The west has redeployed dozens of Al-Qaeda militants from Idlib to fight alongside Ukranians

By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI

Wagner forces, in cooperation with units from the DNR and assisted by Russian aviation and artillery, successfully breached the multi-layered Ukrainian defensive lines at Soledar. Ukraine has suffered a humiliating defeat in Soledar (gift of salt the RF estimating that the Ukrainians lost 14 battalions on its defense. The average strength of a battalion is roughly 500 men, that’s 7,000 men not forgetting the reinforcements of 12000-15000. According to some reports, Ukraine suffered more than 25,000 casualties associated with the assault, similar to Kherson.

The Ukrainian government was generous when deploying soldiers to Soledar as the town was very important to Kiev both as a supply point and as a point from which the offensive of the AFU could be developed in multiple directions. The Kiev authorities continue to downplaying the importance of Soledar. Ukrainian propaganda is in full swing re the “unimportance of Soledar,” until recently it was described as an impenetrable fortress. Soledar is the largest salt production facility in Europe, and houses the largest small arms depot in Ukraine, in the village of Paraskoveyevka, adjacent to Soledar (as of 2014, there were over 2.1 million pieces of small arms stored there).

Wagner troops

Wagner troops have cleared out remnant Ukrainian army units. The towns extensive subsurface salt mine tunnel network is also being cleared. This marks Russia’s first major victory since its withdrawal from Balakleya, Krasny Liman and Kherson. It is a bitter pill for the Ukrainian Army. Ukraine’s Aleksei Arestovich, bragged that the RF would not take a single Ukrainian town beyond Lisichansk, including Artyomovsk (Baxmut) and Soledar. This victory will, likely collapse a 70 klm-long section of Kiev’s entrenched defences. The fall of Soledar and shortly Krasnaya Gora (Red Hill) will allow the RF to easily target some of the Ukrainian supply lines to Baxmut leaving access from Konstantinovka and Chasovy Yar. The battles in Artyomovsk (Baxmut) and Soledar are intertwined.

Yurchina Mountain, in the northern outskirts of the city, has been taken. This makes it difficult for remnant militants to withdraw from the city. The main roads out of Soledar are now under the fire control of RF troops. With the encirclement of Soledar the militants were given a chance to surrender but to their detriment many chose not to. It is estimated that the residual 500 Ukrainian troops died in the final stages of the fighting. Some soldiers chose to surrender while others preferred to jump off a 5-story building. Soledar was known as the largest source of mineral salt in Central and Eastern Europe, covering around 80% of Ukraine’s needs and 40% of the FSU requirements. This network of tunnels resembles underground cities and have been used as weapons storage since World War I.

We estimate our losses are one for 10 Ukranians.

These tunnels could also be used for human trafficking that allegedly is rife in Ukraine. Ed

The Wagner forces are known to use former Russian convicts in their operations. Such men are offered a 6-month contract. Upon completion of the contract assuming they are still alive they receive pardons and their criminal records are expunged. Many of these men choose to fight without bullet proof vests as they are heavy and cumbersome restricting free and easy movement this gives them a distinct advantage. Incarcerated Chechens are also being recruited into the Wagner group and this phenomenon is gaining momentum, they are offered the same deal as the Russians.

Ukrainian security forces, located on the border with Belarus are committing provocations against Belarusian border guards. The Ukrainian side of the border with Belarus is guarded not by border guards, but by unknown paramilitary groups without insignia. Shots are periodically fired. The Ukrainians there have dug an anti-tank ditch up to 3 meters deep and 3-4 meters wide.

Bakhmut (renamed from Artyomovsk) is the central point of the Eastern Front and a major logistics operations centre. It is a large, well-fortified area with natural water barriers. Here the Ukrainian army is well-prepared and offers strong resistance considering the Ukrainians and their NATO masters have been preparing it since 2014.

Bakhmut is unique historically and geographically re its natural defensive capabilities, which include, the city’s division by water barriers. Secondly, Bakhmut’s surroundings are a complex of settlements that create a single defensive system. The third is its unique landscape, ravines, and heights, which function as natural tunnels. A network of subsurface mine tunnels some of which connect Soledar and Bakhmut in all they span approximately 186 miles (300 klm) underground to a depth of 300m. At a depth of 80-100 meters there are numerous people as well as tanks and BMPs. The RF objective is not Bakhmut itself, but the destruction of the Ukrainian army and the reduction of its combat potential, which is why this operation has been dubbed the Bakhmut meat grinder.P/2

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Does suicidal, masochistic Europe really need to keep pushing the Ukraine Show so it can get demolished yet again? Who benefits?

    “Kyiv Shows Signs of Desperation. “The Ukrainian Demilitarized Negotiations Start at Dead End”. Sends U.S. an SOS with huge military losses expected in Russian winter offensive

    “Moscow sources comment. “The Russians will not tolerate half-measures. Not like the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, not like Yeltsin in Serbia. Not like Nord Stream or the Crimean Bridge. Not now. Read Putin’s lips.”

    “This is a reference to Putin’s speech to the enlarged Defence Ministry and military staffs on December 21. “We will not repeat the mistakes of the past, when we harmed our economy to boost our defence capabilities, regardless of whether it was warranted or not. We are not going to militarise our country or militarise the economy, primarily because we have no need to do it at the current level of development and with the structure of the economy that we have. Again—we do not intend to, and we will not do things we do not really need, to the detriment of our people and the economy, the social sphere. We will improve the Russian Armed Forces and the entire military component. We will do it calmly, routinely and consistently, without haste. We will attain our objectives to strengthen our defence capability in general as well as meeting the goals of the special military operation.”

    “The big part of the NATO equation,” comments the North American veteran, “ought to be the Russian message—‘keep on coming. You will all be destroyed.”


  2. lindesymonds said – “When [ Vlad ] gets on his warbear…”

    I’d like to know why we don’t have Vlad + Warbear action figures available for the kiddies.

    Hell, I’d buy one.


  3. We’ve always known that Al-Qaeda and ISIS where CIA operatives.

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  4. Wagner’s taking of Soledar and its surrounding towns is even more impressive, considering the Wagnerians were severely outnumbered by extra reinforced Ukrainian Divisions.

    It is also worth remembering that Syria [supported by Russia] was the first Globalist ‘Colour Revolution’ to fail in its objective.

    If, or shall we say, when, the Ukrainian threat has been negated, this would be the second Globalist military revolution/operation to fail.

    Two successive losses in a row, imply that the Globalists are now losing their impetus.

    Looking at the hardware statistics, the West has also weakened its own armed forces, due to stripping them down to supply the Ukrainians. All are very good signs.

    Here’s the latest Bakhmut maps, which helps clarify the article’s combat narrative. When compared with two weeks ago, we can see the progress.

    Those following the assault, can see that the Wagner troops have now taken the eastern industrial sector, including a breach of the northern defence system. When the next central industrial section is breached, this will open up Bakhmut to large scale troop penetration.

    When Krasna Hora falls, Bakhmut is cornered.


  5. When he gets on his warbear, Vlad has pointed out many times that AL CIAda and the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service are creations of the ZOGs (not in those words of course).

    Reminiscent of the day with the Soviet Israel Axis created plenty of Gook ‘liberation’ forces for the armed aggression of the Communist Revolution. The entire alphabet soup posing as ‘nationalists’ in fact comes to mind.

    WHO director Tedros was formerly a Gook terrorist of the EPRDF for example.

    The Soviet Union, Communist China are not the only ones who can train, equip and deploy Gooks.


  6. Truthteller: “The east of Ukraine that Russia wants to annex has always been a part of Ukraine”

    lmao You’re a better comedian than Zelensky himself. Way beyond the Pale! lol


  7. The east of Ukraine that Russia wants to annex has always been a part of Ukraine. If the Russian Ukrainians don’t like it being under Zelensky they can always move to Russia.


  8. Pat from Vic: “we now have Australian military fighting SIDE-BY-SIDE with full-fledged Luciferian Ukrainians Nazis and Al Quaeda head-chopping psychos”

    Yes, it’s a sneak preview. lol Someone has to help Zelensky establish his “Big Israel of Europe” dream, don’t they?

    But first they need to clean out the 15 million native Russian Ukrainians and then clear out the neo-Nazi Banderites who they will suddenly “discover” are… lo and behold… anti-semitic. They too will need to be eliminated too so that Big Israel will be a safe haven for the only democracy in Europe!

    Breaking up Russia in the process and starting WW3 will also help eliminate plenty of Europe’s “useless eaters” while Europe and Russia’s much coveted wealth and resources are placed FULLY in the hands of the new global masters.

    Of course we don’t need mention the singing of the cash registers to the background sound of funeral bells world wide even if the project fails. lol

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  9. Editor, cairnsnews said – “Keep reading Pat.Ed”

    Whoops – my mistake.

    Meanwhile, it occurs that not only has the fake Australian “government” sent BILLIONS in military aid to Ukraine on the other side of the planet, it has now sent 6 dozen Australian soldiers to Ukraine as “advisors”.

    So let’s spell this out – we now have Australian military fighting SIDE-BY-SIDE with full-fledged Luciferian Ukrainians Nazis and Al Quaeda head-chopping psychos, AGAINST the God-fearing Christian Russian army who have RIGHTLY stepped in to save ethnic Russians from deliberate genocide at the hands of Nazi Ukraine.


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  10. Neville Thompson: “Could it be that old Joe Biden gave Afghanistan all that US military gear for Al-Qaida’s help in Ukraine ?”

    Could be, but it could also be that Joe and Son bought themselves an Afghan Poppy Seed Strudel franchise.

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  11. Not to pick nits, but the article’s headline appears unrelated to its content.

    Has this piece been abridged / truncated, or has the title been poetically licensed?


  12. Neville Thompson

    Could it be that old Joe Biden gave Afghanistan all that US military gear for Al-Qaida’s help in Ukraine ?
    I suggest the Russian’s check out any signs of radiation in those tunnels

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