The west has redeployed dozens of Al-Qaeda militants from Idlib to fight alongside Ukranians

Al-Qaeda fighting alongside Ukranians

In the Bakhmut region the Ukros are applying undefined chemical weapons and Wagner soldiers have received chemical burns to their respiratory tract and mucous membranes many have been hospitalised. Al Qaeda terrorists are now fighting alongside the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The west has redeployed dozens of al-Qaeda militants from the Syrian province of Idlib. The radical Islamists are now fighting on the side of NATO “crusaders”. The US and its puppets are openly recruiting or perhaps redeploying terrorists to fight against Russia.

Zelensky has terminated the citizenship of 13 priests of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church in his December 2022 decree. He also has announced that the Ukrainian passports of Viktor Medvedchuk, the leader of the banned Opposition Platform – For Life party, and several other current and former opposition MPs have been revoked. Medvedchuk, Andrey Derkach, Taras Kozak and Renat Kuzmin have been stripped of their Ukrainian citizenship based on the materials prepared by the country’s Security Service (SBU) and migration authorities, all in line with Zelenskys constitution.
The RF estimates that to date approximately 9000 NATO personnel have met their end in this conflict. The RF is now seeing snipers amongst Ukrainian women should there be unexplained bruising in the shoulder area then the women are considered to be snipers and are dealt with accordingly.   16 different dialogues are known amongst the radio intercepts it would appear that every man I and his dog is involved in the Ukrainian conflict. NATO officers are generally manning and controlling the targeting by heavy artillery such as  the Himars.

Hummers sprouting weeds

The much talked about Bradley armoured cars are already in play and have been there for some time. One has been destroyed recently it blew up into many pieces, they are less than adequate. The Americans delivered hummers to the Ukraine from Florida, they still had weeds sprouting from them, so much for US assistance. More than 21,000 Chechen fighters have taken part in the special military operation since its inception, and more than 9,000 servicemen are currently on the front lines. This was announced by Ramzan Kadyrov.

The Ukros have passed a law that if someone looks like they will die then the state can help themselves to their organs. The other interesting law that the Zelensky regime enacted is the production of babies in a laboratory setting, in line with NWO ideology. Many ask why has Zelensky not been taken down but no one seems to have an answer, I suspect that there is some kind of agreement between the major players. Taking out Zelensky would not be difficult for instance all one would need to do is spike his cocaine with a little arsenic.

US Marines trapped in tunnels

15.01.23 In the Soledar many are trapped in one tunnel and the RF estimates 300,  the other 400 militants. Our guys have mined the exit points and welded shut any man holes, we use modified geophones as listening devices to determine the location of militants.

Based on radio intercepts there are numerous foreign mercenaries trapped below ground. The RF believes up to 30 US marines are trapped in one section of the mines and 40-50 trapped in another section. Within these groups are men believed to be foreign officers / instructors most likely NATO. Much of the dead infantry comprises Poles.  Here the trapped men  at Azovstal comprise US, UK, Canadian and French. They did not expect the Wagner’s to break thru their defenses so quickly. In the case of Azovstal many of the foreigner mercs were shot and the bodies burnt by the Ukros, probably to hide the evidence, one can only wonder what will happen in this instance.

Many of the militants particularly those trained in the west (UK, Poland) believe they are invincible. These fools are drugged up and will advance against the RF even when they have no chance of survival.

Satellite communication almost gone

Baxmut is largely encircled all the high ground now belongs to the RF there remains a corridor of 4 to 5 klms wide which the Ukros and their puppet masters are using to escape but at the same time they continue to take heavy causalities.  The Ukrainians are now talking about abandoning Baxmut, seems their impenetrable fortress is about to fall. RF hackers managed to steal some intel from the west indicating that the RF/China union was able to take out much of the satellite base over the Ukraine.

Essentially the UK/US has been blinded. The RF has not yet used its S-500 rockets. Often our guys will encounter the enemy’s infantry in the field. After such battles we find many 17-year-olds dead, this is a sad event but there is nothing that we can do about it particularly when they are carrying arms.

The RF has recently undertaken to reform its military structure. The new structure is reminiscent of the soviet structure and I would expect that the RF is will move forward on all fronts. The RF continued gathering its forces in the background, most of those with military experience have been called upon. “Vanga” appears to have been right in her predication that Russia will move forward as a single front. The temperature in Ukraine has dropped to -16C, NATO equipment is freezing, they are struggling to start it, the UAVs are dropping from the skies. NATO vehicles are building up mud in their underbellies, it freezes into a solid mass that is difficult to remove, their equipment is rendered useless. The warm weather lizards are struggling to cope, amputations amongst the Ukro militants is now common place.

RF military specialist are being recruited for placement into liberated towns and cities to combat partisans. We expect many of them will be 13 – 14 year old’s whom will be tasked with creating problems for the RF sadly many of them will not survive. Thousands upon thousands of landmines have been dropped/placed in the Ukraine, its anticipated that it will take decades to locate and destroy these mines. Much of the land will be rendered useless until then.

Electricity supply down to 15 per cent

On the 12.1.23 the energy networks in the big cities were hit hard, Ukraine’s power levels are now at 15% across all of Ukraine. Any hot spots identified are quickly taken down. The wealthiest regions of Kiev now receive 2 hours of electricity a day, just enough to charge the phones and notebooks. US supplied electrical aid is incompatible with the Ukrainian electrical system the polarisation does not align.

Last week the RF destroyed their first leopard tank, the tanks turret was blown off, a German Marder (infantry fighting vehicle (БТР)) was also destroyed. The Ukrainian’s are now using diesel powered trains. Roughly 3 weeks ago the RF took out 42 БТР’s that were being moved by train. Oddly enough the forward train cars and rear cars carry passengers and all of the wests’ toys are located in the central section of the train.

Millions of Ukrainians have fled to Russia for safety. These people will be given Russian passports and after this is over, they will have a choice as to return to Ukraine or stay in Russia. The ones that fled to Europe will find it problematic, there choices will be limited. The EU has told Zelensky they have no money to assist in rebuilding Ukraine.

Poland a NATO puppet has now accumulated 250,000 soldiers, 50,000 of which are regular soldiers the rest are reservists mixed in with US soldiers. The RF anticipates that this force will mobilise against the RF within the next 2 months. Even though foreign observers are acknowledging that the RF holds all the cards. Fighting under winter conditions is something non-Russians will struggle with, to put it mildly.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Does suicidal, masochistic Europe really need to keep pushing the Ukraine Show so it can get demolished yet again? Who benefits?

    “Kyiv Shows Signs of Desperation. “The Ukrainian Demilitarized Negotiations Start at Dead End”. Sends U.S. an SOS with huge military losses expected in Russian winter offensive

    “Moscow sources comment. “The Russians will not tolerate half-measures. Not like the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, not like Yeltsin in Serbia. Not like Nord Stream or the Crimean Bridge. Not now. Read Putin’s lips.”

    “This is a reference to Putin’s speech to the enlarged Defence Ministry and military staffs on December 21. “We will not repeat the mistakes of the past, when we harmed our economy to boost our defence capabilities, regardless of whether it was warranted or not. We are not going to militarise our country or militarise the economy, primarily because we have no need to do it at the current level of development and with the structure of the economy that we have. Again—we do not intend to, and we will not do things we do not really need, to the detriment of our people and the economy, the social sphere. We will improve the Russian Armed Forces and the entire military component. We will do it calmly, routinely and consistently, without haste. We will attain our objectives to strengthen our defence capability in general as well as meeting the goals of the special military operation.”

    “The big part of the NATO equation,” comments the North American veteran, “ought to be the Russian message—‘keep on coming. You will all be destroyed.”


  2. lindesymonds said – “When [ Vlad ] gets on his warbear…”

    I’d like to know why we don’t have Vlad + Warbear action figures available for the kiddies.

    Hell, I’d buy one.


  3. We’ve always known that Al-Qaeda and ISIS where CIA operatives.

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  4. Wagner’s taking of Soledar and its surrounding towns is even more impressive, considering the Wagnerians were severely outnumbered by extra reinforced Ukrainian Divisions.

    It is also worth remembering that Syria [supported by Russia] was the first Globalist ‘Colour Revolution’ to fail in its objective.

    If, or shall we say, when, the Ukrainian threat has been negated, this would be the second Globalist military revolution/operation to fail.

    Two successive losses in a row, imply that the Globalists are now losing their impetus.

    Looking at the hardware statistics, the West has also weakened its own armed forces, due to stripping them down to supply the Ukrainians. All are very good signs.

    Here’s the latest Bakhmut maps, which helps clarify the article’s combat narrative. When compared with two weeks ago, we can see the progress.

    Those following the assault, can see that the Wagner troops have now taken the eastern industrial sector, including a breach of the northern defence system. When the next central industrial section is breached, this will open up Bakhmut to large scale troop penetration.

    When Krasna Hora falls, Bakhmut is cornered.


  5. When he gets on his warbear, Vlad has pointed out many times that AL CIAda and the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service are creations of the ZOGs (not in those words of course).

    Reminiscent of the day with the Soviet Israel Axis created plenty of Gook ‘liberation’ forces for the armed aggression of the Communist Revolution. The entire alphabet soup posing as ‘nationalists’ in fact comes to mind.

    WHO director Tedros was formerly a Gook terrorist of the EPRDF for example.

    The Soviet Union, Communist China are not the only ones who can train, equip and deploy Gooks.


  6. Truthteller: “The east of Ukraine that Russia wants to annex has always been a part of Ukraine”

    lmao You’re a better comedian than Zelensky himself. Way beyond the Pale! lol


  7. The east of Ukraine that Russia wants to annex has always been a part of Ukraine. If the Russian Ukrainians don’t like it being under Zelensky they can always move to Russia.


  8. Pat from Vic: “we now have Australian military fighting SIDE-BY-SIDE with full-fledged Luciferian Ukrainians Nazis and Al Quaeda head-chopping psychos”

    Yes, it’s a sneak preview. lol Someone has to help Zelensky establish his “Big Israel of Europe” dream, don’t they?

    But first they need to clean out the 15 million native Russian Ukrainians and then clear out the neo-Nazi Banderites who they will suddenly “discover” are… lo and behold… anti-semitic. They too will need to be eliminated too so that Big Israel will be a safe haven for the only democracy in Europe!

    Breaking up Russia in the process and starting WW3 will also help eliminate plenty of Europe’s “useless eaters” while Europe and Russia’s much coveted wealth and resources are placed FULLY in the hands of the new global masters.

    Of course we don’t need mention the singing of the cash registers to the background sound of funeral bells world wide even if the project fails. lol

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  9. Editor, cairnsnews said – “Keep reading Pat.Ed”

    Whoops – my mistake.

    Meanwhile, it occurs that not only has the fake Australian “government” sent BILLIONS in military aid to Ukraine on the other side of the planet, it has now sent 6 dozen Australian soldiers to Ukraine as “advisors”.

    So let’s spell this out – we now have Australian military fighting SIDE-BY-SIDE with full-fledged Luciferian Ukrainians Nazis and Al Quaeda head-chopping psychos, AGAINST the God-fearing Christian Russian army who have RIGHTLY stepped in to save ethnic Russians from deliberate genocide at the hands of Nazi Ukraine.


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  10. Neville Thompson: “Could it be that old Joe Biden gave Afghanistan all that US military gear for Al-Qaida’s help in Ukraine ?”

    Could be, but it could also be that Joe and Son bought themselves an Afghan Poppy Seed Strudel franchise.

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  11. Not to pick nits, but the article’s headline appears unrelated to its content.

    Has this piece been abridged / truncated, or has the title been poetically licensed?


  12. Neville Thompson

    Could it be that old Joe Biden gave Afghanistan all that US military gear for Al-Qaida’s help in Ukraine ?
    I suggest the Russian’s check out any signs of radiation in those tunnels

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