Sheep with guns

Letter to the Editor

Yes, folks, creepy Bill wants to kill us all. And yes, folks, that’s exactly what he’s doing – with exceedingly sophisticated bioweapons marketed to the world as “vaccines” for the fake Corona Chan “pandemic”. Creepy Bill is a major funder and marketing front for this global extermination program.

Of course, it’s not JUST creepy Bill behind this orchestrated genocide (in truth, one might suggest it’s hardly creepy Bill at all, seeing as how he’s really not very bright – he’s a socially dysfunctional misfit whose true genius is his psychopathic and utterly pathologic talent for conning mountains of money out of the rest of humanity with not the slightest trace of conscience or remorse, no matter the consequences for billions of men, women and children all over the planet).

So creepy Bill didn’t actually “invent” the bioweapons now being forced onto the world. It turns out that the American DoD had a lot to do with it – in cahoots with a Luciferian cabal of genocidal psychopaths who intend to rule the world by first killing most of us and then enlisting the rest as livestock to be exploited for their pleasure.

Being Satanists, the Globalist psychopaths intend to torture, kill and eat a lot of people as part of their ritual Satanic lifestyles. Like it or not, most people are ALREADY being fed human meat and abortion byproducts in our manufactured food supply.

All in all, the challenges faced by humanity are not trivial – we are faced with formidable enemies controlling stupendous resources who never back down, they only ever double down.

Lots of people are now determined never to let anyone inject them or their children again – so that’s why the psychopaths are now moving to inject this genocidal shit into our FOOD SUPPLY, so NO-ONE can escape.

They’re planning to do this in Australia –

And they’re planning to do this in the USA –

Where AREN’T they planning this homicidal insanity?

BTW, they’re also working to impoverish us, assault and abuse us, track and trace and control every minute aspect of our daily lives, eliminate any and all freedoms, destroy our economies, destroy our food supplies, feed us bugs and maggots, starve us, irradiate us, indoctrinate our children with LGBTQIP+ ideology and mutilate and rape and traffic and harvest and butcher and kill and eat them and drag us into pointless and futile wars that serve no purpose apart from killing as many of us as possible.

Ironically – just like any herd of sheep – we outnumber our “farmers” by a huge margin.

But here’s the thing – humans are a herding animal, to be sure – but unlike sheep, we also have the capacity to organise and behave as a predatory pack and hunt down and destroy adversaries. If we prefer not to suffer the fate of sheep(and cattle), then that’s where we better be heading.

from Pat, Victoria

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Leonard R. Schmidt

    Thanks for not parsing your words, Pat.


  2. To David,

    5G (5th generation warfare) for the ‘internet of things’ IoT at 60GHz will interfere with the oxygen molecule.
    Nothing worse than not being able to breathe.

    For now, at levels such as 24GHz presently rolled out particularly in the Australian Smart Cities, the not so smart people will feel fatigued, unwell, have aches and pains, and differing blood dycrasias like a blood nose but that will given a diagnosis of ‘long covid’.
    Yes it will be long, very long, for a long time, for as long as not so smart people stay souped up in an electromagnetic smog that is interfering with every cell in their body.

    Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

    6G for the ‘internet of bodies’ is claimed it will interfere with our iodine, needed by every organ of the body. If you are low in iodine you may be more at risk of breast cancers, prostate cancers, and so on.
    Source: ‘The Iodine Crisis. What you don’t know about iodine can wreck your life’ by Lynne Farrow.

    By the time people start really looking at the environmental hazard that is non-ionising ‘unregulated’ EMF it will likely be too late.
    (The Regulating Authority in this Country will only look at ‘heating’ as they have been directed to do so)
    There is so much more than just ‘heating’ going on.
    Cells are dying.

    The sad thing is, we could actually have a clean, green, environmentally safe environment not only for ourselves, but for all of nature if only we could rid the world of the parasites who lie and steal it off us for their own monetary gain.

    We could do it so much better.
    While we may want to use it, the delivery of it is out of control.


  3. chockylover said – “First of all, I feel sorry for you that Dan Andrews got voted back in.”

    Thanks for the thought – truth is, that slimy piece of Satan-loving genocidal filth got back in much the same way as most all Western politicians lately. Voting means little if anything any more, being as utterly corrupted and rigged as it is. When the hangings finally start, Dictator Dan will be right at the front of the queue (if the righteous population hasn’t torn him to shreds before then).

    chockylover also said – “I do use Natural News a lot… Maria Zeee… Aussie Cossack…”

    Every day I look first to see what Martin Armstrong ( ) has to say about the world, then Mike Adams on Natural News ( ). IMO Mr. Armstrong is straight down the line, doesn’t beat about the bushes and speaks with a level of clarity hard to find elsewhere, while Mike Adams is something of a comedian but gives a useful street-level view of developments mostly in the USA (although he seems to have a bee in his bonnet about China’s alleged plans to attack the USA and take over the world – projection?).

    IMO Maria Zee is an absolute treasure – a gift from God to an undeserving Australia. As for Aussie Cossack, he’s one of a cadre of rising champions rallying the cause against the Luciferian psychopaths with their totalitarian agendas who’ve hijacked much of the world and especially here in Australia, aka Satan Central. There are a lot of other inspirational battlers, people like Riccardo Bosi and Commo John Wilson immediately coming to mind here in Oz, but HORDES of others like Mel K and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Dr. Peter McCullough and General Michael Flynn and Christine Anderson and on and on, doing whatever they can in their neck of the woods.

    So many different characters from so many different backgrounds, with one gradually coalescing common purpose – to take our world back from these genocidal Satan-worshipping psychopathic monsters.


  4. AP said – “Sheep and cattle are ALREADY suffering humans’ sick, non-conscience behaviour by slaughtering them without ANY regard, on ANY level…”

    TBH I’m in agreement with you here, especially in the context of “industrial farming” which is bad for the animals AND for the humans who consume the poisonous output.

    There are some livestock industries which as a matter of principle shouldn’t cause the animals unnecessary distress and pain – dairy and wool, for example – but we can rely on greed to drive consideration for the animals out of the picture there, too.

    From another angle, humans aren’t generally obligate carnivores and don’t necessarily require foods sourced from animals to survive in good or even optimal health. Not that certain animal byproducts aren’t a powerful source of certain nutrients – they are (or can be, depending on how they’re sourced).

    FWIW, the Hunza people from the mountainous regions of northern Pakistan, who were thoroughly documented by the resident British garrison to be spectacularly healthy and disease free typically well into their 120’s or 130’s, only consumed lamb or goat occasionally, as a condiment rather than as a staple.

    From an idealogical perspective, here’s some historical observations…

    1. Mankind was forbidden to eat meat before the Flood (when the entire Earth was literally one huge tropical rainforest). After the Flood, given the new scarcity of the planet, God made it known to Noah that thenceforth, Mankind was permitted to supplement his diet with meat (one wonders how many of the Ark’s occupants subsequently went extinct because of this – the Unicorns for one).

    2. Jesus (yes, THAT Jesus) partook of the Mediterranean diet, which included fish and occasionally lamb. Notably, none of that involved factory farming or other intensive practices. Anne Catherine Emerich noted that when Jesus presided over the Passover with his disciples, he visibly winced when he cut the Paschal lamb’s throat as though he felt it himself (which, given who He was, I expect He probably did). Would that all people had such empathy for their livestock.

    3. The American natives would give thanks to their game after hunting, in appreciation for the life sacrificed to sustain their own.

    There are surely better ways to do things than what’s been happening over the last couple of centuries – but FWIW I seriously doubt crickets and maggots are any answer from any angle at all, and most especially given what’s planned by the Globalists to accompany that.


  5. Replying to David you’re definitely right when it comes to the G family. 5G was turn on in Wuhan and the people in China was falling like flys that’s because they all got Radiation Sickness the next country was Spain followed by Italy remember how bad it was,and Portugal followed and then the UK cities. With Radiation Sickness the body try’s to get rid of the toxins making it a spreading virus they couldn’t turn back so gave us another virus called Covid 19 and made up all the cock and bull stories.If we think back when all the Cruise Ships were bragging that they could get 5G anywhere in the world and nearly every ship had Covid 19 but really Radiation Sickness. There was a French Aircraft Carrier on 3 months of monuevers with no docking any ports, over a thousand personnel supposedly had Covid Nah Radiation Sickness virus. This 5G didn’t get into a lot of the poorest countries in Africa because they didn’t have many Cities with the 5G same in places like Utter Pradash in India nearly 240 million people yet only around 30,000 deaths while in Australia it’s around 16/17 thousand deaths out of under 26 million but 5G everywhere towers on every road nearly. Ready to Control all of us with anything they want Digitally ID Digital Currency the whole lot.

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  6. Beverley Hillbilly

    Correctamundo Pat. A handful of parasites want a remnant slave class. Mass murder and sophisticated mayhem is their MO. Sadly for them they rely heavily on algorithms, that’s their strength while people exhibit a herd mentality; and that’s also their weakness should enough people do their own thing. The parasites want obedience. I don’t really care what they want.


  7. I have always loved the Texas accent with this song. I want a G22 with my Happy Meal.


  8. Brilliant


  9. Hello, Pat from Victoria. First of all, I feel sorry for you that Dan Andrews got voted back in. I do use Natural News a lot for their videos. Maria Zeee is a very excellent Australian correspondent to watch. She talks about how we will get 15 minute cities, scary stuff. Enjoyed your comment very much, so much to chew on. Have you heard of a YouTube channel called Aussie Cossack? He has his finger on the pulse.

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  10. Sheep and cattle are ALREADY suffering humans’ sick, non-conscience behaviour by slaughtering them without ANY regard, on ANY level, so I’m glad necrovores will suffer “meat” withdrawal. Zero sympathy for necrovores. Karma.


  11. Attorney Todd Callender said basically the same thing recently on video with Maria Zeee. His main point was that we as a collective need to develop strategies to divide and confuse the parasites. For the medical mafia, a program of “do not consent” with relevant forms, guidance and reporting.

    In 1999 the 3G networks went online and we got SARS.
    In 2009 the 4G networks went online and we got MERS.
    In 2019 the 5G networks went online and we got SARS 2
    In 2029 the 6G networks maybe next and we get Marburg and Ebola?

    We have to get inside the Goates OODA loop!

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