While it isn’t laughable because it had a serious ending, federal authorities believe Cossack to be a “national security risk” for publicly naming a paedophile elite. For our many international readers this is called ‘justice’, Australia-styled.

The glamorous wife of a notorious pro-Putin activist and troublemaker Simeon Boikov held back tears after she learned ‘the Aussie Cossack’ will spend the next six months behind bars after being sentenced in the Magistrates Court on June 30.

Aussie Cossack has been jailed presumably on the orders of the outgoing Liberal federal government for allegedly harassing Liberal MP Fiona Martin and for calling out the Covid scam at Australia’s biggest ever protest in Canberra where 1.5 million angry citizens marched on Parliament House in April 2022

A visibly emotional Ekaterina Olshannikova revealed she may not see her Russophile husband outside prison for at least six months after he was convicted of breaching two court orders by a Sydney magistrate on Thursday.  

Burwood Local Court found that Boikov, who has a cult following of many supporters, had contravened non-publication and suppression orders.

He will serve ten months imprisonment at Long Bay Correctional Complex, with a six month non-parole period, for naming an alleged paedophile at a ‘freedom’ protest. 

Ms Olshannikova, who also goes by the married name of Katia Boikova, filmed herself choking up outside the courthouse.

He is not allowed any visitors because of his status,’ she claimed, before adding, ‘he has been declared a national security risk.’

For unexplained reasons, Ms Olshannikova is certain she’ll have to go the full non-parole period without seeing her husband, though she said Boikov is looking to fight his convictions.

‘He has instructed his barrister to file an appeal to the District Court, thank you very much for all your donations, thank you very much for all your support,’ she said, as she paced outside the station.

Ms Olshannikova also thanked supporters of her husband for sending him many thousands of cards, saying Boikov is ‘very strong’. 

Ms Olshannikova previously urged supporters of her husband to donate money providing a fundraising link, a bitcoin address and a payID to send money through.

A funding page posted by Ms Olshannikova called ‘Aussie Cossack Legal Fees’ has raised $17,282 so far. 

Commenters on the page thanked Ms Olshannikova for ‘standing by (her) man’. from Daily Mail