone protesting. ”

    … Peter Hitchens


  5. @ Dr, re “pneumo-viruses” – the first thing to spring to mind is the recent promotion of nasal spray ‘cures’ for respiratory conditions (colds, allergies) by local news outlet (Ch7).
    I suspected the nasal spray was a roundabout way of vaxxing children. It’s a wordplay: nasal spray ‘vaccine-tonic-allergy relief-pneumo-virus’ or whatever. The more time passes the less pharma can be trusted.


  6. The bioweapon for the Australian CoVID Regime of the United [Communist] Nations is working just fine.

    It is being deployed in within the legal, judicial, health and military framework of ‘the Kill Box’ . This is a military term which describes a construction that every member nation of the United [Communist] Nations is engaged in putting together under the WHO so that the bioweapon of the CoVID vaxx can be deployed as part of a military operation.

    Contrary to popular imagination, the WHO is not a ‘Health’ Agency but is the military arm of the UN. And it has been tasked with depopulation in accordance with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    The multi-lateral partners like WEF, Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, manufactured billionaire foundations are tasked with sections of the Operation only.

    In Australia, a essential piece of legislation for the construction of the Australian ‘Kill Box” was the Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020. This law amended the Defence Act 1903 (Defence Act) and the Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act 2001 (DRSP Act). Its purpose was to enable Operation CoVID Shield, to enable foreign security forces to be deployed on Australian soil and to task and indemnify them from all criminal and and civil liabilities under Operation CoVID Shield. Its cover-story in Big Jew msm and the government was to facilitate the streamline for calling out members of the ADF Reserves, provide the Minister with certain powers to direct use of the ADF in an emergency, and to provide immunities to certain personnel while they are performing duties to support civil emergency and disaster preparedness, recovery and response.

    The trail of contracts / contacts involved in this world-wide operation began to come into view with the discovery of evidence when the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency filed suit against the FDA for its refusal to provide the PHMPT with its data on Pfizer’s CoVID-19 ‘vaccine biological product file’.

    Sept 16 , 2021.  PHMPT filed suit against the FDA in the US District Court, Northern District Texas.

    Click to access 001-Complaint-101021.pdf

    United States District Court Northern District of Texas
    Case 4:21-cv-01058-P
    Document 1 Filed: Sept 16 2021
    Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, Plaintiff
    Food and Drug Administration, Defendant

    Most of the comment on this case has centred around the release of the secret FDA-Pfizer report on the adversities of the vaxx. And it is shocking what Pfizer absolutely, positively knew when the vaxx was rolled out in the US under Operation Warp Speed.

    But the Texas Court found that the FDA had no case to answer. That is the real eye-opener. Why?

    The FDA successfully defended the case brought against them by the PHMPT.  They received  a ‘no case to answer’ judgement on the basis that they had no contractual obligation to test their vaxx for anything.  Their contract was only to deliver the vaxx.  Nothing more. Pfizer’s contract was with the Department of Defense, not the FDA or CDC or any health agency of the government.

    And I will bet you any money that Pfizer’s contract will be the same here in Australia.

    These health agencies and regulatory agencies are running cover for defence departments which are tasked under the WHO – the military arm of the United [Communist] Nations. And they are making a Kill Box.

    The DOD Global Experiment


  7. This extremely interesting conversation coming from the Thai/Swiss medical/legal camp, provides some new insights into the killer aspect of the vaccine, against which, Thailand is now pursuing legal actions towards Pfizer. The two conversationalists are currently collaborating at a national level of legal proceedings against Pfizer, namely, the Swiss and Thai governments. So their evidence has been cross referenced.

    Ignoring the legal data, and focussing upon what concerns us readers, it would now seem, that the deadliest aspect of the vaccine, are not the contents, – but the ‘lipid-particle packaging’ of the mRNA vaccines. Because of this, it does not matter what vaccine they dispense, as it will be dangerous due to the lipid envelopes which surround the vaccine.

    The interesting parts occur from the following mark [34:20], where they clarify, that the next vaccines will be directed against ‘pneumo-viruses,’ the medical professor then explains [35:40], – that these pneumo-viruses will be released in spring 2023. [Then they can introduce their ‘new vaccine’].

    Even if they say they have modified their vaccines, as long as they are cased in the lipid envelope, people will suffer as before.

    So probably wise to take heed of these two gentlemen, and prepare for the next offensive.


  8. The ‘Virology Journal’, Fauci’s NIH publication published an article in 2005 STATING that chloroquine knocked out corona viruses. They knew it worked and banned it in order to push the Emergency Use Authorisations ILLEGALLY!

    See the following at the 5 minute mark! And then ask yourself why they sent the world down a rabbit hole and who gained from it.

    As for the “source” of the “virus” take your pick.

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  9. exactly i never got Covid in 3 years now! im uninjected as i do not trust Big Pharma .. especially the most Corrupt one Pyfzer! It has never been isolated and they said every one is going to get it.(Fast Contagious spreading). i believe this is an illusion, like Dr David Martin explains.. through the Patents.. also using the PCR test (That they the CDC disbandend in Dec 2021 because of the False Positives it was creating..but the governments just kept the PCR Fraud going on using it ! and that just says you have it even if its something else in your nose etc


  10. i remember when schicopath Gates said with vaccinations we can reduce population by 15 percent!!! he really said this… i mean vaccination should be saving lives not reducing


  11. Pat, true, in 2020the predator class showed their hand and cannot walk it back. To do so would be to invite mass public calls for justice & recompense for injuries & deaths.
    While the vax push is relatively subdued the other attack agendas are rolling along. Weather warfare, GMO-toxinated food, engineered inflation, replacement of 1000s of vax-mandated & sacked workers with an influx of migrants, and the most recent – weaponizing the aboriginal right to claim all of Aust as their property.
    We’re being set up to pay the rent or leave our homes.
    The video describes how this strategy is being rolled out in mainly Commonwealth countries.
    UN PLAN TO STEAL OUR PROPERTY – UNDRIP – UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples—FIRST-LOOK-(SHARE):c
    An oldie but a goodie:


  12. Scroll down to the third film [Dee Zee], which was filmed in a cemetery in a small Australian town. Here the shocked viewers filmed just under a hundred fresh graves.


  13. Folks, we ARE in a WAR, and it’s NOT getting any better.

    Creepy Bill being here in Australia leaving his magic slime trail should be RINGING ALARM BELLS.

    We’ve seen reports in the media just lately, following the “low attendance” at the Globalist love-in at Davos in Switzerland, that the World Economic Forum is “on its last legs”. DON’T FALL FOR IT – this is BULLSHIT designed to lull us into COMPLACENCY, they haven’t stopped and this IS NOT OVER – not by a LONG SHOT.

    Creepy Bill’s high-profile vacation all around Australia JUST NOW should be sufficient warning for Australians that the NEXT ASSAULT by the Globalists is JUST AROUND THE CORNER. This is an INCREMENTAL 5th GENERATION WAR, with the Globalists’ desired end-point being 90% of us DEAD and the rest living in utter SLAVERY and eating cockroaches and maggots.

    Clench your butt-cheeks and GET PREPARED. Bad things are coming in 2023 – our fake “Prime Minister” AnAL has just finished planning IN SECRET with creepy Bill exactly what they’ve got in store for us in the coming months and years, and NONE of it is for our benefit.

    If you want your children and grandchildren to have a future – or even to EXIST beyond the next few years – then you’re going to have to stand up and grow some BALLS this time around.


  14. isaac731 said – “I remember quoting something like that to someone from another article and I looked stupid when the reply was, “so what are the numbers?”…”

    Well, that’s hardly surprising when people go around quoting hearsay at each other instead of actually checking the details for themselves when the source material has already been handed to them on a silver platter.

    Not making the effort to DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE is just a little bit like expecting someone else to go to the gym for you. I know, that just sounds so crazy, and YET…


  15. Well Isaac it’s a bit like this, from 2015-2019 average deaths from dementia in this country (according to the ABS) have been increasing and approximately 10,000 ( far more than COVID and was leading cause of death in women, (ABS and Dementia Australia statistics). Regardless, 20% of 10,000 is 2,000. so now it 12,000. My figures are not 100% accurate just because I couldn’t be bothered with comprehensive referencing. But really if you look it basic math.


  16. I know I can look up a link, but ya know, It would be really simple to say “5162%,From 432 to 22,730”. I don’t think the writer is a liar so I shouldn’t need to look it up. I remember quoting something like that to someone from another article and I looked stupid when the reply was, “so what are the numbers?”


  17. And Isaac excess deaths that they are referring to are based on their expectations from previous periods, here they are comparing to (according to the ABS) figures from 2015-2019, baseline average of deaths. (2020-2021 are excluded from memory). In other words historical averages over time. It is sitting at around 20% increase for those two groups I mentioned previously as at Sept 2022, with 3 months full data on deaths for 2022 still to be updated on their website. In addition, in NSW they also have changed their method of reporting on their weekly surveillance reports on COVID. From Jan 1 2023, they are no longer reporting hospitalisations and deaths according to vaccination status. Why, because it was revealing too much about those vaccinated. End of Story. You can also find that at NSW health (pretty simple). I not providing link because it won’t post.

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  18. lindesymonds said – “But the CoVID Vaxx as a bioweapon for depopulation, well it is working just fine.”

    You know that, I know that, for crying out loud, EVERYONE knows that now…

    Yes, folks, the fake Corona Chan “vaccines” are GENOCIDAL BIOWEAPONS funded, developed and contracted out by the US DoD to Big Pharma in COLLUSION with the so-called regulatory agencies and the governments of Western nations ALL OVER THE PLANET.


    And YET, as lindesymonds also said – “the Australian CoVID Regime is still pushing the vaxx…”

    Indeed, they’re doing this at EVERY LEVEL of Australian governance, in EVERY Australian state and territory and throughout the Canberra swamp, and in EVERY major corporate boardroom, EVERY media bigwig and paid prostitute, EVERY hospital and medical edifice, EVERY center of learning and higher education, and throughout the terminally corrupt paedophile-infested legal system, and in EVERY brain-dead private hired Gestapo army of shit-for-brains bash-artist thugs pretending to be “police” (anyone noticed the RECRUITING CRISIS in the hired Australian Gestapo mercenary armies lately? In every single Australian state, seems less and less school leavers want to join the Gestapo).

    They just won’t LET IT GO – because they CAN’T let it go.

    They are DETERMINED to KILL ALL OF US, and that’s what they’ve set about to do, and THEY’RE NOT STOPPING. The cat’s already OUT OF THE BAG, but they don’t care – they CAN’T back down now, because if they do, they KNOW that they’ll all HANG.

    So they just keep right on IGNORING the “useless eaters” and keep right on DOUBLING DOWN. Do you suppose a farmer gives a rat’s arse if the sheep seem to suspect something’s not quite right as he herds them into the truck on the way to the abbatoir? Of course not – he just makes sure they keep moving and GET ON THAT DAMN TRUCK – especially if he knows that if the sheep don’t turn up at the abbatoir, then the abbatoir proprietors are COMING FOR HIM.

    The continued EXISTENCE of a genocidal baby-eating Luciferian like that piece of demon sputum creepy Bill, let alone his uber-VIP reception on his recent “Take Back Australia” tour, CONFIRMS all of this.

    We’re at WAR, folks, whether we like it or not. The future of our kids and grandkids, and all THEIR future progeny, is on the line RIGHT NOW.

    Look on the bright side – in the END, these bastards are going down, and we’re going to WIN.


  19. Isaac
    I suggest you go straight to The Australian Bureau of Statistics website (ABS), search excess deaths in Australia and you may somewhat find a rather large anomaly. I am not giving you the direction to 5162% increase in deaths as reported here in this article, but you can see for yourself from that website excess deaths are up, particularly in those who were considered immunocompromised, for eg. dementia and diabetes. I have been studying Dementia and have not heard a whisper from my university re: the excess deaths for those people living with dementia (4th jabbed and potentially even a 5th jab). Of course they mandated triple vaccination for the whole University, (excluding online students), but I have now quit. Uphold a person with dementia’s autonomy is what I’ve been told, they have the right to consent. The total hypocrisy.


  20. You forgot to mention he also said Ukraine was corrupt and owned by a few elite. Priceless! See here abbreviated version:

    His body language is also atrocious. I am no expert but seriously does he ever stop shifting, moving, using his hands? He appears extremely uncomfortable.
    Not that I really care because he is a virus and and absolute blight on humanity. If you watch the full hour or so video no-one really questions him, is a complete farce. Compliments of the LOWY Institute, you can go direct to their webpage and watch what our supposed highly regarded academics discuss with this individual. Additionally, you need to see where he bought in Pfizer (bioNtech) (Sept,2019 ?) and then sold out his Pfizer shares (Nov, 2021?), I think for about $300 per share. Not questioned on that either.


  21. And after the ABS numbers crunch, the Australian CoVID Regime is still pushing the vaxx – namely the 5th booster. Big Jew msm is still pushing the vaxx. How many employers are in lockstep with this relentless attack on us?

    Imperial Walkers


  22. Isaac: “Numbers please Lyndesy Symonds. 5162% means nothing. I want to know what is the (x/y) X 100. What is an “Excess death? These things are NEVER defined. I don’t want to wade through some other long winded article to try to work what is being hinted at.”

    Too busy, eh? Lyndesy has pointed you in the relevant direction. You need someone to hold your hand and walk you through it?


  23. Project veritas. There is a version of the whole recording on rumble etc.


  24. Did you open the link and look at all the numbers? They are there for all to see. Editor


  25. Numbers please Lyndesy Symonds. 5162% means nothing. I want to know what is the (x/y) X 100. What is an “Excess death? These things are NEVER defined. I don’t want to wade through some other long winded article to try to work what is being hinted at.


  26. Bill is doing a great job of mass depopulation and his ignorant followers are helping with the task.


    Don Menkens. ————————


  27. Protocol: Wrap up any piece of micro-shite, including engineered proteins & ‘viral’ debris from sick animals etc in lipid nano-capsules, add some graphene oxide & hydrogel for bad measure, inject it into unwitting subjects, remembering to call it mRNA technology to confuse the audience, and viola, ‘viruses’ – death and injury. How do the criminals expect to get away with this? When it folds it’s going to happen quick.

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